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The way I see it time-life navigation involves the navigation needed to make it from childhood to the final moments embedded in a world moving toward unimagined futures. The major elements might be conceptualized as:

Organization evolution

Career or worklife evolution

Life design

Financial investing

A life navigation system or action management system

Life-TIME investment system



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Everything here is an attention directing tool

“To know something,
to really understand something important,
one must look at it from sixteen different angles.

People are perceptually slow,
and there is no shortcut to understanding;
it takes a great deal of time.” Drucker read more on this

attention directing tool

You may need to refine some of the tools presented below

looking down the road

Radar system for a changing world and working through time



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At the present time this is a prototype site.

There are over 500 web-pages — unique web addresses. If each page contained only 10 valuable thoughts, then there could be over 5,000 different brain-addresses in your brain-address book.

Think of everything here as a mental placeholder — a way to see and think beyond the familiar.

Seeing beyond the familiar is necessary to avoid mental stagnation and navigate a changing world — 180-degree change.


The ideas you run across aren’t just
things to read. They are things (horizons) to translate into
effective action — over time.

evidence-wall-true-detective-small-pict-600 Evidence wall

“If you hesitate to map out your future,
to make a big plan or to set a goal,
you’ve just gone ahead and
mapped your future anyway” — Seth Goden


Since the site is still a prototype, some pages may be less than visually appealing — it’s the content that matters.

I add, remove, and redesign content based on my own unfolding comprehension of the time-life navigation © (TLN) landscape.

… and then I move on to a new or different attention directing area.

I’ve been collecting and organizing information — full-time — for over thirty years.

New landscape features periodically emerge and existing features get reshaped — e.g. how we take, share, and manage photos.

This means that you might want to periodically revisit relevant pages — as a way to change what you’re paying attention to.

Many of the books that were available when I first started working on what I now call “time-life navigation” have gone out of print or are hard to find.

You can still use the content of the book outline pages to identify topics of interest and to search Amazon Booksxxx or elsewhere for topics or phrases.

Having alternative mental landscapes is a good thing.

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