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Life-TIME Investment System

(a road map and brainscape © for time investing)

For a world always moving
away from yesterdays
and toward unimagined futures.

compass and map

Working on the familiar (routine tasks)
with the familiar (capabilities)
won't get you to tomorrows.

What follows is part of a
foundation for future directed decisions

Time investing is the only way to escape
the decaying worldS of yesterdayS — its not a one time event.

sweep of history

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The conditions, situations … of the
1850s, 1920s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s … are gone
and they aren't coming back.

Many people seem to believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.
But does it, really?
Look around the worlds of yesterdays.
How much of the things being done then
had any lasting value?
(Disco, 8-tracks, B&W TV, rotary dial phones,
downtown shopping, fashion,
bleeding — the medical practice, Blockbuster, …)

How much of what you're doing today is really
effective or future directed?

Organization change events are with us for the roads ahead.

Amazon link: How The Mighty Fallamz

platform is burning

The platform is burning

different theory of the business

Theory of the business and larger time line

Only the Paranoid Survive

… the organization of the post-capitalist society of organizations
is a destabilizer.

Because its function is to put knowledge to work
—on tools, processes, and products;
on work;
on knowledge itself—
it must be organized for constant change.

It must be organized for innovation;
and innovation,
as the Austro-American economist
Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) said,
is “creative destruction.”

It must be organized for systematic abandonment
of the established, the customary, the familiar,
the comfortable
— whether products, services, and processes,
human and social relationships, skills,
or organizations themselves.

It is the very nature of knowledge
that it changes fast and
that today's certainties
will be tomorrow's absurdities. — Peter Drucker

Extrapolating yesterdays is hazardous to your future.

But what if you're currently doing great?

Only fairy tales end
‘They lived happily ever after.’
Success always obsoletes the very behavior
that achieved it.
It always creates new realities.
It always creates, above all,
its own and different problems.” — Peter Drucker

An unfolding world
cares nothing
for what someone did in the past


Time = years (19XX, 20XX) overlapping time usage ::: Life = ages and situations
::: Navigation = conscious valuable destinations and routes.
In a changing world
its not that smart to get too rigid.
Career and life guidance from Peter Drucker

You can only invest your time in the things on your radar

You can only utilize the things on your radar

You can only navigate toward the things, places etc. on your radar

What you primarily see around you is yesterday
and the dead past.

Without continuous, systematic on-going work
your radar will be infested with yesterday
rather than opportunities.

Because we live in a world that is always heading
into a non-linear future …

1940 Census

… we need a way to force ourselves
to look for and at things
that aren't on our radar (with some credible help)
and decide what to do about them.
At the same time we need a way
to narrow down the infinite number
things we could look at.
The previous ideas need to rest
on a solid foundation for future directed decisions.


The topics below are “top of the food chain” radar ammunition

It would be a really good idea
to read all of the link titles
before digging much beyond
the first or second level.
This approach will give you a better landscape view — brainscape ©

As you're reading remember the non-linearity of time.

looking down the road

All of the below are connected through TIME
and are moving in TIME

They are part of the elements
for creating a “life-TIME” work approach
mentioned at the top of most pages.

They will help you figure out
where you want to go (your most valuable roads ahead)
and how to get there.
And then do it again …

This work approach is a blueprint for a genuinely interesting life.

It is you exercising your freedom to choose …

A radar list will be helpful in your exploration and life navigation.
It could include important, relevant topic areas and where you found them.
There is a limit to the number of topics a person can effectively calendarize.

One of the difficulties of getting to tomorrows
is having access to the right brain-addresses.
Your radar list should be your future brain-address book.
Every line in the image below is a brain-address
or at least a jumping off point toward the right brain-road to pursue.

radar list

Please don't ever begin to believe that
a permanent answer or magic bullet exists.
There is a constantly receding horizon — no final answer.
Just alternatives — appearing at different times.
Life is a navigation challenge
in a world moving toward unimagined futureS.

The pages below are meant to be explored and selectively harvested.




They provide a form of LIFE “insurance.”

Having a complex mental landscape
combined with periodic abandonment and refocusing work
will prevent your from traveling the wrong roads for too long.

Every road eventually becomes the wrong road.

Having a complex mental landscape is also
some protection from those pushing “snake oil.”

Everything on this page is about time investing
for the purpose of time-life navigation.
All of it is part of a foundation for future directed decisions.

You should want to know how the world works
and how you can navigate this reality.

We are already embedded in
a knowledge society, a society of organizations, and a network society.



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