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The future depends on what’s between our ears


This is a public service website for helping people
navigate a profoundly changing world provides a means to
mentally immerse oneself in the challenges
of thinking and working through time


AS WE ADVANCE deeper into the knowledge economy” — Drucker books

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“What is already clear, however, is that the emerging knowledge society
and knowledge economy will be radically different from
the society and economy of the late twentieth century” — PFD

The shift to the knowledge society ::: The society of organizations


Economic stagnation and severe social tension from
failure to raise knowledge and service worker productivity


line’s purpose is to provide a big picture thinking landscape for navigating our changing world — a world in profound transition.

There are 500+ pages inter-weaving management, leadership, organization evolution, the evolving content and structure of society, knowledge, technology, career evolution, education, learning, marketing, production, innovation, entrepreneurship, thinking, software tools, information challenges, concepts to daily action … through time. Any time someone is engaged in decision thinking they need a “foundation for future directed decisions.” © is largely inspired by the work of Peter Drucker and a few others.

The site provides a “menu” for identifying important “things” to work toward that largely go unseen.

We can only work on, with and toward the “things” on our active “mental radar.”

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In a changing world, we need a way to repeatedly look beyond current mental involvements.

We need a way to think about things we aren’t already thinking about at multiple points in time. Waiting for a crisis is one way to accomplish this, but surely there are better ways.’s uniquely broad landscape is designed to meet this challenge.

TomorrowS can’t be reached by today’s activities or thinking. Examples constantly flow through the news.

Who in 1950, 1970, 1990, 2000 … had an adequate future facing radar?

Why would today be any different?

Where and how we spend our time matters — a world in constant flux.



I’m trying to provide this exploration and thinking landscape to help people figure out what to do as we move deeper into the 21st century: a knowledge society, a society of organizations, and a network society.


America’s future depends on this awareness, ability and effective action.

It depends on younger generations having access to this dynamic type thinking and doing something effective. provides the access and a work approach model.

Just about everybody enters the world of work through known, routine, day-to-day operating work at a point in time. It never seems to occur to nearly anybody that there could be anything else. How could we ever acquire a strategic, dynamic worldview from our beginning vantage points?

Pretending that tomorrow is going to be like yesterday is damaging.


Everybody has a vested interest in this.


For the site to remain available your support is needed. Your support helps with the books, software, web site hosting, and the time devoted to publicizing and enhancing the work approach available on

Who do you know that might be interested in working with me on spreading site usage and enhancement?

For the right kind of people, provides the elements of a future facing consulting or mentoring practice. Contact info is near the bottom of most pages.




How is this site different from the education system?

First, it primarily uses Peter Drucker’s work. Although he passed away in 2005 he’s still the top of the food chain — this should be important to you. He had a completely different approach from narrow subject specialists. His breath of insight is unmatched.

Second, there are over thirty web pages featuring Edward de Bono’s work on thinking as a skill. Thinking is basically not taught in our education system.

Third, there are outlines of quite a few other author’s work.

Fourth, there is a concepts to daily action work approach. It has both a macro and micro focus for working through time.

Fifth, there are several broad landscape views that provide macro contexts.

Sixth, the links between pages provide a bread-crumb trail through time. How do you think about things you’re not already thinking about? A changing world makes this imperative.



Your help would be invaluable, please make a donation. It will be used to enhance and publicize the site. People can only work on, with and toward the things on their radar.