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Kiss Theory Good Bye



Business Expert Writes the Playbook on 'How To' Rapidly Increase Performance and Profit in Any Company.

Bob Prosen cuts like a laser through the fog of political correctness and business-as-usual in his new book, "Kiss Theory Good Bye: Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company".

Prosen says he's had enough of the business books that tell readers what to do rather than how. "Forget the platitudes and feel-good anecdotes from a few CEOs and business gurus. Get to the point, the how-to details that can actually help leaders get the results they need in the companies they run," Prosen counsels.

With the same genius that he used to turn around inherited, underperforming operations within 12 to 18 months in some of the world's most prominent companies including AT&T, Sprint, Hitachi, NCR, and Sabre, Prosen delivers a straightforward, no-nonsense, battle proven guide to accelerate performance and profits in any organization.

"A smart business leader can achieve unprecedented bottom-line results by forsaking abstract discussions and vague textbook theory, shutting down endless excuses, killing off company politics, holding people accountable, and simply doing things that clearly work," says Prosen.

"Kiss Theory Good Bye" shows you how to quickly and consistently achieve extraordinary results in leadership, sales effectiveness, operational excellence, financial management, and customer loyalty.

Packed with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, this book will show you how to

  • Achieve consistent results, quarter after quarter
  • Align your entire workforce to meet the organization's top objectives
  • Increase accountability so you get the results you need
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Beat your competition and lock in customer loyalty
  • Reduce costs while increasing quality
  • React less and have more time to plan
  • Make your job easier and your organization run more smoothly

Contrary to the book's seemingly corporate focus, readers quickly point out that his business execution principles apply equally to not-for-profit organizations. As Los Angeles Unified School District Business Manager Michael A. Eugene reports, ""Kiss Theory Good Bye" is a compelling read, offering a toolbox to public- and private-sector managers alike to help establish clear focus, increase accountability, effective management, and measurable outcomes."

While other business books try to tell you what to do to run your business better, faster and for greater profit, Bob Prosen's "Kiss Theory Good Bye" gives you the tools and step-by-step directions to make it happen. For leaders who demand superior results, "Kiss Theory Good Bye" delivers the goods for taking immediate, and lasting, action.

My goal for sharing my knowledge and experiences is to give you the answers you need to immediately enable your enterprise to achieve its full potential. Leaders want their ideas and initiatives consistently carried out without hassle and rework. They want accountability, and value results over theory. I wrote "Kiss Theory Good Bye" with two principles in mind. First, theory would be replaced with proven tools, tactics, and answers that get results. Second, all of the information must be relevant and directly applicable to today's business challenges without the need for translation.

Until now this information has only been available piecemeal, leaving you to find, assemble, and translate it to fit your business. You might have gathered some of it through mentors, by trial and error, or by surviving the "school of hard knocks." But by the time you finish reading "Kiss Theory Good

  • Acclaim
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • The Big Win: Maximum Profitability and Results
    • Why You and Your Organization Need This Book
      • Begin by answering these important questions
      • There are five crippling habits that get companies and organizations nowhere fast
      • The Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies
      • This Book Speaks to the Following Types of Leaders
      • A Never-Ending Endeavor
      • Start getting results immediately by taking these actions now
    • Stuck in Status Quo: Five Crippling Habits That Attack from Within
      • Crippling Habit 1: Absence of Clear Directives
      • Crippling Habit 2: Lack of Accountability
      • Crippling Habit 3: Rationalizing Inferior Performance
      • Crippling Habit 4: Planning in Lieu of Action
      • Crippling Habit 5: Aversion to Risk and Change
      • Actions to Take Now
  • The Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies
    • Superior Leadership: The Relentless Pursuit of Vision and Results
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Learn to Lead
      • Inspire Loyalty and Trust
      • Hire Smart
      • Foster a Healthy Corporate Culture
      • Master Communicators
      • Recognize and Reward Excellence
      • Be Decisive
      • Maintain a Holistic View of the Business
      • Does Your Leadership Team Measure Up?
      • Very Important Lessons
      • Moving On
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Sales Effectiveness: Your Company's Lifeline
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Create New, Profitable Customers for Life
      • Establish Strong Quota and Ethical Standards
      • Reward Your Winners
      • Communicate Your Expectations
      • Support Sales with Essential Business Processes
      • The Role of Sales in Public and Government Organizations
      • Maximize the Value of Marketing
      • Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?
      • Very Important Lessons
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Operational Excellence: The Secret Formula for Extraordinary Results
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Know Your Cost Structure
      • Invest in Your Accounting System
      • Get Close to Your Cost Drivers
      • Assign Every Cost an Owner
      • Move Swiftly, Watch Every Turn
      • Does Your Operational Excellence Measure Up?
      • Very Important Lessons
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Financial Management: Where Information Is Power
      • Anticipate Every Turn
      • Finance Knows Where Profit Is Made--or Lost
      • Accountability, Not Just Accounting
      • Finance Takes the Lead in Planning
      • Finance Must Speak Your Language
      • Finance Is Traffic Control
      • Does Your Finance Team Measure Up?
      • Very Important Lessons
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Customer Loyalty: The Win That Keeps On Giving
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Focus on Creating Profitable Customers for Life
      • Communicate Openly and Honestly
      • Exceed Expectations
      • Consistently Measure Customer Loyalty, and Then Act On It
      • Do Your Customer Service and Support Measure Up?
      • Very Important Lessons
      • Actions to Take Now
  • Execute for Results
    • Bridging the Gap
      • First Choose Your Direction
      • Is Your Competitive Advantage Sustainable?
      • Are Your Growth Objectives Attainable?
      • Have I Hired the Right People?
      • Debate Your Assumptions
      • Analyze Risk
      • Convert Plans into Actions
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Be Your Competitors' Worst Fear
      • The Power of Commitment
      • The Power of Ownership
      • The Role of Metrics in Accountability
      • How Meetings Support Accountability
      • The Biggest Obstacle: Politics
      • Organizational Boundaries
      • When Roadblocks Are Gone but Problems Persist
      • Actions to Take Now
    • The Critical Path to Getting Things Done
      • Discuss the Most Important Things Most Often
      • Open the Door
      • Be Free with Your Own Ideas
      • Think Before You Speak
      • Body Language Speaks Volumes
      • Be Hard On Performance and Easy On People
      • Practice Conversation for Action
      • Ask for Verification and Feedback
      • Trash the Hidden Agenda
      • Be a Teacher
      • Ask Why, Why, and Why Again
      • Take Talk for a Walk
      • Talk to People You Don't Have to Talk To
      • Don't Fear Bad News
      • Talk About Compensation Is Not Taboo
      • Pay Special Attention to Middle Management
      • Listen to the Little Guy
      • Listen for Victim Mentality
      • Listen for Those Who Love the Sound of Their Own Voice
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Measure What Matters Most
      • Superior Leadership
        • 1. Make Sure You Have the Right People in the Right Positions
        • 2. Develop a Succession Plan
        • 3. Make Results Visible
        • 4. Eliminate Ineffective Meetings
        • 5. Implement Conversation for Action
        • 6. Effectively Utilize Rewards and Recognition
        • 7. Review Your People Report
        • 8. Make Time to Plan
        • 9. Hold Frequent Communication Forums
      • Sales Effectiveness
        • 1. Revenue
        • 2. Volume
        • 3. Customer Churn
        • 4. Revenue Forecast and Sales Pipeline Management
        • 5. Long-term Contracts
        • 6. Sales Productivity
      • Operational Excellence
        • 1. Cost Management
        • 2. Head Count
        • 3. Lost Profit
        • 4. Productivity
        • 5. Inefficiency
        • 6. Project Management
      • Financial Management
        • 1. One Page
        • 2. Cash Flow
        • 3. Profit by Product or Service
        • 4. Accounts Receivable
        • 5. Billing Accuracy
        • 6. Project Audits
        • 7. Financial Forecasts
        • 8. Real-time Information
        • 9. Early-Warning System
        • 10. Planning Process
        • 11. External Reporting and Filing Dates
      • Customer Loyalty
        • 1. Customer Surveys
        • 2. Track Results and Take Action
        • 3. Referenceable Customers
        • 4. Contract Renewals
        • 5. Churn
        • 6. Refund and Credit Report
        • 7. Top Account Status
        • 8. Problem Resolution
        • 9. Proactive Communications
      • Actions to Take Now
    • Maintain the Gain
      • Superior Leadership
        • 1. Does the Company Have the Right Top Objectives
        • 2. Are You Keeping People Focused on Achieving the Company's Top Objectives?
        • 3. Are You Managing People Too Closely?
        • 4. Are You Helping People Prioritize Actions in Alignment with
        • 5. Are You Helping Managers to Be Effective in Their Meetings?
        • 6. Are You Watching for Team Members Who Are Focused Internally, Not Externally?
        • 7. Are You Asking People What They Need to Be Successful?
        • 8. Are You Watching for Busywork?
        • 9. Have You Run Out of Time to Plan?
          • 1. Determine your top priorities
          • 2. Delegate, delegate, and then delegate some more
          • 3. Perform a three-day time study
      • Sales Effectiveness
        • 1. Don't Tolerate Hockey-Stick Forecasts
        • 2. Require Weekly Results Reviews
        • 3. Don't Underestimate the Value of Marketing
        • 4. Scrutinize Your Sales Team and Weed Out the People Who Don't Sell
        • 5. Don't Let Your Sales Team Tell You … (excuses)
        • 6. If Your Sales Team Consistently Comes Up Short of Quota …
        • 7. Don't Allow Your Salespeople to Live Off Annuities
        • 8. Let Your Salespeople Sell
        • 9. Require All Wins and Losses to Be Shared Across the Entire Sales Team
      • Operational Excellence
        • Scrutinize Every Dollar Spent
        • Listen and Learn from Every Complaint
        • Study Your Competition
      • Financial Management
        • Communicate Accountability
        • The Role of Effective Audit Processes
        • A Final Word on Processes
        • Customer Loyalty
        • The Most Common Customer Complaints
        • Act on Survey Results
      • Institutionalizing Success: A Final Word or Two
      • Actions to Take Now
  • Daily Checklist
  • The Leader's Role: Four Steps to Achieve Winning Results
  • Beyond Profitability: Doing Good and Doing Well
  • Keep Up the Momentum
    • The Next Step
    • Custom Training Programs
    • Welcome to the Expert Business Advice Series
      • The Expert Business Advice Series
      • Superior Leadership: The Relentless Pursuit of Vision and Results
      • How to Make Marketing Indispensable
    • Resources
      • Superior Leadership
      • Operational Excellence
      • Sales Effectiveness
      • Financial Management
      • Customer Loyalty
      • General
    • How to Reach Us


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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