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Invitation to participate in a CORE economic and community development resource and effort.

If you don't care about the world in which you are embedded, don't bother reading further. If you really believe that politics will solve our problems, you won't find that here. If you really believe that things take care of themselves, you are out of touch with human history (which includes the recurrent crisises that confront the organizations that make up society).

This is an opportunity for a major contribution to society

The core of development lies in ideas and actions that are different from the past. Otherwise it wouldn't be development.

Obviously there are multiple pasts. These multiple worlds of yesterdayS can be seen in the various periods and places of famous museums. Using this pattern of non-linearity it is easy to conclude that there will be multiple non-linear futures with multiple and different participants. This non-linearity has to be one of the foundational assumptions.

To work on development we need effective concepts. One of these concepts is that we need a work approach rather than believing that there is magic bullet. Another concept is that we need a foundation for future directed decisions.

By examining past development achievements it is easy to conclude that success comes from unexpected people—not those voted "most likely to succeed" by their school peers. It is equally obvious that success doesn't last beyond a few decades before a new reality takes over.

If you believe that everything that needs to be done is already being done through the basic education system, work experience, continuing education, the non-profit sector, government or by experts, I suggest you just look around. Do the stories that flow through the news suggest that we have an adequate system? Does the physical appearance of the world suggest an adequate system? How many people have an effective work approach?

For there to be any hope for development to spread to more people these people need exposure to effective developmental concepts and ideas. And people need to work these concepts into their thinking, planning and doing—throughout their lives.

This site seeks to provide exposure to foundations, concepts and implementation approaches—over an entire life.

Early Career Work

Managing Oneself

The Second Half of Your Life

Management, Revised Edition

I'm seeking partners to help publicize and further develop the site. Where else could your participation have greater potential?

If you want further elaboration, feel free to contact me.

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Other forms of PayPal payment besides donations’s purpose is to provide a big picture thinking landscape for navigating our changing world — a world in profound transition.

There are 500+ pages inter-weaving management, leadership, organization evolution, the evolving content and structure of society, knowledge, technology, career evolution, education, learning, marketing, production, innovation, entrepreneurship, thinking, software tools, information challenges, concepts to daily action … through time. Any time someone is engaged in decision thinking they need a “foundation for future directed decisions.” © is largely inspired by the work of Peter Drucker and a few others.

The site provides a “menu” for identifying important “things” to work toward that largely go unseen.

We can only work on, with and toward the “things” on our active “mental radar.”

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In a changing world, we need a way to repeatedly look beyond current mental involvements.

We need a way to think about things we aren’t already thinking about at multiple points in time. Waiting for a crisis is one way to accomplish this, but surely there are better ways.’s uniquely broad landscape is designed to meet this challenge.

TomorrowS can’t be reached by today’s activities or thinking. Examples constantly flow through the news.

Who in 1950, 1970, 1990, 2000 … had an adequate future facing radar?

Why would today be any different?

Where and how we spend our time matters — a world in constant flux.



I’m trying to provide this exploration and thinking landscape to help people figure out what to do as we move deeper into the 21st century: a knowledge society, a society of organizations, and a network society.


America’s future depends on this awareness, ability and effective action.

It depends on younger generations having access to this dynamic type thinking and doing something effective. provides the access and a work approach model.

Just about everybody enters the world of work through known, routine, day-to-day operating work at a point in time. It never seems to occur to nearly anybody that there could be anything else. How could we ever acquire a strategic, dynamic worldview from our beginning vantage points?

Pretending that tomorrow is going to be like yesterday is damaging.


Everybody has a vested interest in this.


For the site to remain available your support is needed. Your support helps with the books, software, web site hosting, and the time devoted to publicizing and enhancing the work approach available on

Who do you know that might be interested in working with me on spreading site usage and enhancement?

For the right kind of people, provides the elements of a future facing consulting or mentoring practice. Contact info is near the bottom of most pages.

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