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RLA Concepts = Concepts for Real Life Adventures

Can you think of anybody whose entire life turned out to be an interesting journey (an adventure) and at the same time made a lasting valuable contribution to society?

Did they just do routine stuff? Just have a job?

The best were always pushing forward toward tomorrowS

What do you
want to be remembered for?

Working on this requires time investments

This site provides a tool kit or erector set for creating a valuable journey. Graphical view = Time-life navigation tool kit:

Prototype blueprints for working on Career evolution; Organization evolution; Life design; and Financial investing in a world moving toward unimagined futures.

Integrated through a strategic work plan and life navigation system.

Open source. Customizable. Modular.

Can point friends and associates to site. What's on their interest profile, work map, work plan?

Text site map (scope and content overview)


From Leadership Jazz by Max De Pree

I remember so clearly the time I spent in basic training at Camp Grant, Illinois, during World War II. In the course of training, I did something that caught the attention of the battalion commander and was ordered to appear in his office the next morning at eight o'clock.

The evening before, the second lieutenant, whom I knew only casually, called me out of the barracks. "They won't tell you this at headquarters," he said, "but I want you to know that in the morning they're going to offer you the opportunity to go to officer candidate school." He went on to tell me that I wouldn't have to explain if I declined, but if I did decline, they would call me back after a week and offer to send me to college. "I just think you should know ahead of time what the choices are," he said.

This was for me a life-changing event. I chose to go to college. The army responded by sending me to several, including the Sorbonne. I've always hoped that the lieutenant realized how important his intervention was in my life.

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