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Services and work interests

In addition to my philanthropic activities

(Examples of my qualifications and range can be seen by clicking the image toward bottom of the page or pursuing the links in my Time-Life Navigation introduction page)

Objective: Assist organizations and individuals prepare for the challenges ahead. My free web site is a launching pad for that preparation and creating an adequate work approach.

Part of this assistance could be compared to the coaching provided by an executive coach, business coach or organizational coach. The site could also be used in assessing a coach's mental radar composition.

Service areas
  1. Web site guided tour (a work approach for radar loading and creating a Life-TIME investment map)

  2. Time-life navigation resource (a variation for employees—what do you want on their radar?)

  3. Basic service components (tours, interest profile creation, what's next, embedding, and other info resource system applications)

  4. Tours:
    1. TLN site exploration and navigation (discussion)

    2. Guided tour (mentioned above)

    3. Chief TLN officer

  5. Ways to use my information resource system

  6. Part time work interests

  7. Full time work interests

System view
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Fees and payments