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Marketing Yourself by Dorothy Leeds

Dorothy Leeds site. Also see Smart Questions: Interview Your Way to Job Success

  Marketing Yourself by Dorothy Leeds    Smart Questions Interview by Dorothy Leeds
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • PART ONE How to Get the Job of Your Choice: Sell, Don't Settle
    • 1 Marketing Yourself: The Ultimate Job Seeker's Skill
      • Birth of a Salesperson
      • No Hard Sell in the New Age
      • The Career Entrepreneur
      • Success Is Turning Knowledge into Positive Action
      • The Spirit of the 1990s
    • 2 The Sales Readiness Quiz
      • Rate Your Sales Readiness
    • 3 Sold on Yourself
      • Selling Yourself without Selling Out
      • Don't Settle for Less
      • Learning to Root For Yourself
        • But First, a Word about the Real Competition
        • The "You Don't Have to Be Einstein" Equation
      • Believe It or Not, the Boss Is Rooting for You
        • And You Think You're Nervous!
        • On Equal Terms
      • Shifting Values and the New Work Ethic
        • More of Ourselves
  • PART TWO Success Factors: The Ten Most Marketable Skills
    • The Partnership Principle
    • 4 Success Factor #1: Adaptability
      • Keep Your Eye on the Chameleon
      • Conquering the Unknown
      • Turn Your Fears Around
    • 5 Success Factor #2: Commitment
      • I Pledge Allegiance to Myself
      • Good Habits Start Early
      • Invest in Your Commitment
      • Take a Reality Check
      • Growing Up in America
      • Not "Why Me?" but "What Now?"
    • 6 Success Factor #3: Communication
      • The Principles of Persuasive Communication
      • The Listening Quiz
      • "What We've Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate"
    • 7 Success Factor #4: Creativity
      • Playing Around, Seriously
      • Develop Your Creative Flow
      • Looking at Problems from Another Angle
    • 8 Success Factor #5: Decision Making
      • The Deciding Formula: Research, Analysis and Trust
      • Nine Steps to Making a Good Decision
    • 9 Success Factor #6: Evaluation
      • Making Good Judgments
      • Making Better Judgments
      • Performance Appraisal: A Good and Fair Assessment
    • 10 Success Factor #7: Foresight
      • Going for the Gold
      • I Should Have Seen It Coming
      • Though You Can't See the Finish Line, There's No Reason to Stop
    • 11 Success Factor #8: Independence
      • On Your Own Two Feet
      • The Ghost of Working Past
      • The Spirit of Working Future
    • 12 Success Factor #9: Be a Team Player
      • Doing Your Fair Share
      • Teaming Up for Business Success
      • Tips for Teaming Up
      • Would You Pick You?
      • Assess Your T.Q.
    • 13 Success Factor #10: Value-Added Marketing
      • The New Customer Service Representative
      • That Little Something Extra
      • Value-Added Marketing
      • The Visibility Factor
      • I Am, Therefore I Sell
    • 14 Quiz: Rate Your Success Factors
  • PART THREE Know Your Product
    • The Fundamental Rule of Sales
    • 15 Your Career and Confidence Inventory
      • Taking Stock 0f Yourself
      • How Your CCI Will Increase Your Selling Power
      • Discovering What Makes You Tick
      • Career Objectives: The Hidden Benefit of Your CCI
      • Begin at the Beginning …
      • Skilled and Unskilled Labor
      • Check Off Your Selling Points
      • A Portable Toolbox of Skills
    • 16 Benefit Selling: The Real Reasons Employers Yes
      • The "What's In It for Me" Principle
      • Focus on the Buyer
      • Secret Reasons Why We Get Hired
      • Our Emotional Needs
      • Never Assume
    • 17 The AAAs of Selling Yourself
      • Learning Your AAAs
        • The Assignment: The Impossible Mission Force
        • The Action: Take the Ball and Run with It
        • The Accomplishment: It's the Bottom Line That Counts
      • Thinking in Dollars and Percents
      • Five Ways to Create Perfect AAAs
      • The Wrong Stuff
      • Customizing Your AAAs
  • PART FOUR Know Your Market
    • 18 Your Marketing Plan: How to Position Yourself for Future Success
      • The Newest Service in the Service Industry
      • Marketing: The Key to Business Success
      • The Five-Part Plan
        • The Statement of Purpose: What It's All About
        • The Product Description: Who I Am
        • The Big Picture: My LongRange Career Plans
        • The Immediate Action Plan: My Short-Range Career Plans
        • The Marketing Tools and Strategies: How I'll Get Where I Need to Go
      • The Marketing Tools
        • Networking and Personal Contacts
        • The Information Interview
        • The Classifieds
        • Business Publications, Trade Journals, and Job Fairs
        • Personnel, Employment Agencies, and Headhunters
        • Direct Mail
      • Sample Marketing Plan
    • 19 You've Got to Know the Territory: Trends in the New Economy
      • Marketing Yourself in the New Economy
      • The Changing Face of the American Workforce
      • Commuters vs. Computers
      • The Temporary Life
      • A Different World
      • Keeping Up and Looking Ahead
    • 20 Hot Markets: Thirty Jobs with a Future
      • The Best-Seller List
      • The Job Search Timetable
      • America Looks for the Best-And So Should You
    • 21 The Lay of the Land: Locating Your Ideal Job
      • Lifestyles of the Hired and Happy
      • The "Lifestyle First" Philosophy
      • The "Pursue the Market" Philosophy
      • Where the Hot Jobs Are
      • It All Comes Down to Preparation
      • How to Get the Training You Need
      • Smart Questions to Ask about Training Programs
  • PART FIVE Closing the Sale
    • Going After Success
    • 22 Sales Techniques 101: How to Use Sales Basics to Get The Job of Your Choice
      • Prospecting: The Search for Potential Customers
        • Picture Your Ideal Prospect
        • Leading the Way
        • Adventures in Networking
      • Building Rapport: The Golden Rule of Selling
      • Qualifying: Selling to the Right Person
      • Handling Objections: Turning "No" into "Yes"
      • Closing the Sale: Remembering Your ABCs
    • 23 The Direct Mail Approach: How to Make an Irresistible Offer
      • The Marketing Tool of the 1990s
      • Your First Objective: Baiting the Hook
      • The One-Two Marketing Punch: The List and the Offer
      • Personalize Your Offer
      • The Fastest-Growing Marketing Skill
      • Attention to Detail
      • Have I Got a Proposition For You
      • Reduce the Risk Factor
      • Set Up Positive Expectations
      • Dissecting a Successful Letter
      • Make a Good Impression
      • Timing Is Everything
    • 24 If You Have to Write a Résumé
      • Making It Past the First Cut
      • The Problem with Résumés
      • Attracting Their Attention: Break the Preoccupation
      • One Résumé Doesn't Fit All
      • Choosing Your Sales Approach: Which Type of Résumé Will Sell You Best?
        • The Chronological Résumé
        • The Functional Résumé
        • Last But Not Least: The Customized Résumé
      • Resume Dos and Don'ts
      • A Résumé Alone Is Not an Effective Sales Tool
    • 25 2,001, the Video: The Visual Résumé
      • Seeing Is Believing
      • Move Over, Hoffman and Streep
      • An Actor Prepares
      • Some On-Camera Advice
      • Some Words of Caution
      • And Now for the Audiotape
      • Fax to the Future
    • 26 Telemarketing: Tapping into Your Telephone Connection
      • Phone Phobia: Its Causes and Cures
      • The Phone Is Not Your Enemy
      • The Ethical Issue of Job Hunting on the Job
      • Take Advantage of Your Advantages
      • Breaking the Protective Secretary Barrier
      • The Best Time to Call
      • What to Do When You Do Get Through
      • Persistence Pays Off
      • Don't Forget to Network
      • Your Attitude Comes Through
      • Tricks of the Telephone Trade
      • Use Your Voice to Help Get Your Foot in the Door
        • Pace
        • Not So Loud
        • Variety Is the Spice of Life
        • Watch That Diction
      • Details, Details
      • Hurrah! You've Got an Appointment
    • 27 Face-to-Face: A Guide to the Ultimate SaleThe Job Interview
      • Exploit Your Nervous Energy
      • The Boy Scouts Were Right
      • How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?
      • The Two-Objective Interview
      • How to Read the Prospective Employer's Mind
      • The More You Tell...
      • Selling Your Benefits
      • Tough Questions, Selling Answers
      • You Have the Right to Remain Silent
      • What, Me Ask Questions?
      • Take Control: Don't Be an Interview Couch Potato
      • The Rules of the Game
      • Remember Your Selling ABCs
      • Getting It All Together
      • Follow-Up: The Secret of Sales Success
      • Eight Keys to Getting a Yes
    • 28 How to Handle Objections Like a Pro: Answering Tough Questions
      • Six Surefire Steps to Handling Objections
      • The Perfect Sales Opportunity
      • Selling Specifics: Questions for Selected Job Categories
      • Bring Your Own List of Questions
      • Questions for Your Future
    • 29 Negotiating for Your Future: How to Ask for More and Get It
      • Check Your Ego at the Door
      • Power, Power-Who's Got the Power?
      • The Ultimate Sales Goal: Mutual Satisfaction
      • If You Don't Know What You Want, What Can You
      • Hope to Get?
      • Know Your Limits
      • Adapting the Perfect Plan
      • Money Talk
      • Getting Down to Brass Tacks
      • Playing Your Cards Right
      • There's More at Stake Than Money
      • Negotiating for the New Benefits
      • Secrets to Negotiating Power
    • 30 A Final Look Forward
      • Marketing Yourself Continues...
      • Take the Risk; Get the Reward
      • Your Marketing Foundation: The Thirty Basic Principles
      • The Value of Dreams
  • Bibliography
  • Index


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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