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This page is a site “back” door. The main site entry point (front door): Time-Life Navigation ℠ (adventures in unimagined futures)—a core social and economic development work approach.

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bobembryWhy a Time-life Navigation © site? We live in a non-linear world—tomorrowS aren't extrapolations of yesterdayS. A work approach that is adequate to the challenges ahead is needed. A work approach that includes: What do I want on my radar? What's next? A work approach that includes a foundation for future directed decisions: Every few hundred years in Western history… Read more

Google searches for core time-life navigation © (TLN) topics: The phrases in green below are Google searches that find various topics on my site. As of May 15, 2005 they were the top search result—this can change.

You can enter the search terms manually or click on the Quick search link in each area. You can verify the quick search method by examining the content of the Google search box on the search results page.

You can use your browser's find and find next command to locate links that contain rlaexp in the search results page—as in You might want to observe the other pages that Google finds—note the source plus the different mental terrains and time dimensions implied.

1. Type: "organization evolution career life design financial investing social economic development" without quotes in the Google seach box.
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Now try adding quotation marks around organization evolution and life design: "organization evolution" career "life design" financial investing social economic development
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2. Type: "social and economic development" organization career life financial in the Google search box with quotes around "social and economic development".
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3. Type: "time-life navigation" with quotes in the Google search box.
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4. Type: "unimagined futures" with quotes in the Google search box.
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5. Type: "knowledge system view" with quotes in the Google seach box
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6. Type: "career evolution" with quotes in the Google search box.
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7. Type: "organization evolution" with quotes in the Google search box.
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8. Type: "concepts to daily action" with quotes in the Google search box.
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9. Type: "navigating toward tomorrow" with quotes in the Google search box.
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Next try it without quotes.
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10. Type: "thinking canvas" with quotes in the Google search box.
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11. Type: "calendarize OR calendarization" without quotes but with OR in all caps in the Google search box.
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There are interesting personal experiences (boom boxes and outliners—Henry Jones's diary) and observations (simultaneous spontaneous ideas) here.

12. Type: healthy "financial architecture" with quotes in the Google search box.
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13. Type: "attention directing" tool OR tools with quotes in the Google search box.
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Every concept on this page is an attention directing tool. This page is a collection of attention directing tools.

14. Type: "life time investment" system with quotes in the Google search box.
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The concepts on this page are the elements of a Life-TIME Investment System (investing time in navigating life and time in a world moving toward unimagined futures—a recurrent theme in the daily news)

15. Type: "bobembry" without quotes in the Google seach box and then click repeat the search with omitted results included link at the bottom of the search results page.
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Sidebar on making connections: Try Googling "Henry Jones" diary. Connect results to Circus Ponies NoteBook or NoteTaker by AquaMinds. In which search areas above could we dramatically benefit from similar diaries? Adventures in time

This page is a "trail-head" to life design and the future. It is also a primer on Internet searching.

You might even search for some of the ideas mentioned above

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