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The most obvious use is to create a interest profile (think of this as a future work investment menu) for personally creating a dynamic strategic work plan (including the definition of one's informed developmental desires).

Maybe the best first step is to tour the foundation material and site map and then try to connect the puzzle pieces in your head without looking at the site map diagram. While your touring, try to think about the patterns in events and developments over the last hundred years or so (plus the road ahead) and less about what I say, howI say it and the simplistic illustrations I use (they are all only attention directing tools)

Although it may not be obvious, the site can also be used to focus attention on various elements of the strategic terrain (for example the structure of consumer time and spending). This exploration experience may prove useful in a future decision.

The site (system and or parts) could also be used as a communication tool with associates, stakeholders, friends, and family (your children—who else can expose them, refocus them, encourage them) both now and in multiple futures (think about the stages that Nike or Apple have gone through and the different array of people who have been involved and will be involved in the future). Repeatedly ask about their interest profile, work map, and work plan.

High profile individuals (in fields that employ relatively few people) could use it to develop relevant messages for the young people they often address. Not that many young people are destined to be rock stars or pro athletes. Young people need to see the opportunities that are available for millions of people, not the thousands. Young people need to know what serves them over a lifetime. Young people need to see the future not the lumpiness of the past. People comtemplating the end of their "operational" working lives might use the messages and resources to guide the youngers. Messages can be developed from the foundation as well as topic area pages. I think it is far easier to select from a menu of thoughts and edit them than having to start with a blank page.

Part of an employee development program in conjunction with the ideas in "Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself." Could be used in an outplacement program (send me an e-mail)

Someone in your organization using the resources on this site to perform the functions listed on my services page.

Use the design of the site as a model. A framework that you can plug in whatever specifics you like. Rewrite the various pages to fit your developmental desires. Create your own conceptual resources by piecing together fragments from different sources.

Its a tool kit.

Participate with suggestions and improving my answers to FAQs

A usage note. Print out graphics. Make notes on them with colored pen. Run altered copy through copy machine and make more notes.



“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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