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Marketing Moves (by Phillip Kotler)

marketing moves

Amazon link: Marketing Moves: A New Approach to Profits, Growth, and Renewal

See Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence

  • Marketing Moves (by Phillip Kotler)
    • A New Approach To Profits, Growth, And Renewal
      Reshaping The Practice Of Marketing For The New Century
      By Philip Kotler, Dipak C. Jain, Suvit Manesincee
    • Part one: Reshaping marketing for the digital economy
      • Chapter 1: Positioning marketing as the driver in the digital economy
        • Major shifts toward the digital economy
        • Consumers and businesses acquire new capabilities
          • New consumer capabilities
          • New business capabilities
        • Matching capabilities with value drivers
          • Customer value
          • Core competencies
          • Collaborative networks
        • The need for a new marketing paradigm
          • Table 1-2 the three stages of a new marketing paradigm
        • The holistic marketing framework
          • Figure 1-1 A holistic marketing framework
        • Crafting the competitive platforms
          • Marketing offerings platform
          • Business architecture platform
          • Marketing activities platform
          • Operational system platform
          • Figure 1-2 Four competitive platforms that deliver value
        • Conclusion
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 2 Formulating a market renewal strategy
        • Mastering value in the digital economy and
          • Company driven markets
          • Customer driven markets
          • Collaborator driven markets
          • Community driven markets
        • Shifts and strategic marketing
          • Table 2-1 changing assumptions and strategic marketing thinking
          • Marketing integrates the work of creating and delivering customer when and must have more influence on the rest of the organization
          • Marketing focuses is on permission Marketing
          • Marketing must focus on retaining customers and building loyalty
          • Marketing focus on capturing the lifetime value of the best customers
          • Many marketing expenditures are, in fact, investments
        • Shifts and operational marketing
          • Reverse product design
          • Refers pricing
          • Reverse advertising
          • Reverse promotions
          • Reverse distribution channels
          • Reverse segmentation
        • Exploring the customer's Cognitive space
          • Figure 2-1 the customer's Cognitive space Table 2-2 the customer's Cognitive subspace and what factors
        • Assessing the company's competency space
          • Competency Breadth
            • infrastructure business
            • product innovation and commercialization business
            • customer relationships business
          • Competency depth
        • Capturing collaborators resource base
          • Horizontal partnerships
          • Vertical partnerships
        • Building the enabling environment for market renewal
        • Questions to ponder
          • How much influence the sure marketing department have over the other departments to persuade them to become customer Center
          • What opportunities can markers drawl from the company driven, customer driven, collaborator driven, and community driven that you streams?
          • How far is your company willing to go and customizing its products and services for individual customers? Should it go further?
          • Sure your company still work through function driven Department's, or should organized interdepartmental teams that manage key processes?
          • What is your company doing to into and use the new marketplace? What other incidences initiatives should your company take?
          • How can your be to see marketers use the customer's Cognitive space shown in figure two-one?
          • How can your company link its competency gaps with the resource base available from current and potential collaborators?
    • Part two: Creating competitive platforms
      • Chapter 3 Identifying market opportunities
        • Crafting the customer's benefit to
          • Three major shifts in customer benefit
            • From output based offerings to outcome and input based offerings
            • From product performance to customer experiences
            • From mass-market offerings to customized market offerings
        • Realigning the company's business domain
          • Redefining the company's business concept
          • Reshaping the company's business scope
          • Repositioning the company's brand identity
        • Expanding the Business partner space
          • Linking through outsourcing
          • Linking through syndicating
        • Developing a corporate governance framework
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 4 Designing winning marketing offerings
        • Elaborating the variety of possible Market offerings
          • Figure 4-1 the market offering platform
          • Digital and physical offerings
          • Intangible and tangible offerings
          • Features and Intelligent offerings
          • Container and content offer
        • Designing Market offerings
        • Developing a choice map
          • Assessing the customer consumption chain
          • Understanding the consumer learning experience
          • Developing the contextual offerings
          • Separating form and function
          • Bungled vs focused offerings
        • Offering a choice board
          • Customization
          • Customerization
          • Collaboration
        • Crafting the right value proposition
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 5 Designing the Business architecture
        • Generic business models
          • One-to-one: traditional E-Commerce without intermediary
          • Many-to-one: buy-side intermediary
          • One-to-many: sell-side intermediary
          • Many-to-many: virtual marketplace
        • B2C extended business models
          • E commerce storefronts
          • Portals and infomediaries
          • Facilitators
          • Aggregators
          • Trust intermediaries
          • E-business enablers
        • B2B extended business models
          • B2B portals
          • B2B infomediary
          • B2B hubs
        • The future of B2B markets
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 6 Building the business infrastructure and capabilities
        • Customer relationship management
          • Finding the target customers
          • Filling the target customers needs
            • Translating customer value in to actionable customer benefits
            • Matching the market offerings with the customer's choice content
          • Forming the link with target customers
            • Designing Market Intelligence
            • Gaining insigths from customer information
        • Internal resource management
        • Business partnership management
          • Strategic service partners
          • Non-strategic service partners
          • Value added suppliers
          • Commodity suppliers
          • Network operations
          • Application service providers
        • Cross functional integration applications
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 7 Designing the marketing activities
        • Managing channels
          • Resolving channel conflict
          • Developing an attractive and effective company WebSite
          • Engaging in customer interactive communities
        • Managing promotion
          • Banner ads
          • Sponsorship
          • Microsites
          • Interstitials
          • Alliances and affiliate programs
          • Guerrilla marketing
          • Push advertisements or Web casting
        • Managing pricing
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 8 Designing the operational systems
        • The need to speed up time to market
        • The need to streamline the order to deliver process
        • Types of operational systems
          • Click only
          • Click followed by brick
          • Brick followed by click
          • Brick and mortar only
          • Brick followed by click only
        • The reluctance of businesses to go on-line
        • Questions to ponder
      • Chapter 9 Achieving profits and growth through market renewal
        • Choosing a revenue and profit model
          • Advertising income
          • Sponsorship income
          • Alliance income
          • Membership and subscription income
          • Profile income
          • Transaction Income
          • Market research and information in come
          • Referral Income
          • Further revenue examples
        • Needed: organizational renewal for market renewal
          • Further thoughts and on immigration versus separation
          • Further thoughts of entrepreneurship vs intrapreneurship
          • Further thoughts on functions vs activity
        • In conclusion
        • Questions to ponder


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




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