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Tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futureS

The site provides an evolving exploration thoughtscape, mental timescape, work approach and tool kit for developing repeated real life adventures (rla).

There are over 500 webpages with thousandS of brain addresses.

bbx We can only work on the things on our mental radar ↑ ↓ at a point in time.

bbx The economic and social health of our world depends on our capacity to navigate unimagined futures.

bbx That capacity is governed by what’s between our ears.

bbx When we are involved in something it is very difficult to navigate unless we have a pre-thought systematic work approach. ↓

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We can only work with the things on our mental radar ↓ ↑



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Broad areas of awareness (some of the links on this page)

Horizons to work toward

Areas of work

Who wants to be a mental prisoner of yesterday or somebody else’s whipping boy?


Foundations for future directed decisions continue

“To know something,
to really understand something important,
one must look at it from sixteen different angles.

People are perceptually slow,
and there is no shortcut to understanding;
it takes a great deal of time.” read more

The memo they don’t want you to read continue


A systematic work approach — an action system ↓


Larger view ↑ ::: TEC-PISCO

Thought collector and harvested action items

It is impossible to work on things that aren't on your mental radar

Concentration—that is, the courage to impose on time and events
[one’s] own decision as to what really matters and comes first—is
the executive’s only hope of becoming the master
of time and events instead of their whipping boy.” PFD


Larger view

Six Thinking Hats ↓ ::: Teach Yourself to Think ↓ ::: Why?
Thinking canvases are needed


Today, the great majority of Americans live in big cities and their suburbs.

They have moved away from their moorings, but they still need a community.

And it is working as unpaid staff for a non-profit institution that gives people a sense of community, gives purpose, gives direction — whether it is work with the local Girl Scout troop, as a volunteer in the hospital, or as the leader of a Bible circle in the local church.

Again and again when I talk to volunteers in non-profits, I ask, “Why are you willing to give all this time when you are already working hard in your paid job?” continue




Peter Drucker — the one and only — top-of-the-food-chain

Drucker called himself a social / political ecologist — concerned with man’s man-made environment the way the natural ecologist studies the biological environment.

That man-made environment includes everything that is not part of “natural, primitive nature.”

drucker business week

“Management, in most business schools, is still taught as a bundle of techniques, such as the technique of budgeting.

To be sure, management, like any other work, has its own tools and its own techniques.

But just as the essence of medicine is not the urinalysis, important though it is, the essence of management is not techniques and procedures.

The essence of management is to make knowledge productive.

Management, in other words, is a social function.

And in its practice, management is truly a “liberal art.” ”

The History of the World in Two Hours

From “A Century of Social Transformation

The Management Revolution

Conditions for survival




Edward de Bono — creative thinking (no BS)


Three kinds of intelligence (Niccolò Machiavelli) and people behaviors


“Because we spend a lot of time thinking about things does not by itself improve our thinking skill.

A journalist who types with two fingers will still be typing with two fingers at the age of sixty.

This is not for lack of typing practice.

Practice in two-finger typing will serve only to make that person a better two-finger typist.

Yet a short course in touch typing at a young age would have made that person a much better typist for all his or her life.


“Thinking … the most fundamental,
the most important aspect of life,
the basis for everything is totally neglected …

Book store: no thinking category

Universities: no thinking faculty and zero possibility thinking

School: no thinking subject” — Edward de Bono





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