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If you try to relate these "articles" and books to your day-to-day job, you'll miss the point—completely. These conceptual resources concern the road ahead not the road behind. It is not possible to work on things that aren't on your radar. The following links are attention-directing tools

Using Conceptual Resources

Who is Peter Drucker?

Changing Social and Economic Picture

Foundations for Future Directed Decisions

Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself: After reading article use web browser's FIND command to locate "people decisions" then see People Decisions

Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself for Effectiveness (The Effective Executive)

Management, Revised Edition contains parts of the following:

Management Challenges for the 21st Century

Managing in the Next Society contains the following:

The Next Society

The Essential Drucker (an introduction)

The Essential Drucker (book contents—includes people decisions mentioned above)

The Essential Drucker (pdf worksheet)

Peter Drucker On Leadership

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (An interview from Managing in the Next Society also see the book)

Living in More Than One World

Life Design

The Daily Drucker (a very wide view and work approach)

Edward de Bono introduction

Warren Buffett