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You’re Not As Busy As You Say You Are

Who’s responsible?

New CEO Opens Window on Microsoft’s Future

An Afghan Afghanistan

Cable’s Next Big Threat - Loss of Ad Dollars To YouTube, AOL

50 Highest Rated CEOs | Glassdoor

25 Highest Rated CEOs at SMBs | Glassdoor

At core of nuke cheating ring - 4 ‘librarians’

Here Is Exactly Why You Wish You Were Self-Employed

GN Store Nord’s iPhone hearing aid boosts U.S. customer base

Spanish CPI shock flags euro deflation risks

Mark Zuckerberg, the Warren Buffett of technology?

America’s Neglected Financial Children

Running in Place

Self-Insurance or Self-Destruction?

Robot Journalists - ‘Quakebot’ Is Just the Beginning

McKinsey’s Vikram Malhotra - ‘India Has to Evolve’

10 things your real-estate agent won’t tell you

Citigroup hurt by negligent auditing on failed stress test - Financial Times

The 13 Worst Supermarkets in America in 2014

Measuring Longevity, Another Way.html

Managing Putin

BlackBerry revenue plunges 64 percent, shares drop

Peter Drucker and Me

Efficient Employee Onboarding Critical for Long-Term Success

Lens-Free Camera Sees Things Differently

What Zuckerberg Sees in Oculus Rift

Exercises Aim to Reduce ACL Tears in Kids

Crows solve Aesop’s fable puzzles, offer clues to cognition

Human remains found in Arizona look to be about 1,800 years old

Top global risks you can’t ignore

Homelands for Plants

The End of Chinese Central Planning

The Gulf States’ Widening Gulf

The Importance of Being Boring

The Monetary Cosmopolitans

Archivist’s Pick - On Asking the Right Questions

Aluminum Giant Alcoa’s Costly Lesson on the Pitfalls of Corruption

A tale of two Mexicos - Growth and prosperity in a two-speed economy

Taming Big Data

‘Work Smarts’ - Betty Liu on How to Succeed in Your Career

In Defense of Shiftlessness

Managing Social Media Risk, Part 1 - Defining Governance Structure - HootSuite Social Media Management

No more kids?

The 10 Happiest (and Unhappiest) Jobs in America

Union ruling comes at bad time for NCAA

With cheap money available, Japan Inc. seen to follow Suntory’s M&A path

IT under pressure - McKinsey Global Survey results

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Two Ways To Change A Portfolio Allocation.html

Companies Turn to Social-Media Coaches

Your story about money

A World of Pain

Infrastructure Unbound

Latin America’s Ukraine

Why Are Rich Countries Democratic?

Rest in Peace - Planning for Your Demise, Digitally

Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction Booming, According to First Results from the Census Bureau’s 2012 Economic Census

Facebook Buys Oculus So You Can Take a Virtual Vacation

Target missed many warning signs leading to breach - U.S. Senate report

The debilitating myth of musical chairs

The Easiest Way to Decide Which of Your Social Profiles Need Work

Deconstructing the Euro

Gross Domestic Wellbeing

Sports Agent and Lawyer Ron Shapiro on ‘Perfecting Your Pitch’

Do Tax Incentives for Nonprofits Provide an Unfair Advantage?

Are you ready for the resource revolution?

Older Americans Month - May 2014

U.S. prosecutors eye new approach on company misconduct after Toyota

Microsoft’s CEO may come out swinging

Getting on Board - Why ‘Crossing the CASM’ Is Key to Minimizing Risk

Sallie Krawcheck on the Business Case for Diverse Leadership

Not even one note

Climate and Competitiveness

Ukraine and the Crisis of International Law

Tour of Duty

Most cigarettes sold in New York were smuggled into the state to avoid taxes

10 Ways to Significantly Cut Retirement Costs

Before Snowden, There Was Huawei

CIOs Must Become Technology Consultants

Academics Spy Weaknesses in Bitcoin’s Foundations

Apple in talks with Comcast for streaming-TV service - WSJ

Cisco joins cloud computing race with $1 billion plan

‘The Good Wife’ Bombshell - Story Behind The Shocking Exit, Showrunners Speak

These Are the 10 Strongest Gasoline Brands - - and You’ll Never Guess What’s at No. 1

What to Change If You’re Getting Interviews But No Job Offers

Super-Cheap Paper Microscope Could Save Millions of Lives

The Biggest Restaurant Markups (and the Best Deals)

Apple shares to be fueled by new iPhone - Barron’s

Is the Big Bang in the Bible?

Big Data Enters the Classroom

‘Thick Data’ lessons from stoma bags and Lego bricks

Compromise, design and the literal edges

US first lady hosts education roundtable in China

Wal-Mart’s new tool gives competitors prices

Revealed - Apple and Google’s wage-fixing cartel involved dozens more companies, over one million employees

Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 96

A Tale of Two Labor Markets

Bulldozers and bullwhips

If you want to fake it, don’t do it around this computer

See action-management-system tag.txt

A Case for Singletasking - The One-Task-At-a-Time Method

Clean Out Your To-Do List for Guilt-Free Productivity

Now Do This, and The Single - Tasking Philosophy

Think You’re Good At Multitasking? Take These Tests

The Universe of a Single Task

A Case for Singletasking - The One-Task-At-a-Time Method

The Coming Longevity Gap Battle.html

National Income and Product Accounts

The Wolves of Wall Street

TWC CEO to get $80 million golden parachute

Turkish Effort to Block Twitter Draws Protest

Bill Gates - It’s OK If Half Of Silicon Valley Startups Are “Silly”

The 50 Greatest Actors Alive - No. 42 Jodie Foster

Landlords of the Manor

Social Selling Action Plan, Part 2 - Listen to What Your Industry is Saying

Is Apple Anti-Social?

Social Selling Action Plan, Part 4 - Seek A Warm Relationship

5 Tips to Creating a Social Media Policy & Governance #HSEntChat

Closing Africa’s Agricultural Gender Gap

Reckoning with Russia

How Effective Is a Number-crunching Approach to Managing People?

How the Music Industry Could Use Streaming to Reinvent Itself

Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2014 - McKinsey Global Survey results

Big Business and the New Norm - Doing Good at the Core, not the Periphery

Cloak maps your enemies and exes so you never run into them again

Russian stocks tumble, banks suffer amid sanctions

HP CEO says to flesh out 3D-printing entry in June

Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media

Life journey - Winning in the life-insurance market

Why ‘Incomplete’ Products Increase Consumption

The Global Economy’s Tale Risks

What does, “it’s too expensive,” mean?

When You Succeed, Try, Try Again

Does an Office on the iPad Break Windows?

The Russian Godfather

The Election Question

South Korea’s Feminine Future

Symantec Fires CEO Steve Bennett

Convert audio to ringtones using OS X Terminal | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews

School theater departments are earning money with product placements—just like Hollywood—in performances

Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media

Spinoffs from Spyland

Tennis academies facing a overhaul as they fail to deliver in hunt for the next Andy Murray

Report - Alzheimer’s far more likely than breast cancer in women over 60

A Good Employer Match Will Offset High Expenses in a 401(k) Plan.html

At Risk - Are Unpaid College Athletes Exploited While Others Reap Millions?

East Star’s Lan Shili - ‘Entrepreneurs Have to Be Bold to Do Big Things’

The secret of successful drug launches

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-6

Train Your Team on the Fundamentals of Social Media - HootSuite Social Media Management

Are You Following the Social Media Rule of Thirds? - HootSuite Social Media Management

Patterns review - Utility makes quick work of regular expressions | Macworld

Mexico drug cartel makes more dealing iron ore

4 Behaviors You Never Want to See in a Leader

Is your budget process stuck on last year’s numbers?

Higher Ed for Higher Tax Brackets

Rethinking the Monetization Taboo

Politics-Proof Economies?

Misleading Indicators

Retirement - A third have less than $1,000 put away

Investor Howard Marks on Luck, Risks and the Job that Got Away

Ukraine Versus the Vultures

The Poverty of Renewables

Migration on the Move

Apple’s design chief helped transform computing, phones and music. The company’s secrecy and Ive’s modesty mean he has never given an in-depth interview—until now

What’s not here?

Confidence is a choice, not a symptom

Jony Ive dishes on design

Using Salary Prospects to Choose a College Major

Colleges Are Tested by Push to Prove Graduates’ Career Success

U.S. government aims to shed control of Internet addresses

6 Travel Tips For Your Back Pocket

The Regulatory Confidence Cycle

A Few Things to Recall During the Recall

The Danger of Being Deskbound

Your Desk at Work Is Literally a Prison—A Dangerous One

‘Uncertainty Traps’ - Why a Lack of Information Can Paralyze an Economy

Spain Adopts the ‘Israel Model’ to Engineer a Biotech Resurgence

Malaysian leader - Plane’s disappearance deliberate

Sears’ board approves spinning off Lands’ End clothing business

Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

The Mystery of the Missing Methane (Op-Ed)

Should Your Child Go To Harvard?.html

Can Management Get Us Out Of The Economic Mess It Has Created?

Social Selling Action Plan, Part 3 - Observe Prospect Buying Signals

Beyond Inflation Targets

Data and Development

Emerging Markets’ Bubble Troubles

Fallen Tiger, Shaken Dragon

Our Most Important Legacy

In need of a retail turnaround? How to know and what to do

Berkshire’s Buffett says firm has cut U.S. catastrophe insurance

After Crimea, wary Eastern Europe asks — who’s next

Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg

‘Candy Crush’ maker sees up to $7.6 billion IPO valuation

How Unemployed CIOs Can Survive the Dark Days

Better than free?

Why the ECB Should Buy American

Mexico’s Peace Potential

Good Governance and Economic Performance

Telecom Giants Drag Their Feet on Broadband for the Whole Country

Playing It 10 Percent Unsafe

Google Lat Long - Explore America’s most endangered river on Street View

Number of Children Without Health Insurance Declines, While It Rises for Working-Age Adults, Census Bureau Reports

Sometimes you don’t need a budget

A Good Portfolio In 3 Easy Pieces.html

Desperate Women’s Dangerous Moves

Europe’s Fast Track to Youth Employment

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-7

Ten tips for leading companies out of crisis

The Maternal Thread of Life

Making digital government better - An interview with Mike Bracken

Open government - Data of the people, for the people

Ezekiel Emanuel on ‘Reinventing American Health Care’

Needed - A Benefit Concert For the Record Business

Change the way you and your team see marketing

New-Home Building Shifts to Apartments

10 Jobs Employers Are Having Trouble Filling

How to Add New Job Skills Without Going Back to School

Entrepreneur Hopes to Use Interference to Improve the Mobile Internet

Microbes and Metabolites Fuel an Ambitious Aging Project

Korea’s quirky messaging apps go on offensive in text-happy Indonesia

Five years from U.S. stock market’s low, it’s joy versus worry

DeBoskey - The 7 deadly excuses for avoiding philanthropy

How Can I Best Absorb Information While Reading?

What Social Networks Should You Be On, Pt. 2 - LinkedIn

5 Content Marketing Tips We Learned From Our Best-Performing Content

Duties Without Borders

In Praise of Foxy Scholars

Don’t Just Do Something. Sit There

Former SEC Commissioner Troy Paredes - Sometimes People Just Make Mistakes

Using Incentives to Calibrate a CEO’s ‘Risk Appetite’

Shaping the future of manufacturing

Jamie Metzl says that Russia and China are reenacting nineteenth-century norms of international behavior. - Project Syndicate

Audio - Does McDonald’s have a traffic problem?

Economic and community development department team for Tennessee in flux

Steve Eisen - Will your bank exist next year?

25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns 2014; Some Interns Earn $7,000+ Per Month | Glassdoor Blog

25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns 2014; Some Interns Earn $7,000+ Per Month

What to include in your value statement

What your contact information says about you

3 reasons why you should add numbers to your resume

Increase your call-backs with 5 simple resume tweaks

What objective statements really mean, and why they don’t work

Increase your call-backs with 5 simple resume tweaks copy

4 goals you need to make right now

5 Things Every Cover Letter Should Have

The Formula to Get Your Resume Past the 10-second Test

5 Ways To Get Your Emails Noticed

Why College Students Are Dying to Get Into ‘Death Classes’

The Innovation Enigma

Any company can copy the keystone of Apple’s design process

Suspected Russian spyware Turla targets Europe, United States

Entropy, bureaucracy and the fight for great

Mike Curb puts his own spin on music business

Celebrating inspiring women around the world

If You Don’t Like This Post, We Suggest You Check Out the Other Drucker Exchange. Oh, Wait—There Isn’t One

What happens to privacy?

Literature and Latte • View topic - See America for free by rail?

3 tips to find hacking on your site, and ways to prevent and fix it

Free Birth Control Has Little Effect on Women’s Sexual Behavior, Study Suggests

Welcome to the monoculture (global competition)

The Better Monkey Solution.html

Intelligent Machines and Displaced Workers

How to Build Trust as a New IT Executive

Getty Set 35 Million Images Free, But Who Can Use Them?

How P&G Moved Up the Brand Arc to Win a Gold Medal at Sochi

The Opportunities — and Pitfalls — for Non-resident Indian Entrepreneurs

The Secret History of the Financial Crisis

The Climate-Change Agenda Heats Up

Sorry for Nothing

Education’s Buy-Down Option

Disrupting Putin’s Game Plan

What Girls Want

Views from the front lines of the data-analytics revolution

iPhone pricing war heats up as Walmart offers 5s for $119 and Target launches iPad trade-in promotion

Yahoo - Destroyer Of Startups

US Census Bureau Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders

Official Source US Export and Import Statistics - Foreign Trade - US Census Bureau

GM must address recall soon to avoid damage to reputation

Tapping the power of hidden influencers

HootSuite uses part of its massive $165M round to form a skunkworks (exclusive)

China’s Shadow Menace

Europe’s Middle-Age Trap

Feminizing the Command Line

Rethinking Emissions Reduction

The Warring States of Turkey

Ukraine’s Unintended Consequences

What Makes Greece Special?

Using the “L Word” at Work

The Fraught Franchise

Apple Faces Life as a Mature Company

Google Lat Long - Aloha from Google Street View

The Commercialization of Garbage

The Elimination of Garbage

Zero Waste - ‘Nil to Landfill’ Is Now a Practical Goal

Satellite captures massive storm swirling off Antarctica

Military sexual assault bill heads for Senate vote

Microsoft Can’t Sell Windows 8, So It’s Giving It Away

For Very Early Retirement, Portfolio Is a Side Show, Spending Is the Main Event.html

Climate Study - Rising Seas Could Wipe Out Many Cultural Landmarks

When Chief Executives Become Job Seekers

A New Progressive Political Economy

A Separated Peace

Blue is the New Green

East Africa’s Prosperity Gap

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-12

Most Wanted - ‘Next Generation Thinking’ to Combat Cyber Crime

Global warming slowdown likely to be brief - U.S., UK science bodies

Top 10 carmakers sitting on $221 billion in cash

Apple’s new finance steward Maestri takes over $160 billion cash haul

The worst U.S. states to die in

Delta’s New Frequent Flyer Policy - Reward Your Best Customers

Who to Follow on Twitter for Crisis News, Part 1 - Ukraine

The Skillery launches entrepreneurship training program

The disruptive power of collaboration - An interview with Clay Shirky

Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects

Mathematical Proof Reveals How To Make The Internet More Earthquake-Proof

RadioShack closing 1,100 stores after sales tumble 20 percent

Why PS4 is set up to keep winning the console wars

Giant Virus Resurrected from Permafrost After 30,000 Years

10 cars most likely to go 200,000 miles

Microsoft makes pollster Penn head of strategy, exact role unclear

Buffett fails to dispel investor angst over succession plan

Could Your Home, Car or Bike Be Making You Extra Dough?

What does it sound like when you change your mind?

Can This Online Course Get Me a Job?

The Kingpins’ Mexico

Malthus, Marx, and Modern Growth

Financial Innovation in the Wild

A Pessimist’s Delight on the Black Sea

The Microbiome - Brave New World for Health Care — and Biotech

Putin warns West its sanctions will backfire

People Making a Difference -

People Making a Difference -

The doctor visit of the future may be a phone call

Buffett talks up IBM and Pepsi, dismisses bitcoin

Buffett Says Pension Tapeworm Means Decade of Bad News

Emerging Economies on Their Own

From Poverty to Empowerment

Putin’s Kampf

The three Cs of customer satisfaction - Consistency, consistency, consistency

Crisis in Crimea - What Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and the EU Should Do

Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru - ‘Everything You Do Should Last Longer Than You’

Two top Microsoft execs to leave in reshuffle — reports

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands More Than Projected - Economy

Buffett Targets Mother Lode of Opportunity in U.S., Deals

CMOs Eye CEO Office, But Need CIOs to Get There

Counting Only the Sunny Days What’s it like to put together a national manufacturing company from scratch — starting at the tender age of 82?

Doris Drucker Shows Seniors Can Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Intel Designs a Safe Meeting Place for Private Data

Drucker Institute Workshops

2014 Oscars - Complete Winners List

5 Weird Facts About the Oscars

Academy Awards 2014 - Full list of winners

The Russian Quest for Warm Water Ports

Daimler CEO says software services key for growth

For entrepreneurs, age can be a great asset

Berkshire-Hathaway 2013ltr

The Job After Steve Jobs - Tim Cook and Apple

The Wrong Way to Teach Grammar

Apple Explains Exactly How Secure iMessage Really Is

25 Ways to Stay Employed and Improve Your Workplace

Abenomics struggles to deliver Japan public works boom

How the web was born - WWW turns 25

Upbeat Buffett eyes big acquisitions after record Berkshire profit

Putting Crowdsourcing on the Map

Stein Endorses Feroli Warning That Fed Risks Market Tumult (1)

Apple CEO promises new products, says Apple TV no longer a ‘hobby’

U.S. utilities need industry group focused on cyber defense — report

Soros, Paulson in Spanish property REITs investments - FT

Was Mozart Just Lucky?

Apple Presses Labels For More ‘Beyonce’-Type Exclusives In Wake of Downloads’ Slide

Wallets Wide Shut

Who’s Afraid of Tapering?

10 things Hollywood won’t admit about the Oscars

Might as well burn that bridge all the way down to the pilings

Trail West boot shop owners buy Lower Broadway property

How Middle Income Retirees Pay Big Dog Tax Rates.html

In search of competition

IBM laying off up to 25 percent of ‘hardware’ division

How to Write Faster - 5 Tips From Our Blog Team

The Car of the Future - Will Consumers Give Up the Driver’s Seat?

The Huge — and Often Hidden — Costs of Criminality in Latin America

The mobile Internet’s consumer dividend

Emerging-Market Risk and Reward

Homophobia and Tyranny

Europe’s Ukrainian Test

One Hundred Days of Solitude

Revisiting the Fed’s Crisis

Saving Retirement

The African Paradox

Venezuela’s Bad Angels

Chase for Private-Equity Talent Picks Up Speed

Archivist’s Pick - On Mobilizing the Conscience of a Community

Thomas M. Hoenig Vice Chairman Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The Koreas at Night - Image of the Day

‘Start-up Nation’ 2.0 - Israeli Firms Mature as Solo Acts

‘Get the strategy and the team right’ - An interview with the CEO of Henkel

The Nudge Factor

China’s Growth Puzzle

The Dual Dragon

The New Growth Conundrum

Truth from the Top

Most of all, money is a story

7 cruises for people who hate cruises

The end of the car is coming

What CIOs Need to Know Before Relying on Startups

2013 Housing Vacancy Survey Annual Statistics



Social Selling Action Plan, Part 1 - Create Compelling Profiles - HootSuite Social Media Management

Behaviorists - Dogs feel no shame despite the look

U.S. justices say Allen Stanford victims can sue lawyers, brokers

NASA photo shows North Korea is in the dark

Bank of Japan’s Sato sees flexibility on timing of QE exit

Smartphone wars shift from gadgetry to price

U.S. space telescope spots 715 more planets

Scientists pinpoint exotic new particle called quantum droplet

Why More Retirees Are Paying At Higher Tax Rates in Retirement.html

Census Bureau Highlights Young Noncitizen Population in the U.S

Lenovo’s Bid to Become the Last Hardware Giant Standing

How the Option to Do Nothing Can Help You Get Things Done

Apple took 65% of U.S. phone buyers making $100,000+ a year

The Real Secret of Success

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-5

Global gas markets - The North American factor

Breaking through the start-up stall zone

Uncovering hidden investment opportunities in Africa

Cambodia’s Violent Peace

Equality or Estrangement

Every Breath You Take

Russia’s Crimean Shore?

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

The opposite of why is now

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s posts strong sales growth

GE to pay $1.7 billion to Japan’s Shinsei to end refund obligations

Tiny houses help address nation’s homeless problem

Tesla, Lexus triumph in Consumer Reports’ annual rankings

Harold Ramis, Alchemist of Comedy, Dies at 69

Geoengineering Ineffective Against Climate Change, Could Make Worse

Why Ford is dumping Microsoft

The Highs of Effective Marketing

Taming Europe’s Banks

Lesson One in School Food

Globalizing the Fed

Big Data, Big New Businesses

Bringing lean thinking to energy

When big data goes lean

Body Slams, Vicious Dogs, Tidal Waves - How Effective Are Today’s Violent Ads?

Comcast-Netflix - Unwinding the Latest Traffic Jam, but at What Cost?

Cumberland Consulting Group helps bring hospitals into the digital age

Seafaring drug smugglers challenging Coast Guard

The Hottest Non-Certified IT Skills for Growth in 2014

Shaping the future of manufacturing

7 Things Marketing Wants to Say to IT

5 Times to Stop Talking

Really? This Is America’s Most Dependable Automotive Brand?

Top 10 - Which vehicles will last 200,000 miles?

The in-Demand Job Paying More Than $70,000 Per Year

Inequality worse now than on ‘Downton Abbey’

Emotionally obsolete

Evan Michael GROSS

Reviving Ukraine’s Economy

Revolutionary Patience

The Banks that Ate the Economy

What Business Can Learn from the Medal of Honor Tradition

Building a forward-looking board

Sands CEO says to spend ‘whatever it takes’ for Japan casino

Nokia succumbs to Android appeal in low-cost phone battle

Obama looks to governors for help with economy

GOP seizes on state woes to highlight health care

Services growth slows in February - Markit

Exclusive - GE to spend another $10 billion on energy research by 2020

Rock around the clock — zircon crystal is oldest piece of Earth

Several new phones coming, but all eyes on Samsung

Smaller Army - Hagel proposes cuts in 2015 budget

The growing case against ETFs

NYC pay toilet charges $8 a day

The Warring States of Turkey

The most important question

All 208 times the Fed laughed amid 2008 chaos - Slide Show - MarketWatch

Move Over, Toyota Camry - There’s a New No. 1 Midsize Sedan

China Finance Minister welcomes U.S. policy withdrawal - Xinhua

Pizza Hut Is About To Face A PR Nightmare

What College Graduates Regret

U.S. Air Force reveals ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellite program

How to be a smarter reader

Pursue ‘targeted serendipity’

China’s Fear Strategy

Death to Machines?

Europe’s Crisis in Ukraine

What’s Holding Back Brazil?

Poking the Eurozone Bear

Quick Take - What’s Up with Facebook’s WhatsApp Deal?

What Does Israel’s Hadassah Crisis Mean for the Country’s Health Sector?

Driving lean management - An interview with the COO of TD Ameritrade

The organization that renews itself - Lasting value from lean management

Should you teach the world a new word?

Dentists need to plan for retirement, too

India’s Disrupted Democracy

Getting a RIF Right


Best & worst used cars

Honda, lagging rivals, considers opening board to foreigners

Microsoft Said to Cut Windows Price 70% to Counter Rivals

Apple security flaw could allow hackers to beat encryption

Detroit draws first map to get out of bankruptcy

Is Netflix Slowing Down? Good Luck Finding Out Why

Philanthropist Howard Buffett, USDA want farmers to cultivate healthy soil with cover crops

Gucci owner Kering profit nearly wiped out in ’13

Japan factory output seen up, core inflation near five-year highs

Russia says better positioned than peers to deal with U.S. policy impact

Mexico billionaire Carlos Slim tightens grip on America Movil

Next-generation GPS satellite launched into orbit

Monday night viewing — close encounter with enormous asteroid

Putin Options Dwindle in Ukraine as EU Takes Lead in Peace

Microsoft’s Xbox One Is Selling So Poorly Retailers Are Getting Desperate

In Asia, WhatsApp posts mixed message for Facebook

The Stealth Tax on Retiree Income.html

Spare Some Disgust For Silicon Valley, Too?

A Glimpse Into the Future of Learning

India’s path from poverty to empowerment

Why pharma megamergers work

Overshooting in Emerging Markets

Germany Steps Up

Brilliant Blunders

This is the one map you need to understand Ukraine’s crisis

Doing what gets rewarded

Downbeat activity data pushes global shares lower

Are CIOs Losing Power?

Record Japan trade deficit highlights risk of economic stumble

Toshiba says plans M&A to expand healthcare business

Saving dying lake is priority for Iranian leader

Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion in deal shocker

Why Some Innovation Tournaments Succeed and Others Fail

Monitoring the World’s Forests with Global Forest Watch

Hedge-Fund Chief Is Harvard’s Biggest Donor

Some Will Benefit By Replacing Their Home Mortgage With a Home Equity Line of Credit.html

NAFTA, 20 Years Later - Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

Assistance for Laid-Off Workers Gets Downsized

How We Lose Our Marbles

Russia’s Last Act?

The Golden Mean of Export Promotion

The Third World’s Drinking Problem

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-3

Keith Ferrazzi – Why Relationships Are Crucial to Success

Bringing New Apps to Market - How Five Innovators Outshone the Competition


Artemis pCell - Your Own Private Cell Network?

Yahoo Launches $10 Million Research Effort to Invent a Smarter Siri

Candy Crush Saga maker King plans U.S. stock market debut

Todd Martin will be Tennis Hall of Fame’s next CEO

Microsoft kills SkyDrive, launches OneDrive

Virgin MENA’s Nisreen Shocair - Transforming a Record Store into an Entertainment Destination

Will Comcast’s Merger with Time Warner Give It Too Much Power?

Radisson to Launch Hotel for Millennials

Show multiple days in OS X Calendar’s week view

Europe’s Middle East Mission

In Praise of Fragmentation

Spain’s Human-Rights Dilemma

Crisis Continues in Syria—and Grumpy Cat Is Still Funny

(Still) learning from Toyota

When Toyota met e-commerce - Lean at Amazon

Done to us vs. things we do

Tuesday Tip - Move items with the keyboard

10 Car Models With the Highest Resale Value - You’ll Never Guess What’s No. 1!

Is Harley-Davidson the Worst Motorcycle Money Can Buy?

50 States Ranked for Highest Motorcycle Ownership - You Won’t Guess Who’s No. 2

Credit Suisse asks employees to switch bonus scheme

Sony sells 5.3 million Playstation consoles, exceeds full-year target

HP was aware of Autonomy’s loss-making hardware sales - FT

Top 10 States for IT Jobs

MIT Technology Review’s List of 50 Smartest Companies for 2014 | MIT Technology Review

The Coming Problem With Electric Cars—How to Charge Them All

New nonprofit Tennessee Business Partnership to focus on job creation

Advantages of Market Research

A Clear Case for Golden Rice

From Moscow to Sochi

Intellectual Property and Economic Development

Tailspin or Turbulence?

Secret revealed — inside the most scandalous social network

Think Your Product Is Too Boring for Word of Mouth Marketing? Think Again

So Long IT Specialist, Hello Full-Stack Engineer

Jet stream shift could prompt harsher winters — scientists

Small-firm lawyer takes on Wall Street and wins, twice

China says Kerry’s call for Internet freedom naive

Pinnacle chairman helps organize Tennessee Business Partnership

Soros exits J.C.Penney, trims Herbalife, others follow

The narcissist, the scorekeeper, the gossip—how to handle the annoying co-workers in your life

Making the Most of College Visits

What Would Lincoln Do?

Rich Countries’ Dirty Money

Apple exploring cars, medical devices to reignite growth

I’m an elitist

Companies Squeeze 401K Plans From Facebook to JPMorgan

Businessman, philanthropist to remain active in High Point

Marry or Move In Together? Brain Knows the Difference

The Great Transformation - A Turning Point

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 92

Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 92

Olympics Social Media Stats from Week 1

Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Distressed

Modesty and hubris

Introducing the 94 Percent.html

How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction

Next frontiers for lean

India’s New HR Challenge - Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

China’s Risky Reforms

The Davos Apocalypse


The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict at Work

The World’s Most Powerful 3-D Laser Imager

Better Compensation Key to Retaining Top IT Talent

Samsung’s Tizen Will Hit the Ground Running with Android Apps

Prestige Events in the Gulf Turn the Spotlight on Labor Practices

Two magical sentences missing from most job ads

10 Reasons to Use Google+ Communities

Nestle says will detail share buyback when L’Oreal deal closes

China auto market growth slows sharply in January

Peugeot and Dongfeng reach outline deal — sources

Motorola Mobility CEO to join Dropbox ahead of Lenovo deal

Nvidia puts plans for new Silicon Valley campus on hold

U.S. scientists achieve ‘turning point’ in fusion energy quest

Military nears holy grail - Pizza that lasts years

The Magic Bullet That Microsoft Corporation Would Rather Not Fire

Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable to reshape U.S. pay TV

App Invasion - Mynd keeps your life in order so you don’t have to

Jos. A. Bank buying Eddie Bauer in $825M deal

Sandy Alderson on the Modern Business of Baseball

Sid Caesar, Comedian of Comedians From TV’s Early Days, Dies at 91

Apple Passes Microsoft

Friendless China

Leadership Lessons From the Best Executives

The Tailoring of Everything?

The Last of the Sudeiri Seven

The Dollar and the Damage Done

Mastering Our Urban Future

A multifaceted future - The jewelry industry in 2020

Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations

The problems you’ve got left

ASCAP turns 100, touts ability to adapt

In Asset Management, It’s All About the Costs and the Odds.html

Analyst - Apple Took 87 Percent of Phone Handset Profits Last Quarter

Hospitals Hiring Physicians - Why the Trend Is on the Rise

Faceted navigation best (and 5 of the worst) practices

The strength of ‘weak signals’

Seeking Their Fortune - The Career Path for Top Executives in Big Companies

Coming Soon to Your Office - Gen Z

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-2

Resume Tips to Remember

The you called brand

Post-Growth Growth Models

Europe’s Educational Evolution

Putting America’s Recovery to Work

Buying into Bitcoin

Africa’s Search for Law


A look at Apple’s R&D expenditures from 1995-2013

Consumers hoard $13 billion in old iPhones

J.D. Power - Most reliable 3-year old cars

What Can New Pilots Make? Near Minimum Wage

Office ‘Influencers’ Are in High Demand

Anti-tank weapon, ammo found in Berlin forest

U.S. offers companies broad standards to improve cybersecurity

Alex Tolbert - Picking health plan is tricky

National Women’s History Month

Shirley Temple Black, iconic child star, dies at 85

Asia’s Democratic Drama

Market Failure and Political Failure

NATO’s New Frontier

The ECB’s Bridge Too Far

The False Promise of Digital Democracy

The Road from Thirst

Positively Negative

Seeking Their Fortune - The Career Path for Top Executives in Big Companies

Gamification - Powering Up or Game Over?

How technology can drive the next wave of mass customization

5 Valentine’s Day ideas for big hearts with humble budgets

Barnes and Noble Fired Its Entire Nook Hardware Engineering Staff

How to invest like a cockroach

Shirley Temple Black, Screen Darling, Dies at 85

Bosnia unrest puts spotlight on broken peace accord

Robots mean business - A conversation with Rodney Brooks

Quality of production

Vesper. Collect your thoughts

iTunes, Software and Services

Time running out on former sex slaves’ quest

Barclays to cut 12,000 jobs, pays bigger bonuses

Fla. trooper who stopped cop sues after harassment

China and Taiwan hold historic talks

How to Prepare Your Business (And Your Employees) to Work Remotely

Need a Job? 1 Place You Have to Look

McDonald’s Sales Top Views in January Despite U.S. Slump

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg named top US philanthropist

Report - Apple Preps Sapphire Plant for Tougher iPhone Screens

iWatch sales

Death by Finance

The Myth of Isolationist America

‘Hot’ Money’s Fast Exit Cools Emerging Markets

Changing the Prescription for Israel’s Teva

Transfield’s CIO Stephen Phillips Frontloads Business Imperatives to Drive Change

The benefits—and limits—of decision models

Uninformed or ignorant?

A fresh start for Hillary Clinton and liberals?

Toyota to stop making cars in Australia from 2017

AMA supports overhaul of Medicare doctors’ pay

Germany’s Pyrrhic Victory

Entrepreneur briefs - Blackstone’s $100,000 grant to Launch Tennessee will help lure talent

Before Launching a Venture, Sample the Waters

10 habits of debt-free people

The New Rules of the Hamptons

Bill Gates Finds Part-Time Consulting Work

Outright Monetary Infractions

Microsoft’s $100 Offer Exposes its Fear That Sony Will Win the PS4 vs Xbox One War

‘Refresh’ four weeks later

How to Spot the Boss From Hell

Nonprofits Seek Experienced Seniors

Attention (by Edward de Bono)

Management Challenges for the 21 Century—intro

Management Challenges for the 21st Century (by Peter Drucker)

New job game plan

Peter Drucker on Leadership Nov. 2004

Leadership leadership entry point

Knowledge specialty

Post-Capitalist Society (by Peter Drucker)

What executives should remember


An economic development work approach

Career work plan development -- - organization evolution concepts and process -- - introductory tour

Managing in the Next Society (by Peter Drucker)

Drucker on Asia - A dialogue between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi

RLA Exp files

How Companies Can Survive the “Snarkpocalypse”

The New Corvette Stingray Is, Hands Down, The Most Fun Car I’ve Ever Driven

Rand Paul is pitching libertarian ideas to social conservatives. And they’re listening

Yahoo shifts Europe tax base to Ireland from Switzerland

Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 91

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 91

Next wave of super-rich heading for London as new crises bite

After 22 years, Leno bids farewell to ‘Tonight’

Young Salmon Born Knowing Migration Route

The Google Laptop That Beat Apple and Microsoft

Disappearance of wildflowers may have doomed Ice Age giants

Backlash hits AOL CEO after ‘distressed babies’ remark

This 963-HP, 196-MPH Mitsubishi Colt Is Totally Bonkers - Video

Ownership costs

Opinion - Philanthropy Advice Bill Gates Won’t Give You

Apple buyback burnishes earnings per share, may soothe critics

Exhaustive lists as a reliable tool for unstucking yourself

Hedge Funds - Big On Buns, Short On Beef.html

Apple’s Tim Cook Discusses Emerging Markets and Plans for Cash

Bangladesh at a Crossroads

Poland’s Eurozone Tests

Our inability to see ahead (The Goldie Hawn problem)

Emerging Markets’ Submerging Currencies

Europe’s Ungainly Banking Revolution

Reviving China’s Rebalancing

Toward a circular economy - Philips CEO Frans van Houten

Satya Nadella’s Challenges as Microsoft’s New CEO

‘Managerial Myopia’ - How CEOs Pump Up Earnings for Their Own Gain

Olympic Twitter Lists for Sochi 2014

The Only Interview Question That Matters

How Fragile are Emerging Markets?

Stagnation by Design

Fit Happens

More Men in Prime Working Ages Don’t Have Jobs

The best photo editing app for the iPhone - The Sweet Setup

Your relationship with the future

BMW’s Stomach-Rolling M235i Woos Driving Machine Purists

Mary Barra’s To-Do List At General Motors

The Dirty Secret Your Employees Are Hiding From You

A Different Gates Is Returning to Microsoft

Will Nadella Shake Up Microsoft More Than Expected?

Valentine’s Day 2014 - Feb. 14

Calif town’s water shortage stokes fears of future

Investors dump Twitter stock as results divide Wall Street

Census Bureau Statistics Show Origin and Destination of the Nearly 17 Million Who Move Between Counties Each Year

Giant Résumés Fail to Impress Employers

For Small Jobs, Rent an M.B.A

A School, and a Future, for Blind Children

Attracting tech talent to Nashville requires better branding, social connectivity

The Basics of Medicare-Related Insurance Decisions.html

Why Most Of What We Know About Management Is Plain, Flat, Dead Wrong

The Customer Wants Something. You Can Supply It. Is That So Hard?

Talking to Your Child After You Yell

Dimon’s Raise - How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to CEO Pay?

Why Google Kept Motorola’s Research Lab

Google’s Schmidt gets second $100 million stock award

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-3

Genetics for the People?

Remaking the industrial economy

Moving toward a circular economy

Why Sharing Spectrum Is Key to Expanding Wireless

U.S. Boards of Directors Lag Behind in Naming Women

“Oh sure, I studied with him at Harvard”

Debit vs. Credit - Which is Safer to Swipe

As Sony prepares PCs exit, pressure mounts for reboot on TVs

Macau feels strain during Lunar holiday influx

T Resume Makeover - How to Clear Out the Career Clutter

How wealth changes your personality

How to Rebuild Credit

What About Bill?

A Healthier, Wealthier Africa

Daring Europe to Innovate

History versus Europe

Securing the Sochi Olympics

The Global Economy Without Steroids

What a Mess

New Product Development

Navigating the White-water World of New Product Development

Boards Revisited - Michael Useem on the New Corporate Governance

Bad to great - The path to scaling up excellence

Private Equity Expects Better Times in 2014

Are you looking for a project? (a live event in New York in March)

Bat boy syndrome

Tuesday Tip - * is Wild — Wildcards in DEVONthink

Department of Commerce Infographic Highlights U.S.-Mexico Trade

Educational Attainment in the United States - 2013

Are Purchasing Practices Killing Your Software Projects?

The ‘Moneyball’ Approach to Hiring CEOs

Sub-Saharan Africa - A major potential revenue opportunity for digital payments

Profit with purpose - Alternative investing for emerging markets

500 Startups Adds Two New Venture Partners And Announces Its Eighth Accelerator Class

Women Employees Reshape Saudi Arabia’s Labor Market

Part II - The Obamacare Challenge for Employers – Employers with Less Than 50 Full-time Employees

Do you love your customers?

Computer and Internet Use Main - People and Households - U.S. Census Bureau

There’s a Science to Foot Traffic, and It Can Help Us Design Better Cities

Top 25 Apple commercials

South Korea’s Japanese Mirror

Ex-Banker Heads Up ‘Broad’ Effort at Boosting Women in Business

The Unlearning of Peyton Manning

In India, would-be Microsoft CEO showed inquisitive streak

Every slide tells a story

Looking for a Job When You’re Over 55

A Modest Year, But Way Better Than Hedge Funds.html

Startup Success By the Numbers

Starbucks CEO Sticks Out His Neck for Innovation

Q&A - Dropbox CEO Drew Houston

Inside the Minds (and Personalities) of CIOs and CMOs

Households, trade keep U.S. economy humming in fourth quarter

How to Respond to Employer Requests for Your Salary History

Toyota Plans to Do “Something” With Its Camry

Colombia’s Modest Peace

China’s Risky Credit Boom

The Future of American Growth

The Trouble with Emerging Markets

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Charitable Organization Anymore

3-D printing takes shape

Navigating the circular economy - A conversation with Dame Ellen MacArthur

Snow, ice send South’s flagship city reeling

Modern humans more Neanderthal than once thought, studies suggest

2008-2012 American Community Survey Voting Age Population by Citizenship and Race

The Ukraine’s ‘Revolution of Dignity’ for People and Business

Facebook finally shakes things up with Paper, the front page for your life

Samsung to Take Over 60 Carphone Warehouse Stores in Europe

Jay Haynes - ‘Apple’s $3 Trillion Valuation’

Original Mac Design decisions

Use Safari’s credit card storage for easy checkout when online shopping

Simplify your email

Cut the Spending, Spare the Poor

India’s Women on the March

The Western Alliance in the Digital Age

The Temptation of the Central Bankers

Is America Turning Japanese?

Cheaters … Win? Why Systems to Prevent Deception Don’t Work

Why the COO should lead social-media customer service

The four horsemen of mediocrity

Resume makeover

Ingram Group hires former aide to U.S. Rep. Ford

J&J to Share Drug Research Data in Pact With Yale

What’s Wrong With a 6.5 Percent Yield?.html

How Do Hitmen Operate?

Are you ready for the second machine age?

The Latest Skirmish in a Long Battle to Save the Amazon

Finding a Place for Market Research in a Big Data, Tech-enabled World

Inside Lenovo’s Next Enormous Gambit

The World Economy’s Impossible Demand

The Great War’s Long Shadow

New Paths for Development Finance

Assured Mutual Dependence

A Brain’s View of Economics

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-3

Obama touts plans on contractor wages, retirement

Fact check - Less than meets eye in Obama speech

Cory Remsburg, John Boehner and ‘Mad Men’ - Buzzy moments from the State of the Union

Daimler CEO succession talk reignites after top executive quits

Exclusive - U.S. banking regulator, fearing loan bubble, warns funds

Why Generous Donors Give Anonymously

Is an MBA Worthwhile or Worthless for Tech Pros?

7 Risky Vehicles Automakers Gambled On

The age of the iPod is over

People Aren’t Having Sex Nearly As Much As You Think

A car dealer’s scientific guide to the 10 best used vehicles

Yahoo Q4 2013 Earnings Slide 6% To $1.27B On EPS Of $0.46, Display Ads Down 6%

Next-shoring - A CEO’s guide

Radically reshaping manufacturing - A conversation with Katy George

A Shaky Start for Stocks - ‘No Bull Market Moves in a Straight Line’

In Praise of the Pretzel Bun

When Easy Money Ends

The Road to Car Safety

Tuesday Tip - Dealing with duplicates in DEVONthink

Honda Becomes Net U.S. Exporter as Japan Imports Topped

Not OK, Glass

The enterprise IT infrastructure agenda for 2014

Private Equity Confident about Brazil for 2014

What Makes You Happy? It Depends on How Old You (Think) You Are

How to Be Found on LinkedIn

The Energy Internet

Squaring the Eurozone’s Vicious Circle

Deep Decarbonization

America’s False Dawn

The Brittle Grip, Part 2

Apple revenues up but profits flat in first quarter

The only professions with rising home ownership

America’s Future War Machine Will Be Fueled By This Secret Weapon

Scientific Thinking in Business

CIO Helps Civil War-Era Company Find Its Digital Future

What Obama doesn’t get about income inequality

Black (African-American) History Month

different people differently

The 2014 Grammys Winners List

Everything is Obvious | *Once You Know The Answer | How Common Sense Fails Us | Duncan J. Watts

Nashville tech leader Kate O’Neill closing [meta]marketer, plans to open KO Insights

The World’s 85 Richest People Are as Wealthy as the Poorest 3 Billion

How to Retire With a 6-Figure Income

7,000-Year-Old Human Bones Suggest New Date for Light-Skin Gene

Human mysteries

Conference call hygiene

51 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

Google and Samsung reach global patent license deal

Holocaust historian returning award to Hungary

German newspaper publishes top Nazi’s letters

Hawking paper argues black holes aren’t black after all

Companies use sabbaticals to reward employees, who return to work recharged

Cost Accounting, R.I.

BMW, by the numbers, broadens its horizons

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 89

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Workplaces

Measuring nothing (with great accuracy)

Social Security Changes in 2014

A Good Strategy for Increasing Future Retirement Income.html

How YouTube Is Evolving for the Masses

World Health Partners - Leveraging Entrepreneurship for Health Care Delivery

The Decline of Upward Mobility

Absent America

The Zero-Emissions Imperative

David Pogue - ‘How Sony Is Ushering In a Golden Age of Photography’

6 flawed rules of personal finance

5 Powerful Tactics I Use to Achieve Great Teamwork

65% of all email gets opened first on a mobile device — and that’s great news for marketers

EBay reliance on PayPal for growth lowers chances of spinoff

Is Facebook fading? Social media giant will lose 80 percent of users, study says

Chromebooks Take Other Mobile PCs to School

Super Bowl XLVIII

Apple - Thirty Years of Mac

Mike Huckabee urges Republicans to fight back on ‘war on women’ rhetoric

Emerging markets selloff picks up, drags down Europe, U.S

Roubini doom scenario - It looks like 1914 again

Terminal Disease

The Real Challenges to Growth

Rethinking Pharmaceutical Business Models

iPhone 5s Owners Gobbling “Unprecedented” Levels Of Data, Study Finds

Apple iPhones to Come Out With Bigger Screens

5 states with the highest foreclosure rates

Fracking - Do the Economics Justify the Risks?

Moving mind-sets on gender diversity - McKinsey Global Survey results

Part I - The Obamacare Challenge for Employers – Employers with 50 or More Full-Time Employees

Apple’s Mac team reunites 30 years after ‘1984’

The Year in Pictures 2013 - LightBox

Copyediting, line editing and the other kind

State Government Expenditures Exceed Revenues for the Third Time in the Last Four Years

States With the Best (and Worst) Schools

National and State Population Estimates with Components of Change - July 1, 2013

Syria’s War in Iraq

Japan’s New Dawn

Getting to Yes on Transatlantic Financial Regulation

Top 10 Silicon Valley Tech Job Trends

The Power to Decide

BigHairyGoal for Mac OSX | brainstorming | mindmapping | creative thinking | getting things done

What My Teenagers Taught Me about Facebook

This App Lets You Copy and Paste From Your Mac to iPhone

How QuarkXPress became a mere afterthought in publishing

Europe’s Top-Down Myopia

France’s Little Big Man

India’s Decade of Decay

The Anti-Fragility of Health

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-7

Why every leader should care about digitization and disruptive innovation

Instapaper Daily

The Promise – and Challenge – of Integrating IT into the Auto Industry

BYOD? Leaving a Job Can Mean Losing Pictures of Grandma

China’s Epic Offshore Wealth Revealed - How Chinese Oligarchs Quietly Parked Up To $4 Trillion In The Caribbean

5 Most Regretted Jobs

Biotech IPOs - What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from a Banner Year

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Son Bears Striking Resemblance to His Famous Parents

Storm buries Northeast; 16 inches of snow in NJ

IBM misses revenue targets again after stumbling in China

Russia hacked hundreds of Western, Asian companies — security firm

Silicon Valley firms to pay fee for commuter shuttles amid tech backlash

Massive Internet outage sparks Great Firewall scrutiny in China

Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions for 2014

Richard Cowart - CHS-HMA merger means big things for Nashville

From Getting a Raise to Spending Less, Many Americans Say - Bring on the Advice

An open response

I Got a New Job - An Explanation

Who has a seat at the table?

Arab Prospects Beyond the Arab Spring

The Circular Revolution

Secular Stagnation Heads South

Achieving Escape Velocity

Improving the Lives of Children - Early Education in the Middle East

A Day For Integrity

How Qualified Is Your Doctor?

State Funding for Colleges Rebounds

Securing the Smart Home, from Toasters to Toilets

popurls | the genuine news aggregator for the latest web buzz

Glenn Close plans return to theater in fall

Lenovo restarts talks to buy IBM server unit — source

Beware the iSmell - 10 Rules for Successful Product Development

8 Ways to Use Web Analytics to Increase Online Sales

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Dog Owner

As Netflix Rises, HBO and Showtime Subscribers Shrink as Percentage of U.S. Households

The index and the menu

Making Sense of China’s Growth Model

The Enigma of European Defense

The Morocco Option

Free Trade and Costly Love

Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world - Implications for enterprises

Education to employment - Designing a system that works

Forty million jobs needed

Nashville Chamber’s CEO says quality of life attracts jobs

Is the ‘clock turning back’ on American women?

Toyota may rethink Thai investment plans if crisis lingers

Around the World, Net Neutrality Is Not a Reality

10 classic steakhouses to visit soon

‘Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ Sets Final Guests As NBC’s Bob Greenblatt Addresses Jay Leno’s Future, Possible Car Show

World powers, Iran to activate landmark nuclear deal after IAEA nod

10 billion-dollar mysteries test your inner Sherlock

Insight - Europe’s utilities squeezed by creeping nationalization

Is a backlash developing against open kitchens?

The best places to retire in 2014

Three Myths on the World’s Poor

The humility of the artist

WordPress & Techmeme 100

How to use Pinterest for Travel Planning

Storehouse - An Apple Vet Tries To Move The Needle On Long-Form Visual Communication

Intel to reduce global workforce by five percent in 2014

Exclusive - NY AG won’t ask Bank of America for damages but Merrill case goes on

For the first time, hackers have used a refrigerator to attack businesses

A Culture of Violence

5 times it’s more expensive to be a woman

A First Look at the Target Intrusion, Malware

The New York Times’ Most Popular Story of 2013 Was Not an Article

The 2015 Honda Fit Is How To Do A Hatchback Right

Yahoo’s No. 2 Executive Made More Than His Boss (and Virtually Everyone Else)

Stores Confront New World of Reduced Shopper Traffic

Stopping the Syria Contagion

Thailand’s “Godfather IV”

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 88

“Bring us your problems”

Reimagining India - Creating partnerships for the future

Small Buildings With Big Prices

Tomgram - Nick Turse, Secret Wars and Black Ops Blowback | TomDispatch

Obama Announcing Manufacturing Institute In North Carolina

Snow Leopards Photographed for the 1st Time in Uzbekistan

‘Seeds of genocide’ in Central African Republic, U.N. warns

IBM to spend $1.2 billion to expand cloud services

Japan WWII soldier who hid in jungle until 1974 dies

Robert Redford Blames Lionsgate for Oscars Snub - ‘We Had No Campaign’

The Bread That Will Change Your Whole World

Russell Johnson, the Professor on ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ Dies at 89

4 financial rules of thumb in need of upgrades

Google steals innovation crown from Apple - Isaacson

Gradually and then suddenly

The Enemy in Syria

A New Model for New Europe

What Kind of Freedom Matters to You?

Creating a Total Experience of Work

What Are the Top Five Risks the World Faces in 2014?

Changing lives through technology

Great gear you may have missed | Macworld

foreign_trade — us-canada.jpg

Venture investments, number of deals up in 4Q

The buffet problem keeps getting worse

Our upside-down confusion about fairness

The Impact of ‘Energy Leapfrogging’ on Future Consumption

Why Ford Is a Lightweight (By Choice)

The Realism of Global Optimism

The Drug Industry’s Poison Pills

Is North Korea Opening for Business?

A Dutch Cure for the Dutch Disease

One-Quarter of Adults Hold Educational Credentials Other Than an Academic Degree, Census Bureau Reports

Can I pay you to do me a favor?

Ohio killer executed with new lethal drug combo

How to Beat Software Vendors’ Sneaky Price Increases

Djokovic matures as player, person in past 5 years

New Genital Herpes Treatment Shows Promise

Taxes on Retirement Savings Aren’t Always A Problem.html

Open data - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does Illumina Have the First $1,000 Genome?

Shaking Off a Shy Reputation at Work

Winning and Losing in the Net Neutrality Decision

How Intel Gets Social Responsibility Just Right

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-1

Will an Integrated ASEAN Region Challenge China?

A Blow to Net Neutrality - What’s Behind the Court’s Ruling on Broadband Access

Live Twitter conversation - #OpenData

What executives should know about open data

Opening up open data - An interview with Tim O’Reilly

Women’s health - Prevent the top threats

Men’s health - Prevent the top threats

French Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Cars in Paris

Chasing the Dream of Half-Price Gasoline from Natural Gas

Photos - This Porsche building will house 2% of the world’s billionaires

Huawei profit jumps on smartphones, U.S. asks Hua-who?

Australian scientists microchip bees to map movements, halt diseases

Facts for Features - Irish-American Heritage Month (March) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) - 2014

Healthways investor turns up heat on CEO

Failure of CHS-Cleveland Clinic acquisition illustrates complexity of joint ventures

Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless

The Missing Mission For Government Spending

What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Tech Talent in 2014

Don’t like your credit score? Ask for another

Ben Bernanke’s Global Legacy

The Driverless City

Why Hype Killed So Many Startups in 2013 - Ryan Holmes in the WSJ

The Financial Fire Next Time

Partnership or Putsch?

“Our biggest problem is awareness”

Change the Notification Center banner dwell time in OS X

Why leadership-development programs fail

Why Being Able to Compartmentalize Is a Key Ingredient for Risk-taking

Fun and Games at Work

How J.D. Power III Transformed the Auto Industry

Obama - On economy, focus is on executive actions

U.S. appeals court kills net neutrality

Who’s on Hillary Clinton’s ‘hit list’?

Dozens of trade-offs in $1.1 trillion budget bill

US Navy’s Huge Triton Drone Will Provide 360-Degree Surveillance

Does Having Children Make People Happier?

U.S. stocks rise, bonds fall after U.S. data

Nashville nonprofit shows girls how they can rock Wall Street someday

More Students Subsidize Classmates

iPhone 6 Release Date Sooner than Expected as Reports Suggest iPhone 5S-5C Lure Too Few Android-Windows Device Users?

Windows 9 is coming - Feels like Windows Phone all over again

’12 Years a Slave,’ ‘American Hustle’ Win Big at the 2014 Golden Globes

Global stocks rise as Fed rate path reassessed; banks rally

Tech Performance Issues Plague IT and Businesses

Advanced Malaise

Empowering Financial Bankruptcy

Education is a Security Issue

A Requiem for Global Imbalances

1914 Revisited?

A Way to Keep a Foot in the Corporate Door

From Corner Store to Microfinance

Debora Spar on Women’s (Impossible) Quest for Perfection

Bringing Israeli Innovation to Africa

Education to employment - Getting Europe’s youth into work

Who are your customers?

Right Job, Wrong Question

Want a car deal? Buy whatever your neighbor drives

When “Bosses” Get the Boot

Less vs. more, give vs. take

How to Keep Your Resume Competitive

Price war in U.S. mobile market raises fear of profit hemorrhage

Her Business Is Helping Others Read

Economic Shadows and Light

The Ingenious General — Ariel Sharon

Retro Ad of the Week - Cadillac (1915), The Penalty of Leadership — an Advertising Blog by Mascola Group

Useful OS X troubleshooting utilities for the new year

Typical U.S. worker now lasts 4.6 years on job

How Techies Are Transforming San Francisco

Obama’s hometown left behind in War on Poverty?

The feedback you’ve been waiting for

Carnegie Mellon, NSA seek high school hackers

NSA seeks high-school kids for cyber hacking competition

Sears Holdings Falls After Forecasting Fourth-Quarter Loss (3)

Another Kind of Investing.html

How Virgin America Beat the Odds — and the U.S. Airline Market

Are You a ‘Super Tech Adopter’? Or a ‘Tech-Averse Older’?

Ex-spy Sandy Grimes tells real-life story of nabbing a CIA mole

11 tips to avoid a winter pileup from a pro trucker

Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text

Understanding sponsorship

Debt and Demand

Avoiding blind spots in your next joint venture

Google’s master plan for Android - More Internet users paying $6.30 a pop

Leadership Challenges at Johnson & Johnson

Game Theory

Intuition and Interaction - The Two Keys to Winning With Big Data

The Distributional Challenge

Re-Empowering the Global Economy

The Perilous Retreat from Global Trade Rules

Making Sense of Pension Reform

A Statue for Stalin?

New Battery Material Could Help Wind and Solar Power Go Big

Boss, I Quit. It’s Not You. It’s Me

5 best luxury cars under $40,000

BlackRock agrees to end analyst surveys

How much does it cost you to avoid the feeling of risk?

The 10 Worst States for Women

America’s Most (and Least) Healthy States

Food companies cut 6.4 trillion calories

Manziel leaving Texas A&M for NFL draft

Gov’t offers new approach to classroom discipline

Lions Face Extinction in West Africa

Having Your Savings In Cash Isn’t a Plan.html

Quest Diagnostics, University to Develop Diagnostic Tools

Booming Tech Sector Redraws the Map

New York Times redesign points to future of online publishing

The Global Impact of US Shale

Mexico Turns a Corner

Middle East Security in 2014

Inequality by the Click

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading-2

The Markdown File Extension

Trapped by tl;dr

Tishman Speyer Doubles Down on China

Peer-to-Peer Lending - Ready to Grow, Despite a Few Red Flags

Goodbye, Dilbert - ‘The Rise of the Naked Economy’

The Loveliest Lake in Africa

China’s Liquidity Paradox

Dream Act Takes Effect in New Jersey

Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails

Trading Away Human Rights

Age of Disruption

The New Inequality

What Happens When Boeing Threatens to Jet

Apple announces $10 billion App Store sales in 2013, $1 billion in December alone

Netflix’s dumbed-down algorithms

How to draw an owl

Britain Fights Back

Power Without Purpose

Reinventing the Inter-Korean Relationship

Reforming France

Come Take A Tour Of The New Yahoo Tech!

Poverty - The History of a Measure - U.S. Census Bureau

Dynamics of Economic Well-Being > Poverty 2009 - 2011

Infographics Highlight the History and Measurement of Poverty — A new infographic, “Poverty - The History of a Measure,” presents a timeline of major milestones in the Census Bureau’s effort to measure poverty since President Johnson’s J

Census Bureau Reports Almost One in Three Americans Were Poor at Least Two Months from 2009 to 2011

Corning cleans up its act with germ-fighting Gorilla Glass

What could happen in China in 2014?

Plan to stop Asian carp could cost billions, take 25 years

Yellen approved to head Fed; only Republicans vote ‘no’

Ex-Motorola CEO Jha appointed chief of GlobalFoundries

State of the CIO 2014 - The Great Schism

IT Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Failure

AARP Health Care Costs Calculator

How the NSA (may have) put a backdoor in RSA’s cryptography - A technical primer

Too Much Information — Prenatal DNA Sequencing

Scotching the Eurozone

Need a Fresh Start? Here’s How to Begin

Analysis - Apps for mobile viewing challenge cable operators, TV networks

What I love about Apple’s Strategy

Foreign-Aid Follies

Europe’s Lessons for China’s Reformers

China’s Three Challenges in 2014

How to control focus and depth of field on your iPhone camera | Macworld

Poll - Americans have little faith in government

The Fear of “L”

Titans fire Mike Munchak after 3 years as coach

The Emerging World’s Vaccine Pioneers

The Great Malaise Drags On

Obesity rate in developing world more than triples in three decades

Wall Street boom powers luxury car sales into the fast lane in 2013

Degrees of Value - Making College Pay Off

Five Drucker-Like Business Moves of 2013

How to be smarter about money in 2014

25 Nashville business leaders to watch in 2014

The hard work of understanding

Phil Everly, half of pioneer rock duo, dies at 74

What Readers Say About Long Term Care Insurance.html

6 Fundamentals That Can Make You A Better Manager In 2014

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“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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