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Article titles :: 2013 :: October through December

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5 Disappearing Brands in 2014

Boss, I Quit. It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Broken English

Which Policies Reduce Income Inequality?

The Strange Case of American Inequality

The Real Lord of ‘Downton Abbey’

5 huge finance stories you probably missed

The Political Polarization of Evolution

New Campus Buildings Take Shape

These 5 Brands are Nailing It on Pinterest

Japan mid-tier camera makers face shakeout as smartphones shatter mirrorless hopes

What Lies Beneath: Tiny Organisms Thrive Below Earth’s Surface

Americans on Wrong Side of Pay Gap Run Out of Means to Cope

How to shoot the best portraits with your iPhone | Macworld

73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks, Pinterest Passes Twitter In Popularity, Facebook Stays On Top

The geek chorus

America’s hidden retirement crisis is racial

In 2013, the Technology Business Saw Bubbles and Busts | MIT Technology Review

Most popular with readers

State Population Estimates

U.S. Population of 317.3 Million on New Year’s Day

How Men and Women Differ in the Workplace

Why Men and Women Still Can’t Get Along at Work

Five Companies That May Not Survive Past 2014

Japan’s top business lobby agrees to raise base pay next year: media

Retire by the beach in ‘America’s new Sun Belt’ for $1,000 per month

Making your smartphone battery last longer

American Heiress Found Slain at her Luxury Honduras Spa

Sony to give up on sale of its battery unit: media

Reports of sexual assaults in military on rise

Apple’s IOS Defeats Android in Battle of Christmas Day Shopping

Attackers could match phone numbers to Snapchat accounts, researchers say

Americans Still Pessimistic About Economy

Coming from “no”

The Words That Popped in 2013

Return of the Raider

Hope and Hurdles in 2014

No one reads a comic strip because it’s drawn well

Africa’s Poverty Amid Plenty

Puzzling year leads to promising one

Forbes names Nashville a ‘Region to Watch’ for 2014

Does reading actually change the brain?

Best apps for your new Mac | The Verge

Best apps for your new iPhone | The Verge

Why Do Animals Have Soft White Underbellies?

Personal Tragedy, Tricorders and the Idea of Mapping One’s Body

6 Relocation Options for Retirees

Why China is stepping up its presence in Detroit auto industry

A New Era For Entrepreneurs And Startups Has Begun

Is An MBA Bubble Popping? Really?

7 Fast Food Items We’re Sorry (and Not So Sorry) Disappeared in 2013

Sixty hurt in Argentina piranha attack

Get started with the iPhone 5c and 5s

Thailand’s Silent Coup

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

The Beauty of His Creation

Incoming Capella CEO Michael Wiechart seeks to maintain small-town feel

The new rush to dine out on Christmas Day

Surviving a 2,000 mile family road trip in an Audi RS7

Analysis: In telecom merger mania, skeptical eye from Obama administration

Best of 2013: Moore’s Law and the Origin of Life

PwC’s Robert E. Moritz: ‘Diverse Teams Give You the Best Thinking’

Too Many Happy Returns

When you’re offered precisely what you were hoping for…

Did Chipotle eat Red Lobster?

Cornell M.B.A. Melds Technology, Management

Cook Islands, a Paradise of Untouchable Assets

Without morality, the market economy will destroy itself

N. Korea purge sparked by mineral disputes: Seoul official

Acer names ex-TSMC sales executive new CEO

Insight: AOL banks on HuffPost to turn profitable next year

Disney cuts CEO pay, adds Twitter co-founder to board

Top 10 IT Resume Tips of 2013

Reader’s Choice 2013: Top IT Career Articles of 2013

Introducing Instapaper Daily

‘Bargain Fever’: Mark Ellwood on the Death of the Price-Tag

Japan’s Economy Gets a Boost — But Has a Long Way to Go

Apple reaches deal to bring iPhone to China Mobile

BlackBerry steps back on handset business, shares jump

Rifle designer Mikhail Kalashnikov dead at 94

Reservoir found under Greenland’s snow. What it means for shrinking glaciers.

Automator workflow of the month: DIY security cam | Macworld

Fischer, the Fed, and US Growth

Foshan’s Four Surprises

Xi’s Recipe

The International Misrule of Law

The Age of Sustainable Development

Charlie Brock: A 2014 wish list for TN’s entrepreneurs

Biomedical Technology Stories in 2013 | MIT Technology Review

Tough choices for consumer-goods companies

How they fell: The collapse of Chinese cross-border listings

Americans spent $5B upgrading iPhones in 2013

“Am I supposed to like this?”

Reimagining India: A conversation with Alok Kshirsagar and Gautam Kumra

Government by design: Four principles for a better public sector

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2013: McKinsey Global Survey results | McKinsey & Company

Why can’t we be friends? Five steps to better relations between CFOs and CMOs

Focusing capital on the long term

Butter chicken at Birla

Status Quo Revisited: The Evolving Ties Between China and Myanmar

Rise of the International Financial Center: Can Casablanca Emulate Dubai’s Success?

Real Estate, Credit, and the Emerging Middle Class in Peru

From Jugaad to Justice: Endemic Corruption and the Possibility of an Indian Spring

Local Government Handbook: How to Create an Innovative City

Cyber Crime: The Achilles Heel of the Business World

Berlin: A Window into Germany’s Future?

The Perfect Storm: Brazil’s Economic Climate in the Wake of Social Unrest

Starting a Company in Brazil: Not for the Faint of Heart

Not Exactly Silicon Valley: China’s Distinct Brand of Entrepreneurship

How Government Policies and Processes Are Hurting Innovation in China

Help Wanted: New Strategies Are Necessary to Increase Entrepreneurship in France

Colombia and Peru: Boosting Global Competitiveness by Investing in Infrastructure

Big Bottleneck: A Weak Transportation Network Is Hurting Brazil’s Once-hot Economy

A Rare and Beautiful Stone Fails to Shine: Tanzania’s Missed Opportunity

E-cigarettes: Lighting Up in France and Beyond

Burgeoning Wealth, Consumer Behavior, and Golf in China

Asia or Bust: Why Japanese Firms Must Succeed in Asia to Survive

The New Face of French Gastronomy

Surf vs. Turf: New Trends Are Changing Japan’s Traditional Food-consumption Habits

Private Sector Innovation? Think South Carolina, Not Silicon Valley

Market-driven Strategies: The Key to Social Impact in Peru and Colombia

Skolkovo: A Case Study in Government-supported Innovation

Demand for condos soars outside Nashville

Ford warning signals U.S. economy will need new leadership

Ford lowers profit outlook for North America

Car technology’s biggest failure

This Is the Bill Most Americans Pay First

Harshest Laws in the World

Smart Move? Costs and Benefits of a Smart Grid

Noise-tolerant media

Does Our Low-Wage Economy Call for More Government?

2013: The Year in Digg

Yahoo Finance 2013 company of the year: Walt Disney

Photos: People we lost in 2013—

Pick three

North Korea’s Urge to Purge

BlackBerry Posts Huge Loss

Music briefs: Ed Hardy to become chairman of CMA

The Geopolitics of Geoengineering

China’s Huawei expects 4G revenue to double to $4 billion in 2014

Why Financial Markets Need Referees

Why School Reform Advocates Aren’t So Businesslike After All

Is Umami Burger Really a Kroc?

A New Kind of Office Optimization

Which charity?

Phone hacking—Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Architect’s big idea: Tiny, $11,000 house

Hyundai ranks as most fuel-efficient U.S. automaker for 2013 — but the EPA won’t say so

Accenture expects consulting business to pick up

Darden, under pressure, to spin off or sell Red Lobster

IT Skills Gap Is Really an Education Gap

How to Close the Technology Skills Gap

Where Are the People?

Facebook’s Two Faces

Ireland’s Model Crisis

Why Insurance Is the ‘Most Misunderstood Industry’

Building the creative economy: An interview with Richard Florida

The FDA vs. 23andMe: A Lesson for Health Care Entrepreneurs

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

A productivity gap

Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews

Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless

New Enrollments at U.S. Law Schools Drop 11%

Repent now. Geographers map 7 deadly sins

UK jobless rate plunges, turning up heat on BoE pledge

BlackBerry names former SAP executive to head key business segment

Nortel Networks resolves more than $3 billion in bankruptcy claims

3M sets year’s biggest U.S. buyback plan, raises dividend

Saving time and money on major projects

Giving US energy efficiency a jolt

Moore’s law: Repeal or renewal?

Online Shopping Choices: Less Is Sometimes Better Than More

The Glass Ceiling Facing Nonnative English Speakers

It’s 3 p.m., and I’m Feeling a Little Drowsy

Climate-Model Misgivings

Catching Up at Different Speeds

Putin’s Law

Microfinance’s Macro Potential

What’s attention worth?

Shameless Carriers

Qualcomm Insider: Apple 64-Bit Chip `Hit Us in the Gut’

Antibiotics of the Future

Relationship Talking Points: Speak Your Spouse’s Language

Franklin-based HealthTech rebrands as Medhost

GMOs Could be an Important Tool in Feeding the World | MIT Technology Review

The Shopping Decision Tree | MIT Technology Review

Census Bureau Introduces New Interactive Mapping Tool along with Latest American Community Survey Statistics

The AICPA’s Prosecution of Dr. Abraham Briloff, Some Observations

Abraham Briloff: A Memorial

Shannon Christy Of Greenville, SC Dies, Recovered From Potomac River

The Great Falls—Videos—CBS News

Amazon Discount Tracker ­Camel-Camel-Camel Tips Users to Deals

60- and 40-Watt Bulbs Banned for 2014: What You Need to Know

Physicians Urge Americans to Stop Wasting Money on Supplements

The 8 styles of CEO apology

The Case for Better Government

Nation Branding an Emirate: Lessons from Ras al-Khaimah

Jerusalem’s Unholy Alliance

Germany’s Coming Downgrade

China’s Xi Factor

Sony Shakes Up U.S. Leadership, Taps Michael Fasulo to Continue Turnaround Effort

Huawei’s Honor brand challenges Xiaomi with 3X and 3C low-cost phones

The care and feeding (and shunning) of vampires

An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’

Thinking in Silicon

NSA goes on 60 Minutes: the definitive facts behind CBS’s flawed report

Nashville native, friends launch charity-giving website CommuniGift

Charles M. Vest, 72, President of M.I.T. and a Leader in Online Education, Dies

Abraham Briloff, Accounting Professor, Dies at 96

How to Win the IT Infrastructure and Operations Talent War

World’s most expensive cities for foreign workers

Manitou Cliff Dwellings — the real deal or really fake?

Metrodome’s roof will meet its end when officials cut off power to it on Jan. 18

Activist: ‘You Only Die Once, Die the Way You Want’

AP-GfK poll: Another worry about new health law

North Korea’s Accidental Tourist

East Asia’s Sins of the Fathers

Soft tissue

How to Take Good Photos for Under $1,000

Mike Tyson Explores Kierkegaard

Senior Year Transfer: Retiring in a College Town

On Managing Complexity

Freedom From Consequences

Meeting the Challenge of Challenging Meetings

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 86

Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 86

Middle East Frenemies

Grading Abenomics

Getting lost on the shelf

Naxos of America names new CEO

Fox News host Megyn Kelly says Jesus and Santa are white

Microsoft considers Qualcomm executive as CEO candidate: report

Coke to split North American business into two

House GOP conservatives help propel budget bill

Kim Jong-un has shown he wants to take North Korea backwards—Telegraph

Lawsuit accuses IBM of hiding China risks amid NSA spy scandal

Leveraging LinkedIn – Your Profile to ALL STAR status – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 1

7 Reasons Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders

Two Years of Failure

Old Phone Buildings Are Being Converted into Condos

A new dawn: Reigniting growth in Central and Eastern Europe

Keeping multibusiness companies running smoothly

Reimagining India: A conversation with Christopher Graves

Maintaining Momentum: How Mature Businesses Can Boost Growth

Fosun Group’s Guo Guangchang: Marrying Chinese Momentum to Global Resources

GM’s New “Car Guy”—Mary Barra

Women See Slow Progress In Leadership

Winning a Job at Lego

Is Data Complexity Blinding Your IT Decision-Making?

Northern Virginia Dominates List of Highest-Income Counties, Census Bureau Reports

Parents: Don’t Panic About Your Kids’ Social Media Habits

Insight: Philips restores profit by rediscovering relevance

Tennis funding at risk as sports suffer big decreases in participation in England

Female libido drug remains in limbo

Republican establishment bites back

The Biggest Career Crashes Of 2013

Pocket Hits Best of 2013: Best of the Best

Lessons Learned from This Year’s Top Stories in Pocket

Finding Your Company’s ‘Controversy Sweet Spot’

As Facebook Grows Up, What Lies Ahead?

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Asia’s Historical Furies

Putin the Perónist

The Long March from the Third Plenum

Does privacy matter?

Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better)

Why cable TV bills are only going up

Here’s what you’ll save by ditching cable TV

Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent

Bill George on rethinking capitalism

Can e-trading revitalize corporate bonds?

Road to the Chinese Dream? Xi Jinping’s Third Plenum Reform Plan

How LinkedIn Manages Hyper-Growth over the Long-term

Have a Coke and a Power Grid

The Looming Lost Decade

The ECB’s Bridge Too Far

European Universities’ Identity Crisis

GM names Mary Barra CEO, first woman to lead U.S. car company

Government sells last of its GM shares

NSA, UK Spy Agencies Snooped Through Xbox Live, World of Warcraft Communications

Global stocks lose grip on gains, euro scales heights

Court Apologizes After Tossing Out Breastfeeding Mom

General Motors sees China-like take-off in Indonesian car market

Diet Sodas’ Glass Is Half Empty

Toward Better Master Passwords

Data: Semiocast (languages and tweets by country, from a 10 percent sample); Twitter (monthly active users and ad revenue); and eMarketer (network rankings). * Each “other” language is less than 1 percent. † Based on Internet users aged 16–64 who used a ne

Indoor Imagery Shows Mobile Devices the Way

List of fastest production cars—Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Walker death: Previous owner of Porsche that killed ‘Fast & Furious’ star says car ‘was tricky’

Jennifer Aniston Had Her “Awkward Phase” During Her 30s, Brad Pitt Marriage

Facebook hires NYU deep learning expert to run its new AI lab

Understanding the Outrage in Ukraine

Thinking outside the bottle

Pakistan’s Political Renaissance

Finishing Off Hunger

America’s Partisan Peril

These Two Photos Show What a Disaster Microsoft Is Today

Microsoft CEO Search: Stalemate

Approaching Devonthink

Diet-Soda Sales Are Losing Their Fizz

Hayden Panetierre and Other Stars Are Moving to Nashville

Insight: Tech start-ups show little imagination on board gender diversity

Is Dark Matter Made of Tiny Black Holes?

Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice Means Scorching US Summers

China data boosts world shares, nerves hold over U.S. bond-buying taper

7 Sales Habits That Give You a Bad Reputation

In rural America, secessionist sentiment stirs

Reimagining India: A conversation with Eric Schmidt

Unearthing the sources of value hiding in your corporate portfolio

Reverse the curse: Maximizing the potential of resource-driven economies

The Sad Story Behind Yahoo’s Latest Startup Acquisition: Ptch

Obamacare cheat sheet for

In search of the obvious answer

Getting Unstuck from a Dead-End Job

Companies Say Goodbye to the ‘Burbs

Job Market Needs to Find Higher Gear

What Happened to Romantic Gifts Between Spouses?

Aide to N. Korean leader’s ousted uncle seeks asylum in South: media

Crisis Quickens at Quiznos

The economics underlying airline competition

Bringing the voice of the customer into the factory

Here Comes the Sun

Why the ‘Electronic Nose’ Is Set to Revolutionize Health Care

Latin America: The Next Growth Market for Low-cost Air Carriers

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 85

Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 85

Google says 91.4% of non-spam emails sent to Gmail users are now authenticated using antiphishing standards

Yahoo’s Geek Goddess

Teach Concepts, Not Features (Jakob Nielsen on Lifelong Skills)

Winner take all vs. local

The Global Classroom

The Re-Division of Europe

What kind of media counts?

Moore’s Law isn’t making chips cheaper anymore

The metals in your smartphone may be irreplaceable

10 things emergency rooms won’t tell you

National Geographic shares rich map content with the world via Google Maps Engine

Young Americans missing out on job gains

Can Harvard fix its grade inflation?

Audio: The “homegating” trend

Once piracy havens, China’s Internet video websites turn police

Which Cities are Making Americans Richer—and Poorer

Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Unsung Economic Legacy

Supreme Court to decide on patent protections for software

What’s the Secret to Hacker-Proof Passwords?

An App-Led Walk Down Memory Lane

Katy Perry: ‘My Vulnerability Is My Strength’

2013: The Year of the Doughnut, and Krispy Kreme Is Leading the Way

Report: NSA tracks billions of cellphones daily

How Trust Leads to Innovation

Microeconomics for All

A legacy of Mandela

The moderation glitch

comScore: Apple takes 40.6% share as top US smartphone maker, Samsung hits 25.4%; Android stops losing share—The Next Web

The German Scapegoat

Thailand’s Democratic Disorder

Governance in the Information Age

iPhones are for browsing, iPads for buying

Mark Lamp is new president, CEO of American HomePatient

Nashville ranked No. 4 in tech job growth

B-Schools’ New Pitch: Get M.B.A., Start a Company

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s Liberator as Prisoner and President, Dies at 95

When You Wear Your Emotions at Work

The Birth of an Idea

Can You Make a Workplace U-turn?

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

An Agenda to Save the Euro

Nashville-based Medalogix seeks patterns in health care data

Rosemary Plorin succeeds CEO Paula Lovell as president of Lovell Communications

Peter Graf, Volatile Father of Tennis Great, Dies at 75

Data Mining Reveals the Secret to Getting Good Answers

The Health Mistake 80 Percent of Americans Make

Malcolm Gladwell on the Advantages of Disadvantages

How to win at leapfrog

Reimagining India: A conversation with Naveen Tewari

If You See a Bunny Face in This Ink Blot, Welcome Aboard

The tribe or the person?

The Rise of an Insecure Giant

Who Should Lead the Global Economy?

U.S. students slipping academically

TSU President Glover joins Pinnacle Financial Partners board

Economic upturn can create cash flow woes for businesses

Ancient Humans Had Sex with Mystery Relatives, Study Suggests

North Korea’s Kim seen behind sacking of powerful uncle

Democratic strategist Al From: On Obamacare, good intentions aren’t enough

Apple buys Topsy for at least $200M to get deep access to Twitter, report says

Detroit Braces for Bankruptcy Ruling

How good is your cyberincident-response plan?

Quantitative easing, not as we know it

Is Secession the Answer? The Case of Catalonia, Flanders and Scotland

A Simple Content Marketing Org Chart

Kicking and Tweeting to Get What You Want

The Great American Losing Streak

Lost in Transition

Central Banking’s New Club Class

Speaking in public: two errors that lead to fear

Paul Walker, Screen Actor, Is Dead at 40

Olive Garden Adds Burger in Challenge to Chili’s

Survivors recall Kindertransport flight from Nazis

5 Social Security Tax Truths

8 Tips to Organize Your Office (and Yourself) for Better Productivity

What “Masters Of Sex” Overlooks

What Piracy? Removing DRM Boosts Music Sales by 10 Percent

Tech Giants Like Apple and Amazon Building Monuments to Digital Domination—SPIEGEL ONLINE

Reimagining India: A conversation with Yasheng Huang

Reimagining India: A conversation with Kishore Mahbubani

Europe’s Real Inflation Problem

Old favorite Shoney’s gets new look

Feinstein Says U.S. No Safer From Terror Than Two Years Ago

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Société Générale’s Frédéric Oudéa

Peter and the Pope

USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 84

Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 84

Turning Good Economic Luck into Bad

Is there a reason for the friction?

The fall (and rise?) of Yahoo: How the web giant crumbled and built some great tech in the process

The Long Short Run

Here’s A Problem With The Theory That Android Is Taking Over The World

Vermeer’s Secret Tool: Testing Whether The Artist Used Mirrors and Lenses to Create His Realistic Images | Vanity Fair

This is How You Use Twitter to Find a Job

Mexican drug cartels now make money exporting ore

New tennis technology can be a game-changer

Joseph Maciariello — The Functioning Society

Man Leaves Secret Fortune Worth $187.6 Million to Wash. Charities

Who’s left?

What do we get when we give to a good cause?

Media startups and Upworthy—Business Insider

Mobile rules Walmart: Accounted for 53% of Thanksgiving traffic, new mobile customers up 3 times

Seeing Beyond the Executive Curtain

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Carlos Ghosn

Simplifying Future-Work Part 1

Call-Log App Aims to Reverse-Engineer NSA Surveillance

Samsung’s marketing splurge doesn’t always bring bang-for-buck

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Chanda Kochhar

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with HCA CEO Richard Bracken

The Sharing Economy: Why Even the Mainstream Wants a Piece of the Pie

Foreign Entrepreneurs Learn Art of the American Pitch

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Cornell M.B.A. Melds Technology, Management

Why the Boss Shouldn’t Run Meetings

A New Species of Wild Cat Found Prowling Brazilian Forests and Grasslands

CBS: Lara Logan, producer ordered to take leave

Google Employees Confess the Worst Things About Working at Google

The 2013 Holiday Season

Surprise! Elderly Connecticut twins were secret millionaires

‘Late starters’ still have much to gain by exercising

Britons Having Sex Into 70s Though Not as Frequently, Study Says

Apple Patents A Lytro-Style Camera For iPhone For Changing Focus On Captured Images

When Process Is a Prison

Thanksgiving Shopping: Can It Turn Retail Revenues from Bleak to Black?

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Daniel Vasella

Cumberland Consulting buys N.J. firm

Resume Makeover: How to Keep It Short, Sweet and to the Point

Data Visualization: HIV/AIDS Impact in Africa—International Population—Newsroom—U.S. Census Bureau

Nike FuelBand: Did the Brand Score a Goal?

Organizing the government-affairs function for impact

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Larry Fink

Wal-Mart CEO steps down; McMillon is successor

BlackBerry replacing CFO; two other top execs leaving

Calm solar cycle prompts questions about impact on Earth

7 Things You Do that Are Ruining Your Hair

5 Scariest Disease Outbreaks of the Past Century

Software Mines Science Papers to Make New Discoveries

CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No

About Three in Four Parents Living with Children are Married, Census Bureau Reports

UST Global’s Sajan Pillai: Creating a New Era of ‘Social Capital’

Sun Chang of Warburg Pincus on China’s ‘Megatrends’

Toward a uniquely Indian growth model

Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

Six powers clinch breakthrough deal curbing Iran’s nuclear activity

Denmark targets iPhone generation to keep edge in hearing aids

Baby Boom in Stronger States Signals U.S. Birth Recovery

HP may have yet another problem: China

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says U.S. ‘Really Blew It’ on Surveillance

Katie Couric Deal to Become Yahoo’s “Global News Anchor” Set to Be Announced Monday

Apple Designer Jony Ive Explains What Steve Jobs Taught Him About Making Great Products

The sound of confidence

Technology Can Save the News — If Readers Change How They Consume It

Online Anonymity in a Box, for $49

Xbox vs. PlayStation: Beginning of the End for Consoles?

iPhone Retina display may be obsolete by next year

Surprising, Disturbing Facts From The Mother Of All Employee Engagement Surveys

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused Mindset

10 things department stores won’t tell you

Population Projections—Main—People and Households—U.S. Census Bureau

The Best and Worst Run States in America

US arrests son of Mexican cartel boss

China warns North Korea, blames Japan for tension

Insight: For Cisco and Huawei, a bruising rivalry reaches stalemate

The cars drivers love and hate

To spin or not to spin: Does Microsoft need Xbox?

Web inventor: Surveillance threatens democracy

Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers. Can You Spare Some Food?

Looking for patterns (where they don’t exist)

Solve for X: Help us work towards a radically better future

Tuition Crunch Takes Big Toll

5 financial lessons from famous novels

Emerging-market Investing: Will the Roller Coaster Ride Continue?

The Hope of Udacity

A New Landscape of Work

Who is this marketing for?

Sales of single-serve coffee have tripled since 2011

The Taper Wolf at the Door

Franklin-based Vivere Health promotes Debbie James to president/CEO post

Sales of single-serve coffee have tripled since 2011

Do Social Media Help Firms Discriminate?

New Interactive Visualization of Jobs, Businesses and Other Key Economic Statistics

Profile America Facts for Features: Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 28, 2013

Cargo jet takes off from Wichita on short runway

How Companies Can Survive the “Snarkpocalypse”

10 best cities for early retirement

U.S. plans to exit GM stake by year-end, may lose $10 billion

Sears CEO sees room to close more stores

Intel CEO says contract manufacturing business to expand

Will GM Follow The AIG Playbook As Treasury Steps Aside?

More Boards Recruit Former CEOs

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Yahoo increases share buyback authorization by $5 billion

Qualcomm CEO vows to return 75 percent of free cash flow

ATP hires Chris Kermode as executive chairman

Film locations for Skyfall (2012)

Sony Pictures hires Bain to help cut costs: report

Icahn warns stock market could face ‘big drop’

How the Pentagon’s payroll quagmire traps America’s soldiers

“Let’s Get on With It”

The rediscovery of India

Using ‘The Hunger Games’ to Encourage Healthier Choices

LinkedIn Releases Showcase Pages

What’s Stopping Robust Recovery?

Northern Europe’s Drag on the World Economy

King Coal’s Climate Challenge

The three toxic stooges of the project apocalypse

Special Report: The Pentagon’s doctored ledgers conceal epic waste

US-funded Radio Free Europe hit by cyberattack

Normally chatty Icahn falls silent on Las Vegas investment

Meet Pencil: The Best iPad Stylus Yet, From the Makers of ‘Paper’

Apple likely to raise smartphone pricing with iPhone 6

What’s driving the surge in new-drug approvals?

Mobilizing your C-suite for big-data analytics

QE and ultra-low interest rates: Distributional effects and risks

Building a better income statement

Havoc in the Workplace: Coping with ‘Hurricane’ Employees

Extinguishing the tantrum cycle

The Lawsuit That Looms Over College Football

The Transparency Challenge

JFK’s Women Problem

Europe’s Not Got Talent

Bridgestone sues IBM for more than $600 million

Tiny Toddler Takes Magical Naps with New Puppy | Tiny Toddler Takes Magical Naps with New Puppy—Yahoo

Tiny Toddler Takes Magical Naps with New Puppy

U.S. Military Eyes Cut to Pay, Benefits

Forget the ACA. We Need Real Health-Care Reform.

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel

Washington Post Co. will become Graham Holdings

10 Companies Paying Americans the Least

How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Health Ideas from HBR and The New England Journal of Medicine

About 36 Million Americans Moved in the Last Year, Census Bureau Reports

Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine?

Building the social enterprise

Organizing for change through social technologies: McKinsey Global Survey results

The dynamic nonprofit board

Measuring what matters in nonprofits

Belief is more powerful than proof

Apple Stores to implement iBeacon location technology to improve service, boost sales

Why Did Snapchat Turn Down Three Billion Dollars?

How to go to college like a venture capitalist

How the rich sell real estate

Pentagon chief sounds alarm over US budget cuts

Warren Buffett’s 10 favorite stocks

Quantum systems are notoriously fickle to measure and manipulate

Bidets Catch On in Luxury Homes

Why “Rank-and-Yank” Rankles Jack Welch

Africa’s Green Shoots

What to avoid buying at the dollar store

Is It Safe To Bank On Public Wi-Fi? How Not To Get Hacked!

5 ways to make an easy-to-remember, ultra-secure password

15-inch Retina MacBook Pro review: A tale of two laptops | Macworld

Why International Investors Have Renewed Confidence in Spain

Goodbye, Productivity. Hello, Engagement.

Not a gift

The Future of the Indian Rupee Is Tied to Oil Imports

Rethinking International Institutions

My Best Investment

India’s Historical Hijacker

China’s New Reforms in Theory and Practice

The New Executive Home Office

Video: Preview: The Giving Pledge

Tennessee businesses generate $30B in online sales each year

The best-selling cars of 2013 aren’t really cars at all

Altered landscape for Sony, Microsoft consoles

Forbes Media exploring sale

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire buys $3.45-billion stake in Exxon Mobil

When—and where—did dogs first become our pets?

Apple’s Schiller: iPhone was a ‘bet the company’ product

Official Blog: Street View floats into Venice

Hertz So Good

As Digital Technologies Intersect, a New World of Opportunities Awaits Businesses

New Frontiers in Customer Experience Management Beckon

What’s Ailing India’s Defense Sector?

How to e-mail Web pages in OS X | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

What Not to Wear to Work

Women See Slow Progress In Leadership

The Man Behind Amazon’s Web Services

Google defeats authors in U.S. book-scanning lawsuit

More Taxpayers Are Abandoning the U.S.

Sub going to museum, but sailors stow its secrets

Piers Morgan on Visiting Mel Gibson, Scoring Oprah, and Worrying About Charlie Sheen

Samsung smartphone sales surge, Apple gets a tiny boost from iPhone 5s

‘Oldest signs of life on Earth found’

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Entertainment apps compared

Chatting With Mr Snapchat

Motorola announces the $179 Moto G, a lot of smartphone for not a lot of money

‘Humans of New York,’ by Brandon Stanton

5 Ways Millennials Will Shape the Future of Work

6 Tips to Help CIOs Manage Shadow IT

Home Value and Homeownership Rates During and After Recession Explored in the American Community Survey

In Amazon and Walmart’s Battle for Dominance, Who Loses Out?

Evoking online trust

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

First Lady Starts Campaign to Boost College Attendance

The Invasion of the Online Tutors

The perfect Instagram photo: textured, bright, and blue | Macworld

Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent

NSA Leaks Could Inspire a Global Boom in Intrusive Surveillance

Manufacturing in America Infographic—U.S. Census Bureau

The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired

Leading Health Care Innovation Insight Center

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Hertz CEO Mark Frissora

KIPP’s Michael Feinberg on Closing the Worldwide Education Gap

Soft Skills, Hard Questions

How a Jump in Home Ownership Boosted Entrepreneurship in China

Sure, but he’s our bully

Sarah Trahern named new CEO of CMA

The Secret Ingredient in Computational Creativity

Management: Evolution or Revolution?

How the Brain Creates Out-of-Body Experiences

The secret, dirty cost of Obama’s green power push

What we learned from the BlackBerry era

U.S. to Be Top Oil Producer by 2015 on Shale, IEA Says

Medicaid is health overhaul’s early success story

Which Cities Americans Are Moving to – and Escaping From

Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won

The Complex Economics of America’s Minimum Wage

The generous skeptic

Growing our support for veterans and military families

Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet (Peter Kafka/AllThingsD)

How Many Data Scientists Does the World Really Need?

The Tiny Adjustment That Could Change The Course Of Your Next Interview

4 Ways to Make Sure You Always Have Something to Say Online

The open talent economy

Why US veterans are returning to Vietnam

Think the French are Europe’s most cultured? Think again.

Nokia: a lesson in how high-tech flyers can fall fast

Study: Record number of foreign students hit US

The 7 Deadly Sins of Networking

As the Bar Rises for Telecom Equipment Innovation, New Approaches Emerge

Pepperidge Farm’s Irene Chang Britt: ‘Take the Crappy Assignments’

American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault: Valuing EQ over IQ

The Promise and Perils of Equity Crowdfunding

Why High Land Prices in China Are Not a Bubble

Collaborative Innovation Holds Key to Semiconductor Industry Growth

To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story

Lance Williams: Amazon leads in hiring veterans

Innovation is chipping away at tradition

Entrepreneurs in for a Tweet

Your incoming—How do you process what’s offered?

U.S. Private Colleges Face Enrollment Decline

South Koreans cram for dream jobs at Samsung

Obama apologizes to people losing health coverage

US, Israel lose UNESCO voting right in dispute

Twitter’s goal in IPO: to avoid becoming Facebook

Ten apps every iPhone 5s and 5c user should own | Macworld

Every presentation worth doing has just one purpose

Why the “Next Silicon Valley” Doesn’t Really Exist

What “no” means

Sony’s CEO Is a Watched Man

This Is Your Organization on OXYTOCIN, Part II

Little-noticed research refutes conventional wisdom on value stocks

Changing Course: Business Schools Cut Programs

Ford’s Truck Czar Divides to Conquer

Could the iPhone 6 have a screen made of SAPPHIRE? Apple announces deal to open facility that develops super strong displays

An iPhone Tester Caught in Apple’s Supply Chain

Speakers and Panellists | 5th Global Drucker Forum 2013

Managing Complexity | Drucker Society Europe Blog

Six Drucker Questions that Simplify a Complex Age

Lion forms close, rare bond with conservationists

Starbucks wants to recruit 10,000 vets, spouses to its ranks

Exclusive: Microsoft narrows CEO shortlist; Mulally, Elop make the cut

It’s complicated: The many women in JFK’s life

Injured Indiana hunter chooses to end life support

What the world would look like if all ice melted

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Ford’s Alan Mulally

How Women Respond to Frustration at Work, and Why

How to Turn Around Nearly Anything

The Six-Minute Guide to Making Better High-Stakes Decisions

Control Is for Beginners

Smart Use of LinkedIn Can Lead to Your Next Hire

Mattel Is Counting on Latina Moms This Holiday

Twitter: What’s It Worth?

The European Banking Disunion

The Four “Cs” of Innovation

O’Boyle out as CEO of HCA’s Parallon

Supplemental Measure of Poverty Remains Unchanged

The Internet Killed Distance. Mobile Computing Brought It Back.

The Lights In the Tunnel—Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future

The media needs a narrative

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve, Luckily

Apple to Open Another U.S. Factory: Sapphire Plant in Mesa, Arizona

CMOs Must Expand Their Tech Skills in the Digital Marketing Era

Cynthia Jamison named chairwoman of Tractor Supply Co. board

How to Become the CEO of Your Career

Moving Towards the Digital, Omnipresent, Transparent and Profitable Banks of Tomorrow

It’s All E-Commerce Now

A Tale of Two Drugs

$1B trove of Nazi-looted art found in Munich closet

Nashville banks grow talent pool

The Ultimate Resource 2 Hardcover

Warming report sees violent, sicker, poorer future

You Need This Much for a Happy Retirement

Tenacity is not the same as persistence

When the Buck Keeps Going

Finding your digital sweet spot

The digital enterprise

What Should Companies Do to Retain Longtime Workers?

The art of strategy

Mastering the building blocks of strategy

Is It Wrong for Shareholder Value to Rule Business Thinking?

From Martians to Japanese Eye-lickers: Media Mania Is Nothing New

‘Baby Bust’: Why Fewer Young People Expect to Become Parents

Career Makeover: Stepping Up to Lead

Not That You Should Necessarily Follow All of Ozzy Osbourne’s Advice

The 10 least reliable cars

This C-Suite Recognizes That Failure is Part of Innovation

Veterans Day 2013: Nov. 11

American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2013

In the Global Movie Business, China Aims for a Starring Role

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Getting Out of Critical Condition

The Promise of Fusion is Real, If it’s Properly Funded (Op-Ed)

NSA official: ‘We’re really screwed now’

Consumer Reports’ car reliability survey shows Japanese brands dominating, Europeans gaining ground

Open data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information

10 Job Search Tips for Introverts

‘Mission in a Bottle’: Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff on Making Honest Tea

Apple revenues up but net profits down in fourth quarter | Macworld

Forced Rankings Are Institutionalized Stupidity at Its Worst

Why Apple Won’t Be Around as Long as IBM

Why IBM Will Be Saved by Analytics — and Steven Mills

You Should Play to Win in Business

Not happy with work? Wait until you’re 50 or older

Computer cracks CAPTCHAs in step toward artificial intelligence

Mysterious floating barge in San Francisco Bay could be secret new Google Glass facility

Exclusive: Aiming to avoid Facebook chaos, NYSE runs Twitter IPO test

Analysis: Strained finances trip up French firms’ recovery role

China’s Coming Economic Slowdown

What are the ingredients to happiness?

Entrepreneurship => impact

Avoiding the quicksand: Ten techniques for more agile corporate resource allocation

Opening up to investors

Tilting the global balance: An interview with the CEO of Solvay

Game changing investments for the US

Rethinking where to compete: An interview with the CEO of Pentair

How B2B companies talk past their customers

AT&T’s Plan Revamp Signals the End of Voice Minutes

Small Is Beautiful

The new metrics of corporate performance: Profit per employee

Why accounting rules shouldn’t drive strategy

Two kinds of loyalty

The still emerging markets

The return of great expectations for US growth

The halo effect, and other managerial delusions

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Panel: Nashville should focus on streetscapes, mass transit

What Are the Biggest Retail Markups?

Why the U.K. Wants a Genomic National Health Service

Twitter Illiterate? Mastering the @BC’s

‘The Human Brand’: Our Relationships with Companies

Direct Hit

Archivist’s Pick: Peter Drucker, Girl Scout

White replaces silver as the world’s favorite car color, but dark greys and browns are gaining

“Terminator” Plastic Polymer Can Heal Itself

The Most Dangerous States in America

The Decline of Wikipedia

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

What Globalization Really Means

What Globalization Really Means

Whither Liberal Arts?

College Tuition Increases Slow, but Government Aid Falls

Memo to Workers: The Boss Is Watching

How One Defense Firm Copes Amid Cutbacks

Small Office, Big Impact: How to Project Authority, Creativity

SF transit agency, unions reach deal to end strike

Blackberry resumes BBM rollout

Nokia Unleashes Army of Phones, Phablets and Tablet

Study: 15 percent of US youth out of school, work

Work begins on Calif. bullet train, locals angry

Giant Pandas More Resilient to Change than Other Endangered Animals

The ocean is broken

The war to develop talent

Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

Lionfish wreaking havoc on Atlantic Ocean

Saudi Arabia warns of shift away from U.S. over Syria, Iran

The Most And Least Lucrative College Majors, In 2 Graphs

Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems

A Tale of Two Drugs

The Real Privacy Problem

Doing more, and doing it better

The disruptive dozen

Emerging Markets Lose Their Punch

A Deadly Temptation

Customer service gets even worse

15 Common IT Job Search Mistakes

How retailers can keep up with consumers

All things online

Are you beating the market?

As Developing Economies Grow, Global Value Chains Reach a Turning Point

Netflix Passes HBO in Paid U.S. Subscribers

Why Abraham Lincoln Loved Infographics

Three Questions for Microsoft’s New Head of Research, Peter Lee

HTC CEO steps back to focus on fixing smartphone slide: FT

Launch Center Pro Delivers a Jolt of Speed in iOS 7 | Reviews | MacNewsWorld

How to keep your camera clean | TechHive

Well-prepped board members up to speed by meeting time

The complaining customer doesn’t want a refund

U.S. Tech Companies Raised $8.1B In 806 VC Deals In Q3, Capital Raised, M&A Activity And IPOs All Up From Previous Quarter

There’s a Right Way to Do Online Networking

Music Row bank wields unique talents

Black Holes Don’t Become Larger Through Eating Snack Cakes

Jobs Right as Apple Customers Prefer 5s to Cheaper IPhone

The mysterious failure of Apple’s iPhone 5c

Twitter quitters dog IPO

Tweets Have Become Shorter Since 2009, Say Computer Scientists

Is the ‘Too Big to Fail’ Problem Too Big to Solve?

Will the Next ‘Golden Age of Television’ Take Place Online?

The JPMorgan Problem Writ Large

Ambassadors and treaties

Where does your Wikipedia donation go? Outgoing chief warns of potential corruption

7 Numbers that Could Save Your Life

Ten facts you don’t know about the JFK assassination

There is no debt ceiling in place, and here’s why

Avoiding the quicksand: Ten techniques for more agile corporate resource allocation

How quickly should a new CEO shift corporate resources?

Before Closing on a Home, See These Tips on Avoiding High Fees

Income Inequality Is the Enemy of Economic Growth: Robert Reich

The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century

Al Gore: “Carbon Bubble” Is Going to Burst – Avoid Oil Stocks

Mac OS X Lion and Mission Control

Are You Ready for Health Reform?

Health Reform FAQ

Best and Worst Times to Buy a New Car

Graphics Chips Help Process Big Data Sets in Milliseconds

4 Steps To Truly Making Strategy Part Of Your Strategic Plan

Google stock hits new high of $1000 as mobile bets pay off

GE posts strong third-quarter order backlog, profit margins; shares rise

Florida firms get only a small slice of U.S. venture capital

What’s the key to having a really amazing night with someone you’re seeing? We asked tons of people that question—with very surprising results.

Hotels hire specialists to cure guests’ hangovers

Marketing good…

As Populism Grows in Israel, Big Business Finds Itself in the Crosshairs

Why It’s Getting Hip to Flip

How a Perfectly Good Idea Turned Into Cubicles

iPhone 5S Review: Patagonia — Austin Mann

Terrific Sound in a Tiny Package

The Butterfly that Started the Apple Tsunami

Never download another store app again: TheFind has you covered | TechHive

House flipping makes a comeback

More Botox for Baby Boomer Men

Analysis: Washington becomes the biggest risk to the U.S. economy

Many investors look past Twitter’s losses, for now

Oreos As Addictive as Cocaine? Not So Fast

Windows 8.1 is here: What you need to know

Akamai Reported Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Safari As Frequently Used Browser

Why Apple Poached Burberry’s CEO BY JILL KRASNY

Publishers need to know their readers to survive in digital era

Biggest Star Ever Found Is Ripping Apart (Photo)

How Hollywood Can Capitalize on Piracy

The Top Five Trend-Setting Cities on Twitter

Guagua: Exploring China’s Online Video Community ‘Goldmine’

Breaking down the barriers to corporate resource allocation

Clash of the Financial Titans

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

“I don’t get it”

Apple Hires Burberry Chief to Polish Image of Online Stores

Apple and China

Former Miami Beach Hospital Is Going Condo

U.S. Department of the Treasury

‘Calamitous’…’Cataclysmic’ and ‘Wholesome’: What They’re Saying About the Debt Ceiling | The Exchange—Yahoo Finance

Rich Snitches: Make money by telling on your boss

‘Two and a Half (Very Rich) Men’ — You Won’t Believe How Much That Sitcom’s Stars Make

Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits’ shakes up schools—Yahoo News

Yahoo’s Alibaba stake takes heat off weak forecast

As We May Type

Crowdsourcing Mobile App Takes the Globe’s Economic Pulse

HP’s Meg Whitman: Microsoft Used To Be Our Partner But Is Now Our Competitor

Dilbert Meets Drucker

Esquire’s `New American Center’ Isn’t Very Centrist

Rohingya kids in Myanmar: Hard labor, bleak lives—Yahoo News

Burberry names Bailey CEO as Ahrendts quits for Apple

The government shutdown began with Democrats saying Republican demands about Obamacare were ‘extortion.’ Now, as the GOP resistance collapses, Senate Democrats are pushing back.

Apple bets on Burberry chief to burnish retail shine

Fish Armor Repels Vicious Piranha Bite

The Army’s $5 billion waste

Ready to Take Your Start-up Public? Hold That Thought

A job engine sputters as hospitals cut staff

Is cash making you go broke?

AOL Cofounder Frets That the U.S. Could Lose Its Entrepreneurial Edge

Leading Health Care Innovation insight Center—You’re Invited!

Insight: How Credit Suisse underwent painful bond surgery -and survived

As crisis fades, G20 tries to get its mojo back

Twitter pays engineer $10 million as Silicon Valley tussles for talent

‘De-Americanised’ world needed after US shutdown: China media—Yahoo News

Corporate credit card use up at McDonald’s

Men and women equally clueless as shoppers

Yahoo CEO Mayer has advertisers’ attention, but can she get their dollars?

Apps aim to revive tradition of hand-written notes

Warren Buffett’s Big Blunder | The Exchange—Yahoo Finance

A cost curve for greenhouse gas reduction

Netflix Pursues Cable-TV Deals

Understanding luxury goods

Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure

Taylor Swift education center officially opens

Majority of Halloween costume spending for adults

Joan Kroc, Unconventional Philanthropist

Philanthropist Conrad Prebys Supports San Diego County Hospice Services With $250,000 Gift To The Elizabeth Hospice

10 Reasons Why Peter Drucker Would Have Thought Costco is Well-Managed

When Women Mentor Too Much

Chip Luman

Without grand plans for China, U.S., Sony set to lag in smartphones

How to Fix the American Skills Gap

U.S. soon to overtake Russia as top oil producer

Shell Exec Says Oil Companies Might Become Carbon Capture Ones

How Many Empty Calories Are on Your Calendar?

T-Mobile Hands Consumers a Pleasant Shocker

Why You Must Ask Why

Washington Still Stuck: Day 10

5 countries with bonds safer than Treasurys

How to Approach Corporate Sponsors

What’s behind a rise in workplace bullying?

Swift Record! Migrating Birds Fly Nonstop for 6 Months

Report: 110 people own 35 pct of Russia’s wealth

Not open for business

The strategic yardstick you can’t afford to ignore

Are you beating the market?

These are the cities that climate change will hit first

Hotels Swell in Manhattan

Apple and the quest for a bigger smartphone screen

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

The Real Face of Healthcare Reform

Corizon names new CEO

The New Science of Who Sits Where at Work

Secrets of the Happiest Commuters

Raises for Teachers With Master’s Under Fire

How to Get Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data on an iPhone for $30 a Month

OZY—Smarter, Fresher, Different | Ozymandias

The Practical Drucker

Prehistoric Brazil artifacts star in exhibit, spark debate

Laurene Powell Jobs Continues To Inch Her Way Into The Spotlight

Why Switzerland Has Some Of The Happiest, Healthiest Citizens In The World

A Cure for Urban GPS: a 3-D Antenna

Carter: Middle class today resembles past’s poor

McKinsey & Co. Isn’t All Roses in a New Book

Photography Articles and Tips From Jim Richardson — National Geographic

The McKinsey Mystique

US adults score below average on worldwide test

Retailers see ‘click and mortar’ as way to beat Amazon

France calls on Alcatel-Lucent to review plan for mass job cuts

Will You Get Your Social Security Check if the U.S. Defaults?—Yahoo Finance

Are CIOs Destined to Work for the CMO?

Analysis: Take HP’s slide personally, CEO Whitman tells employees

The Debt Ceiling: Can a Crisis Be Avoided?

Audyssey and LouderLogic review: Enhanced audio players make your iOS music sound better | Macworld

Get your Mac ready for Mavericks (OS X 10.9) | Macworld

Buffett’s crisis-lending haul reaches $10 billion

IT experts question architecture of Obamacare website

Analysis: U.S. banks get ready for the day when deposits shrink

Work on “cell traffic” and disease triggers wins Nobel prize

10 things house cleaners won’t tell you

Tennessee auto industry at a crossroads

Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Using 14th Amendment To Raise The Debt Limit

Switzerland to vote on $2,800 monthly ‘basic income’ for adults

The Dark Side of the Nobel Prizes

Working Through Lunch? It’s Good For You

Look Away! Eye Contact Not Always Best in Business

GE sees 10-15 percent infrastructure growth in emerging markets

US forces hit extremists behind E. Africa attacks

Scientists to explore Caribbean faults, volcanoes

The 10 Most Useless Graduate Degrees—Yahoo Finance

Serious Creativity

Dieting in the Digital Age

Understanding marginal cost

The Harshest Generation

Cheap razor made after P&G watches Indians shave

After Stints Abroad, Re-Entry Can Be Hard

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

New Answer from IBM’s Watson: A Recipe for Swiss-Thai Fusion Quiche

Can the Shutdown Be Shut Down?

This is Your Organization on OXYTOCIN

Starting a Company? Skip B-School

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

The top 10 landowners in America

5 tools you should keep in your car

Marketplace of vice, ‘Silk Road’ meets its end

Oceans face ‘deadly trio’ of threats, study says

Urban world: The shifting global business landscape

Help Wanted—on Writing Job Descriptions

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Medical Innovation: When Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

How Government Incentives Are Boosting Latin American Films

Tom Clancy, Best-Selling Novelist of Military Thrillers, Dies at 66

14 Tips For Getting A Raise When They’re Not Handing Them Out—Yahoo News

Where’s the best place to grow old? Countries around the world ranked

Exclusive: Time for Gates to go, some top Microsoft investors tell board

Ashley Madison: Online Married Ladies Seek Immediate Offline Boinking*

Analysis: Spanish telecom firms show peril of pinning hopes on 4G

Innovation in China: Up Against a Wall?

America’s Greatest Leader Shares Her Wisdom On Leadership, Women, Millennials And Civility

The Best Economies in the World

America’s Richest (and Poorest) States

The World’s Largest Automakers

Airlines promise a return to civility, for a fee—Yahoo News

AT&T seeks to defend Austin, Texas, market with faster Internet

Global study: World not ready for aging population


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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