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Article titles :: 2013 :: April through June

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The Nexus of Food, Energy and Water

How LEGO Stopped Thinking Outside the Box and Innovated Inside the Brick

Successful Change: The Challenge for Leaders

‘Innovation Prowess’: George S. Day on What Distinguishes Growth Leaders

Chilean Mummies Reveal Ancient Nicotine Habit

Icahn seeks Dell meeting after securing $5.2 billion for bid

Don’t measure it just because you can

Accounting firm BKC LLP opens Nashville office

Traffic cameras bring tiny Ohio village to a stop

Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say

Why Is Apple Still Wrangling Over E-Books?

Thinking about money

A new era for manufacturing in China

China’s innovation engine picks up speed

Why Americans Are Eating Fewer Hot Dogs—Yahoo! Finance

Peter Drucker predicted this 15 years ago.

Brand Extensions and the Power of Control

Should the U.S. Backstop Private Terrorism Risk Insurance – Forever?

Apple Finds It Difficult to Divorce Samsung

Immigration Altercation

Legal Secretary, a Dying Job

A Rich Fantasy Life: Sports Fans Dream of Making a Living Off Games

China’s entrepreneurs brace for credit crunch

The One U.S. Automaker Still Stuck in Neutral

Top 10 cities for car thefts

3 Things Making Workers More Productive

Who makes the most in Obama’s White House?

Intel’s new CEO focused on mobile chips, cautious on TV

A Year of Rest for the Life of Riley Index

Your call is very important to us

India Gets Its First Exposure to Sudden CEO Exits

Tools we use: The best Mac apps for working remotely

Getting Over Overhead

Federal Reserve Not Helping Student Loan Borrowers, Top Official Says

U.S. Expected To Suspend Bangladesh Trade Privileges Over Labor Rights Concerns

Dehydration Myths: 7 Things You Should Know About Staying Hydrated

How do you become a billionaire? Carefully

Legal Secretaries Struggle for Work

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Health Care in China: Is There a Doctor in the House?

‘Ticking Time Bombs’: China’s Health Care System Faces Issues of Access, Quality and Cost

U.S. energy companies seen at risk from cyber attacks: CFR report

Words to Leave off Your Résumé

More Offices Offer Workers Drinks

Is the Internet killing English?

The most profitable products in America

50+ Job Skills You Should List on Your Resume

The Reason Entrepreneurs Have Trouble Finding Jobs

Four Things That Can Send Your Resume into the Trash

It’s the Culture, Stupid!

6 Rules to Transform Your Leadership Development Program

How Drucker Thought About Complexity

Kurt Allen named VP of marketing and strategy for Tennessean Media Group

10 things Generation Y won’t tell you

6 Highest/Lowest Paid IT Jobs

Mississippi, no longer the worst state to be a kid

4 Ways Early Claimers Can Boost Social Security Benefits—Yahoo! Finance

Are You Ready to Live to 100?—Yahoo! Finance

How Many Days Would It Take to Carve This Post in Stone With a Toothpick?

Books for the Beach

Losing Patience (and Patients): What Makes People Wait in Line, or Decide to Bail

Square roots? Scientists say plants are good at math—Yahoo! News

How Other People’s Facebook Data Profiles You

Walmart vs. Amazon in Online Groceries: Who Has the Edge?

The New Model for Innovation Is Social — and Mobile: But Are Companies Ready?

Why Social Entrepreneurs Should Pressure-test Their Ideas

Download Apple Mac Software & iPhone Software : MacUpdate

James Gandolfini obituary

China’s South Korean Future

Cost Efficient, Open-space Office Designs: Ditching Desks — and Privacy

Yahoo Continues Its Search for a New Identity

Hospital Mergers May Be Good for Business, But Patients Don’t Always Benefit

From the Global Financial Crisis, Lessons Only Partially Learned

The curse of frequency

How Emotions Make the Sale

Payday Disclosure

Where Teens Go Instead of Facebook (and Why You Should Too)

Industrial Internet—Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Industrial Internet”—Google Search

Apple warns of “chilling effect” as antitrust trial ends—Yahoo! News

8 Things Bosses Say That Make Workers Happy

Analysis: Oracle’s sales miss magnifies fears about cloud missteps—Yahoo! News

Apple CEO’s stock grant now subject to share performance—Yahoo! News

Ben Jealous and the NAACP: The ‘Bold, Scary Dreams’ of Every Generation

Corporate Tax Avoidance: Can the System Be Fixed?

How to Apply Transformational Leadership at Your Company

Why Be Afraid of the Big Bad MOOC?

Are Cognitive Workers In Oversupply?

A Technical Dictionary That Fits the Definition of User-Friendly

New Infographic Focuses on Child Care — Child care arrangements is a significant issue for employed parents, their relatives, care providers, policy makers and anyone concerned about children. A new “How Do We Know?” infographic, “Child Care: An Important

Up or Down, Today’s Big Worry Is Interest Rates

Captain D’s reportedly to be put up for sale

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Why I’m Leaving Forbes

The Twenty Laws of the Telecosm

5 Social Media Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Why workplace culture is crucial to many a company’s success or failure—Opinion and Analysis—

14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

From the ashes of Webvan, Amazon builds a grocery business

Better travel pics with your smartphone

Hot Celeb Vacation Spots for Less

Cheekwood CEO Jane Offenbach finds paradise in dream job

The Top Jobs Young Women Just Don’t Want

New CEO begins Alcatel makeover

GE moves into ‘Industrial Internet’ service with Amazon

Thinking about money leads to bad behavior

Why isn’t disruptive technology lifting us out of the recession?

All We Need Now Is a Box

How Apple shook up the electronic book market

Job Discrimination Against the Disabled: Not Just an Academic Issue

Long-haul China

Put your money where your strategy is

A resource revolution

On-demand marketing

Putting time to work

Leading in the 21st century

Emerging markets on the move

The CFO’s role in the pursuit of growth

Predicting — and Monetizing — the Lifespan of a Tweet

Chinese infrastructure: The big picture

China’s next chapter: The infrastructure and environmental challenge

The do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology

‘Big data’

The future of marketing

How to grow again

Mapping China’s middle class

China’s next chapter: The rise of the Generation-2 consumer

China’s next chapter: The e-tailing opportunity

Getting to know China’s premium-car market

Winning the battle for China’s new middle class

Taking the pulse of China’s ad spending

More U.S. Schools Go International

Leaders everywhere: A conversation with Gary Hamel

The do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology

Developing winning products for emerging markets

White House Black Market’s Donna Noce on the Power of Personalized Customer Relationships

How to Get Down With the IT Guys

Motivating without money

China’s great rebalancing

What the Revenue Machine Is Dependent Upon

Above the law: America’s worst charities

Why bankrupt W.R. Grace is thriving—Yahoo! News

The ‘Social’ Credit Score: Separating the Data from the Noise

What Employers Don’t Know Can Hurt You

How to Better Engage Millennials (and Why They Aren’t Really so Different)

Three Things I’ve Learned From Warren Buffett

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Monsanto, Dupont Seeds Won’t Solve Hunger, Howard Buffett Says

Google launches Internet-beaming balloons

Medicare: Someone Is Going Broke

The Four-Step Advantage

Big Data knows what you’ll do next summer

Why Dads Don’t Take Paternity Leave

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

On Wall Street, Netflix Is a Comeback Kid — But Can It Stay on Top?

Asians Fastest-Growing Race or Ethnic Group in 2012, Census Bureau Reports

Can Couch Potato Investors Make Substitutions?

Mobile Devices and Cybercrime: Is Your Phone the Weakest Link?

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Should Companies Hedge Currency Risk?

Managing Complexity – Invitation to join the Conversation | Drucker Society Europe Blog

IT Resume Makeover: Make Your Messaging Clear

Help Wanted. A Lot of It.

Best and worst careers to go into debt for

High-Tech Cheaters Pose Test

WWDC Recap: Apple unveils big plans for software, hardware for 2013

Rock It For $20 (Plus Beer)

How to Save the Family Business

digital divide

The Avatar Will See You Now

The ‘Forward-looking’ CFO: Linking Financial Rigor with Leadership

What’s Next in Tech

10 things economists won’t tell you

Top Nazi’s long-lost diary found … in Buffalo

Memo to the modern COO

Census Bureau Report Details Rising Internet Use and Shows Impact of Smartphones on Digital Divide

Father’s Day: June 16, 2013

Caribbean-American Heritage Month: June 2013

How to encrypt your email

Management’s new paradigms—

How to take meeting notes that really work

Steve Jobs on design

WWDC 2013 Expectations

California Couple Discovers Fully Stocked 1960s Fallout Shelter in Their Backyard

NSA: The finder and keeper of countless US secrets

Mobile gaming still eludes a troubled industry—Yahoo! News

Texting: Can we pull the plug on our obsession?—CBS News

Silent War

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I do not expect to see home again’

LinkedIn profiles for the out of work

Adobe Acrobat at 20: Successes, Second Guesses and a Few Miscues

Leadership mission brings back ideas from Indianapolis

Leadership mission brings back ideas from Indianapolis

Back Yard Burger CEO likes challenge

What Is Net Worth Really Worth?

Does the Good Outweigh the Bad? Sizing up ‘Selective’ Corporate Social Responsibility

Encore Careers: Why an Aging Population Is a Resource, Not a Problem

An Involuntary Work of Fiction

China frustration with NKorea offers hope for US—Yahoo! News

Samsung Electronics loses $12 billion market value on smartphone worries—Yahoo! News

Japan says no panic over yen spike; few policy options

With troops and techies, U.S. prepares for cyber warfare

Cheerios stands by TV ad showing mixed-race family—Yahoo! News

Introducing LaunchBar Snippets | Objective Development Blog

Why Agile Isn’t Working: Bringing Common Sense to Agile Principles

The Hot New M.B.A.: Supply-Chain Management

Is Netflix model the future of e-books?

Samsung dropped a nuclear patent on Apple

People or Process?

The Overly Likable Boss

How Companies Can Capitalize on India’s Digitally Influenced Consumers

TV Remains the Largest Mass Medium | MIT Technology Review

Schermerhorn Symphony Center headed to foreclosure

Best Place for Safe Money May Be CD-like Annuities

TechStars’ Brad Feld: A Startup Community Needs a 20-year Time Horizon

Didn’t Get the Job? You’ll Never Know Why

Tackle problems installing 10.8.4 | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

5 Critical Elements of Any Résumé

Analysis: Buffett utility deal may signal big push to invest cash

A Numbers Game

Why Peter Drucker Would Clean House at Rutgers

BlackBerry Reaches for New Markets

Sunscreen Can Slow Skin Aging, Study Suggests

Insight: IRS has long history of burying non-profits in paperwork—Yahoo! News

Elizabeth Edersheim

Romano-Archives Special Collections Department

Dreamcrushers: The most destructive owners and GMs in sports

Futuristic High-Speed Tube Travel Could Take You From New York to Los Angeles in 45 Minutes

Hagel warns China on cyberattacks

Is All the Handwringing Over the Smithfield Deal Just Hogwash?

The Happiest Countries in the World

The Universal Retirement Tool

Sony Faces a Fork in the Road

How to keep your Mac running in tip-top shape

The American Consumer is Not Okay

China’s Flawed Balance-of-Payments Position

The Quantified Brain of a Self-Tracking Neuroscientist

USSR’s old domain name attracts cybercriminals

Record unemployment, low inflation underline Europe’s pain—Yahoo! News

Apple joins other foreign brands in raising prices in Japan—Yahoo! News

“School Crime and Safety” Live on the C-SPAN’s “America by the Numbers” Segment of “Washington Journal”

How Top CIOs Tackle Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Security

When the Money Is Mom’s

Scientists say: Give drones a chance

7 Million Students Brace for Surge in Loan Rates—Yahoo! Finance

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a New Job

Old Torah scroll found in Italy university library—Yahoo! News

Motorola hits comeback trail with new U.S.-made phone—Yahoo! News

What does your brand stand for?

Commuting (Journey to Work)—Daytime Population—People and Households—U.S. Census Bureau

The Latest Artificial Heart: Part Cow, Part Machine

Competition Has Eliminated Brokerage Commissions

AARP to coach aging Boomers ‘reimagining’ their lives

AARP | Life Reimagined

Arab Households in the United States: 2006-2010 — This American Community Survey brief provides a national-level portrait of U.S. households with a particular focus on Arab households; people of specific Arab ancestries, such as Lebanese and Egyptian, are

Wanted for the Internet of Things: Ant-Sized Computers

Companies Try to Make the First Day for New Hires More Fun

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Consumer Confidence Hits Five-year High: Time to Celebrate?

The ‘Fancy Layaway’: Creating a Market for Unique, Online and High-end Fashion

Google Lat Long: Historic Images of New York on Google Maps

Freelancers Get Jobs Via Web Services

Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act: July 26

Census Bureau Issues Challenge to App Developers

9 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand (and Your Career)

Chinese hackers breach key US weapons designs

Who Could Afford to Buy a Home in 2009? Affordability of Buying a Home in the United States

P&G’s Returning CEO: Will the Gamble Pay Off?

If At First Your Successor Doesn’t Succeed …

Upset about Political Bias in the Media? Blame Economics

States Raise College Budgets After Years of Deep Cuts

Grading Apple’s digital textbook technology | Macworld

Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder from GetResponse

Southwest to add nonstop flights to Pensacola

The Machine-Readable Workforce

Self-directed IRAs: Risky? Smart? Or both?

10 best places to buy a vacation home

With Austerity Under Fire, Countries Seek a More Balanced Solution

Immigration Reform Bill Takes Aim at Indian IT Outsourcing Companies

5 Realistic Reasons Why Women Cheat

Toyota overtakes BMW to regain most valuable brand title

10 Time Management Tips That Work

Improving economy changes political landscape—Yahoo! News

Japan’s Nikkei dives as yen gains strength

The new tech palaces: visionary HQs, or cursed trophies?

How to get started with AirPlay | Macworld

Review: Get your writing done with Yarny, a cloud-based, distraction-free writing environment | PCWorld

Helping Your Cause—and Career

Literature and Latte • View topic—Circus Ponies Notebook (import function?)

Scrivener — A perfect program for dissertation writing | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY

Investing in Gold: Does It Stack Up?

Ebbing Deficit Likely to Keep Rates Low When Fed Tapers

Bernanke: Economy Still Too Shaky To End Low Interest Rates

Balancing the Pay Scale: ‘Fair’ vs. ‘Unfair’

Laurene Powell Jobs and Anonymous Giving in Silicon Valley

A Disruptive Dozen

Google to bankroll, build wireless networks across Africa: WSJ—Yahoo! News

Google Glass: Can ‘Tech Cool’ Become ‘Market Cool’?

The Age of IRAs

The Most Popular Country in the World: Revealed

P&G’s Lafley is latest boomerang CEO

In Work and Life, Emphasizing the Importance of ‘Alignment’

Federal Highway Administration study shows 11% of nation’s bridges are structurally deficient.

Android is winning. Apple is winning.

The “Cool Kids” of Abercrombie Revisited

“How is Rural America Changing?” Live on the “America by the Numbers” Segment of

Texas Cities Lead Nation in Population Growth, Census Bureau Reports

When It Comes To Bonds and Interest Rates, The Market Is a Great Equalizer

What Makes a Risk-Taker

Leaders everywhere: A conversation with Gary Hamel

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Are Pop-up Stores Here to Stay?

Intel CEO shakes up units, creates ‘new devices’ group

How Apple Avoids Taxes through R&D Spending

Intel Fuels a Rebellion Around Your Data

2013 Hurricane Season Begins

Per Student Public Education Spending Decreases in 2011 for First Time in Nearly Four Decades, Census Bureau Reports

7 Healthcare IT Roles That Are Transforming Tech Careers

Would Peter Drucker Wear Google Glass?

Named and shamed

Tornados: ‘A Different Animal’

Report says poor are moving to nation’s suburbs—Yahoo! News

Levels of marketing magic, the placebo effects of desire

How to migrate a user account to another OS X system | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

Optical drives not working with Mountain Lion for some | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

Google Makes Sending Money as Easy as Attaching a File

Afghan children on a long and perilous journey

Taylor Swift: A young singer’s meteoric rise

Discovering the secrets of lions

A Face in the Crowd: Say goodbye to anonymity

Michael Jackson’s lucrative legacy

Management Positions With Salaries Pushing Six Figures

Six Fast-Growing Careers Taking Over the U.S.

Six Health Care Careers that are Booming

Sticker shock: New college graduates, here is why your education cost so much money

Best U.S. Cities for Affordable Getaways

Yahoo buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, vows not to screw it up

Unclear whether Fed’s bond buying has helped economy: Fisher—Yahoo! News

Is Google’s Quantum Computer Worth the Hype?


Stock buybacks a big driver of bull market

‘Star Trek’ Tech: How Long Before We Really Have Transporters, Tricorders, and Holodecks?

Who’s Paying the Price for Global Warming?

New Xbox more than a game console for Microsoft

US Spaceflight Ambitions Must Face Budget Reality, NASA Chief Says

‘Soft Skills’ Can Help You Get Ahead

A history of Miami and Miami Beach

Behind The Scenes Of The Big Google Maps Redesign And Its Technical Challenges | TechCrunch

What’s in millennials’ wallets? Fewer credit cards

Healthy savings, no debt but worried about retirement

10 reasons to dump a guy… immediately!

What Would Michael Porter Think?

Rocket blasts off from Florida carrying new GPS satellite

The Financial Condition of Pre-Retirees: Precarious

The 17th Annual Peter Drucker Awards Ceremony

Quite Obviously, Peter Drucker Advised Dunder Mifflin

Student Debt Will Punish US for Years: Strategist

National Weather Service gets big computing boost—Yahoo! News

Review: 9 Rugged Bluetooth speakers for travel and outdoor use

How the Obamas Manage Their Money

Paul Otellini’s Intel: Can the Company That Built the Future Survive It?

The Strongest Careers Are Non-Linear

Evidence mounts on slower U.S. economic growth

How to Know When to Hire Internally and When to Look Outside

The Transparent Office

When Indispensability Is a Career Killer

White-collar workers are turning to labor unions

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Danger Zone 5/13/2013: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

International Migration is Projected to Become Primary Driver of U.S. Population Growth for First Time in Nearly Two Centuries

Bloomberg Admits Terminal Snooping

On eve of Google developers conference, company ‘hot again’

Detroit Mayor Calls It In

Hedge fund billionaire Loeb says Sony reminds him of Yahoo—Yahoo! News

The Fourth of July 2013

How to stop the FBI from reading your email

Using Community Libraries to Create Social Change in Rural South Asia

Latest Changes in the Global Confidence Index

Literature and Latte • View topic—how to get “Scrivener User Manual” look

What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet

How to Mine Cell Phone Data Without Invading Your Privacy

Bill Gates 2.0

This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever (and Making it Was Very Illegal) | Motherboard

As Crowdfunding Grows, the Rewards Increase — but So Do the Risks

Mid-size airports suffer biggest cuts in airline service

RCTENN in Gallatin expanding, adding 45 jobs

The Ford Factor

Challenge to Dogma on Owning a Home—Yahoo! Finance

The news media is even worse than you think

What Eyeware Startup Warby Parker Sees That Others Don’t

Nashville People in Business

Apple supplier Sharp to boost Samsung business in bid to stay viable

How to Pull Off a $45 Million Global ATM Heist

The war for mobile messaging is on

Adobe’s Shift to the Cloud: Is This the Start of a Trend?

A cheaper iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean a “cheap” iPhone | Macworld

On Creating a Coaching Culture

Why Social Networks Unwittingly Worsen Job Opportunities for Black Workers

Brain, Interrupted—Yahoo! Finance

Shadow banking system—Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fed’s Bernanke warns shadow banking risks persist—Yahoo! News

The E-Book Piracy Debate, Revisited

Productivity in the Modern Office: A Matter of Impact

Beth Comstock and GE: Imagining the Future

Question Number One for Life Insurance: Is It Necessary?

Stephen Wolfram on Personal Analytics

We Realize You Have a Choice of Airline (Sort of), and So We Thank You For Flying American-United-Southwest-Delta

A few scripts for TaskPaper users—

Blacks Voted at a Higher Rate than Whites in 2012 Election — A First, Census Bureau Reports

Symantec forecasts weak results as yen depreciates

Nokia investors tell CEO their patience running thin—Yahoo! News

Ryman Hospitality weathers ‘complex’ quarter

Mind Your ‘Social’ Presence: Big-data Recruiting Has Arrived

Do you two have chemistry?

5 signs that you’ve met your perfect match

5 questions that tell you if it’s meant to be

Five crucial questions to ask your love interest

IT Resume Makeover: No Time for Complacency

Intel revamps Atom chips in bid to find mobile footing—Yahoo! News

Universities Closing Big Data Talent Gap But Need Real Data

Why Emphasizing Ethics Matters to Female Employees

Apple cracks top 10 of Fortune 500 for first time, Facebook enters the list

The One Skill Every American Needs to Learn

Mother’s Day: May 12, 2013

The Russians Are Shrinking!

Happiest cities for young professionals—Yahoo! Homes

Harman International raises full-year forecast; shares rise

Intel picks insider as CEO, dashing hopes for shakeup—Yahoo! News

Nashville People in Business

Remind you of anything? Simple typography for non-professionals

Emergency Landing

Housing Has Bounced Back, but Capitol Hill Holds the Key to a Sustained Recovery

Nashville nonprofits pack big economic punch

‘Having Money’ Isn’t So Easy

Run silent, run deep: The life of Brian Krzanich at Intel—Yahoo! News

A Journey to the World of European Tech

CIOs Struggle with the Great Talent Hunt

Why Every “P” Needs a Few Good “J”s

Not a Pretty Picture (Pensions and financially troubled organizations)

Unilever Bets Big on India

The Natural Gas Boom: Cheap Energy, but at What Cost?

What It’s Like to Interview at Amazon

County Business and Demographics Interactive Map—US Census Bureau—U.S. Census Bureau

Measuring America: County Business Patterns Interactive Map Update — In conjunction with yesterday’s release on the 2011 County Business Patterns, the Census Bureau has updated the Measuring America County Business and Demographics Map. The map provides an

About 6 in 10 Recent Moms in Their Early 20s are Unmarried

Learning Goals Spur Backlash

Apple’s iOS 7 Team in Deadline Crunch Mode, Adding Engineers

LinkedIn turns online resumes into professional portfolios

Fueling Growth in Uncertain Times

Writing tip: say it backwards

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Big Banks Keep Watering Down Global Reserve Rules

The Future of Health Care: The Prognosis Is Optimistic

Companies aren’t leaving serendipity to chance.

Auto supplier VIAM to add 75 jobs in Manchester

The Top 12 American Boomtowns

Google’s Eric Schmidt and the New Digital Age

The future of evolution—CBS News

Analyzing products of the future that flopped—CBS News

The “retro-future” of “The Jetsons”—CBS News

The fastest cars under $50,000

BlackBerry CEO Questions Future of Tablets


Why Innovation Is Tough to Define — and Even Tougher to Cultivate

GE’s Jeff Immelt on Leadership, Global Risk and Growth

Should Germany Exit the Euro?

Germany’s Choice

U.S. Businesses Show First Rise in Employment Since 2008 Led by Mining Sector, Census Bureau Reports

Bloomberg names Nashville one of nation’s ‘boomtowns’

CoRT 1, Lesson 3: RULES

CoRT 1, Lesson 6: Planning

Social Media Censorship Offers Clues to China’s Plans

Where’s the BYOD Payoff?

Does anyone know why Google bought Motorola?

The Myth of America’s Tech-Talent Shortage

Pushing Back on Kickbacks

CoRT 1, Lesson 9: Decisions

The Mysterious World of Bitcoin: Does It Have Staying Power?

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley: “People Think We Don’t Know How To Generate Revenue. This Is Wrong.”

Google Now comes to iPhone, challenging Apple’s Siri—Yahoo! News

Apple lays groundwork for first debt sale ever

Growth concerns dog Amazon as it shores up digital beachhead—Yahoo! News

Activision CEO Kotick among top-paid CEOs in U.S

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff: Pulling Back the Veil on the Housing Market

Tap Your School for Job-Hunt Help

Next up: Phillip Evans puts down roots in Midstate

This Gun’s Not For Hire

The New Philanthropists: More Sophisticated, More Demanding — and Younger

Back to School And Into a Job

Why does anything exist? Scientists find a bit of the answer—Yahoo! News

Still an Elusive Goal: Measuring the Impact and Success of Microfinance

Globalization: Chinese demand for foreign baby formula brings unexpected shortage to Europe

Saving Social Security: Why New Proposals Are Drawing Fire

How Nokia Can Regain Lost Ground

How iTunes changed music, and the world

More smartphones sold than feature phones for the first time

Consumers’ shift to older iPhones raises concerns on Wall Street

7 More IT Outsourcing Lessons From Offshoring Pioneers

If Investments Provide Little of Your Total Income, You Can Take More Risk

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2013

Is This How You Really Talk?

U.S. gives big, secret push to Internet surveillance

Peter Drucker and the Big Data Revolution

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

A Need for Speed: Why Building More Roads Won’t Conquer Gridlock

Older Americans Month: May 2013

6 Skills, Habits and Traits of Successful CIOs

Is the Death of the PC Imminent?

The Best Decision You’ll Make Today: Read This Post

Is investors’ favorite strategy doomed to fail?

Why Google Is Investing in Deep Learning

$100,000 Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation

Best retirement move almost nobody makes

Retirement a la Warren Buffett

Why Your Boss Wants You to Retire on Time—Yahoo! Finance

Retiring on CDs Not Viable—Yahoo! Finance

The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution

IBM Takes a Beating

Super-rich close gap between bonds and Bond Street

Apple’s dimming luster roils suppliers, investors—Yahoo! News

How to add line breaks between list items in OS X Mail

Is ‘Thinking’ a Product of Culture and Society?

Training: Doing it Right!

Training: Doing it Right, Continuously and Forever…

Finding Growth and Fulfillment beyond the Fast Track

Fear and Trembling—and Solace

Q1 Venture Capital Spending And Number Of Deals Down, M&A Activity Drops 44 Percent And Pre-Money Valuations Plummet

Could Life Be Older Than Earth Itself?—Yahoo! News

Father’s Day: June 16, 2013

Renewables Can’t Keep Up with the Growth in Coal Use Worldwide

Intel’s Dubious Plan to Take Over TV

Why Some Spaces Make Us Feel Right at Home

This Post, Too, Is Self-Published

Fattest cities

Top Dem sees ‘train wreck’ for Obama health law—Yahoo! News

Dealing with Industrialist Mallya’s Woes Could Be a Test Case for India

Understanding the diversity of Indonesia’s consumers

How a student took on eminent economists on debt issue—and won—Yahoo! News

In Boston, Obama says rattled city “will run again”—Yahoo! News

The painstaking work to identify a bombing suspect from reams of Boston Marathon footage yielded a possible breakthrough as investigators focused on a man seen dropping off a bag, and then walking away from the site of the second of two deadly explosions.

New Infographic Focuses on Home Improvements

Small businesses feeling anti-social media

Suburbs siphon off Nashville jobs

Broad Exchange Traded Equity Funds Make Good Tax-Efficient Investments

Climate Change: The Moral Choices

Workers Share Their Salary Secrets

88% of spreadsheets have errors

Don’t Be the Office Tech Dinosaur

Can Disciplining Bank Boards Help Drive Reforms?

Mandel Foundation

Zócalo Public Square :: Mission

So You Wanna Have a Well-Run Empire

Census Bureau Reports Rental Vacancy Rates Down Nationally; Impact Differs by Metro Area

10 Tips for Making Self-Evaluations Meaningful

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: ‘No one can have it all’

Fracas in Caracas

Chief’s Silicon Valley Stardom Quickly Clashed at J.C. Penney

Would Better Leaders Fix Our Problems?

Telepsychiatry Service for Underserved Communities: A Wharton Social Impact Winner

How Wireless Carriers Are Monetizing Your Movements

7 Tips to Help Projects Managers Track Their Tech Teams

Interview with BRAIN Project Pioneer: Miyoung Chun

Making a Big Switch? Leap Carefully

Training: Do it Right!

Direct your attention: Find the principle in C&S

Direct your attention: Find the principle in CAF

Direct your attention: Find the principle

Cinco de Mayo

43rd Earth Day: April 22, 2013

Dish tries to trump SoftBank with $25.5 billion Sprint bid

Inside Siri’s brain: The challenges of extending Apple’s virtual assistant | Macworld

Twitter Founders Move on to Their Next Big Thing

Retired as a city worker, Sheila Pugach lives in a modest home on a quiet street in Albuquerque, N.M., and drives an 18-year-old Subaru.

Amazon lifts executive stock awards as Apple rivalry heats up—Yahoo! News

My Markdown Workflow

TN worker training program questioned

When Is Tax Dodging Dodgy?

The Positive Economics of Planting a Tree

How a Kenyan Firm Brought Banks to Rural Areas — While Making a Profit

Why Consumers Don’t Want Companies to Do Well by Doing Good

Iconic hot-rod company Shelby American driving in new directions—

How We Lose in the Mutual Fund Casino

Information, Knowledge and de Bono Thinking 02

Principles: New Thinking and New Learning

Information, Knowledge and de Bono Thinking 03

Information, Knowledge and de Bono Thinking 04

Access or Profits? Drug Patent Rulings in India Fuel the Debate

How VCs Are Driving a Tech-valuation ‘Feeding Frenzy’

Employee health benefits dwindle

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading 2

The Digital Public Library of America

What you don’t know can cost you

Information, Knowledge and de Bono Thinking

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Penney Pinched

What’s Ahead for Urban Mobility?

Analysis: PayPal hopes to break U.S. shoppers’ swipe habit in stores

Economic Characteristics of Households in the United States: Third Quarter 2011

Census Bureau Reports State Government Tax Collections Reach High of Nearly $800 Billion in Fiscal Year 2012

To Earn Any Interest At All, You Have To Take Risk

No Ordinary Prime Minister

Do You Really Hire Only ‘A’ Players? Indispensable Advice From a Self-Made Billionaire

Givers take all: The hidden dimension of corporate culture

JC Penney looks to old CEO to secure its future

How Machiavelli Saved My Family

Annette Funicello, Beloved Mouseketeer, Dies at 70

Margaret Thatcher, Conservative Who Reforged Britain, Dies at 87

Digital subscriptions boost newspaper circulation revenue in 2012

Profile America Facts for Features: Cinco de Mayo

J. David Kuo, 44, Is Dead; Split From Bush Faith Initiative

Samsung Electronics marketing blitz stirs debate over innovation

Mind the Mind Games

Pastor Rick Warren’s Son Commits Suicide

GAO uncovers troubling 401(k) practices

Michelle Obama visited a Walmart in February to extol the fresh, healthy food in the company’s grocery aisles. But Walmart, Ms. Obama’s corporate partner in a campaign to make food healthier and more affordable, has been running into problems with food tha

Surprisingly Simple Logic Explains Amazing Bee Abilities

The Best Funded Part of Our Government

Chinese Deluge U.S. Master’s Programs

The Long Mystery of Low Interest Rates

Become a public speaking pro: learning how to present the next great idea

Zone of Despair

The Purpose of Purpose

The Color of Wealth

Japan automakers’ China sales struggle drags into 2013—Yahoo! News

HP shares sink after Goldman Sachs downgrade to ‘’sell’’—Yahoo! News

NKorea refuses to let SKoreans enter joint factory

Hong Kong School Joined the Elite Fast

Asurion cuts IT jobs in Nashville

Europe’s Perpetual Crisis

Cutting Taxes After Age 70 Gets Tricky

Do Women Make Better Corporate Leaders Than Men?

How Open Innovation is Solving Some of NASA’s Trickiest Problems

Say Goodbye to the Office Cubicle

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Child Care Costs on the Upswing, Census Bureau Reports

Mother’s Day: May 12, 2013

Victims of Success

New Plain Text 1

Top 8 Sites for Researching Your Next Employer

Solar Downturn Casts a Shadow Over Innovation

Batter Up (people performance)

Obama Announces Huge Brain-Mapping Project

Estimates of Income and Earnings by Selected Demographic Characteristics: 2011 Fourth Quarter — Using data collected by the Survey of Income and Program Participation, this table package presents income and earnings estimates at the individual, family and

Midsize challengers nip Camry’s, Accord’s wheels

How to stop dating the wrong person

Five routes to more innovative problem solving


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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