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Article titles :: 2012 :: April through June

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Strategy, Top Management Talent Get New Emphasis in Private Equity

Asian SMEs Are Exciting Investments, but Street Smarts and Rolled-up Sleeves Are the New Must-haves

Career Realism: 10 Things Employers & Recruiters Want from You

Amber Waves of Green

Mexico set to pick new president

Competitive Advantage

5 ways the iPhone changed our lives

Fixing Health Care: The Next Big Challenge

Lars H. Thunell on encouraging private-sector investing in emerging markets

Archivist’s Pick: The Real Meaning of Mentoring

Infographics Are Broken. We Can Do Better.

New Facebook Study Reveals Motivation Behind Facebook Visits

It’s 2012: Do You Know Where Your First Million Is?

Apple hardware engineering chief Mansfield retires

MailTags 3 is an excellent add-on for Apple’s Mail app

Five key moments in the iPhone’s history

Five years after debut, iPhone’s influence is stronger than ever

How many speakers is enough?

Ann Curry Confirms: I’m Leaving the ‘Today’ Show

Basic Rules for Getting Rich

Texas Dominates List of Fastest-Growing Large Cities Since 2010 Census, Census Bureau Reports

2007 Enterprise Statistics

Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: 1st Quarter 2012

How to Win at the IT Outsourcing Negotiating Table

Cities Outpace Suburbs in Growth

Super ‘Selfies’: the Art of the Phone Portrait

USB 6-in-1 TableMike great for Mac speech recognition

With Great Power

Kurt Vonnegut explains drama

Story arcs beyond TV

The craft of writing fiction

List of Y: The Last Man story arcs—Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Organize your Address Book with FormalAddress

Take this simple marketing quiz

New Sony president gets shareholder approval

T-Mobile USA CEO calls it quits after two years

You Can Reduce Investment Anxiety, But You Can’t Eliminate It

7 equations to build a secure retirement

Older Populations to Exceed Children in Most World Regions by 2050, Census Bureau Reports

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2012

Bound for the Beach? Bring These Books…

A Stiff Sentence

Firms Resist New Pay-Equity Rules

Joe’s Journal: Building Community Through the Social Sector

U.S. Employer Businesses Show Declines in Establishments and Employees in 2010, Census Bureau Reports

CIOs Need to Evolve or Be Left in the Dust

Getting to Know You: Why Start-Ups Aren’t Right for Everyone

The Fourth of July 2012

10 things Amazon won’t tell you

With 401(k) disclosure, some fees still hidden

Microsoft to Nokia: It’s business, not personal

How to fix Facebook’s email switcheroo

Hands on with Glassboard 2.0 for iOS: simple, private group sharing

Where the roads aren’t—and why it matters

First-class Mess: Saving the U.S. Postal Service

Developing global leaders

Pseudo Science: How Lack of Disclosure in Academic Research Can Damage Credibility

How to avoid becoming a myopic fund investor

Should Tenure for College Professors Be Abolished?

Unlocking Yourself From the Clock

How Anne-Marie Slaughter turned a feminist conflict into a breakout summer hit

IBM Serves New Tennis Analytics At Wimbledon

Huawei denies using Chinese subsidies to grab more business

Five not so obvious ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone

Why Apple wants to spread lies about you (and why that’s a good thing)

The winners and losers from Spotify’s move into radio

Is It High Time for Higher Pay?

Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs: Chasing After the ‘Purple Squirrel’

Home cooking isn’t good for your portfolio

Dividend-paying stocks worth paying for

How Forces That Drive the Mobile Industry’s Growth Also Threaten Its Future

The U.S. Postal Service’s ‘Plan to Return to Profitability’

Before you raise money (assets and expenses)

Ousted Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci Cleaned Up on His Way Out

Consumers: Some Light in a Long Tunnel

3 Ways You Can Be the Manager No One Wants to Leave

Can Free Online Courses Transform the Higher Education Industry?

Twin Engines: How Consumer Spending and Commodities Drive Indonesia’s Growth

Information Instigation

Sign your PDFs electronically using Preview | Macworld

D.C. Leads Nation as U.S. Per Pupil Tops $10,600,

Leading in the 21st century

‘Greece Is a Sideshow Compared to Spain and Italy’

Shared Households Increased 11.4 Percent from 2007 to 2010

U.S. CEOs less optimistic about economy

Who’s the Boss? There Isn’t One

This Embarrasses You and I*

How to find ‘wide moat’ stocks

John Reed: Invest in Your IT Talent; It’s the Key to Retention

Three Things Business Leaders Should Do to Help the Nonprofit Sector — Before It’s Too Late

Corporate Balm for a Sick Society

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Getting to Know You

Fiscal cliff is closer than you think

Companies Slip Workouts Into Work

Monthly Child Support Payments Average $430 per Month in 2010, Census Bureau Reports

New Version of OnTheMap for Emergency Management Web Application

The Big Data Challenge: How to Develop a Winning Strategy

A Lost Generation’s Big Drop in Family Wealth

How multinationals can attract the talent they need

Organizing for an emerging world

The Human Capital Group

New Census Bureau Estimates from 2005 to 2010 Show Changes in Household Net Worth

Coinstar is Kicking Netflix’s Butt

6 Tech Concepts Changing the World

Common Money Traps to Avoid

How to upgrade an OS X Lion system’s hard drive

Marketing vs. Economics: Gymnastics or High-wire Act?

Universities Feel the Heat Amid Cuts

Amplify the positive outliers

Manufacturing resource productivity

Google’s New Brain Could Have a Big Impact

Who’s Living in America’s Cities?

MacBook, a Point Shy of Perfect

Pondering the Rest of the Apple Announcements

Experience more with expanded Tweets

Why Google+ can still beat Facebook

Mountain Lion features you may have missed

James Deen, other porn stars who’ve gone mainstream

Study: Immigrants own 18% of U.S. small businesses

Making Sure ‘Busy’ Doesn’t Lead to Burnout

My priority considerations

Drucker’s book contents

10 Things Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You

How to negotiate a deal with a contractor

Index Funds Can Have Major Tax Advantages

The 10 most expensive cities in the world

TI Battles a Gender Gap in Job Experience

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Joe’s Journal: On the Other Peter’s Principle

Facing a Slowdown

Seven marketing sins

The global company’s challenge

Global Survey results

Improve the IT Job Interview Process with Targeted Selection

A Simple Strategy for Acing a Job Interview

Find out what people are searching for with the updated Hot Searches list

Big Homes Are Back in Business

A hard drive is good to find: Six external drives with a twist

Dreams of the Ideal Retirement Home

Warmest U.S. spring on record: NOAA

The 3-Step Strategy to a Flat Stomach

Census Bureau Releases New Version of TIGERweb

Father’s Day: June 17, 2012

Recession crushed middle-class wealth: Fed survey

Career Advice: Keeping Up with Local Salaries

Movie theaters diversify offerings beyond films

HootSuite’s Live Twitter Stream: HootFeed

MacBook Air price cuts make it tougher on Windows ultrabook makers

Apple’s Siri is becoming a better conversationalist

Big-Box Space Remains Hard to Fill

Ditto real income of top 1% earners. It peaked in 2000, too

IRS stats say income of the top 50% earners, in real dollars, peaked in 2000 and has been declining since. Data ends in 2009

U.S. Capital Spending Patterns: 2001-2010

Dawn Loggins: Homeless, Abandoned Teen Heads to Harvard

What Obama isn’t telling us

Our new nest

Busting Down the Info Silos

The Antivirus Era Is Over

How to prepare your Mac for Mountain Lion

With Profession Under Stress, Law Schools Cut Admissions

An Explanation of the News From Apple

Tuesday tip: Export note with linked documents

Adventure travel: Hit the road with Road Scholar

Myth of Perpetual Growth is killing America

Apple WWDC 2012-06-12

How to train your mind to remember anything

Boomers’ experience can be an asset in job search

Selling Yourself in 45 Seconds or Less

Apple Inc.: How does Apple keep secrets so well?

U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s

Ray Bradbury, the Non-Futurist Visionary

What Butt-Frozen Penguins Have to Teach Us About Business

What Las Vegas Can Teach Us About Mutual Fund Investing

Medal of Honor: Defining the Essence of Leadership

Goodbye, MobileMe. Hello, Jimdo

What Pogue Actually Bought

How I name files on my Mac

Stanford Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability

school: Institute of Design at Stanford

Forget B-School, D-School Is Hot

Career Services for the Executive Set

The Specter of Default: How Safe Are U.S. Treasuries?

Erectile dysfunction: Viagra and other oral medications

Why Thinking Big Means Getting Small

Training Day: Why the “Skills Gap” is a Myth

Why Businesses Need to Stop Whining, Step Up and Close the ‘Skills Gap’

Seeking Software Fix for Job-Search Game

Finally there’s straight talk on Wall Street

Book Review: Vital Voices

Job One Is to Make Sure There’s One Job, Said Jobs

The Vicious Cycle of the Gender Pay Gap

A Brief History of Debt

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Office Workers Run Amok

Going Cashless: What’s Good for Banks May Not Be Best for You

How to Get Grandma to Secure Her Laptop

Peter F. Drucker on a Functioning Society

Unleashing government’s ‘innovation mojo’

A Smarter Way to Invest Globally?

E-books rewrite the rules for book industry

Europe has 3 months to address crisis: Soros

What’s wrong with Windows Phone?

Q: What Is New and Scary? A: The Revised GMAT

The Link between Smaller Sodas and Shrinking Waistlines

Winning today (vs. winning tomorrow)

Getting to scale in emerging markets

Minding your digital business

Mark It Down: A Collection of Essential App Reviews Sorted by Editor’s Rating | Macworld

Want a great career? Find your passion

RIM hires J.P. Morgan, RBC to review business

Saying ‘Meh’ to Media Rooms

Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Executive Standing Desk

Continental Contagion

Characteristics of New Housing

Winning the battle for technology talent

Confessions of a Master Spy Novelist

Cracker Barrel adds 2 new board members

Federal employment drops after years of explosive growth

Expanding the Internet domain space

Explore historic sites with the World Wonders Project

Penney Pinching

Collected Videos of Late Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs at D, Now Free on iTunes

Getting serious about experimentation

Manually configuring an iCloud email account

Manually configuring an iCloud email account

Scientists: Carbon dixode at highest level in 800,000 years

2012 Hurricane Season Begins

Moves to make if the U.S. gets downgraded again

6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them

Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Firms Scour College Campuses for Talent

An Inside Job: More Firms Opt to Recruit From Within

Mastering the Finer Points of American Slang

What Couples Want to Know But Are Too Shy to Ask

Behind That Celebrity Tweet

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Twitter Blog: Discover music on Twitter

Five firms get venture funds

Cook: Apple will “double down” on Siri and secrecy

Tim Cook at D10: In his own words

Stylus Shoot-Out: Which writing stylus will reign supreme?

At Work, Do Headphones Really Help?

What you should know about college financial aid

After service, veterans go on to college

Quickly share iOS photos with your Mac

A hierarchy of business to business needs

Why SpaceX Isn’t Just for Gen X

Joe’s Journal: On the Vital Importance of Defining Results

Hollywood a longtime friend of the CIA

CIOs Mull How to Innovate and Tighten Belts Simultaneously

Jobs may outstrip people

Global Peter Drucker Forum

Ingram CEO Prichard will step down

This Post is Really Innovative

How to get economy growing fast

Twitter Blog: #OnlyOnTwitter: Ready for anything

Twitter Blog: Twitter is a place for telling stories

How Tim Cook is changing Apple

Fourth, the Silicon Valley model of compensation…

The tyranny of low price

Curio Core 7.4.3 holds your best ideas

How Head Start May Be Creating More Involved Parents

New York to Silicon Valley: Watch Your Back

Google completes Motorola deal, heralding new era

Public split on whether Romney’s Bain tenure matters in 2012

7 quirky facts about chemistry

A Curse Upon Your Career

HP Layoffs: Company To Cut 27,000 Jobs To Save Up To $3.5 Billion Annually

Hands on with Facebook Camera for iPhone

Grist for the General Mills

Transparency for copyright removals in search

Data Mining Your Desktop

Broad Strokes: Five Key Leadership Lessons From Billionaire Eli Broad

Single and Off the Fast Track

B-Schools’ Innovation Rush

You Call That Innovation?

Third, the same type of fine-grained…

The expert’s guide to Instapaper

From Fringe to Mainstream: Companies Integrate CSR Initiatives into Everyday Business

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Broad Strokes: Five Key Leadership Lessons From Billionaire Eli Broad

Jonathan Ive interview: Apple’s design genius is British to the core

Apple designer ‘winces’ over some past product choices

How Facebook could destroy the U.S. economy

How to Manage Summer Interns: 5 Expert Tips from LinkedIn

Success and Social Value

The U.S. Demographic Shift: A ‘Tipping Point’ for Marketers

The Risk One Cannot Afford to Take

G-Form Extreme Grid for iPhone

Colleges Get Career-Minded

IBM Faces the Perils of “Bring Your Own Device”

Robin Gibb dies after long battle with cancer

Young entrepreneurs blaze their own trail

How to rebuild a user account in OS X

Second, as the ease and price of transactions drop,…

The endless emergency of politics

Patient capital, markets that work and ending the endless emergency of poverty

What Do Tax Policy, CAT Scans and Diabetes Have in Common?

Agile operations for volatile times

WellNow Urgent Care expands to Dickson, Springfield

Healthy Changes

First, the spread of ownership is becoming global,…

Networking Mistakes We Often Make

My Space Is Our Space

#OnlyOnTwitter: How photos make connections

Why Apple is making OS X more like iOS

Ask the iTunes Guy: Syncing tips

There Is Nothing Quite Like the Assurance of Failure

J.C. Penney’s New Strategy: Consumers Aren’t Buying It, Yet

Measuring marketing’s worth

Most Children Younger Than Age 1 are Minorities

New tailored suggestions for you to follow on Twitter

An iOS 6 wish list

How Facebook could clobber LinkedIn

Romney’s Former Partner: Mitt Has ‘Deep Understanding’ of Economy

Nancy Pelosi: The Democrats’ $43-million weapon

How to Ask for a Raise

Stanford Dean on Teaching the Skill Set of Innovation

Meet the Meeting Killers

School-Test Backlash Grows

Managing Your Money Can Cost a Lot-— or Very Little

TN ranks 15th for pulling in private equity money

Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings

Hands-on with Google Docs’s new research tool

Google to incorporate ‘knowledge graph’ into search results

This network equity is made possible by…

We Hope You Like This Post Even If Everyone Else Does

Why bad multiples happen to good companies

CrashPlan CrashPlan+ Storage Product Review | Macworld

Tennessee upgrades its job search website

Hard work on the right things

How CIOs Can Stay Relevant in the Future

Resume Copy; Writing in IT Terms

A Digital Timeout for Employees — and Parents

Dude, Where Is My $2 Billion?

Joe’s Journal: On Bringing More Knowledge to Manufacturing

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Street View: Your Summer Vacation Preview

Ailing Nokia falls back on patents legacy

What a $100,000-a-month rental looks like

Pasarell leaves Indian Wells tennis tourney

Larry Kramer named publisher, USA Today

The 26 Things Pro Athletes Shouldn’t Say

Apple, the Other Cult in Hollywood

Head of Time Warner Cable Is Unfamiliar With Apple’s AirPlay

Facebook Is Killing Text Messaging, Report Says

What Now for Europe?

Networks promote this equity culture.

The best of Twitter in your inbox

Waller drops Lansden Dortch & Davis from law firm’s name

Student loan blues

Peter Drucker’s 1964 Commencement Address: The Knowledge Revolution

New York police tout improving crime numbers to defend controversial policy

Landmark Alzheimer’s summit launches Monday

New fund categories are not automatic buys

How Dickensian Childhoods Leave Genetic Scars

Are Dads the New Moms?

49 decapitated bodies found in Mexico

How to buy … bonds

Give your financial adviser clear goals

How to buy … mutual funds

How to buy … ETFs

How to buy … stocks

How to hire a financial planner

How to buy … investments of all types

How to buy … investment real estate

How to buy … futures

How to buy … annuities

State of the Unions: What It Means for Workers — and Everyone Else

Everyone’s Problem: Looking Beyond the Wal-Mart Bribery Case

Declining Employee Loyalty: A Casualty of the New Workplace

The ROI on That Sheepskin

Carroll Shelby, Builder of Cobra Sports Car, Dies at 89

Carroll Shelby, Builder of Cobra Sports Car, Dies at 89

The Number of Ph.D.s on Public Aid Triples in U.S.

10 great places for summer romance

Sony slides to three-decade low on strategy doubts

Reinventing Retirement

Pipe dream leads to memoir

UFC on Fox ratings dip; Fertitta not worried

The sources of capital, which in the industrial age…

Shareholders put heat on imperial CEOs

False capital has value, but not values

Social media offers sweet revenge for bad service

The social side of strategy

Foreign-Born Households are Larger, Include More Children and Grandparents

How Buffett may keep Avon independent

More spies in U.S. than ever, says ex-CIA officer

A Strong Position on Neutrality

A Google guide to summer vacation

Why ask why?

Your retirement health-care tab will run $240,000

Avoid these 10 money mistakes your parents made

Is There a Little Rupert Murdoch in All of Us?

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

The network economy will unleash opportunities…

Mountain Lion to arrive sooner than expected? | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

How to make money online

Military Wants Computers Doing Our Homework

Anger at austerity, immigration feeds far right’s rise in Europe

Coroner: Alcohol, drug killed Thomas Kinkade

Warren Buffett says investors shouldn’t act on headlines

Don’t Unpack That Suitcase

Science Reveals Why We Brag So Much

The 20% Down Payment Dilemma: Can Borrowers Afford It?

Just Please Don’t Appoint a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Innovative Ideas

Solving the problem isn’t the problem


College: ‘best investment’ or big risk?

May 8, 2012, 12:02 a.m. EDT

How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet

Maximize the opportunity cascade.

The flipping point

iCloud storage upgrade extended for MobileMe users

Putin again takes reins of a changed, agitated Russia

Health and Well-Being of Older Populations in Six Low- to Middle-Income Countries Examined in Census Bureau Report

A simple antidote to a corporatized, unfeeling, profit-maximizing world

Cloud-based storage options for Mac OS X

Avoiding false metrics

Fund directors owe shareholders more

Vacation Homes Beckon

With EasyPay, Apple Makes It Easier To Spend Your Money For Its Products

Buffett Holds Court at Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

Boggers Live Longer, Study Says

The Hindenburg Disaster: 75 years later

What’s the Value of a College Degree?

Yahoo CEO faces calls for ouster after inaccuracy

As Japan shuts down nuclear power, emissions rise

Nadal unhappy with blue clay in Madrid, blames ATP

Buffett, Berkshire face test of investor patience

For The Real Condition of Social Security and Medicare, Turn to Appendix F

How to publish your MobileMe iWeb site on Dropbox

Scout for upside surprises.

A Curveball for the Bell Curve

Is an investment firm a good investment?

Top CIOs Predict the Five-Year Future of the CIO

Real Work for Future M.B.A.s

New Office malware attack hunts Snow Leopard, not Lion

OS X Mail checking for new messages even when set to manual

Google’s Chade-Meng Tan: The ‘Compassionati’ Conspiracy

The See-Through Organization

I Work Next To You. We Should Talk Sometime.

Multiplying or dividing?

Leadership Middle TN recruits next class

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Why can’t a machine do this?

Consolidate Multiple Investment Accounts At Only One Firm

Language Barriers Blamed for Miscues

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Is catastrophizing effective?

Is catastrophizing effective?

IT Innovations Dominate 2012’s ‘Great Eight’ Business Plans

Father’s Day: June 17, 2012

Because It’s Not Enough Just To Believe You’re Helpful

Discover better stories

Seamless transitions your music from Mac to iOS effortlessly

Five LinkedIn features you may not (but should) know about

Austerity, And The Failure Of The Governing Elite

Joe’s Journal: On Policing Oneself

How Baby Names Can Help Marketers Predict the Next Big Thing

Has Procter & Gamble Made Some Bad Bets?

Why Microsoft Nabbed the Nook

Some hard lessons about college costs

How to transition your website away from MobileMe and iWeb

Job Search: Should You Upgrade to a Paid LinkedIn Account?

10 Emerging Technologies

Why nearly half of us don’t pay income tax

Our minds will at first be bound by old rules

Has Procter & Gamble Made Some Bad Bets?

Public Pension Assets Increase More Than $257 Billion

Mastering the Margarita

de Bono Thinking: The Essentials

The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Playlist From Savannah Jane Buffett, DJ (and daughter of Jimmy Buffett)

Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed

Will My Employees Cut My Pay?

10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You

Trying to Shed Student Debt

Tapping the next big thing in emerging-market banking

Good Personal Decisions Can Be More Valuable Than Investing

Lehman Bros. elite stood to get $700 million

“Need” is a loaded word.

Apple needs to rethink its WWDC approach

In Nashville, the sweet sound of entrepreneurship

Some reading without charge (worth way more than it costs)

The story of money is not a straight line

Americans’ increase in education is slowing down

The Case of the Vanishing Middle Class

Should Apple’s CFO Fear for His Job After New Hire?

‘Pivoting’ Pays Off for Tech Entrepreneurs

Education Slowdown Threatens U.S.

A Study on Job Seekers’ Mental Health

If You Like This Post, You Might Blog Something Similar

iPad lures first-time Apple customers

Why Eurozone Woes are Creating Headwinds for Global Firms

Changes Needed at Avon Are More Than Cosmetic

Netflix’s Next Episode: Winning Back What It Lost

Set up Google Calendar, Contacts on your iPad | Macworld

Do you have a people strategy?

Google’s Drive Adds to a Complicated Cloud

TrustGo Promises to Guide You to Safe Apps

A dry room with running water,…

Should you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account?

Doodling for Dollars

Households with partners of a different race, 2010

Amazon releases Send to Kindle software for Mac

Google begins penalizing search ‘over-optimization’

The pros and cons of Google Drive

Hands on with Dropbox’s new sharing features

Monitor OS X LaunchAgents folders to help prevent malware attacks

Developing better change leaders

Peter Drucker Goes Bananas

Three hidden costs of the foreclosure crisis

MIT and Others Launch a Tech Education Revolution

Temp-ting Solution

Report finds wave of Mexican immigration to U.S. has ended

How to Compete in Europe

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month:

Older Americans Month: May 2012

Most Top CEOs Say They Will Spend More on IT

Google: Parked Domains, Scraper Sites Targeted Among New Search Changes

Wal-Mart probe could cost some executives their jobs

Social Security financial lifespan shortened three years

Needs are neither fixed nor absolute.

How to Succeed in Mexico Without Really Bribing?

Can Inflation Cure the Eurozone?

When smart people work for big companies

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

Why investors aren’t impressed with profits

Google’s ex-CEO gets $101M pay package in new job

How to delete yourself from the Internet

10 Smart Things New Grads Should Do to Get a Job

If you think that’s what we want, why don’t you give it to us?

The cost of a nation of incarceration

More singles, especially women, choose to live alone

Why Co-Workers Don’t Like You

The easiest and the best

Using Foursquare Data to Redefine a Neighborhood

Demystifying social media

Sports by the Numbers: Predicting Winners and Losers

Temp-ting Solution

8 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

Selling to people who haven’t bought yet

4 New IT Outsourcing Pricing Models Gain Popularity

Apple Stores have seventeen times better performance than the average retailer

Capitalism is dead, credit new king, says Duncan

Wcw Management Consulting Trends: The Kiss Principle

Of the Highly Connected and the Disconnected

Now’s the time for a bond ladder

Teachers Can Benefit From Low Cost Investing

To Pay Off Loans, Grads Put Off Marriage, Children

Dude, Where’s My Cube?

MBAs Attract Current and Former Soldiers

More Companies Go Without COOs

Time to de-Flash your site?

“Apple iPhone Will Fail”

Cracker Barrel plays defense against hostile takeover

Summitt steps down as Tennessee’s women’s basketball coach

Why Great Leaders Are in Short Supply

Chamber 2020 group vows to attract more tech workers

Network Science Reveals The Cities That Lead The World’s Music Listening Habits

How to use Java applets in OS X after Java 2012-003 update

Tom Ward named Oasis Center’s new CEO

Walk the Prank: Secret Story of Mysterious Portrait at Pentagon

For High-skilled Workers, the Visa Race Is On

Joe’s Journal: We Get the Behavior We Reward

Career Journal: Managing Your Relationship with the Boss

Introducing the all-new Read It Later – now called Pocket « Pocket Blog

Twitter Blog: Sunday night TV on Twitter

When Can Tax Cheats Relax?

Print-on-demand aids book industry sales

Educating the Next Steve Jobs

If Only Heart Attacks Were Predictable

Mastering Motivation

Why I’m a listener: Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer

Unneeded Medical Tests: Is It Time to Just Say No?

Matching the Medium with the Message in Word-of-mouth Marketing

Hold That Password: The New Reality of Evaluating Job Applicants

Health Care Reform: Life after the Supreme Court Debate

Does It Make Sense to Have an Industrial Policy? Ask Howard Pack

Global Leadership Lessons from Unilever’s Kees Kruythoff

Overdue for a Payout?

Ken Blanchard’s Thoughts on Drucker

Henry Mintzberg’s Thoughts on Drucker

Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s Thoughts on Drucker

A Tribute to Peter F. Drucker

Biography: Peter F. Drucker

Training the Critical Thinker

Know the Unknown

Connecting the Dots

Trivial Pursuit

The Great Repeatable Model

How to put your money where your strategy is

Reverse Mortgages: Their Time Has Come

What’s in Your Blind Spot?

Not All Jobs Are Created Equal

Solving the ‘Last Mile’ Challenges of Social Enterprise

A look at Apple’s Flashback removal tool | MacFixIt—CNET Reviews

Historical Migration of the Young, Single, and College Educated: 1965 to 2000

Recycling ‘the New Trash of the Century’

What’s In Store for Stores?

Are you making the most of your company’s ‘software layer’?

State Government Tax Collections Increase $62 Billion in 2011

The CIO Enters the Era of Disruption

Inside the DOJ’s ebook price-fixing case against Apple: an analysis | The Verge

Learning from Failure

42nd Earth Day: April 22, 2012

New View of Depression: An Ailment of the Entire Body

The Push for Daily Sunscreen

Faster than the economy can produce…

Joe’s Journal: Be Careful Whom You Befriend

Who’s Not Buying It?

Why Most Brainstorming Sessions Are Useless

The Pepsi Challenge

Selling You on Facebook

Is there a payoff from top-team diversity?

Warren Buffett’s Latest Investment Tip

10 Things You Can Learn From the Apple Store

Mike Wallace, CBS Pioneer of ’60 Minutes,’ Dies at 93

Baby boomer market bust?

How Drucker taught me to focus

Spec Obsession Disorder: The Incurable Techie Malady

Does your CEO compensation plan provide the right incentives?

Developing Human Resources for a Globalized Economy

Life: How Much Will You Leave On the Table?

Daily aspirin therapy: Understand the benefits and risks

Inflated Concerns

Execs at bailed-out firms see pay cuts

Thomas Kinkade, Artist to Mass Market, Dies at 54

New Patterns of Growth Nationwide

Wealth or Waste? Rethinking the Value of a Business Major

College-Bound Cast Wider Net

New Lures for ‘Quants’: Wharton Rebrands Itself

No-Brainer? Try a Pro-Brainer.

Moving Mindshare

It takes 56 hours of wasting time on the web…

The Killer Question: Phil McKinney on How to Spark Innovation

My Colleague, My Paymaster

Joe’s Journal: Leaders need to be trustworthy

Student loan debt hurts recovery

When execution gets cheaper, so should planning

‘The Bloomberg Way’: An Inside Look at How the News Organization Covers News

Analysis: Moody’s bank review may mark new era of lower ratings

Exclusive: Soros’ son strikes out on his own

Top-rated laundry detergents revealed

The Drucker Institute Announces Call for Applications for $100,000 Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation

Chinese Applicants Flood U.S. Graduate Schools

America’s Biggest National Security Threat: U.S. Debt

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time

The parable of the blue cup: What Nancy Pelosi says is the problem with Democrats

iPhone sales higher than all other smartphones combined

33 is the happiest age, study says

Wells Fargo opens business for the ultra-wealthy

Shorter, More Intense Workouts May Be Healthier

RIM CEO cleans house as BlackBerry maker posts loss

Apple Employees Like Tim Cook a Little Better than Steve Jobs

High joblessness in the home of U.S. space flight—CBS News

The Most Tax-Friendly States for Retirees | Photo Gallery—Yahoo! Finance

Ways to Prep for a Career in Health Care—Yahoo! Education

If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you’ve got…

$100,000 Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation

China Syndrome

Capturing the Brazilian pharma opportunity

Breaking strategic inertia: Tips from two leaders

Colleges Shedding Non-Core Operations

Employees, Measure Yourselves

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Colleagues Who Can Make You Fat

Nashville chamber summit focuses on creativity, exports

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Down to The Wire

At this point we are still in just the third decade…

Speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi set for fast, wide rollout | Macworld

Stop Stealing Dreams (the entire manifesto on the web)


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”. — Peter Drucker

The shift from manual workers who do as they are being told — either by the task or by the boss — to knowledge workers who have to manage themselves ↓ profoundly challenges social structure

Managing Oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs.” … “It also requires an almost 180-degree change in the knowledge workers’ thoughts and actions from what most of us—even of the younger generation—still take for granted as the way to think and the way to act.” …

… “Managing Oneself is based on the very opposite realities: Workers are likely to outlive organizations (and therefore, employers can’t be depended on for designing your life), and the knowledge worker has mobility.” ← in a context




These pages are attention directing tools for navigating a world moving toward unimagined futures.

It’s up to you to figure out what to harvest and calendarize
working something out in time (1915, 1940, 1970 … 2040 … the outer limit of your concern)nobody is going to do it for you.

It may be a step forward to actively reject something (rather than just passively ignoring) and then figure out a coping plan for what you’ve rejected.

Your future is between your ears and our future is between our collective ears — it can’t be otherwise. A site exploration starting point



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