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Why Google’s Antitrust Problems Are Far From Over

Europe’s Currency Manipulation

A Fair Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

Seth’s Blog: When specialization starts to pay off (and the danger of getting it wrong)

Seth’s Blog: Different kinds of magic

Signs of Life in the Eurozone

Fighting Climate Change Region by Region

Grading Teachers by the Test

21 Hiking Trails That Will Take Your Breath Away

McKinsey Top 10 articles this quarter

What ‘Big Steps’ in U.S.-Cuba Diplomacy Mean for Business

Claims management: Taking a determined stand against insurance fraud

Digital hives: Creating a surge around change

Chinese Coal Cuts

In Defense of Angela Merkel

The Global Obesity Threat

Seth’s Blog: The selfish truth about word of mouth (why referrals don’t happen)

The Economist on Microsoft

OmniFocus 2 for iOS now available on iPad and iPhone

First look: Office Lens scans documents and whiteboards into editable Office files

Eleven Atlanta Educators Convicted in Cheating Scandal

App showdown: Roku vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Fire TV vs. Nexus Player

Why fewer American kids will get a chance at upward mobility

Why Most Brands Fail At E-Commerce

One-fifth of adults in the United States use smartphones as their only access point to the internet

Ted Cruz: ‘Unfortunate’ that some big businesses oppose religious freedom law

How Companies and Services Like Facebook Are Shaped by the Programming Languages They Use

Behind the ‘Blurred Lines’ of Copyright Laws

Will U.S. Businesses Find a Place in the Cuban Economy?

Defense outlook 2017: A global survey of defense-industry executives

The Solar Price Revolution

Seth’s Blog: The hard part about surfing

First Release of Data for Five Sectors

4 handy options for adding storage to your iPhone or iPad

A New Cancer Drug, Made in China

Here’s a Thing: Coders Can Skip College

College crisis: More students arriving with ‘severe psychological issues’

The Remarkable Plunge in the Cost of Electric Vehicles

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss (Week Ending April 4, 2015)

Entrepreneurship in Cuba: ‘The Doors Are Opening’

Confronting big economic challenges

A Massacre in Africa

Asian Values RI

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Seth’s Blog: Customer service and luxury

Dropbox Is Testing An Online Note-Taking Service With “Project Composer”

Adobe Slate | Make a beautiful visual story. In minutes.

Why the California drought matters to you

Apple demonstrates how to use Apple Watch with new guided tour videos

Seth’s Blog: A practical definition of reputation

Netflix molds TV’s future with 4K and HDR content, by pushing for faster internet and recommending TV sets

Lowering A City’s Homeless Population — By Forcing The Homeless Out

US gains in mobile patents as IBM passes Samsung

Memo To California: If You’ve A Shortage Of Something Then Change The Price

Special ops troops doubt women can do the job, survey finds

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider restarts with sights set on dark matter

‘Tripping Over Wires’: The Risks of Doing Business in Cuba

Relearning to Love the Bomb

Why Europe Backs Obama on Iran

Will China’s Infrastructure Bank Work?

Iran Versus Saudi Arabia


Robert Powell’s Retirement Portfolio: Don’t fight the Fed; invest with it

College freshmen flunk financial literacy 101

The best cross-platform writing apps for Mac and iOS

How Growers Gamed California’s Drought

Startup Aims for a Social Virtual World

DARPA Brain Stimulator Searches for Memories

Report On Retracted ‘Rolling Stone’ Rape Story Cites ‘Systematic Failing’

The Monetarist Mistake

The future of loneliness

iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch

How Much Does Italy Owe Amanda Knox? A Lot.

Teaching Evolution to Students Who Tell Me They’ll Pray for My Soul

The Long Road to Telecom Growth in Cuba

Our gambling culture

China’s Not-So-New Not-So-Normal

Creative Self-Disruption

Winning Sri Lanka’s Peace

Nigeria’s Critical Election

Seth’s Blog: Try before you buy (or buy, then try)

Census Bureau Releases Updated Tables on Fertility

Regulate the Carry Trade

3 ways a $70 scanner can change your life

You don’t need Comcast’s gigabit broadband. You just need consistent throughput

Power tips for managing files in Apple’s Finder

No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends

Network Archaeologists Discover Two Types of Social Network Growth in Historical Facebook Data

Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom Wants Companies Like Google and Facebook to Help to Keep Artificial Intelligence Friendly

U.S. defence chief says influence at risk without Asia trade pact

Ford’s attempt to take on Uber

What the ‘New Normal’ for U.S.-Cuba Business Relations May Look Like

Cuba’s Flourishing Artists Set Entrepreneurial Example

Foreign Investment in Cuba: Will Changes Open a Floodgate?

The Secret of Singapore’s Success

The Case for Turkey in Europe

Regulate the Carry Trade

Seth’s Blog: Two heads or one?

Population Changes in U.S. Island Areas Over Last Decade

Genius now lets you annotate any web page without its owner having to change any code

Review: Photos for OS X is faster than iPhoto but less powerful than Aperture

Use an external SSD to make an old Mac feel new (without cracking it open)

Food Pantries Opening on More Campuses

Think Tuition Is Rising Fast? Try Room And Board

What a Rand Paul White House could mean for businesses

How to move your website to a new host

The mobile-home trap: How a Warren Buffett empire preys on the poor

U.S. defense chief warns against militarization of territorial rows in Asia

Beyond the storm—value growth in the EU power sector

The strategist CFO: A conversation with ADP’s Jan Siegmund

Why Social Progress Matters

Narrative Power in Turkey

China’s Slow-Growth Opportunity

Krugman’s Anti-Cameron Contradiction

The Eurozone’s False Recovery

Bring Them Back Now

Seth’s Blog: Enthusiasm and contempt are both self-fulfillling

FFF: Earth Day: April 22, 2015

Review: The new 12-inch MacBook is a laptop without an ecosystem

Apple’s iOS 8.3 enables Wi-Fi calling on Sprint iPhones

Ascending to the C-suite

China’s First Homegrown Commercial Jet: Clear Skies Ahead?

What Can We Learn from the Germanwings Tragedy?

Money for Nothing

Making the Most of More Aid

Why Turkey Won’t Go Nuclear

Citizens for a Clean Economy

American Leadership in a Multipolar World

Seth’s Blog: Why not?

Corrected 2014 CPS Fertility Supplement Historical Table

HP backs away from public cloud business, citing competition and lack of profitability

HBO Now explained: Everything we know, and a few things we don’t

Changing the nature of board engagement

Being fat in middle age reduces risk of developing dementia, researchers say

General Electric to Sell Bulk of Its Finance Unit -

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss (Week Ending April 11, 2015)

How a Troll-Spotting Algorithm Learned Its Anti-antisocial Trade

Mac 911: How to erase your Mac’s hard drive the right way

TextExpander touch 3.2.3—Recover Lost Snippets

Taylor Swift’s mom has cancer: Why her revelation is important

Maltese delegation at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Can People Analytics Help Firms Manage People Better?

Seth’s Blog: Five steps to digital hygiene

New Research Shows Free Online Courses Didn’t Grow As Expected

Hillary Clinton starts cutting ties to Bill’s foundation

iOS 8.3 Problems Reported By iPhone And iPad Users: Touch ID, Battery Life Issues, Keyboard Freezes And More

5 reasons we can’t handle marriage anymore

Drafts 4.2 – Apple Watch ready - Agile Tortoise

Seth’s Blog: The noise in our head (and artificial intelligence)

Ford CEO Mark Fields: China and India are key to growth

Raul Castro Says Cuba Blockade Not Obama’s Fault

GE’s Return to Core – CEO Immelt Speaks Regarding Conglomerate’s Future - Modern Readers

Clinton reached across the aisle as Senator, but the old ways there are no more

Oldest Neanderthal DNA found in Italian skeleton

The mystery moneymen behind Ted Cruz’s super-PACs

What Good Is an Arab Military Alliance?

Asia’s Multilateralism

Why Europe Needs to Save Greece

Seth’s Blog: Hope and expectation

Colleges Retool Study of Chemistry

New Survey Shows The World’s Most And Least Religious Places

Nobel-winning author Guenter Grass dies in Germany

Cancer surge in China prompts rise of ‘cancer hotels’

Flying — it’s actually worse than you think

The ‘Mutual Respect’ That Results When Consumers and Brands Collide

Convincing Californians to Take the Drought Personally

Marketing and sales: New & improved

McKinsey Quarterly 2015 Number 1: Overview and full issue

Boosting Front-Office Productivity In Capital Markets

Bangladesh’s Fundamentalist Challenge

The Challenge of Russia’s Decline

Europe’s Poisoned Chalice of Growth

The Harm of Regulatory Disharmony

Stopping Women’s Next Biggest Killer

Overcoming the Ukraine Crisis

Seth’s Blog: “I’m not the kind of person who … “

One thing that’s better for millennials: Equal pay

5 times it’s more expensive to be a woman

Mac Power Users episode 251

Tuesday tip: Use item links effectively

Prison time for some Atlanta school educators in cheating scandal - CNN

iThoughts Presentation Mode, Filters and Variables

Chris Christie bets on bold remake of Social Security — and a test for 2016

‘I’m a winner’: Floyd Mayweather Jr. weighs in on ‘Fight of the Century’

Profit in politics: Digital ad firms could rake in big bucks this election

DNA test may bring us closer to Lincoln’s death 150 years ago today

Singapore high school math problem stumps the Internet

Dark matter map unveils first results

Millennials, more jobs and high-end buildings will push average US rent higher

OmniGroup plans 2015

Here’s where Marco Rubio gets his campaign money

Meet YouNow, the live-casting app that teens love and parents fear

Economists: Don’t leave home without one

How Smart Leadership Revived Chile after a Historic Disaster

What a Robust Dollar Means for U.S. Business

Brazil’s Scandal: Will it Sink Deeper — or Emerge Stronger?

The Mealy-Mouthed West

Obama’s Failed Afghan Peace Strategy

Last Taxi to Europe

Sustainable Energy Now

How to Reform the IMF Now

Seth’s Blog: Are you feeling lucky?

What Peter Drucker Knew About 2020

A Conversation With Peter Drucker

China’s deepening slowdown puts pressure on Beijing

Apple just made a big move that could take next-gen iPhone cameras to the next level

IBM partners with J&J and Medtronic to build apps for the health sector

Lincoln tomb caretakers on defensive over magazine critique, budget cuts

Former Microsoft Research Executive Says Technologists Overestimate Their Ability to Drive Social Progress

TextExpander: How to Create Custom Citations with a Few Keystrokes

BusyContacts review: Keep your contacts close, and their social media feeds even closer

#EqualPayDay: Are employers ready to oblige?

For first time, digital music matches physical sales

What a Robust Dollar Means for U.S. Business

China’s AIIB Recasts Regional Lending — and U.S. Influence

M&A 2014: Return of the big deal | McKinsey & Company

Turning the Page on Ebola

The Creative State

Why We Need “Game of Thrones”

Seth’s Blog: I am ‘anti-business’, you might be too

Here’s the one trait you should have to get a job at Google

Rich Universities Get Richer Faster

Medical-School Exam Gets an Overhaul

Panama City rape: ‘Spring break … is over’ - KOAT Albuquerque

Don’t Throw the Past Away: Rediscovering the “Drucker Space”

Tennessee House votes to make Bible official state book

Crave an Apple Watch? Poll shows you may have also voted for Obama

How Deflation Works in the Real World: Diamonds as a Carat-Sized Case Study

Guilty verdict of U.S. football star casts another shadow over nation’s biggest sport

Congress OKs bill reshaping Medicare doctors’ fees

Is $15 an hour a realistic minimum wage?

Gaining Traction: Fannie and Freddie Flirt with Re-privatization

Brightening the black box of R&D

Can Trade Agreements Stop Currency Manipulation?

The Debt Dilemma

ExxonMobil’s Dangerous Business Strategy

The Least We Can Do For Syria

What the West Owes Ukraine

Seth’s Blog: What if you stopped?

How to use LinkedIn to Find Clients Without Breaking a Sweat

Tim Cook has the best pay-for-performance rating among highest-paid US executives, earning $65.2M last year

How to Photoshop the color of absolutely anything

Murphy’s Law and the new MacBook: We had setup hassles, migrating or not

The Tell: Americans may be paying too much tax for their own good

Brett Arends’s ROI: Smart-beta strategies that actually beat the market

When The World Bank Does More Harm Than Good

Short-termism and the threat from climate change

How to password-protect your Mac — and keep other people from using it

Cloud shopping: Is iCloud Photo Library the best value for your dollar?

Revenge of the record labels: How the majors renewed their grip on music

‘Quack’: Physicians want Dr. Oz gone from Columbia medical faculty

What’s the Best iPhone 6 Case?

The Plan to Squeeze a High-End Camera into Your Smartphone | MIT Technology Review

Turning to Big, Big Data to See What Ails the World

Quick Tip: Customizing the OmniFocus Today view widget

How MOOCs Are Taking Local Knowledge Global

How to beat the transformation odds

After years of testing, Google has replaced the URL with the site name and breadcrumb trail in the mobile search snippets

How to Play the College Financial-Aid Game

Metro Money: You Call It a Library, I Call It My Office

Why A Blockbuster Of A Trade Deal With Asia Matters

In New Orleans, Young Lives Adrift

Yes, You Can Help The World And Make Money At The Same Time

This time iPhone 6 is ‘fundamentally different’ to anything we’ve seen before

Seven Reasons We Hate Free-Range Parenting

Analysis: Britt McHenry and the upsides of a surveillance society

How to beat the transformation odds

The Problem With Secular Stagnation

Seth’s Blog: Seen, heard, gotten, changed

Break the chains: NYC wonders how to save small shops from big business

Trillions of dollars needed for new bid to end poverty by 2030

How computers got amazing: Moore’s Law at 50

A War of Values With Russia

A Global Marshall Plan

Effective Altruism

Seth’s Blog: The difference between mass and banality

Are you ready to decide?

Behind Cooper Turmoil, an Ugly Scene

Japan, U.S. ‘Close’ To Major Deal

3 easy ways to share a Mac’s screen, great for long-distance tech support

2,500 years later, the hottest new management guru is Confucius

An Efficient Way to Convert Plants Directly into Hydrogen Fuel

A Gene-Edited Potato

A Guide to Thesis-Writing and a Guide to Life

How Nokia Can Make the Most of the Alcatel-Lucent Deal

Live and Lucrative? Why Video Streaming Supremacy Matters

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Insurance

Oil-price shocks and the chemical industry: Preparing for a volatile environment

$200 billion and counting: How to separate profit from risk in times of plunging oil prices

Mr. Abe Goes to Washington

A Tale of Two Atomic Cities

Seth’s Blog: The freelancer course is here

Encore: Don’t count on working longer to salvage retirement

Norway Becoming First Country To Eliminate FM Radio

Californians Can Now Pay Cash For Health Insurance At 7-Eleven

Hillary Clinton: Any trade deal must produce jobs - USA TODAY

Millennials: It’s Time to Start Talking to Strangers

Exclusive: The NRA’s brazen shell game with donations

Not popular: Chris Christie’s low approval ratings keep him far from D.C.

Blue Bell Creameries recalls all products after ice cream found with deadly bacteria

Prosecutor ties reputed mobster to unsolved Boston art heist

‘Monkey Kingdom’: Disney’s new nature flick looks beyond box office

Not so fast Obama’s third term: Hillary Clinton says economy has ‘stalled out’

How to Stand Out as a Leader: 6 Tips

Crowdfunding Commercial Real Estate — the New Disruptor?

How to Think Strategically about Knowledge Management

Grow fast or die slow: Pivoting beyond the core

The reality of growth in the software industry

Debating the Confidence Fairy

Europe’s Roadblocks to Long-Term Investment

Save our Soils

Why Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide?

Girls, Not Brides

An Earth Year

Demand higher standards

We asked 4 robo advisers and 4 human advisers for portfolios for the same investor

The Trouble With Grading Employees

The truth about Canada’s low-income benefits: They work

The ins and outs of an OS X Permissions fix

London trader arrested for alleged role in $1T ‘flash crash’ on Wall Street

New York City marks Earth Day with plan to cut waste by 90 percent by 2030

Powerful space telescope will be ‘a time machine to look back 13.5 billion years’

How Benford’s Law Reveals Suspicious Activity on Twitter

HP’s Audacious Idea for Reinventing Computers

Our favorite productivity and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Passive, but Powerful: How Index Funds Exercise Their Clout

How agile is your supply chain?

The globally effective enterprise

Three Encounters with Hillary

The Case for Peace With Iran

Ireland’s Lessons for Greece

Asian Games Are Not Zero-Sum

The Right Health Investments

Seth’s Blog: People are real, but the crowd disappoints

Population Estimates by Age/Sex: April 2010 to July 2014

Sacramento Tops Large Counties in Employment Growth Rate

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit

Podcast: Everything we love, hate, and love to hate about Photos for OS X

Germany’s Largest Bank Fined Record $2.5 Billion In Rate-Fixing Scandal

Deep inside the smart Swiss watches that challenge Apple Watch with analog panache

How Google’s Project Fi Will Try and Challenge AT&T and Verizon

The 10 Tricks That Will Make You Appear Smarter In Meetings

Why American Workers Without Much Education Are Being Hammered

With turnaround plan in the works, will McDonald’s fate be decided May 4?

How Corporate Boards Can Make a Difference

Are You a Digital Immigrant?

Zee’s Punit Goenka: Youth Is the Fastest-Growing Audience

How Businesses Are Leading Climate Change Innovation

Is It Possible for the World to Run on Renewable Energy?

Low-carbon Energy Increasingly Gets Private Investment

Renewable Energy Future Looks Less Costly

Business and society in the coming decades

Leading By Engaging

The Shareholder Spring Continues

Democracy Versus Growth?

A New Deal for Greece

Good-Government Authoritarianism?

Reckless abandon (is neither)

New Census Bureau Infographic Shows How Communities Rely on the ACS

FFF: Earth Day: April 22, 2015

Chipotle partners with Postmates to offer delivery in 67 US cities for $4.99 to $7.99

The Filthy-Rich 50: Meet the richest person in each U.S. state

Match Game: Companies Push Training to Close Skills Gap

To Weather Criticism, It Helps To Think Of The Big Picture

It’s not over: Comcast deal doomed but mergers are still in cable’s future

New retail strategy used to launch the Apple Watch

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss (Week Ending April 25, 2015)

Google and Facebook Say Weak Encryption Makes Law Enforcement Less Accountable

10 years later, YouTube is a hit but faces challenges

Custom-made humans? Scientists edit embryo genomes for the first time

Author Randy Wayne White’s Florida Home: Where Thrillers Are Written

Toward a new HR philosophy

Getting beyond bureaucracy in human resources


Diet Pepsi dropping aspartame on customer concerns

To overcome an irrational fear …

This security flaw puts online shoppers’ data at risk

8 Obama Jokes That Stood Out From The White House Correspondents Dinner

An Online Tune-Up for the Used-Car Marketplace

The Man Who Broke the Music Business

The AIIB and Global Governance

How Iran Is Winning

Turkey’s Historical Responsibility

Did US Drone Strikes Lose Yemen?

The Narrative Roots of Public Policy

Are the Good Times Over?

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: #MobileMadness: a campaign to help you go mobile-friendly

Product adoption: different problems for different folks 3 review: Don’t like Apple’s Reminders? You might like

Here’s how much Apple earns more than everyone else

Why Coding Is Your Child’s Key to Unlocking the Future

Maybe You Should Rethink That Daily Aspirin

Five Disturbing Things You Didn’t Know About Forensic “Science”

The campaign calculus in YouTube era

Elite Universities Are Turning Our Kids Into Corporate Stooges

Do the charts matter in the age of Spotify?

A Robot Rethought to Appeal to Manufacturers

Stephen Hawking’s cosmic theory consoles One Direction fans

Picture it: A 1,000-year exposure showing a changing Earth

How Rue La La Lures Customers to ‘Must-see Shopping’

Author Brian Little on Personality and the ‘Art of Well-being’

Maintaining momentum in Brazil’s pharmaceutical market

Maintaining a long-term view during turnarounds

Can we talk? Five tips for communicating in turnarounds

Landside operations: The next frontier for container-shipping alliances

America’s Risky Recovery

A Time for Middle East Realism

Planetary Boundaries and Human Prosperity

China’s Slowing New Normal

The Old New Financial Risk

Good design (and serial numbers)

2012 Economic Census Geographic Area Series for Two More Sectors

Megacities Might Not Save the Planet After All

The 9 Books Every Boss Should Read

Chinese leader absent but central in Japan-U.S. trade talks

Lessons on Disaster Preparedness from the Nepal Earthquake

Why Financial Literacy Programs Require Long-term Follow-up

Pricing in retail: Setting strategy

The impact of regulation

Ukraine’s Other Chernobyls

Lies, Damn Lies, and the British Election

Tsipras in Dreamland

I didn’t see it because I wasn’t looking

FFF: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2015

5 surprising tips for Apple’s new Photos app

David Weidner’s Writing on the Wall: Will new rules on CEO pay really pay off?

Mental-Health Crunch on Campus

Making Multifunctional Fibers to Probe the Brain

Overwhelmed? 6 Ways to Bring Sanity to an Insane Work Schedule

Take the hassle out of scanning documents

NFL to give up tax-exempt status amid congressional pressure

Separation of Church and Cubicle: Religion in the Modern Workplace

Brittle Britain

An Asian Community Can Wait

Economic Policy Turned Inside Out

A New Blueprint for US-China Relations

Beyond Silicon Valley

The naked corn paradox

Infographic: Transportation Alternatives by Census Region

After years of restructuring, Sony predicts operating profit will quadruple to $2.7B this year on strong PS4 and image sensor sales

What these successful women do in the morning

If you believe in Buffett, buy his company’s stock

A $42 Million Bet on Cities and the Power of Data

IBM’s Latest Quantum Computing Advance

Review: Sorting Good Apple Watch Apps from Bad

Japan PM offers ‘eternal condolences’ for Americans killed in WWII

Microsoft developers conference falls flat, is Apple next?

Exploring Canada’s National Parks in the land of the Midnight Sun

Google cost searches - Business Insider

Britain’s Silent Election

Europe Versus Gazprom

Cyber War and Peace

An Even More Dismal Science

Protecting student data in a digital world

The eight essentials of innovation

Discovery fatigue

How PepsiCo Convinced You That Lays Were Cool Again

The four global forces breaking all the trends

Satya Nadella envisions a Microsoft that is more willing to favor big bets on new technologies over protecting legacy cash cows

A college ranking where Harvard doesn’t make the top of the list

50 Most Common Interview Questions | Glassdoor Blog

After the Oval Office: Obama looks to community outreach for black youth

Las Vegas hotel room rates plunge as fans cool on Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

3-D Printed Stents Save Toddlers

American Psychological Association secretly helped justify torture, report says

Forty years after fall of Saigon, Vietnam now directs anger at China

Study: Climate change could threaten one in six species with extinction

This school in Norway abandoned teaching subjects 40 years ago

Why the Google Antitrust Case Is ‘A Step in the Negotiation Process’

Ido Aharoni: Why Brand Capital Is Part of National Security

Learning from South Korea’s mobile-retailing boom

The Dollar Joins the Currency Wars

Will the TPP Help Latin America?

Toward an Alliance of Hope

The angry teenager (your customer?, your boss?)

After Baltimore, what hope for change?

Climate Change and the Catholic Church


UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurer in US, will cover video-based doctor visits from telemedicine firms NowClinic, Doctor on Demand, and American Well

Slide Show: Warren Buffett’s reading list, from Benjamin Graham to football

Mayweather Outboxes Pacquiao In A Unanimous Decision

China Promises $46 Billion To Pave The Way For A Brand New Silk Road

Who Keeps Track If Your Surgery Goes Well Or Fails?

For A Resume, Type Font Matters

How The Internet Is Forcing The Humanization Of Work by Stephen Denning

Which Internet for Europe?

Putin on Parade

How to Select the Next UN Secretary-General

Graft or Growth in China?

Are you certain that you’re trapped?

Warren Buffett doesn’t tip like a billionaire, and 6 other things I learned at ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’

Outside the Box: The Buffett & Munger Show calls Greece a ‘drunken brother,’ and praises China

The Tell: Bill Gross says death is coming for him and this bull market

McDonald’s CEO Promises ‘Modern, Progressive Burger Company’

A Poker Battle Against A Computer

Canine vets forgotten: Inside one Marine’s fight to get health care for her dog

No more ‘nerd speak’: Forecasters urged to improve tornado warnings

Tesla’s Home Battery Is Built for a Solar Boom

‘Avengers’ sequel is second-biggest U.S. opener of all time

Why the Best Designers Don’t Specialize in Any One Thing

Can the EU Solve the Greek Puzzle While Pushing for Growth?

Why China’s consumers will continue to surprise the world

The End of 1945

Latin America Between Kennan and Obama

Telling the truth with charts

2013 ZIP Code Business Patterns

10 of the prettiest places to retire - MarketWatch

The New Bookkeeper Is a Robot

One Chart That Explains A Big Issue Behind Baltimore Protests

Site Using Candidate Carly Fiorina’s Name Attacks Her Record At H

Cinco de Mayo, a reference point for unity in fragmented Mexico

The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares

4 things I wish I’d known before retiring abroad

CIA insider’s memoir sheds new light on U.S. political controversies

How Old Brands Can Still Surprise Consumers

Reshoring Isn’t a Myth -- But It’s Not a Phenomenon Either

Growing by adapting at speed

Data for Development

Pretty websites

Five ways to grow your business this Small Business Week

Facebook and IBM partner to combine retail data and Facebook user data to improve ad targeting

Sources: Apple working with US researchers to offer DNA testing via ResearchKit

Facebook’s tool for your digital estate plan

Colleges Pay When Parents Go Bankrupt

When Your Best Mentor Is … Mom

Edison’s Talking Dolls Can Now Provide The Soundtrack To Your Nightmares

Virtual Volunteers Use Twitter And Facebook To Make Maps Of Nepal

Obama Laces Up To Tout Asian Trade Deal At Nike

The power of Pomodoro (or, how to slice your time to stay on task)

‘Drought of century’ leads to unprecedented water restrictions in Calif.

Senate adopts GOP budget targeting the Affordable Care Act

Hispanics live longer than whites, despite health problems

Millions displaced: Violence takes devastating toll on world’s people in 2014

Apple has an opportunity to completely change TV if it uses this model

Jay H. Baker: How Kohl’s Carved Out a Retail Niche

The Promising Tidal Wave of Streaming Music

How Tesla’s Powerall Will Shift Control to the Consumer

Making marketing technology work

Capitalism vs. lock in

2014 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections

FFF: Mother’s Day: May 10, 2015

Health of State Government Finances, Including Taxes and Public Pensions

New and Improved Trade Agreements?

Safeguarding the Open Internet

Japan’s Good Fight

Germany v. Google

The Rain on Russia’s Parade

Buy Back or Pay Forward?

The Lesson of Nepal

A Blueprint for Greece’s Recovery

The Battle for Britain

Google study finds 5.5% of unique visitors to Google sites had some form of injected ads, affecting more than 3000 advertisers

AT&T customers with unlimited data using LTE now throttled only when network is congested, instead of when they go over 5GB/mo

Apple hasn’t fixed or even acknowledged widely-reported networking issues on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 related to discoveryd

Cody Wilson, inventor of the 3D printable gun, files countersuit against US State Department claiming the blueprints are protected free speech

Apple Confirms Their Web Crawler: Applebot

Flickr puts a spit-shine on its mobile apps and uploader

For Stanford’s Business School, Bay Area’s Pull Is Mixed Blessing

Business Schools Fight to Recruit Top Women

College Majors Figure Big in Earnings

J.P. Morgan’s Barista-Turned-Banker Sees Good Things Brewing

This Experiment Shows What Happens To Your Body When Everything You Eat Is Organic

10 of the best festivals in Europe … that you’ve probably never heard of

Memristors Used to Make a Neural-Network Chip

Bill Gates: We are ‘Outrageously’ Not Prepared for a Coming Outbreak

Introducing the Long-Reader’s Digest, a weekly column where we’ll give you a taste of the best new long-form journalism on the Internet

America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care

How to use Spotlight in Yosemite to search for files, apps, web info, and more

Fmr. WH advisor: Obama’s trade pact won’t help the middle class

‘Nuthin’ but a G Thang’: Study says hip-hop revolutionized music, not Beatles

Jade Helm 15: Pentagon promises it’s not taking over Texas or the Southwest

Brain technology patents soar as companies get inside people’s heads

More precise data in the new Search Analytics report

Jack and Suzy Welch: Strong Leadership Is All about Trust

Online Groceries in India: Will Consumers Bite?

Infographic: Business Simplification 2015

Unearthing performance gains to boost bank value

Closing France’s €100 billion digital gap

What Now for Britain and Europe?

Inequality, Immigration, and Hypocrisy

Do you want our apathy?

About 14% of Zappos employees accept severance as Zappos continues its months-long transition to holacratic management structure

Don’t (just) blame Facebook: We build our own bubbles

3 out of 4 retirees receiving reduced Social Security benefits

Cameron, Conservatives win big in surprising U.K. elections

They knew: Blue Bell ignored listeria concerns from 2 years ago

The Most Valuable Aspect of Bitcoin: Its Versatile Ledger Technology

Newly discovered deep sea microbes missing link in evolution

The Cutting Edge of Lean Management

China’s Green-Energy Revolution by John A. Mathews and Hao Tan - Project Syndicate

Why China’s consumers will continue to surprise the world | McKinsey & Company

David Cameron’s Europe

A hierarchy of organizational needs

Infographic – World War II: 70 Years On

FFF: Older Americans Month: May 2015

The truth about Macs in the enterprise

Chuck Jaffe: 6 ways Vanguard has changed the way people invest

Here’s where your stolen online accounts are sold via PayPal

Swipe Through More Than 90,000 Jobs With New App -

Texas students keep vandalizing this Jefferson Davis statue

As Moscow preps for Victory Day, Russians riled by West’s boycott

Apple Loop: Tattoos Break Apple Watch, iOS 8.2 Terminated, iPhone 7 Plans

Why you shouldn’t wash your dishes by hand

Facebook: Users make their news feed less diverse - The Times of India

“But how can you be sure?”

Immigration fight looms over Republicans’ South Carolina gathering

Fund me please: Budget gaps send states searching for revenue

Nearly half of states confronting big budget shortfalls

What’s the status of Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with the U.S.?

‘Bourbon Empire’ Reveals The Smoke And Mirrors Of American Whiskey

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover

Why can’t we read anymore?

There Is Growing Evidence that Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram

3 foolproof ways for understanding how to reach customers

How Overconfident CEOs Could Take Down the Firm

Greening China’s Financial System

Western Politics’ Locust Years

International Norms in Cyberspace

Homesick Politics


Embracing the new MacBook lifestyle: It works, adapters and all

Evolution Simulator Reveals the Secret to Mating Without Social Skills

Nanoscale Semiconductors Offer a New Approach to Artificial Photosynthesis

Chinese smartphone market, world’s largest, shrinks in Q1 -study

China springs a leak before springing rate cut

Italy’s birth dearth

Bo Derek: Aging is not for sissies

Florida coast ground zero for battling rising sea levels across U.S.

WWII Total Served

40 Key Computer Science Concepts Explained In Layman’s Terms

GE Sheds Finance Arm to Become Industrial Powerhouse

Cambodia: From Battlefield to Global Marketplace

Hospital Consolidation: Can It Work This Time?

Oil-price shocks and the chemical industry: Preparing for a volatile environment

Reversing Africa’s Medical Brain Drain

Life-Saving Drugs for All

The Paradox of Identity Politics

A new way to move forward

AOL in talks to spin off HuffPost

Apps to keep track of all your favorite TV shows

2015 Rankings List Most ‘Bicycle Friendly’ U.S. States

Verizon Inks $4.4 Billion Agreement To Buy AOL

AOL’s bumpy tale isn’t over yet

Harvard’s Sendhil Mullainathan on behavior and poverty

Online divide: Slow Internet means big problem for Common Core testing

Forgoing church: America continues to become more secular

Virtual Reality Lets Robots Work Out Their Kinks

How Dropbox Plans to Compete with Microsoft, Google, and IBM: Simplicity | MIT Technology Review

How to Improve the Science of Forecasting

How digital is changing strategy

Sewing up lower costs from falling commodity prices

Talent versus Capital in the Twenty-First Century

The Puzzle of Liberal Democracy

Why Greece is Different

The Secret Corporate Takeover

Imperfect substitutes

CEO succession starts with developing your leaders

What UberX Drivers Actually Earn

Walt Mossberg Tests the Apple Watch for a Month

Mac 911: You are not an Apple ID! You are a Free Person!

Encore: Social Security forecasts ‘systemically biased’ to upside: study

One Woman’s Struggle To Survive ‘Too Much Vacation’ In France

Camp David summit shows Gulf states’ generational shift

It’s back: El Niño is going to wreak havoc on your summer weather

Verizon’s Ambitious Ad Play with AOL Faces Headwinds

Russia’s Indefensible Military Budget

Smokeless China

The Strategic Imperative of TTI

An Economics to Fit the Facts

Choosing what’s possible: Your turn to grow

Non-profits and stories that matter

Sunrise launches Meet, a keyboard for iOS and Android that displays your schedule availability to make booking meetings easier

College Enrollment Continues Slide

Why Do Most Galaxies Die? It’s A Case Of Strangulation, Scientists Say

Matt Bai: If Clinton won’t level with voters now, when will she?

Attorney: Amtrak engineer has ‘no recollection’ of fatal train wreck

How Kohl’s Became a National Retailer

Why Youth Matters in Actively Managed Funds

‘Power Forward’: Reggie Love’s Presidential Education

The gowth conundrum

The global obesity threat

Tokyo drift: How Japan can turn its aging workforce into an advantage

How do you govern a disrupted world?

Democracy’s Missing Meaning

Channeling China’s Aspirations

The Missing Arrow of Abenomics

Why Syriza Will Blink

Can we talk about this?

Looted By The Nazis, Matisse’s ‘Seated Woman’ Finally Finds Her Way Home

What It Takes To Lift Families Out Of Poverty

What’s Driving The Motor City Forward Now?

Wreckage of missing U.S. helicopter found on mountainside in Nepal

The Blue Bell Listeria outbreak creates a black market for ice cream

A deepwater fish joins mammals and birds in warm-blooded club

Meltdown: NASA researchers warn that giant Antarctic ice shelf may fall into ocean

Students in crisis: Mental health and suicide on college campuses

Survey: More than 40 percent of bee hives died in past year

A ‘Dumb Pipe’ No More: What Verizon Wants from AOL

Emerging economies’ demographic challenge

Rethinking the water cycle

Building the Global Schoolhouse

How to go faster

Rich at heart: Clintons earned $30 million in past 16 months

Jury sentences Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death

A psychiatrist says this skill is the best indicator of a person’s ability to succeed

Politicians, patriots and statesmen

Inside Zappos’ switch to Holacracy, a manager-free operating structure, which led 14% of employees to quit

Survey of 100 women tech entrepreneurs shows 84% not from STEM background, 67% perceived bias in workplace, mentorship from men key for most, more

The Outsized Optimism Of The Entrepreneur

American Pharoah Wins Preakness Stakes, Has Shot At Triple Crown

America’s most important rail line is falling apart

U.S. pushes pedal on car-to-car communication

European battle brewing over ‘blood metals’ from Africa

Inspiring Economic Growth

Educating for Sustainable Development

Germany’s Golden Opportunity

Why do you do it this way?

Google researchers create amazing timelapses from public photos

What do I tell a friend who just lost his job?

‘Mad Men’ Finale: A Love Letter To Fans Filled With Mostly Happy Endings

The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally.

Texas gunfight leaves 9 bikers dead; police were outside the whole time

Jay Z and Beyoncé quietly post bail for Black Lives Matter protesters

The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 2

Who Funds the Future?

Single-Cell Genomics Allows Identification of New Cell Types

Tunisia’s extremists are coming from the middle class

What the TPP Means for U.S. Influence in Asia

Why capital expenditures need more CFO attention

No Pain, No Gain for Britain?

Keeping Europe’s Eastern Promise

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Osborne

The Modi Government Turns One

No Child Left Out

Modi in China

Unlimited scale

Plan Bee: White House Unveils Strategy To Protect Pollinators

The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan That Forever Changed Film

Shell Oil’s Cold Calculations for a Warming World

How to use the Adjust tools in Photos for OS X

Housing data to give clues on U.S. economy

Social Entrepreneurship 101: Building Companies That Make a Difference

How Can Human Resources Regain Its Edge?

Building the cities of the future with green districts

Development Finance with Chinese Characteristics?

The Irresistible Rise of the Renminb

Smart Development Targets

Staying the Course in Europe’s East

Is it meeting your needs…

Oil Spill Near Santa Barbara Fouls California Coastline

The Second Job You Don’t Know You Have

Why It Pays to Be a Jerk

When adware attacks! And how to defeat it | Macworld

Buying in: Wall Street taking bitcoin more seriously

Last laughs: David Letterman to bid farewell tonight

7 money moves everyone should make in their first year after college graduation

What Is Art? Surprisingly, the Crowdfunders and Experts Agree

Beyond Universal Education

The Health Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

Thailand’s Stunted Transition

Escaping the Middle East’s Violence Trap

A World of Underinvestment

You don’t know Lefsetz?

Ten U.S. Cities Now Have 1 Million or More People

Twitter lacks size and ad tracking technology necessary to reverse sales slowdown, which was in part due to a lack of demand for its results-focused pricing

Can You Sue the Boss for Making You Answer Late-Night Email?

Make the most of Mail for iOS with these 8 powerful tips

iPhone 6S Fightback Needs 5 Essential Camera Upgrades

Silicon Valley Takes a Trip to the Farm Belt

In foreign exchange rigging: ‘If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying’

Are Financial Penalties Enough to Deter Banks’ Bad Behavior?

Incumbents as attackers: Brand-driven innovation

Global Finance and Global Warming

The Return of the Balkan Question

New-Model Development Finance

Capital Markets for Development

How to win an argument with a scientist

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 to bring quality focus, smaller apps, legacy iPhone/iPad support, and better security with new Trusted Wi-Fi and Rootless features

Cost of splitting HP into HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to be $400-$450M, will be divided equally between them

13-inch MacBook Air review: Apple’s affordable laptop nicely blends performance and portability

Cancer charities accused of spending $187 million in donations on dating sites, trips to Disney

10 things: 10 things your midlife crisis won’t tell you

We went to Omaha to get the same $18 haircut as Warren Buffett and found out so much more

Student Debt Is Hot Topic for 2016 Field

Smart uses for smart albums in Photos for OS X

FBI has expanded Patriot Act surveillance: Watchdog

NSA showdown: House presses Senate to alter domestic surveillance bill

Break out the flip-flops and sunscreen — here’s the best beaches of 2015

Computational Aesthetics Algorithm Spots Beauty That Humans Overlook

Can Mozilla Halt Firefox’s Slide and Break Up the Mobile Internet Duopoly?

Amid Islamic State takeover of Palmyra, Obama says U.S. not losing

Rising inequality holding back economic growth, report warns

Severe mental illness in youth surprisingly drops over the last decade

25 Best Cities For Jobs

Investing in India: Lots of Optimism, but No ‘Short-term Fixes’

How Companies Can Convince Workers to Quit Smoking

How Discovery keeps innovating

But do you want to get better?

County Business Patterns (CBP) Home Page - US Census Bureau

Who Let The Dogs In? We Did, About 30,000 Years Ago

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry

At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day, take a moment

Suspect in Washington DC quadruple homicide arrested

5 ways OneNote is better than Apple’s Notes app

How to Grow as an Entrepreneur While You’re Still Working for Someone Else

2015 Social Security Changes

How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women

How to Build a Brand People Can’t Resist

We’re All Using These Emoji Wrong

15 Things You’re Not Taught In School That Determine Your Success

When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool

Four years after ‘Jeopardy’ win, IBM’s Watson program has seen applications in 75 industries including finance, healthcare, molecular biology

BlackBerry to Lay Off Undisclosed Number of Employees in Device Business

Email Slip Reportedly Reveals United Kingdom Plan For Possible EU Exit

Mathematician John Nash, who inspired ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ killed in car crash - Reuters

‘Underinsurance’: Democrats have a new health care fight in mind

One-sided death toll in Mexico gunfight raises doubts

Probe into GM recall uncovers ‘criminal wrongdoing’: report

Bubble 2.0?

Paradise in Peril

Lessons for the AIIB

Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker

We are all social entrepreneurs

Iraq, Iran Push Back Against Defense Secretary’s Comments On Iraqi Forces

It’s Not Rude: These Portraits Of Wounded Vets Are Meant To Be Stared At

Free is worth it: How YouTube overcame fears of TV and movie execs

Forgotten for decades, fallen N.Y. soldier finally honored

Can You Hear Me Now? Why Mobile Calls Are Still Subpar, and How That’s Changing

What’s the cure for Europe’s economic woes?

This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life

Who’s the Most Attractive Investment of All? Good-Looking Men

Europe’s Movement Against Moving

Channeling China’s Animal Spirits

The Power of Student Travel

The do over

What Jony Ive’s new job means for Apple design

Forbes reveals “100 World’s Most Powerful Women” - CBS News

Robots Get a Grip on Meat and Vegetables

Technology Is Reshaping the Food Chain

New Study: The world’s a lot more violent than reported

Is the U.S. Stock Market Overvalued?

Evolution’s New Frontiers

The Currency Manipulation Charade

The AIIB and Chinese Strategy

What is a sale for? (48 hours)

Degrees of freedom

Nation Gains More than 4 Million Nonemployer Businesses in Last Decade

Are You Too Rigid?

Soccer scandal: FIFA officials indicted in $100M bribery ring

Bubble or not: Snapchat CEO says ‘We need to IPO’

Maybe the Mac is a typewriter after all

Checking your Mac for viruses — wait, what?

6 myths about your credit score

Mental Health in the Workplace: Moving Beyond the Stigma

John Nash’s Legacy: The Future of Business Strategy

Thomson Reuters on making information useful

Europe’s Refugee Problem, Then and Now

The Soccer Mafia

Europe’s Refugee Amnesia

Niall Ferguson’s Wishful Thinking

The EU’s Growing Credibility Deficit

Taking names

FFF: 25th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act: July 26

21.3% of US Participates in Government Assistance Programs Each Month

E-Stats 2013: Measuring the Electronic Economy

Sen. Al Franken: Student loan debt is damaging America’s economic growth

Outside the Box: Your house is no key to Warren Buffett-like riches

‘Trigger Mortis’: New Bond Novel Brings Back Pussy Galore

Non-Academic Skills Are Key To Success. But What Should We Call Them?

America’s Richest Self-Made Women - Forbes

Best books by billionaires - Business Insider

Holy Crop: How Federal Dollars Are Financing The Water Crisis In The West

U.S. military mistakenly ships live anthrax to labs in 9 states

U.N.: Fewer hungry people in world despite wars, poverty

Study: Ethiopian fossils indicate new forerunner of humans

FIFA criminal probe arrives at door of great survivor Blatter

Building a fast-moving digital enterprise

Transitioning to standard software: Lessons from ERP pioneers

Varoufakis’s Great Game

The Inflation Puzzle

The FIFA Syndrome


Google launches new Photos app with editing tools and free unlimited storage

Essential apps and gear for taking your iPhone camping

Forget babysitting and waiting tables, American teens should seek unconventional summer jobs

Class of 2015 Is Summa Cum Lucky in the Job Market

On The California Shore, Sizing Up Female Marines’ Combat Readiness

Leaving prison: Winning clemency from Obama wasn’t the hard part

EPA to farmers: Stop spraying pesticides when bees are busy on crops

Google Photos launch is latest battle in the war with Apple for phone dominance

FCC head seeks to narrow ‘digital divide’ with new proposal

NBC takes binge-viewing plunge with Manson Family drama ‘Aquarius’

A Murky Road Ahead for Android, Despite Market Dominance -

The FIFA Scandal: Is This the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’?

Cambodia: A Gateway to ASEAN’s 600 Million Consumers?

The simple rules of disciplined innovation | McKinsey & Company

Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward trend | McKinsey & Company

Pain and money and b2b selling

FFF: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2015

FFF: Older Americans Month: May 2015

IBM Now Offering Employees Macs for the First Time

Emergency savings — here’s what you really need

Doing nothing: U.N. hasn’t acted on child sex abuse claims

Worldwide growth: Islamic State’s reach expands to Asia and Africa

Obama says ‘handful of senators’ blocking U.S. surveillance reforms

Wall Street slips as economy readies for worst first-half numbers since 2011

Rashida Jones sheds light on amateur porn industry with ‘Hot Girls Wanted’

The #1 Fitness Trend Of 2015

The 6 Worst Things You Can Call Yourself On LinkedIn

With Diagnostic Tests, It’s a Brave New World

6 Places Never to Use a Debit Card

Greece, Argentina, and the Middle-Income Trap by Andrés Velasco - Project Syndicate

A Contact Group Plan for Syria

Europe and Anti-Europe

Putting Economic Models in Their Place

Not all who are lost, wander

Good Trade Intentions Gone Bad

Small Steps to European Growth

The Education Myth

Why the American Dream is unraveling, in 4 charts

Seeing What Isn’t There: Inside Alzheimer’s Hallucinations

Why Aren’t The Aliens Here Already?

Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

Soccer’s ‘nuclear option’: What would happen if the West boycotted World Cup?

Managing the strategy journey

Strategy under uncertainty

The fabulous life of Dr. Dre, one year after Apple acquired his company, Beats, for $3 billion

More Keynesian than Keynes

China’s Jobless Growth Miracle

Seize the Sustainable Future

The Business Case for Sustainability

The Liquidity Time Bomb

Marketing to the organization

2014 Characteristics of New Housing

Deep Learning is Teaching Computers New Tricks

Watchdog says ex-Nazis got $20.2 million in U.S. Social Security

7 Resume Myths That Won’t Get You Hired

7 Things You Forgot To Include in Your Resume

4 Things Employers Look For In Resumes

5 Common Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them

5 Reasons Why A Creative Resume Will Do You More Harm Than Good

Can Uncertainty Be a Good Thing for Investors?

We Don’t Need a Crisis to Act Unitedly Against Cyber Threats

Turkey’s Critical Election

How to Default on Sovereign Debt

China’s New World Order

The G-7’s Sustainability Mission

Word of mouse

Per Pupil Spending Varies Heavily Across the United States

Intel Makes Biggest Bet In Its History

‘Call Me Caitlyn’: Bruce Jenner Reveals New Name

The Quantified Student: An App That Predicts GPA

How The YMCA Helped Shape America

The Cursed History of the Lemp Family Mansion

TSA fallout: Major changes coming after report finds lapses

Apartment living: Most Americans with minimum-wage jobs can’t afford the rent

Ramadi operation: U.S. and international coalition to reexamine IS strategy

Eyes in the sky: FBI behind surveillance aircraft over U.S. cities

Bernie Sanders’ ‘political revolution’ gains traction with mainstream voters

Campaign cash: GOP’s big money behind everyone — except Rand Paul

4 Economic Thinkers Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Read

U.S. R&D: A troubled enterprise

20 fascinating facts that make you think twice

Google’s Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete

Unlocking the future: The keys to making cities great

Egypt’s Dead Men Walking

Avoiding Conflict in the South China Sea

The Impunity Trap

The critic as an amateur hack

How Electronic Arts stopped being the worst company in America - CNET

10 gotta-know calendar tips for iOS

Terror v. economic anxiety: Clash of priorities defines 2016 debate

Pursuit of Medal of Honor for WWI hero’s ‘family’ leads to sad discovery

Design Guru John Maeda Says Design Is Now a Key Battleground for Big Tech Companies

Scientists Look to Reboot Human Genome Map

The Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015

10 Reasons To Start A Business After College Instead Of Finding A Job

People Who Love The Beach Are Healthier And Know How To Chill Out

She Sat With Many Strangers That Day, But When This Man Shows Up I Got Goosebumps

Scientists Grow Mini Brains From Patient Skin Cells

The Psychology Of Skyscrapers

Experiment Provides Further Evidence That Reality Doesn’t Exist Until We Measure It

Fighting Cyber Warfare through Networks

Rewarding Risk: Why Private Equity Needs to Venture Beyond BRICS

Riders for Health Is Keeping Medical Care Rolling in Africa

Three myths about growth in consumer packaged goods

Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

Pushing to build Asia’s biggest bank

Why South Africa must get real

Accelerating South Africa’s economic transformation

Strengthening South Africa

It’s time for South African business to step up

A Speech of Hope for Greece

Magna Carta at 800

Green Depreciation and European Recovery

The Limits of German Guilt

Europe’s Pointless Deficit Targets?

The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs

Introducing Notes

Introducing Notes

9 ways companies fool you with earnings

Do Buyout Kings Need M.B.A.s?

From ‘Jill’ to ‘Mom’ — inside Jill Biden’s relationship with Beau and Hunter - Washington Post

‘I will no longer keep secrets’: Ex-FIFA chief Warner promises ‘avalanche’ of revelations

Wondering how long you have? Simple score gives five-year death risk

Keep Yourself from Rambling with the “Traffic Light Rule”

How to keep all of your shortcuts in one spot with Launch Center Pro

New ACS Website Coming Soon

The 2015 Wharton Biz Plan Competition

Want to Get Ahead? Work on Your Improv Skills

Should You Fear — or Praise — the Office Tattletale?

Six Digital Marketing Traps That CMOs Should Avoid

Drones for Development

Europe’s Last Act?

Managing the Age of Disruption

The Risks of Mislabeled Risk

Blah, blah, blah

Apple now dominates consumer digital video viewing, says new Adobe report

Outside the Box: The best man for your money is a woman

Why Wal-Mart’s Labor Issues Run Deeper Than Too Much Justin Bieber

Why Political Campaigns Are Raising Money Faster Than Tech Startups

A campaign finance free-for-all is under way — and U.S. authorities won’t stop it

Little pink pill: The tricky approval process behind libido-booster for women

Massive security breach: Hackers unlock data for millions of federal workers

How I tracked FBI aerial surveillance

The Manager’s Diary

An Obstacle Course to Benefit All Robot-Kind

Genetic Engineers Seek to Develop Super-Resilient Potato Variety

12 Ways To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Current Job & Get Ahead In Any Field

5 billionaires giving their fortunes away

Official Google Blog: A changing playing field for women

Gingko App

When to change how you lead

Discussions on digital: Mobile, social, and new trends in consumer expectations

A Green Alliance With Europe

The Debate Channel

Coming at WWDC 2015: New Apple Watch SDK, Quality-focused/refreshed iOS 9 & OS X 10.11, Apple Music | 9to5Mac

10 things: 10 things billionaires won’t tell you

World Bank forecasts $90 trillion new low-carbon stock opportunity

11 Questions You Should Not Ask at Interviews

A Cheat Sheet in Communication for Leaders & Anyone Who Wants to Excel

How to Activate Keyboard Shortcuts in TextExpander 5 While Typing - Mac Automation Tips

Big holes remain in labor market despite blowout U.S. jobs report

Holding the umbrella

The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry

Who’s overseeing SEAL Team 6?

The money trap: More jobs don’t always mean more financial security

Giant hack may be first step in pursuit of bigger U.S. secrets

The Quiet Financial Revolution Begins

One Earth, One Ocean

Rethinking Inflation Targeting

Educating Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees

High resolution is not the same as accurate

OutlineEdit review: Make simple outlines for your writing projects

Sharp selloffs in U.S., Europe bond markets remain a mystery, U.S. risk watchdog says

A bachelorette party in Nashville — the pink frilly uniform goes too far

School District Bets on Tech for New Learning Model

The Forces Behind The Decline Of For-Profit Colleges

Turkish election deals blow to Erdogan’s ambitions for more power

Origin-of-life story may have found its missing link

In Search Of The Red Cross’ $500 Million In Haiti Relief : NPR

How Many Languages Your Startup Needs To Know

4 Tips for Workaholic Entrepreneurs to Avoid a Crumbling Marriage

How to Convince People to Donate Time

A hidden roadblock in public-infrastructure projects

Overcoming obstacles to effective scenario planning

The QE Placebo

A New Birth for Social Democracy

A Lifeline for European Solidarity

Control or resilience

David Weidner’s Writing on the Wall: Is GM a good buy?

Guess Which State Has The Best High School Graduation Rate?

Apple News Overview

Computer independently solves 120-year-old biological mystery

Some for-profit hospitals charging 10 times Medicare rates: Study

Change on the WWDC stage: Some Apple pitchmen are women

Bankrate’s 10 best and worst cities for retirement — guess which list Arlington, Va., is on

HSBC to Cut About 50,000 Jobs in Major Overhaul of Global Business -

Apple Unveils Apple Music, New Software

The use and abuse of scenarios

How long does an average marriage last around the world?

10 companies that won’t stop playing games with earnings figures

9 ways companies fool you with earnings

How long does an average marriage last around the world?

U.S. Needs $1 Trillion in Water System Upgrades

Public-private partnerships Bail Out Municipal Water Systems

Municipal Water Systems Turn to Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private Infrastructure Deals Get Strong U.S. Support

Can Amazon Deliver the Goods in Private-label Groceries?

The Uncomfortable Questions You Should Be Asking about Pay Equity

Heidrick & Struggles on the changing nature of leadership

The Chimera of Currency Manipulation

The Kurds in Command

China the Responsible Stakeholder

The G-7 Embraces Decarbonization

The Long-Term Investment Challenge

The tension of now

Businesses Are Hanging Up On Voice Mail To Dial In Productivity

Sanctions push central Europe’s armies further from Russia

Appeals court decision on strict anti-abortion law leaves 7 clinics in Texas

RIP, Vincent Musetto: We’ll never forget your most famous words

McKinney pool party cop resigns but racial tensions remain in the ‘burbs

Murderers on the run: Sweep of small New York town comes up empty

Cyber-Espionage Case Reveals the Shabby State of Online Security | MIT Technology Review

App Thinning and iOS 9

Are Nonprofits Ready to Give Foundations Direct Feedback? - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

Twitter cuts the noise with conversation filtering on tweet pages

Ahead of court ruling, Obama says health law now an American reality

Women, ethnic and religious minorities change face of Turkish Parliament

McDonald’s adds former Obama adviser Gibbs to executive team

Dinosaur blood and collagen discovered in fossil fragments

Highest Rated CEOs | Glassdoor

Greek Drama: Why the Negotiations Risk Europe’s Future

The Muddled Case for Trade Agreements

A Greek Suicide?

David Cameron and the EU’s Waterloo

Name calling

iPhone maker Foxconn in talks to build first Apple plant in India

Tech Startups Woo Investors With Unconventional Financial Metrics — but Do Numbers Add Up?

Twitter now lets you share your block list to get rid of multiple trolls at once

Man dies after getting locked in Corvette after car battery dies -

CMA Music Festival Arrives in Nashville To Throng of Country Music Fans

The Koch brothers and the Republican Party go to war — with each other

Water wasters beware: Your neighbors are watching — and posting to YouTube

Designer Carbons Lead the Energy Storage Race

What’s Holding Back Affordable Housing in India?

Why Offering Rewards to Stay Can Drive Customers Away

How US companies can fill the skills gap

The Climate Categorical Imperative

China’s Real Reform Challenge

Why America Should Join the AIIB

The Right Food Fight

A Final Word With Ferguson

How to Avoid a Sino-American War

Overcoming the extraction mindset

How ready are we? Natural Disaster or Emergency Preparedness

2014 CPS ASEC Research Files

Paul Ford: ‘What Is Code?’

From ‘Dropout Crisis’ To Record High, Dissecting The Graduation Rate

Could Neurons Have Evolved Twice?

Another shakeup: Twitter CEO Costolo bows out as growth pressure mounts

‘Fast and fair’ Internet: Net neutrality takes effect after FCC wins legal battle

In a first, federal regulators go after crowdfunding scammers

Sunni vs. Sunni

Stalin’s Comeback

Transgender in the Workplace

From box to cloud

Africa: A continent of opportunity for pharma and patients

Migration Realism

Every marketing challenge revolves around these questions

FFF: Father’s Day: June 21, 2015

South Korea says MERS cases slowing despite new deaths

BPS Research Digest: The Psychology of Mindfulness, Digested

Defeat of Obama’s fast-track trade bill marks a big win for big labor

Why Americans should be feeling richer but are not spending

The unknowable path

Philae awakening provides extraordinary opportunity - BBC News

Britain pulls out spies as Russia, China crack Snowden files: report - Reuters

iOS 9 FAQ: Everything you need to know about Apple’s new mobile OS

New exhibit offers different perspective on World War II end

Shaped by war, Dempsey doubts wisdom of deep U.S. role in Iraq

TextExpander 5 review: Typing shortcut utility makes you more productive by learning your habits

In 2016 kickoff, Clinton embraces potential to make history

‘Jurassic World’ eating up box office record

Bending Toward International Justice

End “Extend and Pretend” With Greece

Turkey’s Politics of Peace

Foreign Policy and America’s Presidential Campaign

A Rule of Law for Sovereign Debt


A good bucket brigade

2012 Commodity Flow Survey Public Use Microdata

Top 5 features in OS X El Capitan (Video)

‘Will College Pay Off?’ A Surprising Cost-benefit Analysis

No, WSJ, Apple shouldn’t kill off the Mac

Colo. court to decide if workers can toke while off duty

Who Needs Drones from Amazon When You Have Bike Couriers Making 75 Cents Per Delivery?

After all of Twitter’s twists and turns, can it keep flying?

Unblocking Global Capital Flows

Getting organizational redesign right

Ten ways autonomous driving could redefine the automotive world

The Endgame in Greece

The IMF’s “Tough Choices” on Greece

Experimental China

Totalitarianism 2.0

Abandoning perfection

FFF: The Fourth of July 2015

Snapchat debuts the first sponsored geofilter at all McDonald’s locations in the US

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto’s rapid ascent at Twitter makes him a front-runner to succeed Dick Costolo as CEO

3 things to watch out for when buying a car

Why The Most Successful People Have The Most F*cked Up Stories

Getting organizational redesign right

Tuesday tip: Don’t use DEVONthink as a junk drawer

GOP’s battle against unions has a new front: Wage laws

Chilling notice: Employees at hacked federal agencies to get $1M insurance

Will Advances in Technology Create a Jobless Future?

Goldman Sachs takes its lending online — and to the masses

Do Independent Directors Increase Transparency?

Navigating the Ripple Effects of LA’s Higher Minimum Wage

Should the Olympics be shrunk?

E before I: Why engagement needs to come first in planning infrastructure

A Winning Strategy For Ukraine

China’s International Growth Agenda

The Bloom Is off the BRICS

Plenty more

Official Google Blog: A new window into our world with real-time trends

Satya Nadella email to employees on aligning engineering to strategy

Rene Ritchie on Last Week’s WWDC 2015 Keynote

Full Transcript of Phil Schiller’s Appearance on The Talk Show Live From WWDC

A Remnant of Old-School America on Long Island

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Police launch manhunt as 9 killed in mass shooting ‘hate crime’ at U.S. church

Millionaire families: Asia-Pacific region now tops N. America

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Zero-day exploit lets App Store malware steal OS X and iOS passwords

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Wasting Food in a Hungry World


Social Media Data Cheat Sheet: What Executives Actually Want to Know

A look at the OS X and iOS security vulnerabilities that make up XARA and what to do until Apple fixes them

5 podcatcher apps to replace nearly dead Instacast

Spark review: iPhone app makes mobile email smarter, not completely different

Microsoft OneNote’s new to-do list feature debuts on iOS first

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U.S., Chinese Universities to Team Up on Tech, Design

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‘Racial battle fatigue’: Black America is tired of being attacked

Jeb Bush: The GOP’s new religious freedom warrior

Tiger Woods has a U.S. Open he’d like to forget

Downsized: McDonald’s makes a change

Utah university creates ‘texting lane’ for phone-focused walkers

Flexible Electronics, Delivered to the Brain via Syringe

Record 60 million forced to flee war, violence: UN

How NBC’s new anchor Lester Holt rose steadily to the top

House revives Obama’s trade agenda, but Senate vote awaits

U.S. reels as Charleston massacre conjures memories of past attacks

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How Wealth and Education Drive Healthy Food Choices

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Getting the most from R&D teams

You will rarely guess/create/cause #1

Retirement research worth reading

‘Our species will disappear’: Earth enters new extinction phase

New Marie Curie film to shed light on women’s struggles in science

Six reasons show Fiat Chrysler making play for GM

More Photos Q&A: Imports hanging, what is safe to delete, and sharing to Facebook

Rest of world chides U.S. on racism, determination to own guns

The problem with holding a grudge

The creation of the modern laptop

Idea for a new “dependent contractor” class of workers gains momentum as on-demand companies face lawsuits from contract workers

Working Mothers Who Make It All Work

Pope Francis’ Climate Error

What Dad’s Play Does for Kids

Can Reading Make You Happier?

People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About

Bottoms up, weight down: Red wine’s anti-obesity secret revealed

Confederate flag sets off debate in GOP 2016 class

Trade dispute exposes House Democrats’ turmoil, challenges

The 40-year legacy of ‘Jaws’

Smithsonian to open 1st wing on innovation, business history

The Goebbels of the Kremlin

Why Small Booms Cause Big Busts

Germany’s Power Problem

A Yellow Star for the Jewish State?

New times call for new decisions

You’ll pay more in capital gains for these types of ETFs

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In Charleston, A Day Of Faith And Recovery

Tweetbot 2 review: Twitter Mac app has a crisper design but is a work in progress

A Drucker Sampler | The Drucker Institute

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9 facts about flirting that single — and married — people should know

9 scientifically verified ways to appear more attractive

Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

A Drucker Sampler | The Drucker Institute

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What’s Fueling African Growth?

Raising your Digital Quotient

What it takes to build your Digital Quotient

A Healthy, Climate-Friendly Diet

A New Beginning for Greece – and Europe

America’s Return to Iraq

The Irrelevant Seven

The Problem With a Small Europe

“Did you win?”

Cat Stowaway Flies High; Humans Oblivious

Official Google Blog: Building even better communities with the Google Impact Challenge: Bay Area

Millennials Offer Tech Support to the Boss

In The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Politics Are Served With Every Cup

The VA’s Broken Promise To Thousands Of Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas

Gone: Walmart and other retailers pull Confederate flag from shelves

Mass return: GOP politicians rush to undo donations from white supremacist

Paid by the page: Amazon has a new way to pay some authors

Cut the coal: Experts have cure for planet’s looming ‘medical emergency’

Life without lions? King of the jungle among 23,000 species facing extinction

To Brag or Not: When It Pays, When It Backfires

Why Municipal Bankruptcy Is ‘Riddled With Uncertainty’

Why do big health insurance companies want to merge?

Lower oil prices but more renewables: What’s going on?

The Good-Governance Trap

Is Financial Repression Here to Stay?

America, China, and the Productivity Paradox

Japan Stands Up

The tragedy of small expectations (and the trap of false dreams)

Quarterly Summary of State & Local Government Tax Revenue

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Meet Twist, the AirPlay light-bulb speaker designed for apartment renters

5 charts show how index investing is beating stock-picking

I spent the past 15 years battling the US immigration system. I think I’ve finally lost.

6 reasons to get excited about OS X El Capitan

iOS 9 Beta Includes New Auto App Delete & Reinstall Feature for OS Updates

Analysis: Brady, Goodell locked in battle over reputations that may never recover

Novartis on digitizing medicine in an aging world

Food in the Age of Biofuels

A European Role in Palestine?

Shinzo Abe’s Pivot To Asia

The Myth of Currency Manipulation

The Diaspora Goldmine

Europe’s Race to the Bottom on Refugees

Pulling a hat out of a rabbit

Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: First Quarter 2015

Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers and Are Far More Diverse

A power plant for the Internet: our newest data center in Alabama

Building a Better Model for Valuing Bonds

New York Agency Says Whole Foods Overcharged Customers In City

Barack Obama’s five best put-downs -

Who Lost Iraq?

Matt Bai: The Obama legacy on race

Broadband Speeds Are Improving in Many Places. Too Bad It Took Google to Make It Happen

Lexus says it built a real hoverboard

Is the FDA Too Tough on Medical Device Makers?

2015 Issue #2 | McKinsey Quarterly | McKinsey & Company

McKinsey Quarterly 2015 Number 2: Overview and full issue

A Climate Apollo Program

Can China Beat Deflation?

Why Latin America’s Center is Holding

Serenity in the South China Sea

Shelter from the Storm in Europe


Tim Cook’s Apple is the Apple we need

5 ways marriage equality is good for everyone

Historical day: U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage nationwide

The Phablet Phenomenon Catches On in India | MIT Technology Review

“Everyone in Buenos Aires Is Communicating by Voice Memo Now”

After SCOTUS ruling, Obamacare is off the hook — and so are Republicans

World Happiness Report Ranks World’s Happiest Countries of 2015

Is There a Limit to Corporate Religious Freedom?

How the ACA Ruling Brings Stability to Health Care

How Gamification ‘Taps into What Makes Us Human’

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2015

Learning from Google’s digital culture

New Ways to Finance Education

A corollary to ‘Too big to fail’

How Uber used its lobbying force, one of the largest and most successful in the US, to start operating legally in Portland

4 myths about global aging, debunked

Buzzer management

To Bootstrap Or Not?

A Laptop for Writers - Matt Gemmell

Husbands And Wives: Who Works, Who Doesn’t?

Sean Parker: Philanthropy for Hackers

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Republican candidates face next Obamacare quandary: Expanding Medicaid

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Renovating the World Order

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Squashing the Superbugs

What is Full Employment?

Securing the Internet Commons

Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

The rejectionists

7 Solutions That Would Improve Graduation Rates

Why we couldn’t stop watching the upstate N.Y. fugitive drama

An end to jobless vets? New VA jobs program raises hopes

Report: World Jewish population nears pre-Holocaust level

MindNode 2 review: Makes Mac brainstorming a breeze

Police Capture Prison Escapee David Sweat, Ending Weeks-Long Manhunt

Why the Biofuels Industry Needs New Technology

How to Be Found on LinkedIn

The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014 | Official LinkedIn Blog

12 things people believed in the 90s that we no longer believe today

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Jeremy Siegel: How a ‘Grexit’ Could Strengthen the Eurozone

The Key to Making Smarter Long-term Decisions

AMNOG revisited

An executive’s guide to machine learning

Making the most of a wealth of infrastructure finance

Removing the roadblocks to smarter investment in American transportation

Getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Right

A New Mission for the World Bank

Putin Made Simple

The Future for Emerging Markets

From Bubbles to Bridges

Africa’s Low-Carbon Revolution

What happens when things go wrong?

Where a Dog’s Life Means Luxury LivingMore luxury developments …

Foreign Grad-School Applications Rise

Asked To Divide Zero By Zero, Siri Waxes Philosophical (And Personal)

Swiss tennis phenom Stan Wawrinka with only his racket -- ESPN The Magazine Body Issue


When the Patient is Part of the Cure

Meerkat and Periscope Have People Live-Streaming Everything

IBM to pump $3B into new IoT business unit

‘Find Your Park’: National Park Service calls on Americans to save parks

Federal Education Officials Release List of Monitored Colleges

Turning Social Media Traffic into Sales and Sponsorships: 3 Strategy Cheatsheets for Sports & Entertainment Brands

FFF: Women’s History Month: March 2015

About 70 Percent of Homes in Miami and Tampa Have an Emergency Kit

Direct marketing (and the other kind)

Unnecessary Instability

The Growth Conundrum

The Trials of Asian Democracy

Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2015

How to Be an Engaged Leader

Who Will Survive the Great Mall Shake-out?

6 Reasons Why You Need Brand Ambassadors For Your Business

Building A Low Cost Portfolio With Socially Responsible Funds

Mining for tourists? A dubious economic savior in Appalachia

Google’s Hiring Guru Shares the Secrets of Working Better

The panic tax

Why the Sustainable Development Goals Matter

The Monetarist Mistake

Last Chance for Ukraine and Europe

China and Global Governance

China’s New Normal and America’s Old Habits

The Coming Emerging-Market Debt Squeeze

Internet outages reveal gaps in U.S. broadband infrastructure

Republicans need new economic ideas if they want to win in 2016

Workflow and Saving K’s Quotes

Why Everything We Know About Drucker’s Vision for MBOs May Be Wrong

The Best Management Article Of 2014

7 Tips for Getting Hired After Age 50

Use good words, not bad ones

How Super Angel Chris Sacca Made Billions, Burned Bridges And Crafted The Best Seed Portfolio Ever

What the United States Can Learn From the Aftermath of World War One

A look at Lee Kuan Yew and the ‘malaria-infested backwater’ myth - Christian Science Monitor

The on-demand world isn’t about sharing; it’s about being served and self-isolation

Mattel to introduce Wi-Fi enabled Barbie using ToyTalk technology to analyze speech and produce relevant responses

Self talk

Cholesterol Myths - Everything You Thought You Knew About It Is Wrong

The top 5 salary negotiating mistakes people make

Dow Chemical Announces Merger with Olin to Create New Chlorine Industry Leader

What a cluster: When dark matter collides, things get weird

Woz says the future is ‘very bad for people’

Maintaining the customer experience

The ‘moment of truth’ in customer service

What Silicon Valley Learned From the Kleiner Perkins Case

Nostalgic Cars: Sour Automotive Fruit Of Cuban Embargo Gets New Life

Italy’s Highest Court Overturns Amanda Knox Conviction

Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Sparks Firestorm Of Controversy

‘Pick yourself’ and taking responsibility

Britain by Itself

China’s Credit Overdose

Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work

What’s an Industry?

How Starbucks Can Stick with ‘Race Together’ — and Get It Right

How Good Relationships ‘Make the Pie Bigger’ for Everyone

‘Downton Abbey’ to wind up after sixth season, producer says

11 minutes of bipartisanship solved 12 years of Medicare frustration

The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Back in the day: ‘Weegee’ coffee table book celebrates gritty Big Apple

4 Signs That You Are Working for a Failing Company

The Best Way to Start Everything Important (If You Want to Succeed)

If you’ve given or received a performance review, you should see what Deloitte just did

Sorry, Recruiters! You’re Not Getting My Salary History

Study shows humans are evolving faster than previously thought

Live The Life You Love: 5 Secrets That Help Uncover Life’s Meaning

Profit warnings are piling up

A Faster & More Efficient Instapaper

Google partners with Johnson & Johnson to develop robots to assist surgeons, pending clearance from antitrust authorities

Everything You Need to Know About F8 Announcements: 8 New Things You Can Do With Facebook

Architect Homes: Streamlined Yet Sophisticated

Union Membership Statistics in America, Mike Horrigan, BLS

Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: 2014 Fourth Quarter


Are Equities Overvalued?

Latin America in the Second Machine Age

Northeast Asia’s Shared Destiny

A Window on China’s New Normal

Death and Hope on the High Seas

Secular Stagnation for Free

Acquiring the capabilities you need to go digital

How Networking Intelligently Can Help You Get Things Done

10 of the Best Social Media Slideshares From 2015 (so far)

Everything You Need to Know About F8 Announcements: 8 New Things You Can Do With Facebook

Start With a Fresh Page, Not a Blank One: The Ultimate Facebook Page Template

Report: FBI lags in fight as terrorism takes high-tech turn

Why U.S. Firms Are Dying: Failure To Innovate

Payday Loans — And Endless Cycles Of Debt — Targeted By Federal Watchdog

Population Estimates for Counties and Metro Areas

Active listening

Europe’s Easy-Money Endgame

The Real Singapore Model

Delighting in the possible

6 Ways to Use Social Media to Learn From Your Competitors

For Most People, Owning a Car Is Better Than Leasing

Valley of the jolly: Why execs are flocking to tech firms

3G Capital, Berkshire to Buy Kraft Foods, Merge It With Heinz

7 Neglected Ways to Promote Your Content on Social Media

OmniOutliner 2.3 for iOS review: The best outlining app goes universal

What is customer service for?

Deescalating Europe’s Politics of Resentment

Is Jobless Growth Inevitable?

What Comes After Lee Kuan Yew?

Decision Time on Venezuela

Sustaining the Unsustainable Eurozone

What Can Apple Watch Learn from Google Glass?

Does Variety Fuel Happiness at Work and in Life? It Depends

How Government Debt Shapes Corporate Behavior

7 Neglected Ways to Promote Your Content on Social Media

Introducing the Healthy Couch Potato Lifestyle

Musicians Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Review Cory Doctorow’s Book About How Artists Can Get

The commute divide: How much you make determines how far you travel

OmniFocus Resources

Tuesday tip: Manually update a table of contents

Netflix not getting it done for you? Serious film buffs should flock to Fandor

How Entertainment Weekly’s 3-Person Social Media Team Engages Millions of Fans

Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue

Of course it’s difficult …

The Security Council Goes to School

How to Fight Currency Manipulation

Messed-Up Macro

The Truth about Medical Consent

From Nuclear Safety to Nuclear Security

Japan: Lessons from a hyperaging society

How a private-sector transformation could revive Japan

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

What the Changes in U.S.-Cuba Relations Mean for Tourism

Coach Jaime’s #SocialGameDay Halftime Tips

Do Vanguard’s Indexes Beat Their Own Actively Managed Funds?

Fertile ground: Why is Australia an Islamic State recruiting area?

Roar of bombers replaced by drone buzz in North Dakota

Sex assault, drinking push colleges to moment of reckoning

6 Books I Recommended for TED 2015

Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of modern Singapore, dies at 91

Obama to announce $240M in new pledges for STEM education

The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute Publishes Enhanced Edition of Peter Drucker’s The Five Most Important Questions

The Moneyologist: How NOT to talk about money at social events

Things we don’t see that much any more

Will Fed Tightening Choke Emerging Markets?

The Battle for Russia

A Raisin in the Israeli Sun

Social Media in the Middle East: Learnings From a Procter & Gamble Communicator in the Arabian Peninsula

5 Things to do During Your First Week as a Social Media Manager

How Much (Or Little) The Middle Class Makes, In 30 U.S. Cities : Planet Money : NPR

President Obama says he’s against student-athletes being paid

Tim Cook on Apple’s Future: Everything Can Change Except Values

Top Beijing Scientist: China Faces ‘Huge Impact’ From Climate Change

Paul B. Farrell: Watch out for Wall Street’s new game of liar’s poker

The tyranny of random numbers

Rich kids use the Internet to get ahead, and poor kids use it ‘mindlessly’

Why the American Dream is unraveling, in 4 charts

Apple’s TV service will likely be much more important than everyone thinks

Alzheimer’s drug trial slows mental decline in early study

Wall Street rises on Nike, lower dollar

Hey ladies, want better sex? Get more sleep

Companies don’t care about you

Do your training efforts drive performance?

McDonald’s Chicken Pledge: A Golden Move?

Make Like a Mongoose: Lessons for Marketers From Meerkat’s Meteoric Rise

Transforming Home Equity Into a Better Retirement

Land-Dwelling Crocodile Ruled North America Before Dinosaurs

Nasa’s SOFIA Helps Find Missing Link Between Supernovae and Planet Formation

Roadies: Unlikely Survivors in the Music Business

Therese Poletti’s Tech Tales: Why Pinterest, Airbnb and other tech darlings aren’t rushing to IPO

The ultimate guide to finding free, legal images online

Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Andreessen Are Sending Women to Boot Camp

How long is your long term?

Israel’s Victory of Fear

China’s Trial-and-Error Economy

America’s Bickering Asian Allies

Manufacturing growth through resource productivity

How productivity can save an aging world

Mexico, destined to always underachieve?

Social Innovation: Putting a Number on Saving the World

Child’s Day- At a Glance

The ‘Empire’ phenomenon: Why it’s a shock, and not surprising at all

Sony looks to beat cable TV at its own game

Racism, hazing, nude photos and vandalism rock U.S. college fraternities

No rate hike until job market improves, inflation rises

US stock rally sends global markets higher, but weakening dollar sends Tokyo shares down

Swiss Central Bank Holds Rates, Bemoans Overvalued Franc

Matt Bai: Maybe parents should have a Yelp to rate teachers and schools

Photos Snapped by Drones Can Be Made into High-Resolution 3-D Scans of Monuments, Buildings, and More MIT Technology Review

When The KKK Was Mainstream

Nearly 1 in 10 in the U.S. Want to Move, Census Bureau Reports

The difference between commitment and technique

Bibi’s Big Surprise

Isolating Israel

Slow Growth for US Interest Rates

The Fed Versus Price Stability

Financing Education for All

Asia’s Almighty Middle Class

Power to the new people analytics

The Making of a Digital Insurer: The Path to Enhanced Profitability, Lower Costs and Stronger Customer Loyalty

Finding New Solutions for Managing Global Garbage

Why Bridgeway Capital Gives Away 50% of Profits to Charity

Customer Experience and Customer Engagement: Do You Know the Difference?

Empower Your HR Team With Social Recruitment to Target Your Job-Seeking Community

See How Hootsuite Uses Social Analytics to Crush Our Marketing KPIs

Buzzworthy Content: How Sports and Entertainment Brands Can Win Big with Social

Approaching Retirement? Don’t Mess With Your 401(k) Account

Microsoft is finally killing off the Internet Explorer brand

6 Simple Tips to Make a Great First Impression

How to Be Misled by Polls, Hillary Clinton Email

Diet Soda Consumption Linked to Belly Fat, Study

The Importance of Management Face Time

Law Schools Face New Rules on Reporting Graduates’ Success

Yurbuds Leap Wireless review: These earbuds stay in your ear—no matter what

Cisco shipping products to vacant properties to hide customers’ identities, foiling NSA interdiction

Global Nests of the Highflying Buyer

Measuring America: A Child’s Day

U.S. Mover Rate Remains Stable at About 12 Percent Since 2008

Along for the ride

Spring forward

Winning the Too-Big-to-Fail Battle

Grand Bargaining with Iran

How Asia can boost productivity and economic growth

Has the Time Come for a Cuban Telecom Boom?

Does Employer-sponsored Health Insurance Have a Future?

Listen Better With These 9 Effective Social Media Monitoring Tools

I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To)

Coffee’s Spotlight Might Be a Little Too Bright

Got green? Landmarks get emerald treatment to mark St. Pat’s Day

Obama’s advice to youth: Worry about jobs, peace and climate — not pot

On St. Patrick’s Day, here’s the real reason Ireland has no snakes

Investors in health-care stocks get rich as M&A booms - MarketWatch

Chuck Jaffe: Apple will join the Dow: Why it doesn’t matter

The New MacBook and the Original MacBook Air

When push comes to hug

How Far Will the Euro Fall?

Africa’€™s Eurobond Bonanza

Making Space for China

A Safer Path to Asylum

Growing Mortgage Sales in a Diminished Purchase Market

The real business of business

The opportunity in tackling the affordable housing challenge

Driving Revenue Growth in Retail Banking

How Germany Can Make or Break the Euro

For The Teams Behind The Teams: Hootsuite’s #SocialGameDay

The Essential Social Media Checklist For Your Next #SocialGameDay

#SocialGameDay: How the Seahawks Social Media Team Tackled the Super Bowl

Teachers Can Save A Small Fortune At These Schools Abroad

Peter Thiel Invests in Anti-Aging Cure

New GE Capital owners tipped to push growth button

Bloggers and nutrition experts help promote Coke’s sugary message

Three contact manager apps better than the one that came with your phone

Pew: Nearly One-Third Of Americans Hide Information Online

Looks Matter: A Century Of Iconic Food Packaging

9 tips to make vacations more valuable

What kind of financial advice can you get for $40?

Census Bureau Releases New Median Earnings by Detailed Occupations

FFF: St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

The one who makes things worse

How Scary Is the Bond Market?

Japan’s Accounting Problem

The Messy Politics of Economic Divergence

The Next Tech Take-off Is On Its Way

[Webinar] Social Media Strategy for Twitter

9 successful people share the one thing they buy that makes their lives easier or better

A look back: The world’s oldest dot-com domain turns 30

(Actually) True War Stories at NBC News

From Afghanistan’s Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School Of Ideas

Double and half (freelancer math)



Math nerds rejoice! Saturday’s ‘super pi’ day is once-in-a-century

‘India’s Daughter’: The true story behind the banned film

How The Luxury Fashion Industry Became All Business

Startup Seeks a Bridge to Education

Crude-Price Collapse Takes Toll on North Dakota Town

Office Phone Calls Make a Comeback

The Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit

Puerto Rico’s Manufacturers’ Shipments Nearly $77 Billion

Magic and irrational

Six steps to transform your marketing and sales capabilities

You, Too, Can Live Near Water

How to Instantly Make Your Life Better!

7 reasons people think they can ignore Warren Buffett’s advice

Feds Knew About Medicare Advantage Overcharges Years Ago

Brett Arends’s ROI: Is Yahoo’s main business really worth negative $4 billion?

Steve Jobs biography describes his disdain for TVs

Move Over, Mall of America: Bigger Extravaganza Planned in Miami

Apologies, owed

An EU-Turkey Reset

The Digital Transformation of Europe

From Munich to Kyiv

Women in the Muslim world taking the fast track to change

Digitizing the value chain

From liability to opportunity - How to build food security and nourish growth

Are Credit Bureaus Poised to Fight for the Consumer?

How to Build a Strategy for ‘the Long Game’

A Glimpse into the Future of U.S. Private Investment in Cuba


AP sues State Department over Clinton emails as controversy continues

Germ Line Engineering with CRISPR Leads to Designer Human Embryos

‘Anthropocene’ Epoch: Scientists propose exact year humans changed earth

True colors: Researchers unlock the secret to chameleon morphing


2013 Information and Communication Technology Survey

A Global Strategy for Disaster Risk

Railroading India’s Railways

The Price of Biodiversity

Asian Firms Increasingly Look Outside the Region for Growth

Understanding Your Net Worth

Perspectives on the long term

Predicting Weather with Help from the Crowd MIT Technology Review

Putin’s Kadyrov Dilemma

Why MacBook Forcing USB-C Upon Us is a Good Thing - TechSmash

Sweet but scary report: Sugar industry influenced U.S. cavity research

After decades in public office, Clinton defends her right for privacy, control

Senate’s No. 2 Republican: Obama strong-arms Congress on foreign affairs

‘Deeply sorry’: Okla. fraternity member apologizes for racist video

Why More Time Is Not the Answer to Your Productivity Problems

Men Pitch In to Boost Women at Work

Apple - OS X - Photos Preview

What you need to know about Photos for OS X iMore

2017 Economic Census Infographic

Census Bureau Releases a Collection of Wholesale Trade Statistics

Pumpkin seeds

Imploding Bangladesh

Why Deflation is Good News for Europe

Facing Up to Chronic Disease

Central Europe’s Digital Freedom Struggle

Britain in the Wilderness

Europe’s e-government opportunity

Powering Africa

Will a Successful IPO Ruin Etsy?

Thailand: Can the Whimpering Tiger Spring Ahead?

Expect Growth in Indonesia to Hold Steady Through 2016

SCG CEO Kan Trakulhoon: ‘We Stand for Excellence in Managing People’

Does Apple-HBO Deal Dis Roku, Google, Others?

U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials

Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty project trumps 2016 presidential ambitions

War on unions: Collective labor seeing all-out assault nationwide

The man behind the Apple Watch

10 Evernote Lists to Keep You Organized

Thunderbolted: USB-C is our new connection overlord. Get used to it.

Guide to Social Media Rules of Engagement

6.5 Million Social Security Numbers Linked To Those 112 Or Older

Apple commits more than $50M to non-profits to get more women, minorities, and veterans working in tech

17 Percent Have Said ‘I Do’ More Than Once, Census Bureau Reports

Avert your eyes

Global Capital Heads for the Frontier

The Fed Under Fire

The outlook for global growth in 2015

Protecting the enterprise with cybersecure IT architecture

Solving the Access Problem Facing Medicaid Patients

How To Retire A Decade Ahead Of Schedule

Cycling leaders slammed for protecting Armstrong, letting doping win

Ignoring history: Tokyo firebombing survivors want their story remembered

GM Said to Plan Share Buyback for Wilson to Give Up Seat

Cloud Service Providers Must Guarantee Zero Down Time

Apple ResearchKit Turns iPhones Into Medical Diagnostic Devices

3 reasons not to buy the Apple Watch

Apple’s radical 12-inch MacBook is the slimmest, lightest MacBook ever

Apple announces ResearchKit to help medical researchers collect data

More trouble than it’s worth

The Indispensable American Partner

The Stock-Bond Disconnect

American Hegemony or American Primacy?

Taking On Revisionist Russia

Gender Equality and Earth’s Future

PepsiCo’s Amy Chen: Doing Good for the World

Bones From Era of Alexander the Great Raise More Questions Than Answers

Engineer this: When will Hollywood’s next female scientist star on TV?

The East India Company: The original corporate raiders William Dalrymple

Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One

Job creation/job destruction

No secret: CIA to overhaul spy agency’s management structure

Legal pot is forcing Mexico cartels to rethink their business model

Why nine Republicans care about corn, pork and one millionaire in Iowa

Who doesn’t want China’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ being told?

Lockheed Martin Laser Stops Truck in its Tracks - PC Mag

Don’t Fall for These 12 Mental Money Traps

The narcissism of minor differences

Building marketing and sales capabilities to beat the market

The Tough Choice Facing U.S. Tech Firms Doing Business in China

Two Ways To Own a Manufactured Home

Creating a Community on Pinterest

Transcript for Ad Council Sponsors One Love Campaign in Santa Monica, California

10 Ways Twitter Can Make Your Next Business Trip Easier

How FreshBooks Puts Customers First with Social Media

Air Force veteran’s suicide sheds light on female soldiers and PTSD

A new PTSD crisis emerges from America’s violent urban neighborhoods

What Do Millennials Really Want?

Germ Line Engineering with CRISPR Leads to Designer Human Embryos

CIOs and CMOs Far Apart in Pharmaceuticals

Lynching of rape accused: 3 suspended, judicial probe ordered

Former NBC Executive Returns To Oversee Troubled News Division

Apple To Replace AT&T In Dow Jones Industrial Average

Education Entrepreneur Resigns From Avenues School

Apple negotiates with music labels for streaming licenses that would forego free tier, allow high-profile artists to distribute with Apple first

10 Ways Twitter Can Make Your Next Business Trip Easier

The Americans Are Coming

Working Smarter: 6 Essential Tactics to Simplify Social Media Workflows for Media and Entertainment Brands

First Release of Data for Transportation and Warehousing Sector

Briefing on the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request

“That can’t be a legal parking space … “

Living the Saudi Dream

One Hundred Years of Relativity

Machiavelli in Euroland

Setting capital free: An interview with Tom McCabe of DBS Bank

Are Consumer-operated Insurance Plans a Healthy Choice?

11 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On A Budget

Take Control with Self Publishing

Zuckerberg on hiring

The Content Advantage: How Media and Entertainment Brands Can Make Their Content Pay Off on Social Media

Productivity 101- How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work

How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Think Outside The Gift Box: 6 Fun Offbeat Holidays To Celebrate on Social Media

Growing, Fast and Slow

Surprise or Not: Men Are More Narcissistic Than Women Are?

Why Is Tennis So Far Behind Other Sports In Data Analytics?

Imgur launches iPhone app to make browsing addicting images easy

In deep-red Georgia, Republicans push to raise taxes to pay for roads

You’re still the one: Shania Twain announces her farewell tour

John Ridley explains why network TV needs ‘American Crime’

Men, this time Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is talking to you

How Cloud-Based ERP Can Give Your Business a Boost

B-Schools Teach Networking, American Style

Do Business-School Rankings Matter?

The crash no one is talking about

4 things iPhoto can do that Photos can’t (yet)

Sharp Growth in Value of Shipments for Oil and Gas Extraction Industry

The asymmetry of decay

Capitalizing on Asia’s digital-banking boom

A Fair Hearing for Sovereign Debt

The Day of the Drone

Realizing the Indian Dream

How Companies Are Managing the Millennial Generation

A Bright Future for Clean Technology

Owly and Co-Stars Pose for Stock Photos That you can Have for Free

Minimizing Shelter Costs? There Are Alternatives to RV Living

Losing Sleep over Daylight Savings Time? How to Save an Hour on Social Media

A Metamorphosis That Was

India: Rape documentary excerpts ‘incite violence against women’

Average Penis Size

10 things: 10 things McDonald’s won’t tell you

US Cities Home to 62.7% of Population, but Comprise 3.5% of Land Area

Labor unions in a post-industrial age

India’s Fiscal Fortune

Bibi Goes to Washington

Japan’s Sensitive Military Normalization

A Silk Glove for China’s Iron Fist

New Equities for Infrastructure Investment

Publicly Funded Inequality

International defense sales: Opportunities, but not for all

Competition at the digital edge: ‘Hyperscale’ businesses

Taylor Swift, Trademarks and Music’s New Branding Model

When Does the ‘Human Touch’ Matter in Retail?

My Dream Food Pyramid

10 Ways to Be a Better Mentor, From Those Who’ve Done It

Monday* – 10 Ways to be a Better Mentor The Drucker Institute

Scientists take the first ever photograph of light as both a wave and a particle

HP will splash out $3bn for Aruba Networks, wants better IoT and WiFi

War photographer’s memoir on track for major motion picture

1st-century house in Nazareth may be where Jesus grew up

Broken record: Clinton caught in federal email probe

Zuckerberg and Others Discuss Growing the Internet MIT Technology Review

IT Leadership: Signs You’re a Micromanager (And How to Stop)

From War To Plow: Why USDA Wants Veterans To Take Up Farming

Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

New Census Bureau Report Analyzes U.S. Population Projections

The circus is coming to town

Kremlin Murder Incorporated

Austerity Is Not Greece’s Problem by Ricardo Hausmann - Project Syndicate

No Hiding From Sustainable Development by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate

Trashing the ASEAN Brand by Gareth Evans - Project Syndicate

India’s Budget: Yesterday and Tomorrow -- But Not Today

How to Talk About Health Care Sustainability

Health Care Sustainability Requires a Solid Business Case

Employees Can Be a Powerful Force in Sustainability

Why ‘Citizens Are Winners’ of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling

Business Simplification Is Fast Becoming a Strategic Priority

Don’t Follow The Crowd Into The Wrong Index Funds

American employment: A long, slow but steady revival

From the new guy: 20-year-old Yahoo still has that startup atmosphere

Emerging roles and possible futures for librarians and information professionals

What would the Dow look like if it included Apple?

Immigrants View Test Prep as a Ticket to Better Future

Stupid is the brand killer

The Migration Opportunity

Turning pricing power into profit

A visit with Yellowstone’s winter caretaker - CBS News

The Leadership Paradox

Buffett hints at successor, signals growth problem at Berkshire Hathaway

Giant, cross-border smuggling tunnel found under Arizona house

Bosnians tied to war crimes now living in U.S. may face deportation: Report

6 In 10 Young Republicans Favor Legal Marijuana, Survey Says

How to Sabotage Encryption Software (And Not Get Caught)

Sorry confusion

Thomas Piketty’s Japanese Tour

Smart Lists

The Costs of Grexit

The Perilous Politics of the Euro

Warren Buffett’s winning ways, 50 years on

A half-century’s worth of wisdom from Warren Buffett - MarketWatch

Applying design thinking across the business: An interview with Citrix’s Catherine Courage

Stone-Age Hunter-Gatherers Imported Wheat From Mainland 8,000 Years Ago

World Reacts to Killing of Boris Nemtsov in Russia

Google exec: Marketing today means understanding customers’ path to purchase

Why US Firms Are Dying: Failure To Innovate

Can You Dig It? More Evidence Suggests Humans From The Ice Age

If you want …

The Negative Way to Growth? by Nouriel Roubini - Project Syndicate

Competing on Corporate Tax by Laura Tyson - Project Syndicate

The Deflation Bogeyman by Martin Feldstein - Project Syndicate

Europe’s Sovereignty Illusion by Javier Solana - Project Syndicate

The Secret of Crystal Bay

27 Dress Tweets? The Best of #BlackandBlue vs #WhiteandGold

Everything You Need To Know About Yo Store and The Power of Gimmicks

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2015

Brain Organoids

Got a pension? Act now to save it

3 Must Have Apps for Authors

The Days of Escaping Your iPhone Are Over

Prepare to binge: ‘House of Cards’ stands tall with season 3 premiere

#DressGate: Suddenly, the color of this dress was the most important thing

Cross-Border Data Restrictions Threatens Global Economic Growth

After 6,000 Years, Time For A Renovation At Iraq’s Citadel

Job Picture Brightens for Recent College Grads

6 Tips From the Pros: How to Promote Your Business With Events

Here comes ‘uh oh’

How Poland can become a European growth engine

Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

What overachieving institutional investors get right

Private-equity operations: Inside the black box

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling: Net Gains, Net Losses

Will Walmart’s Wage Increase Pay Off?

Applying design thinking across the business: An interview with Citrix’s Catherine Courage

The $64 trillion question: Convergence in asset management

A conversation with Jim Coulter

Value creation in medical device M&A

Leveraging the Digital Potential In Corporate Banking

When Using Social Media, Beware the Invisible Audience

8 Ways to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram

The frontline of climate change: Alaska village must relocate as sea ice thins

Ending poverty and hunger: how much do you know? – quiz

A brain-controlled drone is now a thing

Scientists baffled by massive black hole

Internet fees could change as FCC is set to vote on controversial net neutrality

SEC probes companies for retribution against whistleblowers

Wal-Mart CEO talks about pay raises, how customers shop and what he’s learned from critics

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo 2/20/15: A Response To Mother Jones

Digital Marketers Must Own the Customer Lifecycle

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For ‘Open Internet’

Write better copy with a free readability check

Astronomers Discover A Supermassive Black Hole Dating To Cosmic Dawn

You Can’t Spell ‘Twitter’ without ‘Wit’: How to Write a Tweet To Engage Your Audience

Apple’s iOS grabbed a record 88.7% of smartphone profits in Q4 2014, Android fell to a new low of 11.3%

Throw away your fax machine and use these apps instead

FFF: Women’s History Month: March 2015

The indirect investment (plural)

Emerging Economies’ Demographic Challenge

Europe’s Chimerical Capital-Markets Union

Putin’s Gas Problem by Paul R. Gregory - Project Syndicate

China’s Dual-Track Challenge by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng - Project Syndicate

Making Do With More by J. Bradford DeLong - Project Syndicate

Staying Compliant: Current (and New) Regulations that Should Be on Your Radar

There Is More Than One Reason To Transfer Money to the Federal Thrift Savings Plan

5 apps for signing documents with your iPhone and iPad

We Should Be Teaching Our Students Like Yoda Taught Luke

‘2014 Was A Catastrophic Year,’ Amnesty International Says

African Emoji CEO: Apple ‘Missed The Whole Point’ With Its Diverse Emojis

I Don’t Have a Job. I Have a Higher Calling

FFF: Black (African-American) History Month: February 2015

‘Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect’

The Leadership Challenges Facing the Sports Industry

Cuba’s Tech Start-up Sector: ‘People Are Hungry to Work’

Wake-up Call: Why Workers Need More Sleep

Angela Merkel’s Moment of Truth

The Price Paradox

ISIS in America

A Five-Step Plan for European Prosperity

The DNA of German Foreign Policy

Obama Steps Up

The Visible Hand of Economic Prosperity

Maximize Social ROI with Hootsuite and LiftMetrix

The Ukrainian School of War

6 Need-To-Know Ideas On How To Generate Leads On Social Media

How to Build the Perfect YouTube Channel

Are You Ready for Your Next Doctor Appointment?

The Economic Consequences of Greece

Steady on the Renminbi

The Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Republicans

Creative Ways to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Russia and America at the Oscars

The Parkinson’s Mystery - Clipboard Center

Copy ‘em Paste - Apprywhere

P&G set to sell nearly 100 brands by this summer New Hampshire Voice

10 Critical New iPhone 7 Features

States seek alternatives for highway, bridge funding

Tobacco giants resist harsh public admissions about smoking

Climate skeptics’ leading scientist took corporate cash: Report

AMA’s Top 30 Leaders in Business of 2014

A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To 3 White Murderers

Back Before Children Looked Childish

Yanis Varoufakis: How I became an erratic Marxist

What ISIS Really Wants

Twitter’s Dilemma

Networks of Genome Data Will Transform Medicine

Use your hands: Avoiding the dishwasher may be a good thing

U.S. oil output set for a sudden dramatic decline

Hillary Clinton’s family foundation may pose significant campaign risks

Oscars 2015: Academy tries to highlight diversity onstage

Microsoft Corporation Moves On From Windows; CEO Nadella Lights A Fire

Email Overload Fix: 3 Sentence Emails

The 3 Pillars of a Highly Effective Email Subject Line

Only The First 3 Lines in Mobile Email Matter - TopRight Partners

$20,000 Homes Created By Students Could Help Fix Rural America’s Affordable Housing Crisis

3 Key Financial Decisions That Can Change Your Life in an Instant

Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac

8 Ways to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Honda’s President Resigns, After A Troubled Year For Carmaker

#NPRreads: If You’ve Got 2016 Winners Penciled In, Think Again

Chegg Will Outsource All Its Print Textbooks to Remake Itself as a Digital-Only Company

Why is Monetary Policy Underrated?

2014 Housing Vacancy Survey Annual Statistics

Ruckusmaker day

“Leap First” is now available

Shoes that don’t fit (and free salt)

The Power of a European Energy Union

Managing the ISIS Crisis

China’s Dangerous Digital Agenda

The Rule of the Lawless

The Immorality of Coal

Are you ready for 3-D printing?

The perils of ignoring software development

A virtuous cycle for top-line growth

McKinsey Quarterly 2014, Number 4: Overview and full issue McKinsey & Company

Taming manufacturing complexity with advanced analytics

Why yesterday’s channel practices won’t win over emerging-market consumers

Competing on the digital edge

The Economy Is Coming Back -- Why Wages Are Stuck in a Rut

China: The Fastest Growing Economy Could Be The World’s Worst Investment

The trolls inside

WATCH- Shipping Around The World In 1-40 - The Two-Way - NPR

Obama takes shots at 2016 Republicans over middle-class brand

Traders Buy High Volume of Procter & Gamble Co Put Options

Ancient City or Modern Metropolis?

‘Sniper’ and ‘NCIS’ success shows how out of touch media is

Apple Loop: Dying For Your iPhone, Google Infects iOS, Motorola Slams Apple

7 Reasons Friends Unfollow You on Facebook

Mass production and mass media

The New Skepticism

iPoach: Lawsuit leads to clues about Apple’s car ambitions

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss (Week Ending February 21, 2015) MIT Technology Review

Have Big Box Superstores Helped To Make Us Fat?

6 time-saving Safari gestures for iPhone and iPad

Fisher Island Mounts a Comeback

One in Five Children Receive Food Stamps, Census Bureau Reports

Pitchers and hitters

Why Public Investment?

The Non-Problem of Chinese Currency Manipulation

Private equity in India: Once overestimated, now underserved

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

How Being Overweight Makes It Harder to Get Ahead

Foreign Banks in China Can Leverage Digital Expertise to Grow

Deflation can be a good thing. But today’s version is pernicious

OmniFocus 2.1

DEVONagent Pro 3.9

Not kicking the habit (nations taking on debt)

In summit, Obama says, ‘We are at war with those who have perverted Islam’

Obama says world should address ‘grievances’ that terrorists exploit

Microsoft OneNote gets OCR support across all platforms and handwriting recognition on iPad

And then you confound them again

Africa’s Path from Poverty

The Age of Adaptation

Can Minsk 2.0 Save Ukraine?

Do you really understand how your business customers buy?

How big companies can innovate

Harnessing the power of shifting global flows

Who Will Be the Winners and Losers in the Eurozone Stalemate?

Building Cultural Bridges to Develop a New Generation of Leaders

Digital Assurance Testing Has Moved to Center Stage

Yes, Brokers Can Make Good Choices for You

The income inequality myth?

What’s the Apple Watch Good For?

Top dog: Tail-wagging beagle is best in show at Westminster

Cyber-espionage: Did NSA plant spyware in computers around world?

Gruesome tactics: Islamic State might be financing its war with harvested organs

Terror Inc.: How the Islamic State became a branding behemoth

Student Debt May Be Sabotaging Your Shot at Buying a Home

Why Improving Emotional IQs Makes for Better IT Leaders

Is Warren Buffett a closet technician?

The Big Money Pit in Organizational Change

3 Keys for Making a Smooth Transition from Peer to Manager

Lessons in Leading and Operating a Global Learning & Development Organization

Quantum Equation Suggests the Big Bang Never Occurred and the Universe Has No Beginning

Why Congress Doesn’t Really Worry About What Most Americans Think

Debate: Are America’s Best Days Behind It?

‘Board Doctors’ to Supervise the Supervisors

4 tricks for Messages in iOS 8

Sony will spin off its audio and video business as it searches for profitablity

Kicking and screaming (vs. singing and dancing)

The Death Toll of a Dying Order

Why Ukraine Needs Weapons

New Frontiers in Development Finance

Exploring the Next Iteration of Social Entrepreneurship

The HSBC Scandal: A Red Flag for U.S. Regulators?

Getting Old? There’s an App for That

The Face Detection Algorithm Set To Revolutionise Image Search

Dark Side to Menopause, Lingering Symptoms

Japan’s flip-phone love affair continues as smartphone shipments shrink

Life on Earth may have flourished a billion years earlier than originally thought

Negative interest rates: Coming to America?

The 50 percent club

Gender balance and the link to performance

Lessons from a veteran diversity advocate

Why CIOs should be business-strategy partners

College ‘Road Scholars’ Push Back

What NOT to do on a dating website

10 highest paid (and most popular) jobs in America

Inside the Apple design studio with Jony Ive

Case study: Twitter sends less than 2% of tweet impressions back to a linked website

“We need to hate them more”

Gender Equality as a Development Goal

Put Up or Shut Up

The One-for-one Business Model: Avoiding Unintended Consequences

Nine Year-Old Spends Thousands Without Her Parents Knowing

15 Richest Billionaires Around The World In 2015

Sorry: HSBC apologizes for tax dodging scandal

Are We Smart Enough to Control Artificial Intelligence?

Nano-Coated Steel Is 10 Times Stronger

Even with Watson brains, robots need practical skills

What ISIS Really Wants

Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use

Hackers steal up to $1 billion in global banking heist

Still crazy after all these years: ‘SNL’ throws a 40th anniversary bash

How Marketing Teams Can Capitalize on Demographic Shifts

Slide Show: 10 surprising myths about gas mileage

The first rule of web design

Fiscal Austerity Versus European Society

Playing Chicken with Democracy

Can Yemen Be Saved?

Earth Calling the Financial Sector

A ‘Culture of Security’: One of the Best Digital Defenses

Two billionaires, opposite approaches to investing

Analysis: NATO expansion at heart of Ukraine crisis

White House: Apple Pay will support debit cards for Social Security and veterans benefits

New study: HPV vaccine may prevent multiple cancer types

Ahead of Oscars, ‘Boyhood’ director reflects on evolving family unit

Boston Again Hit With Snow, Dangerous Winds, Freezing Temps

Getting Caught Up In Telling Stories

What’s It Like To Be Black And Have A Famous Nazi Grandfather?

Google’s Time at the Top May Be Nearing Its End

The Untold Story Of Shake Shack’s $1.6 Billion Branding

The Best Ways to Save for College

“I just made a fool of myself”

Your mood vs. your reality

Measure what you care about (re: the big sign over your desk)

Trouble in Nepali Paradise

Putin’s European Fifth Column

Redefining service innovation at Starwood

Service innovation in a digital world

A new era for asset management: A discussion with Edward Bonham Carter

Thriving in a world of low and flat: An interview with Douglas Hodge

How business and government can bring young people into work

Coursera takes aim at unemployment

Marketing the Mercedes way

Driverless Cars: Don’t Take Your Hands off the Wheel Just Yet

Why People Don’t Trust Machines to Be Right

Couch Potato Investing Trumps “Expert” Investing, Once More

Paid, Owned, and Earned Social Media: A Complete Content Promotion Plan

Everything You Need To Know About Flipboard for the Web and the Mobile-to-Desktop Trend

100 years later, Hollywood’s first blockbuster is largely shunned

FBI director: U.S. at crossroads on race relations

A Google-Backed Research Project Aims to Automate Data Analysis

Does Apple’s Solar Power Deal Make Economic Sense?

Seven Stories You Shouldn’t Miss — MIT Technology Review

Euro zone economy accelerates thanks to German ‘thunderbolt’

Retailers Fret as Products Languish on Ships, Docks at Ports

U.S. Droughts Will Be the Worst in 1,000 Years

Sea shame: 155mn tons of plastic trash in world oceans by 2025, study finds

Expedia to buy Orbitz, further shift in online travel space

Can A Computer Change The Essence Of Who You Are?

Finding A ‘Radio That Is Just A Radio’ In The Digital Age

The Black Market For Stolen Health Care Data

Obama To Urge Companies To Share Data On Cyber Threats

Five dating apps that are just the worst

Apple Increases Maximum App Size from 2GB to 4GB

Tenants Wanted: D.C.’s Tallest Building Is Empty

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Sale Completed

A Modern Montana Home Equipped for Fishing

Is Google making the web stupid?

Reforming Greek Reform

2015 Annual Letter

Arkansas to keep celebrating Robert E. Lee on MLK day

8 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2015

Snapchat Discover could be the biggest thing in news since Twitter

A Lesson in Entrepreneurship From a Doll

NASA releases stunning 5-year time-lapse images of sun

Smoking is even deadlier than previously thought

Books About Drucker

Betting with Buffett: Seven Lean Years Later

Apps > Staff picks on Pinterest

From Facebook To A Virtual You: Planning Your Digital Afterlife

Apps Can Speed The Search For Love, But Nothing Beats A Real Date

Hootsuite Welcomes Financial Services Leader Primerica as an Enterprise Client

Statistics of U.S. Businesses Main-Tabulations by Geography, Industry, and Enterprise Employment Size-Business & Industry

The enemy of creativity …

Growth, not Grexit

The Global Economy’s Chinese Headwinds

Are National Champions Really Winners?

Central Banks and the Bottom Line

Building on Canada’s Strong Retirement Readiness

How Cuba’s Health Care Sector Aims to Grow

What Makes a Social Media Strategy Right for Your Business?

9 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips for Social Media Managers

First, Know The Role Your Savings Can Play

The end of the worker: Robots are increasingly taking human jobs

Fifty Shades of Grey ‘better than book’

Samsung TVs freak users out by inserting ads into movies

Is geoengineering a bad idea?

New Research for Battling Alzheimer’s Disease

Kicked but still standing: Boston Dynamics’ new robot has a stunning sense of balance

Are We Smart Enough to Control Artificial Intelligence?

In Ghana, Microsoft Shows Unused Wireless Frequencies Can Cut Internet Costs

Historic value: Apple becomes first company worth more than $700B

Stewart and Williams: 2 newsmen who took very different turns Tuesday

Fed report: Time to examine idea of purposely cooling the planet

Addressing unconscious bias

Tim Cook at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference

Hootsuite Tip: Adding YouTube to your Dashboard

Celebrity Valentines: How Brands and Top Influencers Created Social Love in January

Social Media Campaign Strategy: What to do Before, After and During a Campaign

The $64 trillion question-Convergence in asset management

A new era for asset management: A conversation with Edward Bonham Carter

Thriving in a world of low and flat-An interview with Douglas Hodge

Changing perceptions and new realities in private equity

A conversation with Jim Coulter

Money isn’t everything (but we need $57 trillion for infrastructure)

Private equity in India - Once overestimated, now underserved

From indexes to insights - The rise of thematic investing

What overachieving institutional investors get right

Uncovering hidden investment opportunities in Africa

Private equity operations - Inside the black box

How Google breaks through

Perspectives on Healthcare in Latin America

Value Creation in Medical Device M&A

Pharma Medical Affairs: 2020 and beyond

Staying ahead of the growth curve

Connectivity for all

The Right to Safe Schools

Muzzled in the Name of Freedom

Population and the Pope

Breaking Europe’s Climate-Change Stalemate

The Dark Side of Syriza

The truth about sunk costs

Virtual Reality: Real at Last?

RadioShack: A Brand in Search of Itself

Financial Literacy: What’s the Cost of Ignorance?

Bring the Power of Real Time Chat to Twitter with the SnapEngage app for Hootsuite

Take a Walk. Find Romance. Live Longer.

Grammys turn into stage for activism

Battle of 2015: U.S. economy vs. the world

Why Electric Cars Don’t Have Better Batteries

Advanced AI May Be Coming to Smartphones

Lost Your iPhone? Here’s How to Find It

What nobody told me about small farming: I can’t make a living

Robot vacuum cleaner ‘attacks’ Korean woman while she sleeps

Build a trap, not just a wall: Experts propose new way to deal with hackers

Ex-IMF boss Strauss-Kahn takes the stand in French pimping trial

U.S. comes down hard on banks accused of currency manipulation

Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet

Senegal’s Pharmacies Are Much, Much Better Than Your Local Drugstore

Equivalency Degree Loses Its Dominant Position

Encore: In retirement ranking, 18 countries beat the U.S.

Jean-Louis Gassée on Apple’s Record- (and Law-) Breaking Quarter

Motion Picture and Video Industry Receipts Exceed $80 Billion

“I’m sure it’s probably going to happen”

Challenging Disorder

The Greek Austerity Myth

Obama Versus Obamacare

An Accidental Currency War?

China’s War on Western Values

McKinsey on Investing Winter 2014-15

Investing for the long term

A cheat sheet on lower oil prices

Tackling Tough Decisions in End-of-life Scenarios

IT Integration Efforts Following an M&A Fraught with Risk

How to Choose Strategic Goals For Your Social Media Strategy

Going Social in a Regulated Industry? Take These 6 Steps to Social Media Compliance First

Playground for the rich: Most expensive N.Y. apartments owned by shells

Map: The Most Common* Job In Every State

Hospitals Fail To Protect Nursing Staff From Becoming Patients

Forget Big Brother is watching, Samsung is listening

Why It’s So Hard to Fill Sales Jobs

Advanced Manufacturing Is Reshaping Aircraft Design

Your Photos for OS X questions answered

Promoting gender diversity in the Gulf

Women leaders in the Gulf: The view from Saudi Aramco

Work Beyond Mac: 7 IFTTT recipes for on-the-go productivity

Leaked HSBC Documents Shed Light On Swiss Banking Industry

What you need to know about the new phone unlocking rules

Apple’s iOS 9 to have ‘huge’ stability and optimization focus after years of feature additions

Variance or deviance?

Greece is Playing to Lose

America’s Lethal Fear of Science

Argentina’s Lessons for Greece

A Call to Antimicrobial Arms

Cheap Oil for Change

Social Update: Syndicated Tweets, Instagram Loops, Facebook Beacons and Social Superbowl Ads

Not the Manager Type? Maybe You’re a “Guru”

[Webinar] Implementing a Content Strategy On the Hootsuite Dashboard

How to Ask for Things on Social Media (Without Making an Ask out of Yourself)

As U.S. job market picks up, unemployed face frustration

President Obama inspired by teen’s ‘Humans of New York’ story, brings him to White House

Herbal supplements filled with fake ingredients, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman finds

What happens if Homeland Security shuts down?

Billions Go To Victims Of Disaster And Disease. Does It Really Help?

MIT researchers study successful startups to map entrepreneurial quality in the Bay Area

How we watch video now

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Local Websites

Diesel on their tails: Truck driving may be America’s most popular job

Being With People Like You Offers Comfort Against Death’s Chill

Rich In Oil, Venezuela Is Now Poor In Most Everything Else

Pregame Analysis: The Coming Federal Education Debate

U.S. Boosts Estimated Cost of Student Debt Forgiveness

Corning attempts to combine the toughness of Gorilla Glass with scratch-resistance close to sapphire in new material called Project Phire

Microsoft now has over 100 active apps on iOS and Android, excluding Skype and Yammer apps, as it expands its presence on multiple platforms

We don’t care enough to give you constructive feedback

Is Diversification Worthwhile?

Twitter shows how companies enrich executives at your expense

Researchers develop an STD-detecting accessory for your smartphone

Twitter makes up with Google to make tweets easily searchable

Frozen iPhone? Here’s how to reset, restore and reboot!

Ten steps for setting up a new iPhone

Notable & Quotable: Peter Drucker

How Traveling Helps You Succeed in Business

Is Social Media Recruiting Dead?

A New FCC Rule Means Fewer People Have Broadband

IBM’s Verse Will Use Watson to Help Handle E-Mail Clutter

A recipe for economic growth

Championing gender equality in Australia

As Temperatures Drop, Shelter Needs For Homeless Families Rise

Canadians Have A Right To Assisted Suicide, High Court Says

10 things: 10 things McDonald’s won’t tell you

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the rebirth of satellite Internet

How to reset your Mac’s NVRAM, PRAM, and ℠C

Facebook Place Tips Connects Social, Beacons and Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

The DoSomething lessons

Europe’s War in Ukraine

Financing the Fight Against Climate Change

Syria’s No-Solution Solution

The Rise of the Frugal Economy

McKinsey on Investing

Cinnabon’s Kat Cole: Savoring the Sweet Taste of Success

Is Your Leadership Style Right for the Digital Age?

The Benefits of LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Company Pages (Yes, You Need Both)

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ puts focus on Asian American families

Despite lobbying effort, FCC sides with Obama on net neutrality

The 4 worst financial blunders of the 21st century

How Ransomware Works, and Why You Should Be Afraid

Urban roller skating fights for survival as U.S. rinks close

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

David Weidner’s Writing on the Wall: Why the M&A outbreak hurts Big Pharma

Apple’s iOS overtakes Android for top U.S. smartphone spot

9 typing tips every iPhone and iPad user should know

Forewarned is Forearmed: What Regulated Industries Can Expect in 2015

Capital Spending by U.S. Businesses Increased 4.5 Percent in 2013

A bird in search of a cage

The Future of Force

Europe’s Two Futures

Europe’s Eurasian Opportunity

Obama Joins the Greek Chorus

The dawn of marketing’s new golden age

Debt and (not much) deleveraging

Is Amazon Set to Hit Its Prime?

Tired of Rogue Accounts? 5 Ways to Clean Up your Social Presence

Guessing When You Will Die Is Dangerous

Essays on growth

Britain votes to allow world’s first ‘three-parent’ IVF babies

Lunar land grab: U.S. planning to regulate business on the moon

Uber to develop driverless cars in challenge to Google

Reluctant Islamic State fighters choose between death or jail

Jordan vows ‘earthshaking’ response to IS video claiming to show pilot’s death

Is the Secret to Longevity Available from this Website?

Scientists Discover 2.5 Billion Year Old Bacteria

Tech Salary Guide for 2015

Lung Cancer No. 1 Cancer Killer of Women in Wealthy Nations

Is America too generous to its military retirees?

Why so many college graduates are teaching abroad

Everything is Better With An Owl: Get Your #HootSwag at our new Hootsuite Shop

Watch Your Website Traffic Surge with Social Media Marketing

Give the people what they want

Rethinking Fortress Europe

Securing the Euro-Atlantic Community

Innovate or Stagnate

China’s G-20 Moment

Limiting the Security Council Veto

Two Cheers for the New Normal

Adapting to digital consumer decision journeys in banking

Why Paid Sick Leave Is the Easiest Way to Combat Inequality

Why Europe’s Deflation Problem Is Everyone’s Problem

Building your Social Media Strategy from the Ground Up? Here’s a Blueprint for Success

A Digital Marketing Agency Perspective: Working With New Clients

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World’s poorest won’t get basics for decades without new aid model: Report

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Pain And Suffering At Life’s End Are Getting Worse, Not Better

No Genocide Proven In 1990s Serbia-Croatia Conflict, Court Rules

FFF: Black (African-American) History Month: February 2015

State Government Revenues Exceed Expenditures in 2013

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Cancer Care for the Developing World

Investing in Immigrant Europe

A Greek Morality Tale

The Fog of Disorder

What Was It Worth? Assessing the Value of Obama’s India Visit

The Unintended Consequences of Ambitious Fuel-economy Standards

Too Many Investment Choices Limit Our Wealth

Don’t be a Sitting Duck

Build it: Obama proposes $478B infrastructure program

Senate takes up bill to lower suicide rate among veterans

China’s anti-corruption campaign snags banking heavyweight

A Cheap Material Is Set to Cut the Cost of Solar

All Politics Is No Longer Local

Hard-Charging Uber Tries Olive Branch

Spending it: Inside President Obama’s gigantic budget proposal

So serious: Super Bowl ads strike unusually somber, heartfelt tone

RadioShack is gearing up to sell or shutter its stores, report says

Social Update: Twitter Video, Facebook Lite, Pins for Men and Volvo’s Superbowl Interception

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Japan’s Constitutional Albatross by Brahma Chellaney - Project Syndicate

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Enhancing growth prospects in China

Harnessing the power of markets

Spreading good ideas and developing new ones

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Evidence for Cosmic Inflation Theory Bites the (Space) Dust

There goes that theory: Big Bang find turns into big bust

Why McDonald’s should be afraid of Shake Shack

Rocket blasts off with NASA satellite to track climate change

Going ‘dark’: Jihadists are going underground to spread propaganda online

Not James Bond: New spy case shows tedium of economic espionage

Forget the Rich. It’s the Upper Middle Class That Is Ruining America.

A Holocaust Survivor, Spared From Gas Chamber By Twist Of Fate

9 beauty products for under $30 that the experts recommend

The Wall Street Journal: What bitcoin tells us about the future of money and global finance

Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams unite to defend CEO Dick Costolo from activist shareholders

Almost no one

An Unconventional Truth

40 Years Of Income Inequality In America, In Graphs : Planet Money : NPR

Poll finds gaping chasm in views between U.S. public, scientists

Why a Personal Website Is Your Best Asset (and How to Make It Not Suck)

Michelin no longer the bible for Paris’s top eateries: food critic

First Lady, Bradley Cooper push for media help in more accurate vet portrayal

Booming: Consumer spending signals economic optimism in U.S.

Are Americans Really Addicted to Mobile Banking?

PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide - 5 Things You Must Do Before You Accept a Job Offer

Merkel: No Relaxing Of Terms On Greek Debt

Half of Americans can’t afford their house

5 once-prestigious jobs that are now B-List

The 10 smartest cities in America

AOL Still Makes Most of Its Money Off Millions of Dial-Up Subscribers

Be warned: Google enlists Chrome in push for encrypted Web

The end of geography

The Democratic Merits of Selective Schools

Lessons of the Lord’s Resistance

Inside the Training Revolution

The ECB and Its Critics

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age McKinsey & Company

40 Years Of Income Inequality In America, In Graphs - Planet Money - NPR

The New Cash

Insights When You Need Them, With Hootsuite and the Google app

U.S. unemployment benefit applications plunge to 15-year low

How Network Science Is Changing Our Understanding of Law

‘Humans of New York’ blog raises over $1 million for Brooklyn school

Google Revenue Hurt by Rising Dollar

Hubble Finds Galaxy’s Stars Scattered Far from Home : DNews

You Can Bank on This: Social Media Is Not a Passing Trend for the UK Financial Services Industry

City up north: Toronto tops magazine’s ‘best place to live’ ranking

Diabetes Technology Inches Closer To An Artificial Pancreas

Obama Wants Funding For Research On More Precise Health Care

Car Safety Improves: Study Lists Those With Most, And Least, Driver Deaths

China Cracks Down On University Textbooks Promoting ‘Western Values’

10 things: 10 things LinkedIn won’t tell you

Jeff Reeves’s Strength in Numbers: 5 reasons McDonald’s won’t succeed with a new CEO

Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities in Asia: Competing in a Shifting Landscape

8 Common Facebook Mistakes Social Media Managers Need To Avoid

Young Adults Then and Now

Various updates

What do you want?

Dirty Money and Development

Redistribution or Inclusion?

The Grand Strategy of Xi Jinping

Harnessing Disruption for Sustainability

A Greek Burial for German Austerity

Wall Street for President?

The Keys to Maintaining the Kingdom

Fostering women leaders: A fitness test for your top team

The New Business Plan for Executives Who Want to Do Good

The Silver Lining in Bad Weather: Higher Productivity

Is the Long Wait for an Interest Rate Increase Getting Longer?

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Video, Group DMs and Tweet Recaps

5 Tips for Writing Promoted Tweets That Drive Conversions

This week’s links include commentaries on the limits of monetary policy, quantitative easing in the eurozone, what’s at stake in

How Your Law Firm Can Get More from Social Media—Safely

Content Marketing for Lead Generation vs Demand Generation

Higher Sales of Gas Guzzlers Forces Carmakers to Push Efficient Model

Ukraine looking more like Poland on the brink of World War Two

Who were the first Europeans? A 55,000-year-old skull holds tantalizing clues.

McDonald’s CEO steps down

‘Rare’ moment: Unlikely political allies unite on criminal justice reform

Back From The Dead: A Cat Returns Home 5 Days After His Burial

The truth about admissions

How Fast Will China Grow?

The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Climate Change

Saving Global Order

Building better cities

Building agencies to rate public policy

Designing policies that support growth

Is your CMO’s role evolving fast enough?

Worried About Rising Interest Rates? Consider Building A Ladder

Users Name Hootsuite A Top Rated Enterprise Social Media Management Platform on TrustRadius

The do-or-die struggle for growth

Apple needs the iPad to be ‘long arc,’ enterprise driven

A Security Company Says It Can Monitor the Internet of Things

While diversity wins at Sundance, films by blacks aren’t so hot in Hollywood

iPhone sales trample expectations as profit sets global record

VA Steps Up Programs As More Veterans Enter Hospice Care

The U.S. in 2015: A Cautiously Optimistic Recovery

How to Choose Social Media Images

FFF: St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

One in Five Children Receive Food Stamps, Census Bureau Reports

The best laid plans

Japan’s Beheaded Illusions

What Failed in 2008?

Facing Down Mental Illness

The Eurozone Needs More than QE

The Bookies and the British Election

Three Global Health Threats

Avago Technologies’ CIO Discusses Next-generation IT

If Not 40 Hours, Then What? Defining the Modern Work Week

Should You Include Brain Workouts in Your Fitness Regimen?

Punt: Super Bowl’s host city isn’t winning big bucks

Greek hopes riding high, spells trouble for Europe

Republican governors propose raising taxes amid income inequality debate

How A Box Could Solve The Personal Data Conundrum

Last survivors recall Auschwitz, ask if lessons learned 70 years later

Auschwitz anniversary: The survivor who brought the Holocaust to life

Gov’t to overhaul Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals

How to Mitigate Data Monetization Risks

2015 Will Continue Streak Of Shrinking U.S. Budget Deficit

10 things: 10 things the college admissions office won’t tell you

Even millennials with jobs and spouses take money from parents

Encore: Social Security benefits are stingy

The best weather apps for iPhone and iPad

To Buy or Not to Buy: How Increased TV Watching Impacts E-commerce

First State and Local Level Economic Census Data Now Available

FFF: Valentine’s Day 2015: Feb. 14

Emergency Education Now

Russia’s Preemptive Counter-Revolution

Why Russia’s Economy Will Not Collapse

Charlie Hebdo’s Rights and Wrongs

Fanatics, Charlatans, and Economists

The Decline of US Military Innovation

Europe’s Jihadi Generation

Safe Driving for Fast Companies

Empowering teachers and trainers through technology

Underfunded Pensions: Tackling an ‘Invisible’ Crisis

5 Steps To Becoming a Better Social Media Analyst

Why It Keeps Getting Tougher To Beat Index Funds

Here’s how drones can change your food supply

New Technologies Shake Up Old Money

Windows 10 is just what an OS should be; that’s why no one cares

China buying more iPhones than US

How Mobile, Social Tech Elevate Enterprise Collaboration

Competency-Based Degree Programs On The Rise

Drone crash at White House reveals security risks

Abortion Vote Shows How Much Democrats’ World Has Changed

Moneyologist: Should Single People Pay More?

Hagel: Stress Of ‘Nonstop War’ Forcing Out Good Soldiers

7 Unexpected Signs You Might be an Entrepreneur

Why diversity matters

7 Unexpected Signs You Might be an Entrepreneur

Fear of public speaking

How France Will Reform

What Drives Moral Progress?

Can China Avoid Deflation?

LGBT at Work

Starting South Korea’s New Growth Engines

The Lemmings of QE

China’s Reform Stalemate

2015 Trends in Europe: What 15 Social Media Experts Think

Project Syndicate featured articles

Super Bowl has ways to go in captivating global audience

Global economy hopes raised after European stimulus

Ford Opens Palo Alto Engineering Center

All eyes on Fed, Greece after ECB fires bazooka

Frequent Use of Antibiotics for Treating Travelers’ Diarrhea is Making Germs Drug Resistant

The Internet will vanish, says Google’s Eric Schmidt

Barrett Brown sentence shows increasing dangers of security journalism, and why reporters should step back until laws are fixed

Advice or criticism?

Davos bosses fret over threats to Internet free trade

ECB’s Draghi Seeks Real Economic Union to Lead Euro-Area Reforms - Bloomberg

See How Popular The iPhone Is In Your State With This Map

How to access all the power of Apple’s Fonts window, and when to step up to PopChar instead

Pinterest says US male user base grew 73% year-over-year in 2014, debuts search filters that better cater to users’ gender

Two kinds of hustle

The Middle East 2015: Oil Prices and Terrorism Cast Doubt

Why Target’s Big Canadian Expansion Went South

Everything You Need To Know About Ad Tech For Pinterest, Tumblr and Flipboard

Introducing The Disgruntled Retiree Index

Rosetta space probe hints at ‘key to life’ on comet’s core

Complex Transistors, Self-Assembled

European Stocks Rally With Bonds

Three minutes to midnight: Atomic scientists move ‘Doomsday Clock’ forward

Down with the kids: Obama takes tour to the YouTube generation

What it means for gas: King Abdullah’s death hits oil market, for now

CIO’s Guide to Becoming a Business Strategist

Many miss the point of Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’

An Emergency Response Social Media Checklist

5 Tips On Creative Twitter Cover Photos From 10 Brands

How loud and how angry?

Getting Industrial Policy Right

Connectivity for All

Hacking for Humanity

Building a Caring Economy

The State of Global Poverty

Confronting corruption

The New Imperatives: Gaining an Edge in North American Asset Management

The productivity challenge of an aging global workforce

The world’s housing crisis doesn’t need a revolutionary solution

Getting big impact from big data

Beyond the Gas Pump: A New World Order for Oil

An Emergency Response Social Media Checklist

Latin Exuberance, European-Style and an Easy-Going Mexican Price Tag

Are U.S. rivals hacking the American electoral system? Why it’s impossible to know.

Scientists Work to Contain Modified Organisms to Labs -

Have You Had Your Measles Shot? Maybe You Need Another

Google to enter wireless business

iPhone 7 – A Look At Most Desired Specs And Features

Evolution Can Retrace Its Steps

Bill Gates: Philanthropy is ‘how we deal with inequities’ of rich and poor

6 Biggest Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back

Senator ‘Astounded’ That Nonprofit Hospitals Sue Poorest Patients

Hospitals’ Medicare Quality Bonuses Get Wiped Out By Penalties

Sparking Entrepreneurship in Teens

When it comes to security, who can you trust?

Why Fear Spreads Faster Than Facts on Social Media

Confronting corruption

How Fairware Uses Hootsuite to Engage Clients Who Share their Values

U.S. and State Population Estimates on American FactFinder and Monthly Population Estimates

Super Bowl XLIX: Feb. 1, 2015

Optimistic time (vs. honest time)

A weekend seminar for those making a ruckus

The Fall of the House of Samuelson

Diseases Without Borders

The Coming Productivity Revolution

Labor in the Age of Robots

The Social Science of Medicine

Aid in a World of Crisis

Have We Become Too Flexible?

A New Century’s New Technologies

The ECB’s New Macroeconomic Realism

Where to look for global growth

Creating a global framework for immigration

Promoting gender parity in the global workplace

A Content Marketing Idea For Small Businesses: Customer Success Stories

Why Fear Spreads Faster Than Facts on Social Media

Joni Ernst’s 2015 State of the Union rebuttal: annotated

2015 State of the Union fact check

State of the Union 2015: Full transcript

Fact check: Obama’s State of the Union

Will Nursing Care Take All Your Money? Maybe Not.

The Men Who Built America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

7 Overlooked Ways to Figure Out What Your Kids Are Up To Online

The bad side of a good economy: Strong dollar may scare tourists away

Drones That Can Suck Up Water from Lakes and Streams Could Transform Environmental Monitoring

GOP’s Ernst challenges Obama to work with Congress on jobs, taxes

Optimism returns: With economy bustling, Obama turns the page

Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise

New laser technique turns metals into super-materials

More than a speech, State of the Union is now a season - USA TODAY

Memo App Lets Workers Vent Anonymously

Cultural challenges await Netflix in its quest to conquer the world

Obama declares victory on the economy — prematurely

Black (African-American) History Month

Freedom, control and good ideas

The Truth Will Set You Free

The “Impact” Illusion in Science

America’s Global Balancing Act

The New Health-Care Continuum

Emperor Xi’s Dilemma

Transforming the business through social tools

China in 2015: Gauging the New Normal

Why Obama’s Community College Plan Needs Broad Debate

Obama’s State of the Union: Game Changer, or Status Quo?

6 Steps to Prep, Monitor and Measure Your Next Brand Awareness Campaign

Fact or Fiction: Can Social Media Improve Customer Relationships?

Hootsuite Tip: Save Searches, Hashtags, and More in your Hootsuite Dashboard #Hoottip

Educational Attainment - U.S. Census Bureau

The Part B Benefit You May Have Overlooked

How To Make Social Media Data Work For You

6 Underappreciated Skills for Social Media Professionals

Booming: Facebook prepares for massive hiring spree

Israeli strike in Syria kills senior Hezbollah figures

Saving the middle class: Barack Obama’s goal for the last two years

Report: U.S. penetrated North Korean networks long ago

Richest 1 percent will own half of world’s wealth by 2016

Voting against history: Who opposed making MLK Day a federal holiday?

The True Tragedy Of “American Sniper”

How ‘American Sniper’ played like a superhero movie

The Hidden Dangers of Short-Term Outsourcing Deals

Morgan Stanley Sets New Goals Amid Wealth Management Turnaround, Trading Woes

Humanity Is In The Existential Danger Zone, Study Confirms

California’s Forests: Where Have All the Big Trees Gone?

Obama, In Tonight’s State Of the Union, Will Focus On Middle Class

The End of Republican Obstruction

The Greek Time Bomb

Still No Exit for Greece

Half-a-Loaf Growth

New Life in Old Age

Managing North Korea’s Collapse

The Politics of Economic Stupidity

The New Normal in China’s Cities

“Find the others”

How Income Inequality May Be Hurting Economic Growth

[Webinar] How to Use Instagram For Social Marketing

The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

3 “Lean Startup” Hacks to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

Letter from the Birmingham Jail

The Right Choices for 2015

A “Merkel Plan” for Europe

The Tinkerer’s Apprentice

Last stop ’til Arizona: Super Bowl contenders to be decided Sunday

New Fox TV chiefs look for showmen to rescue network

Romney, Clinton offer signs ’16 will be about economy

Heartwrencher: Girl’s tough question throws pope off guard

The Mistake Most Managers Make with Cross-Cultural Training

Ron Paul: “Reality Is Now Setting In For America … It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance”

Freed Yazidis tell of girls and women being raped and sold into sexual slavery

Why It Pays to Ask Smart Questions at a Job Interview

KGI: Apple likely to launch simple stylus to enhance upcoming 12.9-inch iPad user experience

Please, go away

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook At Work and Enterprise Social Networks

Google Search’s Quiet Transformation

Bad blood: Boehner uses T. Swift GIFs to slam Obama’s community college plan

Too ill to be flogged: Saudi Arabia postpones blogger’s next 50 lashes

Last year was Earth’s hottest on record, U.S. scientists say

Washington growers struggle to make a living on legal marijuana

Test Finds College Graduates Lack Skills for White-Collar Jobs

Amy Hoak’s Home Economics: This room is the new must-have home feature

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook At Work and Enterprise Social Networks

Question checklist for reviewing your new marketing materials …

Making Sense of the Swiss Shock

Bringing out the best in people

The ‘Oscars of Innovation in Higher Education’

Unbundling Money Management

The Year Of Data-Driven Marketing: How To Make It Work For You

Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg, Adventurers of the Year 2014/2015 - National Geographic

Dr. Doom’ to investors: Preserve liquidity and watch for bubbles

Researchers claim virtual traffic lights can reduce commuting times by 40% Uncover California

Djokovic and Nishikori make Uniqlo a tennis winner

Build your own body: 3D-printed body parts could be coming soon

Climate change, extinctions signal Earth in danger zone: study

Doing More with Less: How to Motivate and Reward Your Overworked Staff during Lean Times

Changing the Culture of IT

How to pick an adviser for 2015

Sprint’s Virgin Mobile launches new prepaid shared data plans at Walmart, with unlimited access to select apps for $5/month

Take an Online Drucker Course

Getting unstuck (a one week challenge)

You are what you share

Putin’s Scare Tactics

The Big Banks Are Back

The Year of Resilience

Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities in Asia: Competing in a Shifting Landscape

The Road Back: McKinsey Global Banking Annual Review 2014

IPOs in Asia, Latin America to Boost PE Outside the U.S.

ASEAN in 2015: Will Lower Oil Prices Interfere with Rapid Growth?

Israel in 2015: Admirably Steady, Worryingly Stale

Want to Get Hired? 5 Highly Insightful Questions to Ask the Interviewer

My First 90 Days: Make Your Lunch Hour Work for You

Summiting Yosemite’s Dawn Wall, Climbers Make History

Why Elon Musk is begging other carmakers to go electric

Stock, bond markets tumble as Swiss let franc soar

New Google Translate Makes Conversing in a Foreign Language Way Easier

Raghuram G. Rajan, India’s Central Banker, in Defense Mode

Lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity, Cambridge University finds - Telegraph

15 tricks you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do - NY Daily News

The Drucker Institute and Udemy Announce Partnership Virtual-Strategy Magazine

BrainGate Develops a Wireless Brain-Computer Interface

Superfast Wireless Heading to Laptops and Smartphones in 2015

Yahoo Movie’s 2015 Oscar nomination predictions

Social Media Engagement Is Dead — 2015 Is About Measurable Goals

Prominent Scientists Sign Letter of Warning About AI Risks

Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close

The War with Radical Islam

Preparing for the Unknown Unknowns

Globalizing Sustainable Development

Charlie and the Anti-Muslim Media Factory

Charlie and Theo

Palestine Comes to Court

What Good Are Economists?

A Surfing Reflection


Can long-term global growth be saved?

Is GDP the best measure of growth?

How medical-device manufacturers can transform marketing and sales capabilities

Capturing the new ‘value’ segment in medical devices

Poland’s Economic Performance

The secrets of successful organizational redesigns

Why Recent Grads Aren’t Prepared for Work

IPOs in Asia, Latin America to Boost PE Outside the U.S.

How Snapdeal Is Connecting Demand With Supply in India


Coping With Debt On A Reduced Income

Facebook knows you better than your family does

GoPro plunges after Apple gains remote camera patent

Ford CEO: Don’t get used to cheap gas

Increasing Number Of Western Women Flee To Syria

The twisted saga behind California’s bullet train

‘Vision Zero,’ one year on: NYC’s quest to reduce preventable traffic deaths

Google rolling out Classroom mobile app for students, teachers

How Urbane: Dog Rides Seattle Bus To Get To The Park : The Two-Way : NPR

How to Look Smarter

Five thoughts on software

Economics and Its Critics

Alliances for Peace

A New Ceiling for Oil Prices

The Russian Threat Runs Out of Fuel

The Digital Road From Poverty

From Welfare State to Innovation State

Bracing for Stagnation

Opportunities in Cuba: Do Your Homework and Tread Carefully


Consider the Source

U.S. Funding of Health Research Stalls As Other Nations Rev Up

Facebook To Post Amber Alerts To Help Find Missing Kids

Prepare for the largest wealth transfer in history

How to Spot Trends On Instagram—Before It’s Too Late

2015 Digital Marketing Trends Social Media Managers Can’t Ignore

Home buyers aren’t shopping for a mortgage: Govt

The Future of the ‘Forrest Gump’ Plantation - WSJ

Smartwatch or fitness tracker? Distinct crowds line up for wearable tech

Outrage in Britain as Cadbury owner tweaks Creme Egg recipe

Education secretary says he backs annual testing

Nashville’s Music Row named a ‘national treasure’ to preserve its legacy

Squeezed: Wealthy influx in resort towns forces out working class

U.S. Central Command hacked after Obama proposes new data laws

Outside the spotlight: Mark Ronson’s wild ride alongside Bruno Mars

Chin up: Digital devices may be causing premature neck creases, droopy jowls

Duck hunt: Ohio State takes first-ever College Football Playoff championship

VA Data Show Disparities In Veteran Benefits Spending

Building capabilities for performance

2014 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement Research Files

Average is just another word for mediocre

Don’t Bet on a Stronger Dollar

What Are We Betting On?

A Way Out for Ukraine and Russia

Free Speech for All

The Small Steps That Have a Big Impact on Achieving Goals

Why Brands Need to Practice ‘Nimbleocity’

How to Spot Trends On Instagram—Before It’s Too Late

2015 Digital Marketing Trends Social Media Managers Can’t Ignore


What Business Can Learn from Government

Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector

Five Big Perks for Living And Working In the U.S.A

2015 State of the CIO: The Good, the Bad and the Scary

‘Silk Road Reloaded’ Just Launched on a Network More Secret than Tor

All The Winners At The 2015 Golden Globes

Robot Writing Moves from Journalism to Wall Street

At These Oil Prices, Keystone Pipeline Makes No Sense

The Algorithm That Unscrambles Fractured Images

Radical Galaxy S6 May Be Ruined By Samsung Stupidity

Oil slides below $47 as Goldman cuts outlook

iPhone Separation Anxiety Makes You Dumber, Study Finds

Array of world leaders joins 3.7 million in France to defy terrorism

Applying lean IT to healthcare

Ford’s New Aluminum F-150, VW Golf Take Top Detroit Auto Show Honors

What Might Be Missing From MyPlate? Water

Big Wins For ‘Transparent’ Make It Clear: TV’s Undergoing A Revolution

Majority of Americans never read novels

Daily News staff weighs in on top Golden Globes moments

Failure imagined (24 variations)

East Asia’s Historical Shackles

A New Sino-Russian Alliance?

Europe at War

Why You Should Declare Email Bankruptcy for 2015

America’s Infrastructure Isn’t Crumbling

Facebook: The Number Of Senior Users Is On The Rise

3 things we believe about Social Security, mortgages and bonds that are wrong

Planning on resilience

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Trends at CES 2015

Despite strong jobs data, U.S. appears stuck with low wages

Part-Time Jobs for Workers 50+

2015 Social Security Changes

Beautiful Libraries Around the World - Oxford, New York, Vatican - AAR

Colliding black holes could warp space-time itself

Today’s iPhone Anniversary Reminds Us What Real Innovation Looks Like

Best of CES 2015: The Gadgets and Gear That Wowed Us Most

7 Decades On, Israel Still Seeks Resolutions For ‘Holocaust Art’

Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street

Apple and Eras of Flux

Traffic Sources to the Priceonomics Blog in 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Trends at CES 2015

Confused about the sample

China’s rising Internet wave: Wired companies

Latin America in 2015: Growth for Some, Trouble for Others

Top 5 Best iPhone 6 Cases Every Person Should Own

Keeping Up With the Retired Joneses

Unbeatable poker-playing computer can help decision-making in medicine

Experts warn governments to plan for climate change migrants

U.S. to cut 15 European military bases as budgets shrink

Morning Agenda: Proxy Fight at DuPont

Is Silicon Valley Numb to Age Discrimination?

Navigating in deepwater: Greater rewards through narrower focus


The Israel Lobby’s Gay-Rights Hypocrisy

European Jobs Wanted

Facebook Faces Down Putin

The French 9/11

New Europe’s Old Ghosts

India in 2015: Optimism Returns as Modi Finds His Footing

Charlie Hebdo and What’s Next for Terrorism Risk Assessment

5 Reasons User Experience Is More Important in 2015 Than Ever Before

McKinsey highlights

Charlie Hebdo attack: Already on edge, France prepares day of mourning

Antibiotic discovery injects new hope into fight against worldwide superbugs

5 Reasons Why Vision Is Important In Leadership

Soil-Derived Drug Could Overcome Antibiotic Resistance

Vladimir Putin’s economic plan: Bread and vodka

5 smart ways small biz can slash health costs

Scientists find antibiotic that kills bugs without resistance

Do you Know the Difference Between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager?

Has Technology Killed the Jewelry Industry?

50 zip codes where Wall Street is most likely your landlord

‘Super cookies’ can track you even in private browsing mode, researcher says

A review of the Omni Group’s 2014 and our plans for 2015

Omni Productivity Pack coming to iPhone in Q1, 2015

Two Scenarios for the Smart Watch Market

Activist Hedge Fund Again Warns Yahoo Against Making a Big Acquisition

The paradox of rising expectations

The Fall of Netanyahu?

The Erosion of Law

Will Cuba Rejoin the IMF?

The Adaptation Imperative

Modi’s Chauvinism Problem

Standing Up to Putin

Putin in Denial

Europe’s Lapse of Reason

It’s the Economy, Tunisia

Accounting: Now for something completely different

All P/Es are not created equal

Do carve-outs make sense?

Merging? Watch your sales for

The hidden costs of operational risk

What is stock index membership worth?

How a Greek Exit Could Impact the Eurozone

Expanding the Fan Experience Beyond the Field: An Interview With Director of Social Media of Major League Soccer Amanda Vandervort

Lower Pay Doesn’t Always Mean A Future Reduction of Social Security Benefits

Want to Live Longer? Eat Whole Grain Foods, Suggests New Harvard Study

Shrinking Your Way To Success

Cystic Fibrosis Canada: Building Relationships Online When In-Person is Impossible

The most (and least) popular airlines over the holidays

Apple’s next MacBook could be a 12-inch MacBook Air

How to bulk delete images from your iPhone

The many superpowers of Apple’s Preview app, part 2

‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’

Public-sector digitization: The trillion-dollar challenge

Millennials have expectations: Better jobs and better housing

Keeping up with the cord cutters: TV makers design for streaming

NASA closer than ever to finding Earth’s ‘twin’

Digital infantry: N. Korea doubles size of cyber army to ‘paralyze’ the south

8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015

Logo vs. Brand

Stability and Prosperity in Monetary Union

The Price of Oil in 2015

Closing India’s technology gap

Decoding leadership: What really matters

Unlocking ASEAN’s potential

Europe in 2015: Uncertain, Uneven and Unpredictable

In the Fight Against Extremism, Social Media Is the Message

A New Year in Medical Coding

5 Trends That Could Change how Businesses use Social Media in 2015

Electronics show a window into the ‘Internet of Me’

Predictions, Predilections, Prophecies, Punditry … and Future Babble

Hidden World War II battlefields reveal Germans’ secret tactics

The Emerging Science of Human-Data Interaction

Improved Search and QuickFacts Enhance Census Bureau’s Website

Most people wait (for most people)

The Global Consequences of Russia’s Isolation

Darkness on the Edge of Europe

The Unmaking of the President

A Comeback Strategy for Europe

Strong Jump in 2014 IPOs, M&As Bodes Well for PE in 2015

Top 10 countries to visit in 2015

What International Teachers And Their Administrators Need To Know About Investing

Archeologists discover tomb of new Egyptian queen

In music, uniformity sells, but is it selling out?

Rape in U.S. prisons remains high as some states abandon law

Non-compete deals come to minimum wage work

Exclusive: U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says

Right now is the peak time of the year for online dating

Stanford Launches 100-Year Study of Artificial Intelligence

Revamped U.S. oil hedges may test OPEC’s patience

Four text skills every Mac user should have in 2015

Law-School Program Emphasizes Practical Skills

Uncertainty is not the same thing as risk

Russia’s European Home

Mexico is Burning

Obama’s Cuban Breakthrough

A New Cold War Order?

Paul Krugman and the Obama Recovery

Japan’s Vote for Bold Reform

The Hype is Dead, but MOOCs Are Marching On

Start Off 2015 on the Right Foot With These Social Media Tips

Doing calculus with Roman numerals

Think of the cows: Why your diet may not be about you anymore

Fear and joy as Alabama town readies for screenings of film ‘Selma’

Fed’s Rosengren, Harvard’s Summers offer cautious view of U.S. economy

Encore: Why many shouldn’t buy long-term care insurance

Report Connects Jobs, Transportation Web

After Year Of Atheism, Former Pastor: ‘I Don’t Think God Exists’

Facebook Finds That Not All Users Want To Review Their Year

The Tragedy of the American Military

MIT unifies Web development in a single, speedy new language

Japanese Tourist Allegedly Kidnapped, Repeatedly Raped In India

31 rules for the financial road ahead

When to decide

To ‘Think Like a Freak’ Start With These Three Words

Tech-Talent Shortage Crimps Brazil

The High Cost of Politicians

Project Syndicate — 2014 Most Read

New Year, New Job? Read This First

6 Battle-Tested Tips to End Email Overload

Two-thirds of cancer cases down to biological bad luck: New study

A Millennial’s Guide to the Nineties


The Next Chinese Economy

Stability and Prosperity in Monetary Union

Do Economic Sanctions Work?

6 Battle-Tested Tips to End Email Overload

In Idaho gun tragedy, does it matter that mother took precautions?

Beyond the Uber surge: How to get around on New Year’s Eve

A down year for Hollywood could signal new era for digital

How the Friendship Paradox Makes Your Friends Better Than You Are

10 Biggest Job Likes and Gripes of Employees

Jeb Bush continues to shed business ties, board seats

To Get To The Bottom Of Your Microbiome, Start With A Swab Of Poo — part 2

Behind The Scenes At The Lab That Fingerprints Microbiomes — part 3

At Last, I Meet My Microbes — part 4

Buying a home is now twice as affordable as renting

Relive your favorite stories from 2014 with storytelling app Storehouse

Logitech Keys-to-Go review: A great iPad keyboard that doesn’t lock you into a case

Sony Hacking Attack, First a Nuisance, Swiftly Grew Into a Firestorm

Used to be


Tips for Long Term Investing in a Company 401(k) Plan

We Identify the Worst Technologies of 2014

How to set up your new PC

New Congress May Move Swiftly to Raise H-1B Cap

Happy New Year! Now, Look Back At The Most Popular Stories Of 2014

New Year’s Eve in Times Square sums up what’s wrong with New York

The many superpowers of Apple’s Preview app: Part 1

Population of Cities Involved in College Football’s Four-Team Playoff

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

Seth’s Blog: A year of posts

Strategic Clarity on North Korea

Disaster and Development

Try Everything

Where Will All the Workers Go?

How One German Retailer Is Adapting to the Digital Era

Hands-Off Houston Tries Carrot to Lure Downtown Dwellers

The New York Times takes on the NYPD

iA Writer Pro Information Architects

10 Top Stories for Job Seekers in 2014

Google’s Secretive DeepMind Startup Unveils a “Neural Turing Machine”

Reading and Rewriting DNA: The Year in Biomedicine

The Fleeting Obsessions Of The White House Press Corps

Here’s Why Obama Said The U.S. Is ‘Less Racially Divided’

Project Syndicate: Obamacare’s little-known side effect: spurring innovation

A Dozen Things Tren Griffin Learned From Steve Jobs About Business

Apple and Apps Dominated Christmas 2014

Almost every Xbox One exec we profiled last year has left Microsoft.

Here’s A New, Inventive Way Jeff Bezos Plans To Make Money From The Washington Post

Who Is Watching You?

Seth’s Blog: Cutting through Singer’s Paradox

Obama’s Passage to India

Four More Years for Abe

Helping the ECB Cross the Rubicon

Not So Splendid Isolation

East Asia’s New Year Resolutions

Exposing America

Betting on Ukraine

What Do Women Need? A Little Bit of Overconfidence

The Art and Science of Sound: How Music Influences Consumers

Most popular with readers

This year’s most popular articles on leadership

Three Questions That Bruise The Small Cap Performance Promise

Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence from 2014

Belize’s Famous ‘Blue Hole’ Reveals Clues to the Maya’s Demise

Belize’s famous ‘Blue Hole’ reveals clues to Mayan’s demise

The Top 5 Consumer Tech Trends of 2014

Encore: Will ‘global aging’ crush the stock market?

50 best companies to work for, according to employees

How spending less brought my family closer

Pinterest to Unveil Early Results From Promoted Pins, as It Looks to Ramp Up Advertising

Census Bureau Projects U.S. and World Populations on New Year’s Day

Seth’s Blog: In search of arrogance

Obamacare and Effective Government

The Renewed Promise of Abenomics

Putin’s Winning Streak

No More Aleppo’s

Five Reasons for Slow Growth

After unstable 2014, next year may be no calmer

How to Be an Expert in a Changing World

Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer

Economist: This Recovery Is Broad-Based And Stable : NPR

Iranian General Reportedly Killed By ISIS Sniper In Northern Iraq

7 career mistakes holding you back

And 2014’s Worst Currency Was … Bitcoin

Seth’s Blog: But what if this was your only job?

College football’s next battle: How to make games shorter

Top 15 GPS Apps and Devices for Holiday Travel (and Beyond)

Crime and lawsuits cloud new ‘American Sniper’ movie

IBM Design Language

Chattanooga touts transformation into Gig City

Oil Jobs Squeezed as Prices Fall

Seth’s Blog: Is your niche too small?

The Best Ways to Give

What Social Media Communicates about the Well-being of Society

Fearless Forecasts, 2015

How To Make An Unboring Documentary About Polio

Unexpected Life Found In The Ocean’s Deepest Trench

Seth’s Blog: Choices

Seth’s Blog: Asking why

Europe’s Shadow Budget

Financing Climate Safety

Break Up Citigroup

China’s Growth Secret

At Facebook, Boss Is a Dirty Word

For Retirement Accounts, High Current Income Reduces Risk

Seth’s Blog: The alternative gift card

The Battle for Santa Claus’s Home

Europe’s Make-or-Break Year

Leading a Latin American shale revolution

Best of 2014: Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful

The Arms Trade Treaty Will Bring Transparency to the Arms Trade and Prevent Weapons from Fueling Conflicts

Today’s CIO Better Know What’s in a Name

The 2014-15 Flu Shot – Good News and Bad

Social Media’s Naughty or Nice List: Which Brands are Winning in Sentiment?

This year’s most popular articles on business technology

FFF: The 2014 Holiday Season

Quarterly Summary of State & Local Government Tax Revenue

Florida Passes New York to Become Nation’s Third Most Populous State

Seth’s Blog: Festivus (and the airing of grievances)

Seth’s Blog: The meritocracy trap

The Productivity of Trust

The Fed Sets Another Trap

Please Steal Our Fossil Fuels

Radical Goals for Sustainable Development

The $4.3 Billion Shrug

Putting value back in value-based management

Inside a hedge fund: An interview with the managing partner of Maverick Capital

Making connections: An industry perspective on the Internet of Things

Agenda of a shareholder activist

The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity

How the Internet of Things could transform the value chain

The Sony Hack: A ‘Question of When’ for Other Companies

Creating a Smart Wealth Management Plan

For CEOs, Equity and Press Releases, Timing Is Everything

Pope blasts Vatican bureaucracy in Christmas speech

North Korea Internet goes dark, boycotts U.N. Security Council panel

Iraq TV’s latest hit is terrorists being confronted by victims

What police departments can learn about race relations from the LAPD

N. Korea threatens strikes on ‘whole U.S. mainland’ over hacking claims

Putin has one weapon to protect the rouble — he must use it wisely

E-readers ‘damage sleep and health,’ doctors warn

Sex slavery pushes Islamic State victims to suicide: Amnesty

11 of the very best apps for working from an iPad

The best flight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad

The Most Pinteresting People in the World

How U.S. Estate Taxes Could Hammer Non-American Expats

Pocket List: Pocket Hits 2014

2014: The Year In Digg

What Bitcoin Is, and Why It Matters

Seth’s Blog: Right of way

Pakistan’s New Leaf?

Fighting Ebola on All Fronts

Measuring the Next Global Development Goals

Britain’s Closet Keynesian

Post-Fukushima, Japan Looks for a Solar Renewal

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Created a Company to Reinvent Bitcoin

High-Speed Internet Won’t Arrive Overnight in Cuba

Age of Plenty May Be Over for Gulf Arabs as Oil Tumbles - Businessweek

Time for emerging economies to fasten their seat belts

WikiLeaks Releases CIA Manual Advising Undercover Agents on Travel & Avoiding ‘Secondary Screenings’

America’s Military: A conservative institution’s uneasy cultural evolution

Why Microsoft’s Mobile Marketing Strategy Hinges on iOS and Android

Tips For a Successful Social Media Holiday Campaign

5 Tips To Help You Manage Your Social Media Profiles During Holiday Season

Obama takes foreign policy risk, but on his own terms

As Ford closes, European rust belt seeks new ideas

10 steps to take if you hope to retire soon

Slide Show: 10 of the best tropical islands for retirees

10 things: 10 things the college admissions office won’t tell you

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996

Intel Betting on (Customized) Commodity Chips for Cloud Computing

Seth’s Blog: Daily

Candy Crowley leaving CNN after 27 years Fox News

Real-world doctors fact-check Dr. Oz, and the results aren’t pretty

Uber Sways Regulators With Old School Lobbying Tactics

This 23-year old went two years without creating any trash

Chrome Security Team Considers Marking All HTTP Pages As ‘Non-Secure’ Techdirt

Seth’s Blog: Who let the air out of the balloon?

Are Electronic ‘Back Doors’ Unintentionally Helping Hackers?

The New York Times > Fashion & Style > Weddings & Celebrations > Vows- Linda Roth and David Gurfein

A Giving Lesson from Charlie Mahoney

Annual Survey of Public Employment &Payroll Summary Report: 2013

Seth’s Blog: This or that vs. yes or no

Pakistan After the Peshawar Massacre

Is the ECB Doing Enough?

Where Has Global Warming Gone?

Unlocking ASEAN’s Potential

Why Cuba Turned

A Petition for Peshawar

How to get the most from big data

Why It’s Time to Rethink How We Run Charities

Engineering, Construction Firms Carry More Operating Duties

Why Happiness Isn’t Everything

Why E-Commerce Is Key to the Future of China’s Spirits Sector

The 10 most dangerous cities in America

It’s the space age: NASA ‘emailed’ a wrench to its astronauts

The year we get creeped out by algorithms

What could happen in China in 2015?

Making boards work

Education Dept. Issues Framework For New College Rating System

Why nothing is moving the markets more than oil

10 things: 10 things personal trainers won’t tell you

6 industries that can’t find workers fast enough

Apple’s 10 biggest hits, misses, and head-scratchers of 2014

The 9 Must-Read Social Media Articles of 2014

The Ultimate Heirloom: A Sprawling Estate

Google Lat Long: Do some holiday (window) shopping with Google Maps

Let’s celebrate the season of giving

The 9 Must-Read Social Media Articles of 2014

Social Update: Top Social Media News of 2014

Video Library 6th Global Drucker Forum 2014

Keep your brain sharp with these five iOS apps

Create A Submission Tracker in Scrivener

Visualizing The Spread Of Preventable Disease

Does Instagram Change the Meaning of Memories?

Poverty Rates of School-Age Population by County: 2013

What executive think about the economy: 2004 to now

This year’s most popular articles on digitization

Now Share This: Sharing and Creating Content on the Go Made Easy With These Tools

8 Movies Every Social Media Manager Should Watch

2012 Manufacturing and International Trade Report

Seth’s Blog: Clear language and respect

Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

Xi’s Reform Gambit

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2014

The New Imperatives: Gaining an Edge in North American Asset Management

The Road Back: McKinsey Global Banking Annual Review 2014

Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities in Asia: Competing in a Shifting Landscape

Wealth gap between middle class and rich widest ever

Franc falls as Swiss go sub-zero; stocks jump after Fed

Arctic Is Warming Twice As Fast As Anyplace Else On Earth

Satellite Images Show How Holiday Lights Brighten the Night

New York bans fracking after health report

Kill me please: Scott Rudin slams Angelina Jolie AGAIN in leaked email

Global life expectancy has ‘increased by 6 years since 1990’

Pad & Quill’s Bella Fino wallet case for iPhone 6 Plus

Meet the Dogged Researchers Who Try to Unmask Haters Online

Global Alliance Plans Internet for Genomes

Running your company at two speeds

A two-speed IT architecture for the digital enterprise

Worrying About Stuff Is a Sign of Intelligence

16 of the Hottest IT Skills for 2015 CIO

Book News: The Future Of The Public Library May Lie In The Coffee Shop

The Fed gets ready for liftoff

Yahoo’s Decline

Universities Push Harder Into Realm of Startups

7 Tips On How To Use Google Hangouts On Air To Promote Your Business

Some Have Enough To Retire, Some Don’t

McKinsey: This year’s most popular articles on strategy and organization

Caterina’s Club: Calif. restauranteur offers new hope for ‘motel kids’

6 Tips for Overcoming a Bad First Impression

Corning Bets It Can Reinvent Glass Again

A Virtual Social Assistant to Help You Maintain Relationships

Forget the Gossip, These Are the Lessons of the Sony Hack

People who feel younger may live longer

The Real Reason Hitler Launched the Battle of the Bulge

California needs 11 trillion gallons of water to recover from drought

On Peter Drucker and Good Communication

Facebook: Don’t Advertise With Us If You Don’t See Clear ROI

The four Mac security options everyone should know

Bad guys listening in? Take steps to avoid public Wi-Fi snooping

Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates Now Available

Children’s Well-Being, Live on C-SPAN’s “America by the Numbers”

Seth’s Blog: Where to start

Seth’s Blog: End of year book and audio roundup

Prepping Gay Men for PrE

Closing India’s Technology Gap

Running From the Ruble

The Arab World’s Vanishing Christians

India’s tech opportunity: Transforming work, empowering people

Making stores matter in a multichannel world

How to win in online grocery: Advice from a pioneer

Running a winning M&A shop

As Benefits Cuts Loom, Prepare to Work Longer

What Marketers Need to Know about Binge-buying

Turn up the Cheer with Hootsuite’s Cute Holiday Owl

FFF: Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 27, 2014

State and Local Government Spending Grows Faster Than Revenue

Seth’s Blog: Retribution

Socrates in Silicon Valley

The Oil Price Opportunity

Testing Times for Alzheimer’s

Thanking Bangladesh

Living with lower market expectations

Busting mobile-shopping myths

The Competition Question at the Heart of the Apple Antitrust Case

History’s Biggest Robbery: How the Nazis Stole Europe’s Gold

For Better Patient Outcomes Technology Is Increasingly Key

BT enters exclusive negotiations to buy EE for $19.6B

6 Things Obituaries Can Teach Us About Living Better

Two psychologists’ role in CIA torture program comes into focus

Quantum physics deployed in quest for fraud-proof credit cards

U.S. Industrial Output Surpasses Prerecession Peak

Google’s top 2014 search terms may look familiar

Skype demos real-time speech translation

Can Abe Tackle The Real Reason For Japan’s Decline?

California Turns to the Pacific Ocean for Water

Why Neural Networks Look Set to Thrash the Best Human Go Players for the First Time

Psychologist admits he waterboarded al-Qaida suspects

As Robots Grow Smarter, American Workers Struggle to Keep Up -

These Multidirectional, Cable-Free Elevators Could Be Ready By 2016

Quora And The Quest To Answer Every Question

Filmmakers Will Have to Adopt New Ways of Storytelling to Make Virtual-Reality Movies

6 IT Workforce Predictions for 2015

Revolution Investing: Russia, oil and the coming market crash

Workflow for iOS review: An awesome Mac-like app for our post-PC devices

From ebola to Flappy Bird: These are the most popular Google Searches of 2014

Official Google Blog: A Year in Search: the moments that defined 2014

A List to End All Lists: Pocket’s Top Stories of 2014 « Pocket Blog

Pocket List: Pocket Hits 2014

In Defense Of Advisors Who Sell Variable Annuities

Seth’s Blog: What kind of customers do you want?

Seth’s Blog: The annual plan construction set

The Real Lima Deal

Divest in a Better Future

A New Direction for Global Health

Why Are Commodity Prices Falling?

Standing Up to Illiberalism

A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients

A look at the rifle in the Sandy Hook shooting

Black gold: Oil trains are being funded by U.S. taxpayers

MOOCs Aren’t Revolutionizing College, but They’re Not a Failure

Can Life Be Mimicked in Silicon?

Jeb Bush To Release 250,000 Emails From His Years As Governor

Sony warns some media outlets to stop reporting on hacked information

It’s no longer Samsung versus Apple in China: Here’s how Xiaomi has taken the No. 1 position - The Economic Times on Mobile

9 Reasons Good Employees Leave — and How You Can Prevent It

Preserving our nation’s film heritage

Misty Copeland: Still proving herself

The history of Hermes

LEDs take skyscraper seasonal lighting to new heights

SanDisk Cruzer Fit 64Gb

The competitive world of eSports

Let nature play a role in climate adaptation, experts urge

When adoptions fail: One woman’s quest to find new homes for children

An App Request

Inside the Collapse of The New Republic

The Kochs eclipse the RNC

The commoditizing of humans.

This Nursing Home Calms Troubling Behavior Without Risky Drugs

‘A Universe Beneath Our Feet’: Life In Beijing’s Underground

What If Atheists Were Defined By Their Actions?

Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages - Articles Travel + Leisure

Using Evernote (the right way). — Medium

Women at Work: A Guide for Men

A Year with Peter Drucker: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness

The biggest music comeback of 2014: Vinyl records

Bid to break gridlock on final day of climate talks, young activists lose hope

Families turning up in droves to claim priceless stolen Nazi artworks

Top 12 Laptop Bags for Pros on the Go

Are Men Idiots Who Do Stupid Things? Study Says Yes

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Search

Seth’s Blog: Costs before and after

CNN Films- Dinosaur 13 -

Living Larger, But Avoiding Ruin

Amazon catches up to Netflix with breakthrough nods at Golden Globes

Sea sick: Oceans littered with more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic

Jack Ma is now the richest person in Asia

Ford drops Microsoft’s Windows Embedded, enabling support for Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto

Golden Globe nominations 2015: Who got snubbed?

Turnaround Tommy: How Hilfiger’s Once-Dead Brand Had Its Biggest Year Ever


The family-business factor in emerging markets

Lessons from the diwaniya: An interview with Sulaiman Abdulkadir Al-Muhaidib

Poo And You: A Journey Into The Guts Of A Microbiome — part 1

Wealth Gap Between Races Widened During Recession, Study Says

10 things: 10 things the military won’t tell you

Americans are 40% poorer than before the recession

Our Favorite Apps of 2014

Statement by Census Bureau Director on Health Insurance Questions

Seth’s Blog: Go for a walk

Putin’s Rules of Attraction

Faster Growth Through Stronger Regulation

It’s All Over Now, Baby Boom

How to catch those fleeting investment opportunities

2014’s Biggest, Wildest Ideas

What Barnes & Noble Could Learn from Starbucks

Assessing Employability Is Disrupting India’s Higher Ed Model

U.S.-China Business Relations: Rough Waters Ahead?

How Home Buyers Can Lower Closing Costs

Corporate Germany Set for Gender Revolution

Big Drop In Students Being Held Back, But Why?

Social Update: 12 • 12 • 2014

A Holiday Gift Guide for Social Media Lovers

Brett Terpstra’s Sweet Mac Setup — Shawn Blanc

Searching for the Best Weather App Among Weather Underground, Weatherbug and More -

Iran in the Middle

Seth’s Blog: Get the word out vs. Find the others

Inequality and the American Child

Europe’s Misguided Investment Mania

Development for the People

Good and Bad Inequality

Putting Deflation First

The Economic Consequences of Drug Resistance

How Barnes & Noble Can Recover from the Nook’s Downward Spiral

Fewer iPhone 6/6 Plus Buyers Shift From Android

Rosetta probe suggests asteroids, not comets, brought water to Earth

FAA issues commercial drone permits to 4 companies

Introducing NPR’s New Show About Human Behavior

A Look Inside the First Commercial Coal Plant with Carbon Capture and Storage MIT Technology Review

Scientists prep mummy boy for debut 2,500 years in the making

Armed and operational: Navy’s laser passes deployment test

The ’24’ effect: Did the TV drama convince us that torture really worked?

‘Bunch of hooey’: Psychologist behind CIA program refutes report

7 Resolutions Online Businesses Should Make for 2015

Deep Dive: 10 retailers with the best sales growth this year

Without your Recovery Key, your Apple ID could be lost forever

DEVONthink: Getting Started デボンシンク:はじめの一歩 CHRISTOPHER MAYO

Prepare for a Lifetime of Careers, Instead of the Career of a Lifetime

Fact or Fiction: Do Images Increase Facebook Engagement?

3 Ways Your Brick-and-Mortar Location Can Use Social Media To Drive Business

LinkedIn 2014 — A Year in Review

Media and Entertainment Brands Top Hootsuite’s November Love List

U.S. Population Projections: 2014-2060

Seth’s Blog: The thing about a clean sheet of paper

Global Energy Realism

Europe’s Misguided Investment Mania

Iran in the Middle

Japan: An Economy in Need of a Crisis?

Risk Management Requires the Sharing of Risk Knowledge

Is There A Kinder Way to Lay People Off?

Wellness At Work Often Comes With Strings Attached

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Ends As A Macho Soap Opera Often Anchored By Women

Fast food World War 3: Is Chipotle responsible for McDonald’s decline?

Forecast: 2015 to be toughest year since recession

This is why Americans are overweight and broke

Smarter Artificial Skin for Prosthetic Hands

HP Will Release a “Revolutionary” New Operating System in 2015

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Symbolize Desire to Transcend Differences

Apple Says These Are the Best iPhone, iPad Apps of 2014

U.S. lawmakers agree on $1.1 tril spending bill, avoiding government shutdown

Mark Hulbert: How to really invest like a billionaire

A warmer Pacific Ocean may release of millions of tons of methane

6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work

#HootTip: Mobile Push Notification

Destination British Columbia - Home

“Time is Brain”: Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke

Nearly 6 Out of 10 Children Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Nationwide Shipment of Goods Reaches $13.8 Trillion

Annual Income and Earnings Inequality Metrics: 2009-2012

The Profitability of Trust

Let Russia Be Russia

Immigration and the New Class Divide

The Year of Sustainable Development

The Ransom Dilemma

Seth’s Blog: Obedience

Avoiding Risk Is Good for Managers — but Bad for Shareholders

Comedian in chief: Watch Obama tell some jokes on ‘Colbert’

Sony hack reveals aliases used by actors - Telegraph gets $25 million financing from big tech names

2 Futures Can Explain Time’s Mysterious Past

The Rise of AdBlock Reveals A Serious Problem in the Advertising Ecosystem

Why Do Brits Say “Maths” and Americans Say “Math”?

Shanley Kane of Model View Culture Challenges a “Corrupt” Silicon Valley

Why the CIO-CMO Relationship Is Like Reality TV

How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital

America the frugal: US Consumer Sentiment Survey

Are Index Fund Investors Simply Smarter?

Seth’s Blog: What’s next?

Educating Against Ebola

Sweden in Crisis

A Year of Divergence

Keep the Internet Tax-Free

The Myth of Net-Zero Emissions

How Disruption Is Creating Opportunity in Higher Education

Omission of radiation treatment in elderly female patients with early-stage breast cancer

Former CIA Director braces for ‘Torture Report,’ warns of attacks

2014 A Year Of ‘Unspeakable Brutality’ For Children In Conflict Zones

Obama Administration Unveils New Ban On Racial Profiling

Obama’s Ebola czar Klain to exit White House by March 1

UN official: Soil for farming could run out in 60 years

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sony Calls Cyber Attack “Unprecedented,” Says It Couldn’t Have Been Stopped

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg slams Apple CEO Tim Cook

50 Best Albums of 2014

Boom For Mac Is An Equalizer That Improves Your Sound

Chris Rock Talks to Frank Rich About Ferguson, Cosby, and What ‘Racial Progress’ Really Means

How Girls Are Developing Earlier In An Age Of ‘New Puberty’

Stephen Hawking Gets A Voice Upgrade

Apple’s first employee: The remarkable odyssey of Bill Fernandez

Red Cross Finances Called Into Question

Seth’s Blog: The stories we tell ourselves

Changes to AppleScript in OmniOutliner 4 - Support - The Omni Group

Seth’s Blog: Goals, strategy and tactics for change

The Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

Better forecasting for large capital projects

China’s Internet revolution

How an historically black school came to hire a white coach

Everything You Need To Know About Dark Social

Chinese crackdown: Oil man whose well of power finally runs dry

India to curb climate change

Sony hack: Families threatened ‘make your company behave wisely’

Retail disruption claims ‘90s teen empire Delia’s as its newest victim

EU Court Orders France To Compensate Somali Pirates

Colleges See Credit Risks in Bloated Student Schedules

Seth’s Blog: Backing into your future

Ebola and Innovation

Israel’s Terrorist Aid

German Foreign Policy Comes of Age

Three ways companies can make co-creation pay off

Shale Revolution: Opportunity to jump-start economic growth

View: China’s banks face disruption

Dragon Net: China’s next economic miracle

‘Things’ Are Heating Up: What’s New in the Internet of Things

U.S. birth rate hits record low as women delay having children

The Battle to Control Genome Editing

An Online Journal That Curates Your Personal Data

Obese people are shortening their lives, scientists warn

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in India Could Go Pandemic

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent

A year later, recalling the ‘Mandela Magic’ South Africa: One year without Mandela

Staffers Resign En Masse At ‘The New Republic’ Amid Planned Changes

5 privacy fixes your Facebook News Feed needs by New Year’s

The Fairest Castle of Them All

Google Lat Long: Viva La Espana: 50 new Street View sights in Spain

Literature and Latte • View topic - What fonts do you use?

What’s Wrong With My Blog?

Social Update: 12• 5 • 2014

9 Steps Banks Can Take to Reach Social Media Success

The Value of Social Data: Focus on the Insights

New ACS 5-Year Estimates: See How Young Adults Today Compare

Seth’s Blog: Placebos, manipulation and preying on the weak

Seth’s Blog: A one day design sprint (and a developer directory)

Making Water Conservation Pay

Juncker’s Sound of Silence

Rapid growth in biopharma: Challenges and opportunities

Automation, jobs, and the future of work

How US state governments can improve customer service

Can the U.S. Energy Sector Be Mostly Green in 10 Years?

The Legacy of Indonesia’s Boediono - Knowledge@Wharton

Echoes of Ferguson: NYC simmers over man’s death in police chokehold

Old Laptop Batteries Could Help Power the Developing World

Neural Network Rates Images for Happiness Levels

Shell has ‘earliest human engraving’

iPhone 6 Plus boosts U.S. ‘phablet’ share, but the smaller iPhone 6 is what sells

Around the World With BYOD

Elizabeth O’Brien’s Retire Well: Your ‘living will’: What happens if you change your mind?

Private I: Choosing whether to sync your passwords

Blowing Off Class? We Know

Where Wages Are Rising (And Falling), In 1 Graph

Instagram or Tumblr? A Guide To Choosing The Right Photo Sharing Platform For Your Business

[CONTEST] ’Tis The Season To Get Social!

Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Drive Employee Advocacy

If You’re In the Thrift Savings Plan, Stay In It

At a Loss for Words? Embed the Census Bureau’s Glossary!

The 2014 Holiday Season

Seth’s Blog: “You’re right, we were wrong”

Can Japan Reboot?

China’s Asia?

Amazon’s New Local Services: Ratcheting Up the Competition?

For Driving Job Growth, Youth -- Not Size -- Is What Matters

IT Resume Makeover: Top 11 Tips From 2014

Richard III DNA shows British Royal family ‘may not have royal bloodline’

Rocket scientist’s idea could put an end to texting while driving

Demis Hassabis, Founder of DeepMind Technologies and Artificial-Intelligence Wunderkind at Google, Wants Machines to Think Like Us

China and Turkey fall behind in global corruption index

US CEOs Perceive Dimmer Economic Growth but Plan to Increase Hiring

Fewer Deaths Due To Errors In U.S. Hospitals, Government Says

The past and future of global organizations

Our Ability To Digest Alcohol May Have Been Key To Our Survival

Want To Perk Up Your Love Life? Put Away That Smartphone

Hindenburg Omen cries bear market, again

Hands-on with Alpine’s excellent iLX-007 CarPlay aftermarket stereo

Panama Building Boom Leaves Glut of Hotels, Offices

California Lawmakers Propose Canceling Plans To Hike Tuition

Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Bosses Ask: Are You Happy at Work?

How to Train Your Voice to Be More Charismatic

Radio Italia Finds Social Media Success As One Of the Most Followed Radio Stations Globally

#HootTip: How to Use Hootsuite Mobile’s Share Extension

Keep your brain sharp with these five iOS apps

What happens when you swipe your card?

Roger Martin’s Keynote 6th Global Drucker Forum

If you switch to iPhone, here’s what you’ll miss

Pregnant workers’ rights: Former UPS driver’s claim goes before Supreme Court

Medicare Penalties: Procrastination Can be Costly

Mobility is Most Common Disability Among Older Americans

Seth’s Blog: Babies and bathwater

Seth’s Blog: Would you please share my new book?

Why Did Putin Turn?

François Hollande’s Tartuffe Syndrome

Flights From Freedom

Nigeria Beyond Ebola

Service-sector productivity and international competitiveness

How the Kalydeco Deal Will Shape Philanthropy’s Future

Does Social Impact Demand Financial Sacrifice?

Change Is Coming: What U.S. Colleges Must Do To Survive

Most wanted living Nazi died four years ago in Syria

Global stocks drop after new signs of slower growth; yen, oil rebound

How to think about risk in retirement

What Economic Numbers Do and Don’t Say About the Economy

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

Public Books — Changing Climates of History

Diabetes in midlife linked to faster mental decline

Scientists Have Finally Sampled the Most Abundant Material on Earth

Why You Need to Build Career Paths for Nonmanagers

How Buildings Could Keep Cool without Electricity

How Google “Translates” Pictures Into Words Using Vector Space Mathematics

HP Stream 11 Review: A $200 Windows Laptop That’s Worth the Price

Official Google Blog: This year the holidays are Made with Code

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5 Snarky (but Simple) Design Tips That Will Immediately Improve Your Content

Black Friday, Cyber Monday… #GivingTuesday

Content Marketing Cure: How To Start A Blog To Remedy Decreased Organic Reach on Facebook

For two hundred and fifty years, from the second half of the eighteenth century on, Capitalism was the dominant social reality

Why Vanguard’s Balanced Index Could Be An Investor’s Panacea

Printing Circuitry for Bionic Implants

Lords-a-leaping! You’ll be shocked at the cost of ’12 Days of Christmas’

Amazon’s new robot army is ready to ship

China takes over Japan to become world’s second-largest stock market

AIDS campaigners say pandemic has finally reached tipping point

Cyber Monday: Mobile, social, multichannel change online shopping dynamics

Ohio State player, plagued with concussions, dies of apparent suicide

Unfinished business: Lame duck Congress plays catchup during final days

Hong Kong erupts with fresh protests at government HQ

Ex-USAF lawyer ‘punished’ for trying to prosecute sexual assault

Why Ferguson touched a raw, national nerve

Rouble heading for biggest one-day fall since 1998 as oil drops below $70

George Shultz Defies GOP in Embrace of Climate Adaptation

Cyber ring stole secrets for gaming U.S. stock market: FireEye

Read Chris Rock’s Brilliant Remarks About Race in America

Shopping Relics: Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Don’t Really Matter

Teach For America At 25: With Maturity, New Pressure To Change

In China, One Woman’s Challenge To The Legal System

The Moneyologist: Is it wrong to buy and wear clothes that you plan to return?

BBEdit 11 review: More productive for coders and writers alike

Seth’s Blog: Doing more, giving more, who’s in charge?

The Return of Currency Wars

The UK’s Immigration Distraction

Common Sense on Conflict Minerals

Making Climate Promises Count

5 Trends That Will Change How You Use Social Media in 2015

How Health Care Organizations Can Activate Employee Advocates

Seth’s Blog: We can’t talk about it

A European Plan for France and Germany

The Rising Costs of US Income Inequality

5 Ways to Infuse Meaning in Your Second Act

Switzerland votes on plan to hoard gold

The Star Wars Episode VII Trailer If It Were Made By George Lucas

Researchers find Graphene a better material for making bulletproof jackets

Social media studies are misleading, according to study

How the world could better fight obesity

The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel

How to Get Away with Uber

Against Productivity

6 Things The Most Organized People Do Every Day

Black Friday Sales Down At Stores, Surge Online

Picking the best Internet TV device

Everything You Need To Know About Tsū And Other Social Media That Pays You

Seth’s Blog: Stumbling your way to greatness

America’s Middle East Challenges

November’s Diplomatic Harvest

Woman stabs boyfriend for starting Thanksgiving dinner without her

Spirit of the season: New Yorkers pay big bucks to dine with homeless

Small Business Saturday still small potatoes, owners complain

Syria says U.S.-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

Why The ER Doctor Asks Patients What’s Happening At Home

Paying For Health Care But Kept In The Dark

13,000 Modern Slaves Working In U.K., London Says

AT&T told to stop calling U-verse the “Fastest Internet for the price”

A Home-Based Investment That Works for Many

Seth’s Blog: The fear of freedom

Hard Wisdom for Scarce Water

National Security Babies

Why Millennials Won’t Be Big Spenders This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving Day shopping takes a bite out of Black Friday profits

Peaceful chaos: Black Friday begins, kicking off shopping season

Earthlings to send 90,000 hellos to Mars

Darwin the Ikea monkey needs your help to find a new home

Rhode Island cathedral may become only U.S. museum to the slave trade

Weary of Middle East conflict, France to debate recognition of Palestine

Cameron tells EU: let us curb migrant welfare, or risk UK leaving

Invisible shield protects Earth from Electron beams

Protect Your iPhone With Seven Of The Best iPhone Cases

Why CIOs and CMOs Must Run Side by Side

How Dogs Understand What We Say

7 secrets for getting the most comfortable airline seat

4 airline fees worth paying

5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Content Marketing Strategy, Now

Social Update: 11• 28 • 2014

How To Manage Social Media Anywhere, Anytime

Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Building a Social Center of Excellence

Seth’s Blog: The problem with problems

Global Solutions for Globalization’s Problems

The Next Phase of China’s Financial Deepening

Death of a Family Farm

The Internet Has Changed the Way We Remember War

The complete guide to Instagramming your Thanksgiving dinner

From Beyond the Grave, Steve Jobs Still Wins Plenty of Patents

What Managers Really Need from Academics

Poroshenko and Putin Talk as Merkel Warns of Long Crisis

CDC: Fewer than 18% of American adults smoke cigarettes, a new low

How tennis ‘conquered the world’

Murray To Marry Kim Sears

Cup of Joe: Coffee shown to significantly decrease risk of Alzheimer’s

Sprout review: This beautiful new computer from HP still has needs

Black Friday rush: Gun sales surge after holiday, test background checks

Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers

How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

Indian Investigators Deny Village Girls Were Raped, Murdered

WTO Members Approve Historic Trade Deal

More Homeless Get Public Housing in New York City, but Shelter Population on Rise

If You Retire Later, You Can Withdraw More

Email templates for 27 of your toughest work tasks

Seth’s Blog: The last minute glitch

The Two Colombias

Getting to Yes with Putin

Social Choice and Social Welfare

The Geopolitical Impact of Cheap Oil

Abe’s Safe Bet

Five ways to get more from digital advertising

Joint ventures on the rise

Want to Create Great Software Products? Don’t Try to Innovate

Apple Tops $700 Billion Valuation, Fueled by New Products

Prioritizing healthcare overhaul was a mistake: Senate Democrat

Flipping The Wall Street Journal and Factiva Inside Flipboard

Signs of End Times? Half of Americans and Majority of White Evangelical Protestants Think Climate Change is Apocalypse

Interstellar Wormholes may never Work in Reality

‘Transformative moment’: Space station’s 3D printer pops out first creation

Pass the peanut butter: Chemical changes could turn the Great Lakes to jelly

Bowing out: Top contender to head Defense Dept. withdraws her name

5 Best Shopping Apps for iPhone

Why Sapphire Was So Hard for Apple to Master

In Darren Wilson’s Testimony, Familiar Themes About Black Men

Never miss a credit card reward again with Wallaby for iOS

The Screen-Size Debate: How the iPhone 6 Plus Impacts Where We Read & Watch

Twitter to Start Tracking Which Apps Its Users Have Downloaded

The Boss Makes How Much More Than You?

The Importance of Active Management

Ambulatory Health Care Services Receipts and Employment on the Rise

Seth’s Blog: A three-step marketing ladder

Inequality and the Internet

Something to Smile About

Sustainable Development Economics

Education in the Second Machine Age

The bank of the future

The Pros and Cons of Bringing Back a Former CEO

How Snapdeal Is Connecting Demand With Supply in India

Going to Battle for a Piece of History

UVA to Tackle Sexual Assaults After Alleged Gang Rape

6 Ways To Generate More Sales On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Tumblr for Business: Advanced Techniques in Content Curation

How Startup Canada Uses Social Media To Successfully Promote Events

25 Thanksgiving Jokes That Will Get You Through Dinner With Your Family

Your Elite School Is Not Worth The Cost, Studies Say

When Is the Best Time of Day for a Company to Dump Bad News?

The Ultimate Fall Baked Good: Pumpkin Maple Coffee Cake

10 Things You Didn’t See at the American Music Awards (Plus, Video of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and More!)

And the state where the richest people live is …

More Americans can’t make their car payments

Why heroin has made a comeback in America

McAdams, Kitsch, Reilly join ‘True Detective’ cast

Americans would rather adapt to extreme weather than curb climate change

Global warming could undermine poverty fight: World Bank

Weather does less than politics to sway views on climate

Federer backs Aussie ‘fast’ tennis

How to use the colon

Why It Sometimes Makes Sense to Go Slow With Mobile Development

How To Live Better, Travel More, And Work A Lot Less

World-class teams

Is college worth the cost?

The Economics Of Thanksgiving 2014

Simple Circuit Could Double Cell Phone Data Speeds

7 apps for hosting a stress-free Thanksgiving

How to get rid of unwanted subscribed calendars

Paul Ford on HTML5 and the World of Web Standards

iPhone 6 drives huge downloads in October, but marketing costs finally fall slightly

Seth’s Blog: Sign your work

Europe’s German Ball and Chain

The Drag on E-Cigarettes

Romania’s Underdog of Hope

Why Summits Matter

The Federal Reserve’s Escape from New York

IBM’s Brad Becker on the Promise of Cognitive Computing

How to Build an African Model for Success in Manufacturing

Social Media in Health Care: Stories From The Front Lines

“Your Product is a Piece of Sh#t”: How we Responded to this Tweet

BigHairyGoal for Mac OSX brainstorming mindmapping creative thinking getting things done

GOP response to Obama’s immigration platform: Critical, but not detailed

Swiss Museum to Accept Art Trove, Return Nazi-Looted Work

Samsung Considering Shake-Up in Management

How Roger Federer’s Davis Cup win bolsters greatest résumé in tennis history

Falling apart: America’s neglected infrastructure

Seth’s Blog: The jobs only you can do

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

Facebook ‘newspaper’ spells trouble for media

Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

Marine Corps Finds It Tough To Shut Down Sexist Facebook Groups

The Secret Life of Passwords

Symantec Uncovers Sophisticated, Stealthy Computer Spying Tool

How 3-D Printing Is Changing Medicine

UVa Suspends Fraternities Amid Probe



Health-care costs: It’s time for patients to take control

Are consumers getting gouged on health care?

Time for CFOs to step up

Divesting proactively

A new way to measure IPO success

How climate change could affect corporate valuations

Getting what you pay for with stock options

Why cross-listing shares doesn’t create value

Organizing for value

How to choose between growth and ROIC

Managing your integration manager

Where mergers go wrong

Investing when interest rates are low

Internal rate of return: A cautionary tale

When payback can take decades

Do fundamentals—or emotions—drive the stock market?

The right role for multiples in valuation

The value of share buybacks

How to escape the short-term trap

When to break up a conglomerate: An interview with Tyco International’s CFO

Preempting hostile takeovers

Getting more out of offshoring the finance function

Seth’s Blog: A little more than a bushel, a little bit less

China’s Monetary-Policy Surprise

China Seen Reducing Rates Again After First Cut Since 2012

Farming ‘changes earth’s breathing’

Health Exchange: Why Obamacare won’t stop the health-care cost crisis

Health Exchange: Why your medical bills will just keep growing

A broken Watch: This Apple Watch reporting isn’t even right twice a day


Everything You Need To Know About Social Payments

The Contentment Factor

How to Adapt Your Facebook Strategy to the Coming News Feed Changes

Obama to transform immigration policy, spare 5 million from deportation

Mike Nichols, Acclaimed Director of ‘The Graduate,’ Dies at 83

NSA Director: Yes, China Can Shut Down Our Power Grids

Astronomers Baffled by Mystery Light: Kicked Black Hole or Supernova?

10 Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career

Scientists Demonstrate Brain-to-Brain Communication

Twitter “Exhaust” Reveals Patterns of Unemployment

Lessons from Iraq: Retired U.S. general on how to handle Islamic State

The 2 Things That Rarely Happen After A Medical Mistake

In The Hospital, There’s No Such Thing As A Lesbian Knee

Seth’s Blog: The tragedy of the last 10%

The Children’s Revolution

China’s New Global Leadership

Germany’s Four Neins

How the world could better fight obesity

The Renewed Caution Behind China’s Land Price Slump

5 Tips To Set Yourself Up For Success Using Twitter—And Drive Holiday Sales

Some New Prescriptions for the Affordable Care Act

Lavish Perks Spawn New Job Category

Social Update: 11 • 21 • 2014

6 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Regeneron Builds a Database of Human Knockouts in Search for Drug Clues

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds

Economic Activity Slows in Eurozone, Survey Suggests

Uber is so over for many ride-sharers

McKinsey report says obesity costs hit $2 trillion

Scientists at CERN discover new particle family members

Russian ‘ghost’ spacecraft could be satellite-killer

Utah proposes using a firing squad for executions

Billboard shakes up chart ranking to include streaming

Racial divide: Arrest rates in U.S. are ‘staggering,’ study finds

Big impression: Ohio governor steals the show at GOP governors meeting

A Chinese Urban Experiment

Social Media Bots Offer Phony Friends and Real Profit -

How to Be the CIO of Tomorrow

An Overhaul Of The World’s Largest Passenger Plane Takes 55 Days, But You Can Watch It In Less Than Two Minutes

“I am lonely, will anyone speak to me”: Inside the saddest thread on the internet, ten years later

Add a Task to TaskPaper with Drafts Using Dropbox Actions

Hog Bay Software Wiki — iOSworkflows

DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.8.2

Sleep’s Link To Learning And Memory Traced To Brain Chemistry

Keep Your Head Up: ‘Text Neck’ Takes A Toll On The Spine

What Diabetes Costs You, Even If You Don’t Have The Disease

FIFA To Review World Cup Corruption Report

Deep Dive: Dollar Tree proves it’s the king of discount stores

Private I: It’s time to encrypt everything

FFF: Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 27, 2014

FFF: American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2014

Seth’s Blog: Inventing a tribe

Africa’s Latest False Choice

The Fed’s Culture War

Post-Soviet Confidence Games

From bottom to top: Turning around the top team

The future of global payments

Nurturing Innovation: Does Geography Matter?

Lenders Shift to Help Struggling Student Borrowers

Slide Show: 10 jobs robots already do better than you

John T. Downey Dies at 84; Held Captive in China for 20 Years

The Value of Social Media for Health Care Providers and Practitioners

Why Social Media Influence Matters, and 5 Ways to Measure It

Pinpoint And Engage The People Who Matter Most With PeerIndex App For Hootsuite

Paying Off Debt Can Simplify Your Life

The 3 Stages of Building Social Media Community

Revenue Increased in All Service Sectors in 2013

Census Bureau Celebrates 25th Anniversary of TIGER

Seth’s Blog: “This will blow over”

Seth’s Blog: The wrong question to ask yourself before crowdfunding

India’s Economic Hotspots

Ebola and Beyond

Philosopher Kings Versus Philosopher Presidents

A digital prescription for pharma companies

New frontiers in affordable housing

What every executive needs to know about design

The Latest Innovation: Redesigning the Business Model

Obama’s Internet Neutrality Stance: Net Positive or Negative?

India’s Lesson: Why Better Education Is Imperative for Growth

Kuroda Wins Wider Majority, Says Inflation May Dip Below 1%

Thor honored: ‘Avengers’ star Chris Hemsworth named world’s sexiest man

A third of Fortune 500 companies now cover transgender health care

Uber executive in New York allegedly used company’s ‘God View’ tool to track

Deep Dive: 10 consumer companies that will post huge earnings gains

Encore: New tool could help public pensions stay on course

10 Android Lollipop features Apple should ‘borrow’ for iOS 9

Which Social Video Platform Is Right For Your Business?

Stunning NASA Visualization Reveals Secret Swirlings of Carbon Dioxide

The High Cost of Soft Drinks

Electric Power Generation Using Renewable Energy Growing

Seth’s Blog: Of course it’s been done before

Investing in Happy Endings

The Next Trade Breakthroughs

Creativity, Corporatism, and Crowds

Management: The next 50 years

How China’s Economy Can Weather a ‘Long, Slow Fall’

Ford CEO: We’re making a ‘Tesla’ for the masses

Cities Look to Technology for Answers to Growing Challenges

Halliburton and Baker Hughes Agree to Friendly $34.6 Billion Merger

GPS Time Glitches: Probably the Best Dark Matter Detector

Stop Trying to Save the World

The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

Silicon Valley execs open wallets, flex campaign finance muscle

Despite problems, VA hands out millions in bonuses

Firm Accused Of Illegal Practices That Push Families Into Foreclosure

With Japan In Recession, Prime Minister Calls For Snap Elections

Review: Pixelmator for iPad is an affordable image editor that packs a powerful punch

Vacancy Is Opportunity at 4 Times Square

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Helping users find mobile-friendly pages

Remedial Courses in College Stir Questions Over Cost, Effectiveness

Experts Say Stocks Are Going To Crash—So What Are You Going To Do About It?

Facts for Features: Valentine’s Day 2014: Feb. 14

Seth’s Blog: Is a photo of a Magritte painting better than the original?

Facing pressure from all sides, Putin is losing his geostrategic footing

Reforming China’s Commanding Heights

Peruvian environmental activist ambushed

Why True Entrepreneurs Go Down and ‘Come Back Fighting’

Former White House officials criticize Obama ‘micromanagement’ of military

Waste in the military: Prosecutors troubled by extent of fraud

Japan’s recessionary slide hits stocks, oil

Hit hard: Japan’s recession could lead to worldwide problems

U.S. drug agents raid NFL medical staffs after games

One in 30: New report paints scary homelessness picture for U.S. kids

Here’s how Facebook is already shaping the 2016 presidential campaign

Mastering the Business Basics of Online Reputation Management

Harvard Students Fail A Literacy Test Louisiana Used To Suppress The Black Vote In 1964

Takeaways From The Drucker Forum 2014

Why the Pacific’s time has come

My Library List - HBR

From the Knowledge Economy to the Human Economy

A Dutch Christmas tradition brings racial tensions

Putin plans early exit from G20 after world leaders slam Russia’s moves in Ukraine

Ancient Meteorite’s Magnetic Fields Provide Clues To Solar System Formation

South Korean Students Turn to Tutors for U.S. Admissions Help

“I need you”

Candy Crush Soda Saga Cheats

Seth’s Blog: Crowding the pan

Choosing Wisely Campaign to Cut Unnecesary Medical Tests

ISIS uses beheadings, other violent acts to crush civilians, UN report says

Deaths Put Spotlight on India’s Sterilization ‘Camps’

5,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered in Denmark

Apple Loop: iPad Sales Crashing, Why Apple Is So Addictive, iPhone Demand High

What Steve Wozniak Got Wrong About The iPhone 6

Bill Cosby cancels on another show as sexual assault charges return

The next goal: After China deal, Obama pushes for world climate pact

‘Simplistic and one-sided’: New NSA director rips criticism of agency

They Paid How Much? How Negotiated Deals Hide Health Care’s Cost

Netflix is shutting down its public API today

For Best-Selling Truck, Ford Bets Big On Aluminum

Nike’s Martin Lotti on Just Doing It

Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Music Key and YouTube’s Evolution As A Social Video Channel




Beating the Index


Seth’s Blog: Staffed by mimes

Europe’s Franco-German Dream Team

Emissions Reduction by the Numbers

New Frontiers in Affordable Housing

The Population Challenge

Entrepreneurs in the MENA Region: Is There Light Ahead?

How Technology Can Improve Health Care in Africa

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: A closer look

Income inequality: 5 things to know

Beware Of “Masque Attack”

SanDisk releases Lightning-enabled thumb drive for iPhone, iPad

Secret Service’s flawed training paved way for White House intruder

U.S. using fake cellphone towers on planes to gather your data

Civil rights figure on race today: ‘You almost feel like you’re back in the ‘60s’

Lower Education: How A Disgraced College Chain Trapped Its Students In Poverty

Prospects for growth: An interview with Robert Solow

With Drought The New Normal, Calif. Farmers Find They Have To Change

What Happens When Your Husband Buys a House Without Telling You

Social Update: 11 • 14 • 2014

Expert Advice On Social Collaboration For Social Media Teams

How to Make a Good First Impression on Social Media

How Social Media Impacts Your Organisation—And How To Make It A Positive Impact

California High-Speed Internet Use Varies by Metro Area

Florida High-Speed Internet Use Varies by Metro Area

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans Have Access to High-Speed Internet

Seth’s Blog: The time to think about middlemen is before there’s only one

Mexico’s Growth Problem

The Politics of UN Leadership

Are you getting all you can from your board of directors?

Bringing a healthy dose of pragmatism to strategy

Winning in Western Europe’s New Corporate Credit Landscape

Three ways CEOs can improve the supply chain

‘We crossed the line,’ U.S. admits to U.N. anti-torture group

Missing in action: Most voters are no-shows at the polls Election Day 2014

Obama warns of Myanmar ‘backsliding’

U.S. Army tries to identify soldiers most likely to commit suicide

Wisconsin Woman Bankrupt From Hospital Bills After Cardiac Arrest

What are the best heavy-duty iPhone 6 cases? Apple

iPhone 6 Review from an iPhone 5 User

Law and order: NYC prosecutor pledges $35M to end ‘rape kit’ backlog in U.S.

U.S. confirms climate agency websites hacked

Eye in the sky: U.S. turns to drones to patrol half of Mexican border

Republicans already planning how to thwart Obama’s immigration plan

4 Ways Your Company Is Contributing to the IT Skills Gap

7 steps to a new job — but first, burn your resume

10 ways Pope Francis’s anticapitalism will save the world

A disruptor shakes up angel investing

How To Use URL Parameters To Track Social Media Success

Numbers of Students Taking Internships Rises Only Slightly

U.S. College Borrowing Drops 8%

The Basics of Medicare and Medigap

FFF: American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2014

A Guide to Social Video, and Where it Fits in Your Marketing Plan

Seth’s Blog: An end of radio

The Ethics of Fighting Ebola

Ukraine’s Debt Dilemma

The Sunni Arc of Instability

China’s New World Order

The U.S. vs. China on Climate Change: Will the Battle Continue?

Why Time -- Not Money -- Is the Key to Happiness

ObamaCare architect says he regrets ‘stupidity of the American voter’ remarks

DarkHotel hackers target bosses

Tennis Players Are Getting Their First Servings Of Sabermetrics

Classic redone: Springsteen rolls out rewritten ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ for vets tribute

How the Koch brothers became criminal justice reformers

Regulators fine global banks $3.4 billion in foreign currency probe

Data pay dirt: How Republicans turned the Senate R.E.D.D.

Report: China hacks into US weather satellite network - USA TODAY

Brett Arends’s ROI: How to save hundreds of dollars on your next iPhone

Encore: Why retirements really are at risk

Architecture’s New Age

Facebook Sees Midtown South Office as Recruitment Tool

Fight Is On for Common Core Contracts

Female CEOs Make Room for Female Directors

More Than 330 Million People Use LinkedIn—Here’s How You Can Stand Out From The Crowd

Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Gaining Executive Buy-In and Unifying Social Strategy

Five habits for executives to become more digital

The Cost of Healthcare in Retirement

Seth’s Blog: A Peter Corollary

Ethics and Infrastructure

Russia and China: The Movie

Europe’s Ukrainian Road to Normality

The Bonfire of the Subsidies

The U.S. vs. China on Climate Change: Will the Battle Continue?

Nicholas Kristof’s ‘Path’ to More Effective Giving

Rosetta Mission: Scientists Gear up for Dramatic Bid to Land Probe on Comet

Hair transplants: Pakistan’s new weapon of mass seduction

Net neutrality: Obama and GOP’s next collision course

Don’t get too excited: Big Telco does not lose on issues as big as network neutrality

Steve Wozniak: The iPhone 6 is three years too late

Apple iOS bug lets fake apps sneak onto iPhones, iPads - CNET

Office Robot Knows When to Ask for Help MIT Technology Review

Veteran’s stories: Coffee titan and journalist partner for special tribute

Why Your Workers Hate BYOD

Clay Christensen on Peter Drucker

How to Handle Stress in the Moment

Why Software Is Eating The World

Synthesis, capabilities, and overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists

Anthony Bourdain And Carla Hall Turbocharge D.C.’s Hunger Fighters

A Glimmer Of Hope In The Fight Against Hunger In America

Police Can Seize And Sell Assets Even When The Owner Broke No Law

The bigger the age gap, the shorter the marriage

Conquer your inbox with the best email apps for iOS

The doors are open for veterans at Google

Google Lat Long: Explore U.S. landmarks in honor of Veterans Day

Prepare Your Social Media Strategy for Black Friday, Cyber Monday Shopping Mayhem

How You Could Benefit From A Foreign Affair

The Employment Status and Occupations of Gulf War-Era Veterans

Seth’s Blog: Choosing those that choose you

Ebola and Inequality

A Plutocrats Summit?

Germany’s Secret Credit Addiction

Europe’s Dog in the Nighttime

The Return of the Dollar

Three paths to sustained economic growth in Southeast Asia

Five habits for executives to become more digital

What Happens When Start-ups Raise Too Much Capital

Continental drift may have caused species ‘Big Bang’

As coal jobs vanish, miners hang in the balance of a shifting energy industry

Potential in Pakistan: How the breakup of the Taliban could help the country

Round 2: High bar set for second Obamacare open enrollment season

The Biggest Threat To Gov’t Computers: Federal Employees

Apple releases tool to disable iMessage for former iPhone owners

Memo to Congress: Put Up or Shut Up

Facebook now gives you more controls over what you want to see in your news feed

Dollar Falls as Emerging Market Stocks, Natural Gas Gain

Russian Economy to Stagnate in 2015 Undermined by Sanctions

Scientists Lavished with Praise and Money in Breakthrough Prizes

In one line, ‘The Walking Dead’ made the viewers hate a character

First in the nation: Mass. town weighs proposal to ban tobacco sales

Polar bears, migratory birds, and fish get new protection from United Nations group

Obama: ‘momentum building’ on ‘historic’ trans-Pacific trade deal

U.S. rules out major Trans-Pacific trade announcement at APEC

Workplace Bullying a Costly Epidemic in the Enterprise

Navy SEALs – Their Untold Story

VA Chief Vows Renewed Focus on Customer Service

Seth’s Blog: Wall Street gets what it wants

Higgs Boson Particle Remains Potentially Undiscovered

Cyborg Cockroaches May Become the New Rubble Rescuers

U.S. bishops struggling under Pope Francis’ message of mercy

The key to GOP’s success may be door knocking and data mining

Obama’s attorney general pick is change of style, not substance

New Clock May End Time As We Know It

That ‘I’m A Voter’ App At The Top Of Your Newsfeed Actually Makes A Difference

‘Sherlock’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch: Show’s Last Season ‘Really Freudian’

‘Daily Show’, ‘Colbert’ Strain To Lampoon Democratic Losses

Bourne again: Matt Damon to return for a fourth movie in 2016

America is falling out of love with fast food and soda

What Economists Know That Managers Don’t (and Vice Versa)

Peter Drucker Global Forum 2014 will be held in Vienna

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: The U.S. Government is crushing entrepreneurs

Uber C.E.O. Travis Kalanick’s Warpath

The Apple iPad Air 2 Review

GT Bankruptcy Provides Rare Look at Apple’s Relationship With Suppliers

Future of U.S. health care at stake in four words of Obamacare

Scientists gear up to land 1st spacecraft on comet

With politics and songs, Stevie Wonder is back on tour

The McEconomy: More jobs? Yes. More money? Not quite.

Middle-class troubles in one chart

6 Things Galaxy Note 4 Does That iPhone 6 Can’t

Company Culture is a Myth - Laurie Ruettimann

The Cold War Broadcast That Gave East German Dissidents A Voice

Asia-Pacific Nations Agree To Go After Corruption

Five Great Teachers On What Makes A Great Teacher

10 things: 10 things your health insurance won’t tell you

Elizabeth O’Brien’s Retire Well: Medicare open enrollment: It pays to get it right

Dan Frakes Lands at The Wirecutter

Customer Loyalty in the Age of Big Data

Seth’s Blog: Getting there

APEC at the Apex

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Ads

Still Retiring Too Early, Revisited

FFF: Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 27, 2014

Seth’s Blog: The tiny cost of failure

The Screening Myth

The New Frontiers of Loyalty

In Praise of Global Imbalances

The Economics of Inclusion

Rebooting Nuclear Security

Eastern Europe’s 25 Years of Transition

How Health Insurers Can Get Closer to Consumers

Radio telescope captures most detailed view ever of planetary birth

Meet Harald Jaeger: The man who 25 years ago opened the Berlin Wall

Decision Day: Detroit’s Bankruptcy

Human wave of East Germans surges across Berlin Wall

Ruble sinks, markets await U.S. jobs numbers

Science Divulge Most Complete Insect Family Tree

Key to GOP success: Shifting white votes solidified Republican wins

Report: 600 U.S. soldiers exposed to chemical agents during Iraq occupation

7 Enterprise-Grade Gadgets Built for Business

Sex bias: Still in business

Five Things You Owe Your Employer - And Five You Don’t

Here’s Why Good Employees Quit - Mary Davids

How to Lose a Great Employee in 10 Ways - Paul Morris

What Exactly Is the Dark Net and What the Hell Is Going On With It?

17 Arrested As European, U.S. Authorities Raid Darknet Sites

The Wall Street Journal: 4 questions to ask yourself before you retire

Zuckerberg speaks: Why Facebook isn’t cool and the reason behind the forced Messenger migration

Taylor Swift Shuns ‘Grand Experiment’ of Streaming Music

Social Update: 11 • 7 • 2014

The World’s Best Investment Strategy That Nobody Seems To Like

Energy seen getting biggest boost from Republican Senate

Election 2014 firsts: Republican women won big

The Five Big Questions After the Midterm Elections - NBC News

Matt Bai: What happened to that Democratic turnout machine?

Manet masterpiece fetches record price at New York auction

Three Key Issues The Drucker Forum Should Address

Rethinking the role of the strategist

John Boehner on Barack Obama: Hes going to burn himself

President Obama sent ‘secret letter’ to leader of Iran - BBC News

Boehner Says Rolling Back Obamacare Is GOP Priority

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Shift work ‘impairs cognition’

Red wine’s heralded ingredient — resveratrol — may actually hinder benefits of exercise

Google Nexus 9 review: A powerful tablet made for everyone

Miami joins list of schools deploying drones

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Latin America’s Climate Vanguard

The End of the Fed Stimulus Program: A Reality Check

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Historic gate at Dachau concentration camp stolen

Dollar trades near 2007 highs against Japanese yen

World Trade Center reopens for business

An Independent Ferrari May Have to Make Much More Fuel-Efficient Cars WIRED

Argentina accuses Procter & Gamble of tax fraud, halts operations

Jonathan Rothberg’s New Startup Raises $100 Million for Portable Ultrasound

Can Google Use Nanoparticles to Search for Cancer? MIT Technology Review

Europe’s new environmental problem: Where have all the sparrows gone?

Wired in the wilderness: Yellowstone may install Wi-Fi services

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On The Trail To Preserve Appalachia’s Bounty Of Heirloom Crops

What College Can Teach the Aspiring Entrepreneur

How Burkina Faso president Blaise Compaore’s 27-year rule crumbled

Best concealed carry handguns - Photos - Washington Times

Brittany Maynard, terminally ill ‘death with dignity’ advocate, ends her own life

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Studies —and some politicians — cast doubt on Daylight Saving Time’s value

Once sleepy campaign issue, education gains clout

Not Reading Your Wireless Bill Could Cost You Money

This Self-Penned Obituary Is One Of The Best We’ve Ever Read

It’s Always 9:41 on the iPhone 6

New dimensions: Apple reportedly plans 12-inch iPad

Spice Girls hit ‘Wannabe’ is catchiest pop song since 1940s, study finds

After all-nighter, U.N. panel adopts landmark climate report

Fewer and fewer people are trusting fewer and fewer government agencies

Animal Behavior: Two Dogs And An Ice Cream

Even Israel’s Best Friends Understand That It Is Disconnecting From Reality

Tough week for private flight: 1 dead, 1 injured in Virgin Galactic crash

Has The Bank Of Japan Started Another Round Of Central Bank Wargames?

Hubble Spots Galactic Horror Show In Space

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Build a change platform, not a change program

For-Profit College Rules Not as Tough as Proposed

FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page

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From Bubble to Boom

Hagel blasts U.S. Syria strategy in memo as State Dept. swells with politics

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A Luxury Villa Near Florence, Italy, Lists for About $25 Million


Build a change platform, not a change program

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BP spill left big oily ‘bathtub ring’ on seafloor

Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is real and God is ‘no wizard’

U.S. Postal Service let feds extensively track Americans’ mail

Economic crisis pulls 2.6M children in world’s richest nations below poverty line

I’m making $21 an hour at McDonald’s. Why aren’t you?

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Sleeping with more than 20 women can reduce risk of prostate cancer

Federal Reserve Stays The Course, Ends Most Recent Stimulus Program

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Apple exec: Don’t expect Apple SIM to show up in iPhones

Microsoft cuts another 3,000 jobs, finishing last big phase of layoffs - GeekWire

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Last Chance for Japan?

Mexico’s Powerful Energy Reforms

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Securing a billion-dollar business

The Takata Recall: What’s at Stake for Automakers

Amazon’s Future: Looking Beyond the Balance Sheet

Why the Next Financial Crisis Will Be Different

Heineken’s CEO on leading a 150-year-old company

‘Fake it’: Gene Simmons has entrepreneurship advice

The new SUV: Smaller, and all over the world

The reviews are in: ‘Interstellar’ is an Oscar ride

Feds identify suspected ‘second leaker’ for Snowden reporters

Kim Jong Un Purges 10 Officials for Watching Soap Operas

FTC Says AT&T Misled Customers Over Unlimited Data

Study: Bike Deaths Up 16 Percent In Just Two Years

Pope Says God Not ‘A Magician, With A Magic Wand’

How to Define Success for Yourself

MIT Releases Survey on Sexual Assault

Why veterans have more money problems

Revolution Investing: Making a ‘social’ trade

A Detailed Look at the CurrentC App Interface

Logitech debuts Surface-like keyboard for the iPad

Pensions On Steroids In Lake Chapala, Mexico

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Seth’s Blog: Munchausen by Proxy by Media

Hope for Hong Kong

The Resistible Return of Nicolas Sarkozy

Britain’s Last EU Straw?

The Era of Disorder

The Years of Living Tactically

Global Stocks Higher After Most European Banks Pass Stress Tests

Elon Musk warns of our ‘biggest existential threat’

German Ifo Business Confidence Drops for Sixth Month

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos named best-performing CEO in the world

Does The iPhone Have The U.S. Economy Over A Barrel?

OS 8.1 battery life tips that will fix iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad and iPod touch battery drain issues

iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M8: Spec Showdown

As Latinos’ impact in politics continues to grow, their sway still leans left

GOP digital revamp still has glitches despite deal with Koch brothers

The Inside Story Of A $1 Billion Acquisition That Caused Cisco To Divorce Its Closest Partner, EMC

Away from home? Here’s how to access your Mac remotely

How to use iCloud Drive

How CVS and Rite Aid’s wrongheaded war against Apple benefits Walgreens

In New Structure, Google CEO Page Aims for ‘Faster, Better Decisions’

Updating our technical Webmaster Guidelines

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review Ars Technica

U.S. recognizes gay marriages in six more states

6 Reasons Travelers Are Upgrading to iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Apple Update: Comparing iPhone 6 Lead-Times To Earlier Models

Sprint expands ‘iPhone for Life’ plans with new 12-month lease option

All talk, no action: U.N. climate change powwow still amounting to naught

Two years after Sandy, residents want to know if they’re still in danger

Stranded In France, Migrants Believe Britain Is The Answer

A Diary Of Deaths Reminds Doctor Of Life

Are Online Vendors Giving You Their Best Price? Maybe Not, Research Says

Seth’s Blog: The dorm-room startup mindset

Architect Gehry trolls world’s buildings

Remains confirmed to be missing UVA student Hannah Graham: medical examiner

Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘1989,’ leaked

Apple iTunes Sees Big Drop in Music Sales

Lance Armstrong banned from former teammate’s charity ride

Why don’t Ebola doctors returning from West Africa quarantine themselves?

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Rooms and The State of Anonymity Apps

Social Media Predictions For 2015, The Twitter Mullet And More: Here’s Our Connect via Hootsuite NY Recap

The Hedonic Clock

Putting Social Media Skills to Good Use: Pro Bono Week 2014

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The Cold War and the Cold Shoulder

American-Made Financial Repression

McKinsey on Chemicals: New perspectives on supplier management

Leading a turnaround: An interview with LyondellBasell CEO Jim Gallogly

Meeting the need for a new supply chain in chemicals

Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge

How Women Can Overcome the ‘Imposter Syndrome’

A La Carte TV Is Coming — But Will Consumers Be Better Off?

Oil, kidnappings, crime: Inside the Islamic State’s million-dollar money stream

Dollar falls against yen on news of New York Ebola case

iPhone 6 Plus Review: Almost Too Much of a Good Thing

iPhone 6 Plus users report persistent unexplained crashing issues, possibly tied to large app libraries

Breakthrough: Doctors successfully transplant ‘dead’ hearts into patients

Two days after Ottawa shooting, Canada asks ‘why?’

Study in negativity: N.C. Senate race defines all that’s wrong in 2014

Social Update: Raising Awareness for Brands and Global Causes with Social Media

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The Future of U.S. Retail Banking Distribution

Winning in Transaction Banking in Asia

McKinsey on Chemicals #5

Winning the profitable growth game in China’s chemical industry

Improving operational performance in petrochemicals

Is chemicals innovation still worth the investment?

2011-2013 American Community Survey Statistics Annual Demographic, Socio-Economic and Housing Characteristics for Smaller Areas

Seth’s Blog: Handshakes and contracts, the future and the past

Europe’s Fiscal Wormhole

Children’s Champions

The Rebirth of Egypt

The WTO’s Reform Crisis

Ebola’s Next Frontier

A New Macroeconomic Strategy

Radical Innovation, Part I: Unleashing Creativity

Rethinking Segmentation for the New Digital Consumer

Cities across America look to replicate Silicon Valley tech-economic boom

Another ‘serious lapse’ at Secret Service

China’s GMO Research Juggernaut Prepares for Climate-Changed Future MIT Technology Review

One month with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Exactly what big phone users are looking for ZDNet

The Digital Worker’s Guide to Doing Business on the Go

The 2014 Social Media Glossary: 154 Essential Definitions

Ralph Benko - Billionaire Peter Thiel: “We Don’t Live In A Normal World; We Live Under A Power Law.”

Why Boeing Keeps Losing Money on Each 787 Dreamliner

The Dog Whisperer

Girl Scouts Look For A Way Out Of The Woods

Brett Arends’s ROI: Powerful CEOs are great for stockholders, right?

Video: Americans Give Up Billions in Lost Vacations

Workaround for Wealthy People

Wealth Management: Make the Commitment to Achieve Social Media Success

How a Small Startup Increased Event Attendance by 690% (And You Can Too)

Daily 18-Minute Social Media Plan For Small Businesses

Census Bureau News - 2011-2013 American Community Survey Statistics Annual Demographic, Socio-Economic and Housing Characteristi

HSU Lecture Series: How to Build an Engaged Community—and Keep It Engaged

The Best Basic Books On Investing Are Small and Short: Here They Are

10 Percent of Grandparents Live With a Grandchild, Census Bureau Reports

Seth’s Blog: Taking the plunge

China’s Great Leap Backward

Europe’s Brush with Debt

China’s Hong Kong Follies

The TPP’s Missing Ingredient

The keys to succeeding in ASEAN

Marketing Needs a Collaborative Approach to Win Customers

Snapchat and the Liability Conundrum

The Value of Schmoozing in the Age of Social Media

Polarized U.S. voters restrict their sources of news: poll

Coke, McDonald’s, IBM show no company’s too big to assail

U.N. warns purely military response in Syria could fuel extremism

Transgender troops seek end to U.S. military taboo

Coke to Slash Costs as Soda Sales Remain Flat

CMOs Paralyzed by Paradigm Shift (and CIOs Aren’t Helping)

More Cities Are Making It Illegal To Hand Out Food To The Homeless

A 45,000-Year-Old Leg Bone Reveals The Oldest Human Genome Yet

Google Lat Long: Explore Gombe National Park through the eyes of Dr. Jane Goodall

Official Google Blog: An inbox that works for you

Bosses Seek ‘Critical Thinking,’ but What Is That?

Hootsuite’s Benchmark Study Reveals Common Social Media Benefits And Challenges For Business

Global Agency Partner Program: Deliver Best in Class Social Media Solutions

GoalEnforcer Visual Goal Setting Software: What is Goal Setting

How to Set up Facebook, Twitter and Every Other Major Social Media Profile

Biggest (most popular) vs. best

Inheritance and Inequality

The Moral Economy of Debt

Ukraine’s Vote, Russia’s Fate

How Modi Can Deliver on the Promise of ‘Make in India’

Sweden’s submarine hunt sends Cold War chill across Baltic

Fed’s Fisher: U.S. could see full employment by 2015

As Saudi Arabia steps up beheadings, some see a political message

What Role Does Technology Play in Record Levels of Income Inequality?

Chipotle’s profit tops expectations as sales surge

Kindle Voyage: Good Device, Not-So-Good Price - Mobile Tech on Top Tech News

Mexican drug cartels are worse than ISIL Al Jazeera America

Published for the First Time: a 1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity

Illegal drone use becomes a growing issue at sports venues

Ebola profits: Panicked shoppers add hazmat suits, sanitizer to their lists

Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend

Tim Cook, in His Own Words, on the iPad’s Future

This Is Tim: Apple’s CEO Answers the Analysts

Patient and Physician Responsibilities

8 Tips to Transform Your Business into a Social One

How To Use Pinterest for Business: The Definitive Guide

Are Low Investment Costs The Key For American Expats

The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor

Seth’s Blog: “Desire is full of endless distances”

America, the Balanced

Brazil’s Institutional Limbo

Ebola in America

Is It Time for Your ‘Careercation’?

The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor

How Promethease Is Keeping Direct-to-Consumer Genetics Alive

Martine Rothblatt on the Rights of Virtual Humans

Microsoft CEO on the cloud, inequality & spinoff

As Puerto Ricans flow into Florida, so does their political sway

Passing a record: Peyton Manning has now thrown the most TDs, ever

Low expectations as China considers legal reforms

Investigation: Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security benefits

The new iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus have changed my mind about the iPad mini

Reflections on corporate longevity

In The Big Easy, Food Vendors Create A Little Honduras

How to Sell a Liberal-Arts Education


‘I want to touch a dog’ event a big hit with Muslims in Malaysia

New golden age: TV reaches new apex via HBO, CBS streaming

Street artist brings ghosts of Ellis Island hospital back to life

Seth’s Blog: “Google it!”

Seth’s Blog: “Let’s go around the room”

Seth’s Blog: Famous to the family

Man Bites Shark

The Inequality Trifecta

Unleashing Africa’s Girl Power

The End of Ebola

Europe’s Essential Unity

Brazil and trade: Brazil’s ambivalent welcome to the world

Winning Negotiations: Why ‘Women Don’t Ask’

Japan and China: What’s the Best Way Forward?

HP and the Case for Corporate Spinoffs

Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus That Could Dwarf Twitter And Facebook

Skeptics eye Lockheed’s carbon ‘breakthrough’

An Air Traffic Control System for Drones

11 Common iPhone 5 Problems & How to Fix Them

When Disaster Strikes, Facebook Lets Friends Know You’re OK

Your Car Won’t Start. Did You Make The Loan Payment?

As Oil Prices Fall, Who Wins And Who Loses?

A Balanced Diet For World Food Day: Bugs, Groundnuts And Grains

W.Va. Pottery Company Keeps Popular Fiesta Line Thriving

Thailand Official: Martial Law Is Good For Tourists

What Will Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize Mean For Girls’ Education?

In 2014, U.S. Budget Deficit Falls To Pre-Recession Level

Just The Important Stuff From Thursday’s Apple Event

Six feet up: Israel is building skyscraper cemeteries

Worrying trend: U.S. inequality is highest in 100 years, Fed chair says

President Obama’s credit card alert happens to 40% of people

Personal Finance Daily: Where to find the cheapest beer and the richest people

iOS 8.1 to launch October 20 with Apple Pay, Camera Roll, and iCloud Photo Library

Apple makes iPad Air 2 carrier-agnostic with new bespoke SIM card

‘OK, Mac’: Using Automator’s Dictation Commands, new in Yosemite

Share Anything You Save to Your Website

This top secret Air Force plane spent nearly two years in space

Not so broke: Detroit museum defends 6-figure salaries to its bankrupt city

The Classics Get an Online Makeover

Los Angeles School Superintendent Resigns

Social Update: The Snappening and The Rise of Social Payments

Poverty Rate Declines, Number of Poor Unchanged, Based on Supplemental Measure of Poverty

American Housing Survey: 2013 Detailed Tables

What Peter Drucker Knew About 2020

7 Must-Have Features for Social Media Management Tools

A Hootsuite ‘Trick or Treat’ Webinar

How the Vancouver Canucks Increased Social Media Engagement by 150%

Seth’s Blog: No one to say no

The Spider of Finance

Coal and Corruption

China’s Vicious Growth Circle

Blending Science with Art To Capture Growth in U.S. Retail Asset Management

Developing a global digital strategy

The power of enduring companies

World War II Vet prepped Brad Pitt and his ‘Fury’ crew

iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know

Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life vs iPhone 6 Plus and Others

Harvard Law Professors Say New Sexual Assault Policy Is One-Sided

For More Millennials, It’s Kids First, Marriage Maybe

New GMOs Get A Regulatory Green Light, With A Hint Of Yellow

Immigrant Advocates Challenge The Way Mothers Are Detained

About Trends Graphs - Trends Help

5 Professional Networking Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Courting Corruption: The Auctioning of the Judicial System

Group Will Rethink School Testing

How to install Mac OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite: What’s new in Mail, Messages, and Calendars

OS X Yosemite: New Notification Center finally gives widgets their due

OS X Yosemite: Get to know the new, slimmed-down Safari

Effective Social Media Management: Tips For Small Businesses

How Wealth Management Firms Use Social Media to Improve Client Acquisition And Retention

When To Sell A Mutual Fund

Campaign ’14: Voters are punishing Obama for this one economic failure

U.S. Index Futures Drop Amid AbbVie-Shire Uncertainty

Renewed deflation worries

What you need to know for the start of Medicare open enrollment : Special

Should You Stock Up On Chocolate Bars Because Of Ebola?

Can Changing How You Sound Help You Find Your Voice?

Identifying The Worst Colleges In America

What’s Really In A Big Mac? McDonald’s Says It’s Ready To Tell All

California Ballot Measure Pits Doctors Against Lawyers

Survey: Latin America Ranks Last In Respect For Women

Getting Some ‘Me’ Time: Why Millennials Are So Individualistic

Health Premiums And Costs Set To Rise For Workers Covered At Work

China’s Nomads Have A Foot In Two Very Different Worlds

North Korea Says Thousands Of U.S. Soldiers’ Remains Are At Risk

Red Planet decoded: NASA spacecraft unravelling the mysteries of Mars

Missing Mexican students not in mass graves, trail of corruption deepens

Hundreds of Ohio earthquakes linked to fracking, scientists say

Exhibition of Syria torture photos shows ‘depravity’ of Assad regime

It’s Risky Business When CMOs Tackle Tech Alone

CIO-to-CMO Transition of Power Is Becoming a Reality

The Adultery Arms Race

Need to Know: The potential for 10 years of negative returns as fear takes hold

10 states where students are drowning in student-loan debt

HBO cuts out the middle man with streaming service

Outside the Box: Netflix’s stock: why $600 is the new $450

Mac App Store: The Subtle Exodus

More on the Mac App Store

OMG! Mobile voice survey reveals teens love to talk

Antwerp Needs Its Space

Seth’s Blog: Put a frame around it

Europe’s Broadband Battle

Your Data or Your Life

New Battlegrounds in Development Finance

China’s Choice

The Economic Consequences of Sex

Why Private Equity Will Keep Beating the S&P 500

The Nobel Prize in Economics: Jean Tirole, the Giant Tamer

Empower and Align the Social Organization with Hootsuite Enterprise and IBM Connections

Why You Should Stop Tying Yourself in Knots Over ROI, and Start Thinking ROR

China’s Silk Road Revival

Seth’s Blog: Avoiding magical thinking

Dirty Development Money

Eurozone Budgets Under the Spotlight

Rank Stupidity?

Who Killed the Nokia Phone?

Growing fast: An interview with Box CEO Aaron Levie

How Concerns about Status Affect New Product Adoption

Beyond the matrix organization

Network Theory Reveals The Hidden Link Between Trade And Military Alliances That Leads to Conflict-Free Stability

Relaxing “Neutrality” Principles Could Unlock Online Innovation

Looking Up Symptoms? The Google Doctor Is In

How to partition your drive before installing Windows 10

Producers may wait till crude falls to $80/barrel - The Economic Times

French Economist Wins Nobel For Work On Regulating Big Business

How Millennials Are Reshaping Charity And Online Giving

Answering the ‘Birdman’ signal, Keaton soars again

Islamic State in Istanbul: Moderate Turkey deals with growth of extremism

‘This call may be recorded’: Next steps in voiceprint tech

The Coming War for Developers

Dragons, Memory & Navigating the Globe Using Only Your Wits - Facts So Romantic

Cosmos as Masterpiece

How to Keep Morale High After a Layoff

New Vatican document stirs debate on future of Catholic Church

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, And You: Here’s How To Help Fight Ebola - Forbes

Asymco: ‘What Next, Samsung?’

Ireland to Phase Out Tax Advantage Used by Technology Firms

Good News, TV Guys: ComScore Found Your Missing TV Watchers

Google Express: more cities, more stores and a new name

Industry Trends Revealed Through Social Conversations: Travel And Hospitality Edition

Want to Learn the Best Practices in Social Business? Join us at Connect via Hootsuite New York

Can Amazon Keep Defying Warren Buffett’s Mantra?

The Age of Vulnerability

The Procurement Goldmine

Are Services the New Manufactures?

Venezuela’s Spectacular Underperformance

Managing the Real and Psychological Risks of the Ebola Epidemic

Seth’s Blog: Line or staff?

Why Sunday night television is so good

Inspired by Wikipedia, Social Scientists Create a Revolution in Online Surveys

CDC head criticized for blaming ‘protocol breach’ as nurse gets Ebola

Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google

A Benefit For Rural Vets: Getting Health Care Close To Home

To Cut Student Debt, Florida College Cuts Off Some Student Borrowing

In Texas, Traffic Deaths Climb Amid Fracking Boom

That’s gotta hurt: Man survives being mauled by grizzly, shot by partner

How to Make Yourself a Better Manager

A Bit of College Can Be Worse Than None

Review: Notability for Mac brings ink to the desktop

Breakthrough batteries last 20 years, charge 70 percent in two minutes

Review: Wunderlist 3 for iOS and OS X shines at delegation

Google’s Eric Schmidt In Berlin: “Really, Our Biggest Search Competitor Is Amazon”

Beyond the matrix organization


The Tricky Nature Of Putting Science On Trial

Scientists decodes Role of Oxytocin in Sexual Behavior

S&P 500, Nasdaq suffer worst weekly loss since May 2012 - MarketWatch

Can an iPhone 6 Plus Camera Replace Your Point and Shoot?

TV Giant Norman Lear Shares Gems From 92 Years Of ‘Experience’

Mary Lambert: ‘You Change People’s Opinions By Opening Your Heart’

Millennials: We Help The Earth But Don’t Call Us Environmentalists

Photographers Capture The Sorrow And Pain Of Global Girls

Clinton Documents: 7 Excerpts You Should Read

World economies warn of global risks, call for bold action

Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks

‘A Chosen Exile’: Black People Passing In White America

Horror Of Horrors: Is H.P. Lovecraft’s Legacy Tainted?

Inside the Biggest-Ever Hedge-Fund Scandal

Manvotional: The Love of Life and the Fear of Death

Ben Affleck Clashes With Bill Maher Over Islam, Calls Him Racist

Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing

The Great Knowledge Box Showdown: Google Now vs. Siri vs. Cortana

The Accelerators: One Founder, Or More?

Colleges’ Wider Search for Applicants Crowds Out Local Students

We have Ebola

New ownership: Olive Garden board ousted

Why the White House is wooing millennials

Microsoft’s Strange Quest for the Topological Qubit

Redefining capitalism

Why Facebook Forced You to Use Its Messenger App (Hint: $$$)

It’s rocket science, not brain surgery! World’s first 3D spacecraft set for take-off

After gaffe, Microsoft board to look at gender pay gap, male culture

Do the word

Everything You Need To Know About Google Primer - Hootsuite Social Media Management

Everything You Need To Know About Google Primer


The Performance Management Lottery Ticket

10 things your health insurance won’t tell you

The Evolution of Devolution

Mine Your Digital Business

North Korea’s Incheon Landing

Criminalizing Consent?

Qatar’s Jihad

A pocket guide to doing business in China

Contempt, Crazy Hours and the Economics of Quitting

Calculating a Cost/Benefit Ratio for Climate Change Policy

Industrialist Munib al-Masri: ‘Peace Is Not Impossible’

Activist investor urges action on Apple’s stock price

What’s making the stock market act so crazy?

‘Analyst in chief’ Obama faulted for Syria policy

Rene Descartes, father of philosophy, comes under forensic scrutiny

‘This car is nuts’: Tesla breaks barriers with its new auto-pilot electric car

Microsoft CEO apologizes for saying women don’t need to ask for a raise

A Phone Call Helped Navy’s First Four-Star Woman Embrace Her Path

Doctors Without Borders Changed The Way We Heal The World

How College Students Battled Textbook Publishers To A Draw, In 3 Graphs

Economics, Tensions With Mainlanders Fuel Hong Kong’s Protests

Wrong! 3 Recent Reports That May Surprise You

Help Wanted: Unlikely Geniuses To Solve Public Health Problems

Outside the Box: The only three mega-mega-cap companies in the U.S.

10 reasons to quit the U.S. for Europe

Slow Internet? Edit your DNS settings

Jony Ive talks about what he learned from Steve Jobs

Apple Reportedly Preparing to Remove Bose Audio Products From Retail Stores

Make two lists

From Good To Great: Resources To Help You Become A Better Social Media Strategist

Access your Favorite Content Faster With New Pocket app

Introducing Social Update: Your Source for Social Media News

Lou Gerstner on corporate reinvention and values

Realizing the power of talented women

The next ‘Ghostbusters’ is happening and it will star ‘hilarious women’

Sarah Silverman is crowdfunding to close the gender pay gap

Stocks roar Fed approval; dollar, bond yields wilt

NFL owners focus on social responsibility at meetings

In Berlin, Remaking The City Can Rekindle Old Frictions

Justices Will Decide Whether Workers Must Endure Unpaid Inconvenience

How To Take A Nobel Prize-Winning Picture

Climate Change Worsens Coastal Flooding From High Tides

Indonesian Cave Paintings As Old As Europe’s Ancient Art

So A Global Economist Walks Into A Comedy Club …

After Clogging The Streets, Hong Kong Protests Dwindle

Squaring Your Taxes And Your Health Insurance Subsidies

Generator Produces 25,000 Watts without Consuming Fuel

Battle against corruption: In Thailand, cops are offered cash to turn down bribes

Crude spoof worked: Lego ends 50-year deal with Shell after Greenpeace video

CMOs Are Missing Out on Mobile Marketing Opportunities

Meet Amsterdam’s 71-year-old Jewish twin prostitutes (retired)

The Amp case by SoundFocus gives your iPhone an aural boost

Got an iPhone 6? Do these 10 things first

Four steps on the road to organizational growth, dominance or irrelevance

Get Prepared With Social: Situational Simulation for Emergency Response Teams

The Secrets to Turning Your Employees into Social Advocates

Why Content Marketing And Social Media Are Your Most Powerful SEO Weapons

Yes, Managed Funds Tend to Do Better in Bear Markets. But So What?

Should Adult Sibling Incest Be a Crime?

China’s Balancing Act

Is Evidence-Based Medicine Broken?

In Private Equity, Management’s Role, Incentives Are Shifting

Can Ello — or Any Social Network — Take on Facebook?

Job openings hit 13-year high but employers aren’t hiring for them

Vic Braden, Tennis’s Pied Piper, Dies at 85

Peter Thiel’s Book Zero to One

Scientists Share Chemistry Nobel For Breakthrough In Microscopy

In Brazil, Nips And Tucks Don’t Raise An Eyebrow

A Smuggler Explains How He Helped Fighters Along ‘Jihadi Highway’

Competency-Based Education: No More Semesters?

NPR Chief Announces Departure Of Key Digital Strategist

Executive Who Spearheaded NPR’s Digital Strategy To Leave Network

8 Annoying iPhone Default Settings (and How to Fix Them)

Wellness Programs Get a Health Check

The full stack keeps getting taller

Russian cybercrime group compromised half a million computers

Literature and Latte • View topic - Tagging selected text

Make Flipboard magazines from social media in Hootsuite

7 Essential Social Media Tips for Startups

Insurance And Social: All The Resources You Need In One Toolkit

The Doctor Will Skype You Now

The ECB’s Faulty Weapon

Make Your Own Silicon Valley

Closing Europe’s Strategy Gap

Lebanon’s Gathering Storm

What’s behind this year’s buoyant market

The AIG Lawsuit: Biting the Hand that Feeds You?

The Critical Steps to Integrating Work and Life

My right to death with dignity at 29 - KCTV Kansas City

Three theories why iOS 8 adoption is slow on the uptake

Good at math

Sexting is new normal for teens, not linked to risky behavior over time

Hilton’s world-famous Waldorf Astoria New York sold to Chinese

Yahoo confirms servers infected — but not by Shellshock

World’s Biggest Mining Company In The Making As Glencore Moves On Rio Tinto

iPhone 6 and budget rivals hit Samsung profits

How to move from Android to iPhone without losing everything (including your mind)

Even Techies Limit Their Child’s Screen Time

From GIs To Gen Z (Or Is It iGen?): How Generations Get Nicknames

The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech

For The Formerly Obese, Stigma Remains After Weight Is Lost

World 3.0: Matt Damon on poverty-clean water connection

New iPhone, weak sales of Galaxy phones weigh down Samsung

How the CIO Role Is Changing As Business Needs Evolve

World’s Most Adventurous Couple Share Keys To Success

The Creditworthy Poor?

A Generation Held Hostage?

America’s Overrated Decline

China’s Financial Floodgates

How Social Media Leads to a Less Stable World

How Millennials Think Differently about Brands

First ‘cybermurder’ will happen by end of 2014, experts warn

As crises rage worldwide, Americans less confident in govt protection

Nobel Prize for brain’s GPS discovery

Report: Which states give the most to charity? The ones with church-goers.

UPDATE 3-Becton Dickinson to buy CareFusion for $12 bln in cash, stock Reuters

Euro Disney Shares Plunge on $1.25 Billion Refinancing Plan

Apple’s iPhone 6 Uptake Greater In Apps Vs. The Web

3 Win Nobel Prize In Medicine For Discovering Brain’s ‘Inner GPS’

‘You Have The Right To Remain Silent.’ Or Do You?

Dolphins: Adorable, Playful, Not As Smart As You Might Think

Why You Should Start Taking Millennials Seriously

Vatican Synod Tests The Pope’s Vision Of A More Merciful Church

Q&A: Plumbing The Mysteries Of The Teenage Brain

Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Now Depends On Carrie Mathison As Flawed Hero

How Can The Secret Service Recover Its Reputation?

Author: Secret Service Culture Is ‘Rotten’

Souvenir hunters set record for naughtiness as Oktoberfest ends

How Facebook Plans to Control Digital Advertising

These 5 Couples Have Donated Over $7 Million to Every Single Clinton … - In The Capital

Why Monopolistic Pension Funds Undermine Capitalism

Two Women Rise to Top at Big Law Firms

Why ‘Gone Girl’ killed it at the box office

Make the most out of HealthKit with these 5 apps

Get to know iOS 8: HealthKit and Apple’s new Health app

Wealthier Americans give less than poorer people

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Dumb down and scale up

iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards Explained and Reviewed



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Five myths (and realities) about zero-based budgeting McKinsey & Company

US dedicates memorial honoring disabled veterans

Mass graves found in Mexico give new worry over organized violence

Netflix tightens grip on streaming media as Verizon shuts down Redbox Instant

Here’s why your next purchase could come thanks to social media

Gay marriage debate splinters GOP into 3 camps

JPMorgan hackers likely infiltrated systems months or years ago: experts

As industry changes, minority groups enjoy higher profile on television

Paul B. Farrell: Why ‘Food 2.0’ is tech’s next big start-up craze

The Downtown Project Suicides: Can the Pursuit of Happiness Kill You?

HP Returns to Breakup Plan It Shelved Three Years Ago

Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two

Tim Cook Issues Memo Marking the Third Anniversary of Steve Jobs’s Death

PayPal Taps an Outsider to Push It Into a New Era

Gone Girl, Fall’s Most Anticipated Thriller, Doesn’t Disappoint

Cassandra and Pollyanna

Manufacturing in America 2014 - U.S. Census Bureau

Photo Break: America Puts On Its Fall Colors : The Two-Way : NPR

Haiti’s ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Dies At 63

Atlantic City Falls From Glittering Resort To Bargain Basement

LinkedIn Tries College Rankings

Fresh round of layoffs to cost Sprint $160 million in second quarter

Learning from the State Department

Infographic: Manufacturing in America

Profile America Facts for Features: Veterans Day 2014: Nov. 11

Coresident Grandparents and Their Grandchildren: 2012 — This report uses data from the 2010 Census, the American Community Survey, the Current Population Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation. The report, for the first time, compares co

2014 Product Calendar — The Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product expected to be released in 2014. The products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which will be updated

How The Drucker Forum Was Born: A Tribute To Doris Drucker

Unemployment Falls To 5.9 Percent, Lowest In 6 Years

What You Need To Know For Medicare Open Enrollment

New 15-Year Mortgage May Open Homeownership Door For More Buyers

As Populations Shift, Democrats Hope To Paint The Sun Belt Blue

Gambling in Macau: A Reversal of Fortune … And Values

Apple Loop: Buggy iOS 8, iPhone 6 Lead Times, And Apple’s Horrific September

Physicists Discover Elusive Anomaly Antiparticle Particle

Bureaucracy: Secret Service’s problems became Washington secrets

Ivory poaching could wipe out elephants and rhinos ‘by 2034’

Scientists create ‘Aquaman’ crystal, said to allow breathing underwater

The Outhouse — And Other Rooms — Get A 21st Century Makeover

U.S. Manufacturing: A Remembrance And A Look Ahead

Kingdom of Heaven (film)

The Talented Mr. Ripley (film)

Life and Death: It’s Complicated

The Way Ahead in Hong Kong

The Caucasian Talk Circle

China’s Inscrutable Contraction

The New Philosophers

Tom Peters on leading the 21st-century organization

Normalcy Returns to Private Equity with Rising Exits

How to Build a Company That Hasn’t Been Built Before

ISIS Captives Tell Of Rapes And Beatings, Plead For Help

Business leaders would benefit from studying great writers

How to Win at Office Politics Every. Damn. Time.

Obama defends economy in tough sell for those in pain

Jobs Report Highlights the Wage Growth Puzzle

What Would It Take to Turn New York into a Megacity?

How the Shinkansen bullet train made Tokyo into the monster it is today

How The Law Turns Battered Women Into Criminals

Friend request: Facebook plots first steps into healthcare

Ghosts Of The Past Still Echo In Beirut’s Fragmented Neighborhoods

Medicare Fines Record Number Of Hospitals For Excessive Readmissions

Top Coaches for Real-Estate Agents


Pimco: ‘Bonds are meant to be boring’

Who Loves China?

The Lost Donkeys of Science

Turkey’s ISIS Crisis

The Battle Cry of the Non-Oppressed

China’s Visionary Stimulus

What’s at Stake in Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’

Make the most of your Mac by adding NAS

Movement Against Female Genital Mutilation Gains Spotlight In U.K.

Soil Doctors Hit Pay Dirt In Manhattan’s Central Park

Obamacare’s First Year: How’d It Go?

Relationship Mining on Twitter Shows How Being Dumped Hurts More than Dumping

Cancer-Spotting Yogurt May Offer a Cheap, Simple Test

Secret Service director resigns after string of security breaches

Citizenship bigger factor than race when it comes to prison sentences

Brad Pitt: I Care About My Children ‘More Than I Care About Myself’

The Female Sociopath

Local virtual desktops may be the (old) new thing in BYOD

Down and out coal country is center stage in the Senate’s priciest campaign

The reporter who brought down the Secret Service’s director

Europe’s ‘Moral Obligation’ Is To Repair West Africa’s Health Care System

Take A New Test Aimed At The World’s English-Language Learners

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

HealthKit app Lark talks to you to help you stay active

Get to know iOS 8: Five convenient new tricks in Safari

Lamborghini reveals 910-hp hybrid Asterion

Why Warren Buffett wants to become a car salesman

David Weidner’s Writing on the Wall: Here’s the hottest trend in Silicon Valley

US jobless claims drop, point to stronger labor market

Evernote announces a new web client, unveils enterprise productivity platform ‘Work Chat’

“But why aren’t you hysterical?”

In Memoriam: Doris Drucker

Recruiting Tech Talent in High School

Business Education: In Chicago, a Flexible Curriculum

How To Introduce Your Asset Manager To Account Loss Risk

Nondepository Credit Intermediation

Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for 2014: 2nd Quarter

African-Born Population in U.S. Roughly Doubled Every Decade Since 1970, Census Bureau Reports

Most popular with readers

“America by the Numbers” Segment of “Washington Journal”

Third Annual Manufacturing Day: Oct. 3 -- Census Bureau Completes Release of All 364 Manufacturing Reports from Economic Census Industry Series

Brazil’s Cautious Voters

Debeaking the Vultures

The ECB’s Leap into the Unknown

Asia’s Invention Boom

What’s driving the connected car

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

Alibaba’s Next Move: Grow Abroad, or Go Deeper into China?

The Biggest Questions Facing Post-referendum Scotland

NIH Funds Neurotechnology as Part of Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

How Harry Reid could be responsible for keeping a Democratic Senate

Imax CEO on Netflix ruckus: ‘I knew it wouldn’t work for some people’

Vogue sits down with Jonathan Ive, Apple’s “under the radar” design chief

Call the plumber: How to teach Siri about your relationships

MarketWatch First Take: The cost of doing business at J.P. Morgan

Inside the Secret Clash of CIOs and CMOs

Two Colorados, one tight race and a glimpse into America’s political future

FCC considers ban NFL on Redskins name as ‘broadcasting obscenity’

Jamaica considers decriminalizing ‘holy herb’ for religious, medical uses

More mainstream than ever, spa industry estimated at $3.4 trillion

Vaccine Controversies Are As Social As They Are Medical

Chimp culture captured on camera

You’re right, they’re wrong, but they won

HopeLab Wins The Drucker Award For Nonprofit Innovation

Opinion: Fines, settlements aren’t enough to slow profits

This is the last photo we’ll ever run of the NYSE trading floor

Bosses Show More Flexibility About Relocation


Like Superheroes, Super Foods Are Fictional Characters

Hold the Salt

Powerless Women in Power?

The Fed Trap

The Third Way’s Second Chance

Why the Fed Will Go Faste

China’s Internet Revolution

Solving Europe’s Credibility Problem

Markets’ Rational Complacency

What strategists need: A meeting of the minds

Right-sizing Support Functions Part II

The U.S. Welcomes Modi, but Will Renewed Investment in India Follow?

U.S. Charges Pakistani Man Of Conspiracy Over His Spyware App

Kids And Screen Time: Cutting Through The Static

4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Rated Best Ever Camera Phones In Respected Benchmark, But With Some Unexpected Results

American Academy of Neurology Presents Painkillers Prescribing Guidelines

Stocks head for worst quarter since euro crisis, dollar soars

Apple’s iRich problem under Eire

Stalemate: Putin is world’s most dire threat, says Russian chess master

A Wake-Up Call for Better Sleep

Human-Robot Collaboration Will Alter Manufacturing

A Doctor Turned Mayor Solves A Murder Mystery In Colombia

Who’s Buried In The ‘Magnificent’ Tomb From Ancient Greece?

4 Years Of Lessons Learned About Drugmakers’ Payments To Doctors

Rochester Focuses On A New Picture Of American Manufacturing

More Active Play Equals Better Thinking Skills For Kids

How Hong Kong Protesters Are Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi Networks

Deep Dive: Can any company possibly beat Nike?

What Drives Abortion: The Law Or Income?

Sober And Sold-Out: Dance Club In Sweden Cuts Booze For A Night

Obama: U.S. Underestimated ISIS, Overestimated Iraqi Army

Germany Red-Faced Over Military Equipment Failures

A Doctor Unlocks Mysteries of the Brain By Talking And Watching

What’s At Stake For Hong Kong?

Outside the Box: How ‘best wealth manager’ lists mislead you

Two ad campaigns of the moment

The sophistication of truth

The Unexpected Consequences of Success

Bill Gross, Calpers and the End of the Investment Guru

Is Your International School’s Retirement Package As Strong As You Think?

The Intellectual Battle Against ISIS

Abenomics’ Women Problem

The Rise of the Robots

Addicted to Putin

Europe’s Ukrainian Soul

Two Views of Finance

The Future of Syria

Intel in Israel: A Old Relationship Faces New Criticism

Why Employee Satisfaction Matters to Shareholders

California adopts ‘yes means yes’ sex-assault rule

Indian PM delivers campaign-like speech before Obama meeting

Economy expected to continue steady recovery

‘State of Superstition’: Islamic State satire debuts on Iraqi TV with friendly fire

In charge, finally, Prince exalts in his ‘heaven’

GOP cautions that Senate control would still mean long-term gridlock

One 1981 executive order cited in NSA surveillance policies

Six years after AIG bailout, trial asks—was it legal?

Signing up for Israel’s top military is now as easy as

The many names of ISIS (also known as IS, ISIL, SIC and Da’ish)

Beyond Cheap Labor

Don’t Ask Google’s Eric Schmidt How to Achieve “Work-Life Balance”

The ‘Umbrella Revolution’ in Hong Kong won’t be Instagrammed

Too much unwanted email? Use these tricks for identifying and unsubscribing

Meet the first crop of third-party keyboards for iOS 8

Consumers miss fine print, promise first-born child to Wi-Fi company

Want to stay married? Get a degree

Students Push Tougher Policy on Sex Assault

Wishing vs. doing

Marriage Rates Are Falling, And For Some Faster Than Others

Everything Dies, Right? But Does Everything Have To Die? Here’s A Surprise

Catalonia Defies Spain As Leader Signs Decree For Breakaway Vote

Tech Week That Was: Apple’s Gaffes, Shellshock And Hello Ello

Denying Ebola Turns Out To Be A Very Human Response

2 Ways To Think About Nothing, One Mo’ Time

Roche breast cancer drug ‘unprecedented’ in extending lives

Here, Again, Is Why Apple Bought Beats Music

A High School Fights Failure

When to shoot: Why the Secret Service is in hot water (+ video)

Debate Grows Over Employer Health Plans Without Hospital Benefits

Two purposes of user feedback

Luxury Resort Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos and More - Discover Aman Resorts — home

Pa. manhunt: Trooper ambush suspect studied police, honed survival skills

The strategic bets in America’s asymmetrical war with Islamic State

It’s magic: N.Y. scientists unveil ‘invisibility cloak’ to rival Harry Potter’s

U.K. lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to join airstrikes against IS

Abdication: Financial bond king joins rival castle

None of this makes sense

This Week in Social: Ello, Is It The Social Network You’re Looking For?

Visualization Tools - Business Dynamics Statistics

Data - Business Dynamics Statistics

How To Overcome Fear of Required Distributions

Europe’s Austerity Zombies

Paying for Productivity

Climate Change at Ground Zero

The Great Decoupling

Want big data sales programs to work? Get emotional

Can bioenergy replace coal?

China’s Mixed-ownership Model: Can the State Let Go?

Inside the building where Apple tortures the iPhone 6

Beyond GMOs: The Rise of Synthetic Biology

IT Leaders Aren’t All Coming From Tech

FBI: New phone encryption could go ‘beyond the law’

Knot yet: Record number of Americans aren’t marrying

Top candidates to replace Eric Holder face grueling confirmation

FBI says it has ID on ‘Jihadi John’ of IS beheading videos

The best Notification Center widgets in iOS 8 right now

Safe from Shellshock: How to protect your home computer from the Bash shell bug

Supermarkets Waste Tons Of Food As They Woo Shoppers

Welcome to the Anti-Facebook

The Evolution of Stone Tools Reveals Human Innovation was Worldwide

Our Water’s Older than Our Sun

A simple way to look at effective advertising in a digital age

Social Media Helps Singapore Capitalize on #F1NightRace

How To Use Social Media Intelligence To Make Informed Decisions For Your Business

How to Stay Ahead of Competitors With Facebook Targeting

The Congress of Vienna Revisited

Women’s Development Goals

Disciplining the Sharing Economy

Grave New World

Lebanon’s Model of Moderation

The Future of Storytelling

Fighting ISIS in the Realm of Ideas

Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2014: McKinsey Global Survey results

FBI: U.S. mass shootings more frequent since 2007

Wal-Mart reaches for the recession-weary in new banking push

Here’s a case in which it’s best to downplay your success

Hearing That Things Can Change Helps Teens Dodge Depression

#Gamergate Controversy Fuels Debate On Women And Video Games

Euro Shows Draghi Succeeding Where Loans Fall Short


IBM Adds New Features to Make Watson Smarter

‘Bigger than Heartbleed’ Shellshock flaw leaves OS X, Linux, more open to attack

iOS 8 and Yosemite are the next step in unconstrained computing

Get to know iOS 8: Mail lets you process your inbox fast and write better drafts

Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

Even When Abortion Is Illegal, The Market May Sell Pills For Abortion

The Gefilte Fish Line: A Sweet And Salty History Of Jewish Identity

When Cigarettes Cost More, People Drink Less. Except For Wine

Symptoms and diseases

You don’t know what you don’t know: How our unconscious minds undermine the workplace

Hootsuite Closes $60 Million in Financing, Acquires Voice Technology Company

3 Tips On How To Discover The Best Time To Tweet

Bringing Social Media Research Into Crisis Message Strategy and Simulation Practice

What Does Social Data Really Get You?

Why You Can’t Take 8 Percent From An Average Return of 8 Percent

Policy “Crimes”

“Whatever It Takes” in Ukraine

Selfishness for All?

Xi Jinping’s Pure Party

The People’s Climate

How to Squeeze 25% of Costs Out of Support Functions

Hospital Advertising: Good Business, or Time to Pull the Plug?

Let the good times flow: Belgium to build beer pipeline under Bruges

Crime Falls As U.S. Locks Up Fewer People, Attorney General Holder Says

To Make Interval Training Less Painful, Add Tunes

Avoid The Rush! Some ERs Are Taking Appointments

Nobelist Muhammad Yunus: Be A Go-Getter, Not A Job Getter

Study to TV news: Your climate change coverage isn’t helping

Harvard Endowment Earns 15.4% Return

Field Experience Helps Win Board Seats

Female Veterans Feel Left Behind

How to Keep CMOs From Making Disastrous Software Purchases

One whistleblower gets $30m in the bank, but others count the personal cost

More on every corner: Starbucks will own another 1,000 stores with Japan buy

Comcast Accuses Time Warner Cable Deal Opponents of “Extortion”

How the Insurance Industry can Safely Integrate Social Media

New Technology for Regulated Industries to Deal with the Complexity of Social Media Compliance

Don’t Overlook the Best Brand Advocates: Your Own Employees

Get More B2B Leads with These New LinkedIn Features

6 Lessons We Learned From 5000 Hootsuite Tweets

The Most Important Question You Aren’t Asking Your Doctor

The Visual Politics of Terror

Germany’s Economic Mirage

Obama Versus the Islamic State

Rebooting Globalization

When Fewer Choices Are Worth More

Here’s how much you need to make to be in the top 1% in your state

The most popular apps — guess who’s playing games?

8 Job Search Tips For Unemployed Executives

The price of exposure

Climate change protests, divestments meet fossil fuel realities

As the fall season begins, will 4 remain TV’s magic number?

‘The Lion King’ stage show is the most successful single ticket in history

High-profile New York event highlights Hillary Clinton’s ‘elite’ image

Treasury ‘inversion’ cuts could freeze Burger King sale

‘Gone Girl’: Critics praise thriller flick—and Ben Affleck’s acting

PlayStation TV, gaming and streaming gadget set for launch

Why I Care More About Your Cover Letter Than Your Resume

Why So Many Job Postings Are So Ridiculous

Majoring In Drones Could Earn You A 6-Figure Salary

Is Conflict the Secret to a Successful Business?

Hillary Exhilaration Helps Energize Generation Z

Best To Not Sweat The Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You

With Dark Humor, Anger And Empathy, Women Respond To The NFL

The iPhone 6 Plus is the pocket computer I’ve been waiting for

How to best survive a black bear attack

Can women fix capitalism?

Keyboard Maestro: 8 unexpected uses for the old-school Mac-hacking tool

What’s Behind Microsoft’s $2.5 Billion Mojang Acquisition?

Smaller and smaller

The 3 Things That Happened When I Tried to Fix My Facebook News Feed

Manage and Measure Your Campaigns Start-To-Finish With Hootsuite Campaigns

Financial Services: How to Become a Socially Focused Organization

This could prevent 80 percent of heart attacks in men

Obama Administration Issues New Rules to Combat Tax Inversions

Crack The Cycle Of Poverty With No Effort Or Cost

Burning Down the House

China’s Measured Embrace of India

America’s Never-Ending War

The Limits to Fighting the Islamic State

ASEAN: Toward a common voice

What Can We Learn from Wal-Mart’s Dress Code Controversy

A victim of ISIS’ brutality cries out for her mother - Videos - CBS News

Memories of a POW camp outside Washington, D.C.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: A musical love supreme

Advanced Manufacturing: Incubating Innovation

The Hidden World of Facebook “Like Farms”

Lifelogging App Knows When You’re Depressed, Stressed or Lonely

Startup Brain Corporation Offers a Way to Train Robots by Demonstration, Not Coding

Free weed for vets: Group hands out marijuana to ease soldiers’ pain

‘What a night’: NASA satellite joins the party on Mars after yearlong journey

Go ahead and drop it: Apple’s new iPhones score big in durability, report finds

Why Jewelry Stores Hide The Price Tags

10 things: 10 things retirees won’t tell you

5 expenses you don’t plan for, but should

Review: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The 10 Commandments of Clean Communication

Silicon Valley’s Contract-Worker Problem

IT Outsourcing Market Far From Stable

But the Beatles were out of tune

How the Financial Industry is Adopting Social Media: An Interview With Dan Swift, LinkedIn’s Director of Financial Services

The Future of Insurance Marketing: Why Social Media is a Gold Mine

Social Network Features You Need To Stop Ignoring

5 Social Brands With Awesome Blog Strategies

BP Lawyers Use Old-School Trick; Judge Not Amused

Climate change marchers to descend on NYC ahead of UN summit

In the crosshairs: Social networks gunning for extremist groups

Zenefits’ Leader Is Rattling an Industry, So Why Is He Stressed Out?

Inside the company that rebuilt Digg

Producers and consumers

Around The World In 8 Hospital Meals

Why ‘Is Corporal Punishment Abuse?’ Is Such A Loaded Question

How To Get Children To Behave Without Hitting Them

A Single Insurer Holds Obamacare’s Fate In 2 States

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive and Updated Guide to Launch Center Pro

Here’s What Job Seekers Can Learn From Tom Brady’s Post-College Résumé

15 Must-Have Tools for Professional Copywriters - Yahoo Small Business Advisor

Charlie Munger And The 2014 Daily Journal Annual Meeting: A Fan’s Notes

ITT Under Scrutiny from Two Agencies

5 big-shots who lied on their resumes

Got an iPhone 6? Do these 10 things first

Get to know iOS 8: Customize your Notification Center with handy new widgets

What everyone reads

House Hunters Go to Extreme Lengths to Land Their Dream Home

This Week in Social: Expiration Dates for Social Media

Rice case: purposeful misdirection by team, scant investigation by NFL

When Fees Cost More Than Taxes

Europe’s Bargain by Michael Spence

Cleaner, Greener, and Richer by Christiana Figueres and Guy Ryder

Dying for Europe by Peter Sutherland

Small Countries’ Big Successes by Michael O’Sullivan and Stefano Natella

Reuniting the United Kingdom by Chris Patten

Abertura para a copa do mundo, mas não para o mundo McKinsey Global Institute

Brand Challenge: Is There a ‘Recipe’ for Going Viral?

15 reasons to be sad about the great Li Na hanging up her racket

Now Debbie Does the Doghouse (Does She Ever!)

Bug infects Apple’s iOS 8 HealthKit, delaying third-party app launches

Study: population won’t stabilize this century

June through August 2014 hottest ever recorded globally

A Coastal Paradise Confronts Its Watery Future

Voters In Scotland Reject Independence With Unprecedented Turnout

Death, failure, and all of the other stuff the tech industry won’t talk about

What It’s Like to Be Voluntarily Homeless

The New Rules of 21st-Century Style

Will Apple Pay Take Off (and Take Down BYOD)?

Exclusive: Duncan responds to Jindal’s Common Core lawsuit

Larry Ellison Steps Down As Oracle’s CEO

5 Takeaways From Target’s Swift Decline

Log Out of LinkedIn NOW

The Best Consulting Firms To Work For

How Technology is Changing Recruitment

Harvard Business School’s Role in Widening Inequality

10 Little-Known Facts About Quitting Your Corporate Job

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus: Which is the perfect screen size for you?

Roger Goodell pledges more transparency, new measures - USA TODAY

George Hamilton IV, 77, Singer Who Gave Up Pop for Country, Dies

What Happens When We All Live to 100?

China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet

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Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD) Set to Controversially Receive $400 Million in Loan from ESL Investments Inc. Affiliates

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Rand Paul’s words become a problem—and make him a serious candidate

Islamic State-linked ‘lone wolves’ encouraged to attack Times Square, Vegas

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Like It Or Not, Scotland’s Drama May Hit Your Wallet

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iOS 8 has arrived

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Get to know iOS 8: Messages gets new ways to communicate

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Vanguard Scotland?

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The G-20 to the Rescue?

The other Nigeria

Brazil’s own goals

Brazil and trade: Brazil’s ambivalent welcome to the world

Brazil’s ambivalent welcome to the world

Capital Flight: Can Tax Inversions Be Prevented?

Hunger easing globally but 1 in 9 people undernourished — report Reuters

America’s rudest drivers aren’t in Boston or New York after all

Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows

So What Exactly Is Alibaba?

After 8-year climb, U.S. poverty rate finally drops

What happens to your email account after you die?

Tim Cook’s Charlie Rose Interview

US Incomes Edge Higher for First Time Since Recession - Wall Street Journal

Lower Testosterone Levels Helped in the Development of Civilization

Key Brain Connection Slow To Develop In Kids With ADHD

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Why Apple Didn’t Use Sapphire iPhone Screens

Cheap Natural Gas Boosts Manufacturing

The New Chinese Factory

The Hunt for Qualified Workers

Audi Drives Innovation on the Shop Floor

How Human-Robot Teamwork Will Upend Manufacturing

Smartphone Movements Could Reveal Empty Parking Spots

A California factory recently built by Japanese-German firm DMG Mori Seiki makes the case for the future of U.S. advanced manufacturing

A Closer Look at Breakthrough Factories

The hubs of advanced manufacturing will be the economic drivers of the future

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As anti-gay rights leaders export ideas, HRC ‘names and shames’ them

Thousands Gather In Germany To Rally Against Anti-Semitism

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The Luxury iPhone 6. Proof You Probably Aren’t Charging Enough For Your Product

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An unlikely hero, Gordon Brown wrestles with Scotland’s fate

‘One strike’ public housing policy can end stability for whole families

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Without a keyboard

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Vikings Star Peterson Indicted On Child Abuse Charges

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iPhone release (and delay): Big business for Chinese smugglers

Olive Garden may have a breadstick problem

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Skills Gap Bumps Up Against Vocational Taboo - WSJ

Suicide Is A Big Problem Where You’d Least Expect It

FDA Approves New Diet Pill That’s Made Of Old Medicines

A Doctor Who Performed Abortions In South Texas Makes His Case

ISIS, ISIL Or Islamic State: What’s In A Name?

20 Years Later, Major Crime Bill Viewed As Terrible Mistake

Apple Pay tips to new era of fully digitized money

U.S. and Arab allies agree to curb flow of funds to IS - Xinhua

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Apple Pay nets a discount from banks, Walmart says ‘no thanks’

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NFL: Ex-FBI Chief Will Investigate How League Handled Rice Evidence

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The iPhone 6′s New Camera Could Forever Change Filmmaking Underwire WIRED

Earth’s ozone layer is recovering

For Travelers, How Smart is the Smartwatch?

Billionaire model Kathy Ireland reveals her secret talent (Hint: It’s not sexy)

Here’s What’s Becoming Of America’s Dead Shopping Malls

Veterans’ Care Emerges As A Key, Bipartisan Issue In Campaign Ads

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Music.

Suicides Rise In Middle-Aged Men, And Older Men Remain At Risk

Ken Burns’ ‘The Roosevelts’ Explores An American Family’s Demons

Obama Says U.S. Will ‘Take Out’ Islamic State ‘Wherever They Exist’

Here’s How Apple Will Convince You to Buy a Smartwatch

iPwned: How easy is it to mine Apple services, devices for data?

What’s Hot, Not in Healthcare IT Startups CIO

To Defeat the Islamic State, Follow the Money - Howard J. Shatz - POLITICO Magazine

Pistorius not guilty of premeditated murder, other charges pending

Showtime, HBO—sans cable subscription—could come this lifetime

The InfoWorld guide to disaster recovery done right Storage - InfoWorld

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The Revolutionary Technique That Quietly Changed Machine Vision Forever

A Website Aims to Coax Answers to Big Questions

American credit-card debt hits a post-recession high

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Greenhouse gas levels surge to new annual high

As memories of French feminism movement fade, so do topless beaches

Love And Sex In The Time Of Viagra — 16 Years On

When Scientists Give Up

High-Tech Survey Exposes Hidden Stonehenge

Drugs used for anxiety, sleep are linked to Alzheimer’s disease in older people

No Association Between Salt And Blood Pressure, Study Finds

SwiftKey reveals details about its iOS 8 keyboard

More wealthy women have a say in family finances

Outside the Box: How to lead people by letting go

German Training for U.S. Factory Workers

By The Numbers: Search NIH Grant Data By Institution

iOS 8 FAQ: What we know about Apple’s next-generation mobile OS

Speculation on Apple’s Live Event Stream Failure

Jason Snell Leaves Macworld, Staff Laid Off

The value of access

Functional jewelry

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The Global Baby Bust

Social Media and the Financial Services Industry: Strategies for Business Success

Drucker on demographics

The End of Demographics: How Marketers Are Going Deeper With Personal Data

Preparing for a Future Labor Shortage: How to stay ahead of the curve

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Demographics Scott Ford

Demographics Ivan Canada

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The Right Weights for Mortgage Risks by Amit Tyagi

The ‘Missed Opportunity’ in Israeli-Turkish Trade Relations

Payback Time: Bank of America’s Reckoning

What Will Your Twitter Timeline Look Like in 2015?

iPhone 6: Apple And Mayo Clinic Partnership Could Be Smart Medicine

Study: America’s wealth gap ‘unsustainable,’ may worsen

iPhone 6: Four things we need, but may not get ZDNet

Harvard Study Says Economy Is ‘Doing Half Its Job.’ Guess Which Half

Marin Cilic Wins U.S. Open, Sealing An Improbable Journey

Movie numerology: Mathematical minds multiply at Toronto film fest

Ticking bomb: World Bank warns of critical job shortage by 2030

Analysis: Culture of blaming the victim is root cause of failure for NFL, Ravens

Princeton Maintains No. 1 Spot in College Rankings

You should see the other guys: How smartphones have advanced since the last iPhone update

The most important marketing decision the CMO makes…

Google Lat Long: Making of Maps: Ground Truth glue

Uniting Global Staff With Global Clients, Through Social Media Education

How Brands Can Leverage Snapchat Stories: Lessons From Snapchat Celebrities

Your Next Social Media Campaign Should Be More Optimized Than The Last One

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Are Online Dating Sites Worth The Time And Money?

Finally, Wall Street gets put on trial: We can still hold the 0.1 percent responsible for tanking the economy

Big education: Harvard receives largest-ever single donation

In the post-Sterling NBA, ownership fears are playing out: Am I next?

Scary discovery: U.S.-made weapons find their way into Islamic State hands

‘No going back’: Dumping your U.S. citizenship will cost you more now

Clinton, Bush launch new scholars program - Fox News

‘Mobile’ Schools Break Free of the Classroom

The hidden structure of the Apple keynote

Apple now emailing users when iCloud accessed via Web

How Control Impacts What Consumers Expect from Brands

Things well done (and the smartest Lt Gov candidate ever)

Are you willing to build a trail?

Making of Maps: Perspective from the ground

Expert Advice On How To Prove Social Media ROI

How to Unify Your Social Media Strategy Across the Organization

10 Financial Services Leaders To Follow on Twitter

Monday* The Drucker Institute

When offering someone a job hurts more than it helps

Pink Floyd co-founder says new ‘Wall’ an anti-war protest film

In Senate races, candidates tackle the gridlock blame game

Electrolux to boost U.S. presence with $3.3 billion General Electric Appliances buy

How Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson underestimated black purchasing power

2017 Cadillacs will have automated highway driving features, GM says

Why Women’s Tennis Is the Most Popular Women’s Sport

New iPhone Faces Risk as Carriers Phase Out Subsidies

How Dolph Lundgren Went From Chemical Engineer To Action Star

Archaeologists Chase Private Funds To Preserve Greek Antiquities

Mapping What You Cannot See, Cannot Know, Cannot Visit

Why This Startup Wants Your Personal Data

An Inside Look at Anonymous, the Radical Hacking Collective

Love Is All You Need: Insights from the Longest Longitudinal Study on Men Ever Conducted

ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media

Acting French - The Atlantic

College football’s big question: Where are the game-day fans?

Apple courts the fashion world ahead of reported smartwatch reveal

Strategy against IS militants in hand, WH now must make it work

OKCupid’s Co-Founder On Data And Dating

No Tiara, No Problem: ‘Rejected Princesses’ Have Stories Worth Telling

Online Dating Stats Reveal A ‘Dataclysm’ Of Telling Trends

One Woman, Many Surprises: Pacifist Muslim, British Spy, WWII Hero

Henry Kissinger’s Thoughts On The Islamic State, Ukraine And ‘World Order’

A Disappointing Jobs Report May Mask Economy’s Strength

Science On Diets Is Low In Essential Information

What’s Your Take On #NPRTheTalk?

‘She said yes’: Navratilova proposes to girlfriend in front of U.S. Open crowd

Bryan Brothers Win 100th Career Doubles Title - Wall Street Journal

Paul B. Farrell: The 10 traits that can make you an ‘irrational millionaire’

Different kinds of broken systems

Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

Netflix may add short-form content to increase mobile usage

This Week in Social: Safety First and the Startup Manifesto

#BurnISISFlagChallenge goes viral in the Arab world

Job growth drops to 142K, slowest in 8 months

How Alibaba is preparing for its $21.1 billion splashy IPO - The Economic Times

Intel Spurs Market for Laptop-Tablet Convertibles. But Do Users Care?

Stinky T-Shirt? Bacteria Love Polyester In A Special Way

Tech Week That Was: So Many Hacks, So Little Time

U.S. gallery to display stars’ leaked nude pics as art

Wish You Had Social Media When You Were in School? Question of the Week

Websites: One Billion and Counting?

Flashcard Hero

Date my School finds fellow alums for you

Glassdoor gives you a jump on job-searching

Chegg rents, buys, and sells textbooks

Mint manages your money and budget

CashCourse crams on money smarts

Rate my Professors (Warning: They use this site, too!)

BibMe writes citations so you don’t have to

Purdue OWL will help anyone with formatting papers

Internet Public Library is like Librarian 2.0

Google Scholar sifts for the best sources

Africa’s Immunity Controversy by Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

Reading Israel from Left to Right by Ian Buruma

Should Venezuela Default? by Ricardo Hausmann and Miguel Angel Santos

Management intuition for the next 50 years

McKinsey Quarterly 50th anniversary edition: Overview

‘A New Era in Banking’: The Future of Financial Services

A Bias for Bonuses: What It Means for Your Paycheck

Tall treasures: Federal government unloads unneeded lighthouses

Suicide kills one person worldwide every 40 seconds, WHO report finds

America bounces back (at least for a while)

World 3.0: Revolutionary treatment for prostate cancer

One in 10 girls raped or sexually abused before they reach the age of 20 says global report

Apple ups iCloud security settings over celebrity nude photo leak - Telegraph

FDA grants its approval to Merck & Co.’s melanoma treatment

Strange Fish Can Spit Water With Remarkable Accuracy

Scientists Could Soon Improve the Flavour of Coffee - NDTV

American Weakness Is Glaring at the U.S Open

These Kids Grew Up With The Woods As Their Only Classroom

The Unemployment Rate In Every State, Before And After The Great Recession

In E-Book Price War, Amazon’s Long-Term Strategy Requires Short-Term Risks

Barbie dissed: Lego is now the top-selling toy

FCC chief: Consumers want more broadband choices

Hackers break into server, upload malware

Data Mining Reveals How Social Coding Succeeds (And Fails)

What Kind of CIOs Will Millennials Make?

Where Have All the True Leaders Gone? LinkedIn

The Tyranny of How LinkedIn

10 Things Bosses Never Tell Employees, But Should LinkedIn

Teachers Unions Under Fire

Women-owned businesses start smaller, but add jobs faster

Audio: Apple shines as player in real estate, retail

Extensions could be the App Store’s next gold rush

Tim Cook: iCloud security will be strengthened

What’s wrong with your website?

How Ignoring a Social Media Network Can Damage Your Social Media Presence

How the Center for Innovation at Mayo Clinic Engages its Community

Africa’s Hidden Hunger by Ramadhani Abdallah Noor

The BIS Bashers by Mojmír Hampl

A Meeting of Minds on HIV/AIDS by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Margie McGlynn

Africa Beyond Ebola by Ana Palacio

Renzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss by Paola Subacchi

From Vaccines to Cheese Caves: Energizing the Cold Chain

10 million Users, 10 million Stories

George Clooney to direct film on U.K. phone-hacking scandal

The boss is back: Michael Bloomberg returns as head of Bloomberg L

Matt Bai: The coming foreign policy election

Honorable review: U.S. to take look at discharges of Vietnam vets with PTSD

Joan Rivers, An Enduring Comic Who Turned Tragedy Into Showbiz Success, Dies

Health Law Gets Reprieve As Appeals Court Agrees To Rehear Key Case

Dry, Scratchy Eyes? Staring At Screens Is Driving This Trend

Gentlemen, Preschool Is Calling

Perdue Says Its Hatching Chicks Are Off Antibiotics

Roger Federer and coach Stefan Edberg.

Employees’ Children Give Company an Earful on Social Causes

For Some Grads, College Isn’t Worth the Debt

Are Colleges Producing Career-Ready Graduates?

More Parents Foot the Bill for Business School

What It Takes to Put On an Instagram-Ready Show

Howard Gold’s No-Nonsense Investing: The four most useless things financial advisers tell you

Everything you ever needed to know about the Terminal

Automate your Mac: ten ways to speed up iTunes, Safari, and more

Does “stationary” matter?

Underwater Luxury Homes Rise Above the Tide

Luxury Vacationers Trading Places

Google Lat Long: Making of Maps: The cornerstones

Google Lat Long: Making of Maps: Reaching a milestone

Hootsuite Acquires Brightkit, Launches Hootsuite Campaigns

Behind the Scenes: Hootsuite’s New Acquisition, Customer Growth

All You Really Need to Know About Social Media Is To Ignore What You Learned In Kindergarten

Fixing My Facebook Feed: An Experiment

Social Media Syllabus: What Incoming Freshmen Need to Know About Social Media

How To Pay Nearly 2 Percent To Own an Index Fund: Have an “Adviser”

Should Scotland Leave the Pound Zone? by Harold James

Is Abenomics Working? by Koichi Hamada

A Wrong Turn for Human Rights by David Tolbert

Autohome CEO Qin Zhi: From Pageviews to Deals

Combatting Ebola and the Next Outbreak

Super fast: Google working on computer chip that thinks like humans

Defining moment: What to watch for during the first NATO summit in two years

This is Uber’s playbook for sabotaging Lyft

IT Resume Makeover: How to Avoid Buzzword Burnout

Automate your Mac: three hacks for managing apps

Are You Ready? Expert Advice to Help You Meet Your Company’s Marketing Objectives

Hospitals Are Getting Hacked More Frequently

Are millennials in love with themselves?

Slide Show: 7 cruises for people who hate cruises

4 Key Parts of Every Social Media Strategy, and How we Can Help

Welcome to the Hootup Program

Avoid the Mute Button: DOs and DON’Ts of self-promotion on social media

Democracy in the Twenty-First Century

Down with Dengism

Why Israel?

Let the Middle East Govern Itself

The Exaggerated Death of Inflation

Teaching Economic Dynamism

Educating Everyone

A Western Strategy for a Declining Russia

The Ethics of Ebola

Rethinking bank risk in emerging markets

A summit of opportunity

The Race to Build a Better Smartphone Charger

Panel Discussion: Fostering Dialogue Between Police and the People They’re Sworn to Protect

TV forecasters imagine a future of near-daily weather disasters

Neanderthal ‘art’ created 40,000 years ago found in Gibraltar cave

Steps to Alibaba’s twelve-figure valuation

U.S. Companies Say China Subjectively Enforcing Laws

NATO To Create New ‘Spearhead’ Force For Eastern Europe

Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss

It Might Sound Stupid, But Maybe It Isn’t The Economy This Time

Diet gap: Wealthier are eating better than poor Americans, study shows

Missing in action: Local cops lose military-issued Humvees, automatic rifles

What to do with your your old iPhone

Automate your Mac: 10 ways to make managing email easier

Apple says celebs hacked in ‘targeted attack’

In Tom Hanks’ iPad App, Typewriters Make Triumphant Return (Ding!)

Old Ship Logs Reveal Adventure, Tragedy And Hints About Climate

For Men’s Rights Groups, Feminism Has Come At The Expense Of Men

MRAPs And Bayonets: What We Know About The Pentagon’s 1033 Program

The End of Neighborhood Schools

Detroit Bankruptcy Battle Begins In Federal Court

Ending Decades Of Family Leadership, ‘Washington Post’ Names New Publisher

What’s In A Name? Former Arthur Andersen Employees Spell It Out

U.S. Companies Taking Longer to Hire

‘Sea Turtles’ Travel Home to China

Help Wanted: Librarians, Sea Captains

Firms Use Charitable Programs as a Recruiting Tool

New York Shows Its Smarts

Gear We Love: Twelve South HiRise holds your display, hides your gear

Literature and Latte • View topic - OPML export from OmniOutliner to Scrivener gives headings on

Literature and Latte • View topic - IndexCards

Literature and Latte • View topic - How to do a Timeline in Scrivener

Notes on the Celebrity Data Theft

Marketing used to be what you say

The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy

China Home Builders Bet on U.S.

Sleepy Teens: It’s Time for a Change

Does Your Content Make An Impact? We Dare You to Find Out

Let the Pros Do It: What Brands Can Learn from Agencies on Social Media

What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Life Mean For Your Job

Why Time Doesn’t Have To Accelerate With Age

Hong Kong’s rising defiance in democracy battle challenges Beijing’s playbook on dissent

3 things about the biggest IPO in a long time

20 best iPhone and iPad apps and games this week

Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests

One Woman’s Lessons From Living On The Street

Can Oxfam Nudge Big Food Companies To Do Right?

How to prevent your naughty pictures from appearing on the Internet

Automate your Mac: three smart hacks for managing files

The best apps for taking notes

FruitJuice review: Practice good battery health with your MacBook

75% Of Ikea’s Catalog Is Computer Generated Imagery

Common Core buyer’s remorse turns ed standards into political flashpoint

Atlantic City losing 2 casinos, 5K jobs in 3 days

Obamacare could wreak havoc on tax returns

It keeps going: A new heart pacemaker does away with batteries

‘Legroom wars’ rage on as proof that flying is getting more frustrating

Worse than al-Qaida: How ISIL’s brutality is attracting more followers

Argentina’s Use and Abuse of Keynes by Andrés Velasco

Europe According to Draghi by Jean Pisani-Ferry

Abenomics, European Style by Nouriel Roubini

It’s a great book, it has no typos!

This Week in Social: Back to School with New Apps for Business

Hope for High-Tech Mothers by Naomi Wolf

‘Hands up’ hip hop: How rappers are getting behind Michael Brown

Cosmic collision: Asteroid smash-up captured by NASA telescope

Unlikely ally: Mexico is helping U.S. stem the tide of immigration

‘Cynical genius’: Obama unloads on Congressional Republicans

We Use DNA to Predict Our Medical Futures, But it May Have More to Say About the Past

If You Lose Your Job, Remember This LinkedIn

Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession

Bike-Sharing Rolls Into Suburban Workplaces

Where Are New York’s Bedbugs Now?

How big telecom smothers city-run broadband

Turning passion on its head

Are You Pro or Anti-Hashtag? Question of the Week

How To Pay Handsomely To Get Your Own Money Back

Building NATO’s “Weimar Triangle” by Tobias Bunde , Dominik P. Jankowski and Martin Michelot

Why Businesses Should Serve Consumers’ ‘Higher Needs’

How to Win Fantasy Football with Social Media

Abercrombie & Fitch: logo loses power, sharp drop in shares

Angry Birds Chief to Step Down

Rats! New York City Tries To Drain Rodent ‘Reservoirs’

An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones

Draghi dials R for Reform. Line is busy

Special Report: The billion-dollar fall of the house of Espirito Santo

Chelsea Clinton to Leave NBC News - New York Times

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Freemasonry Still Alive And Well, And (Mostly) Men-Only

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College grads face high hurdles to buying first homes

3 powerful iPhone battery cases perfect for back to school

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Can Creativity Be Taught?

Getting the CMO and CIO to work as partners

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8 Brands Using Hyperlapse by Instagram

Beyond Siri: Dictation tricks for the iPhone and iPad

Police chief ‘must quit over report’

How to use Hyperlapse, Instagram’s new time-lapse app - The Times of India

Snapchat raising new funding at $10B valuation

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls iPad sales slump “a speed bump”: Do you agree?

Physicists Ask: Is The Universe A 2D Hologram?

The ‘Times’ Of London Reverts To Type To Motivate Reporters

Hello, May I Help You Plan Your Final Months? Recruits Leader Of Successful Connecticut Effort

Is Google’s Free Software A Good Deal For Educators?

The List Of Emmy Winners

Turnitin And The Debate Over Anti-Plagiarism Software

Royal box: His Airness now a member of Club Fed (Federer, that is)

Humans cause global warming, it’s dangerous and probably irreversible

How to free up space on a packed hard drive

Why I stopped reading magazines with Newsstand

“I made it my mission…”

How Many People See Your Tweets? Twitter Opens Its Nifty Analytics Dashboard To Everyone TechCrunch

How To Make Social a Part of your Company’s DNA: Q&A with Ambrosia Humphrey, Hootsuite’s VP Talent

Social Selling and the Hootsuite Ecosystem: How We Help Sales with Social Media

Social Selling: Nurturing Relationships into Revenue

The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags

“Young Adults in America,” Live on the C-SPAN’s “America by the Numbers” Segment of “Washington Journal”

One More Reason to Go Take a Walk

Good and Bad Inequality

Endgame for Putin in Ukraine?

The Containment Debate, Round Two

The Overstretched West

The Role of Contagion in the Housing Boom (and Bust)

Telecom Companies Tap Analytics for Growth

Timelapse Photography Made Easy With Hyperlapse from Instagram App

The threat and promise of the fracturing of the Middle East.

The British Undercover Cop Who Went Too Far

Behind the App: The Story of Alfred

Immigration shaping up as leading election issue

U.S. weapon meant to reach targets within an hour explodes during test

Rocket attacks, tunnels near Gaza border trigger Israeli exodus

US credit card late payments down in 2Q

The ‘Greening’ Of Florida Citrus Means Less Green In Growers’ Pockets

The Emmys: Past Winners Trump New Shows And ‘Breaking Bad’ Takes A Bow

America’s Middle East Scorecard: Many Interventions, Few Successes

Director Richard Attenborough Brought Intimacy To Big Ideas

As Ferguson Unraveled, The World Found A New Way Of Watching

8 Tips to Be a Better Career Negotiator

VA hospital scandal: No veterans died from hospital backlog

Levi’s Plan To Save Blue Jeans: Make Them More Like Yoga Pants

Staples Is Closing A Ton Of Stores

This Is What The Future Of Fast Food Looks Like

Draft Of Upcoming IPCC Report Presents Stark View Of The Future As Climate … - Huffington Post

2013 Annual Survey of Public Pensions: State-Administered Defined Benefit Data

The most hated car company in America is

The top iOS 8 features for business users

The best lesson from Fantasy Football’s success

Job Platform ZipRecruiter Takes Its First Outside Funding, $63M Led By IV

URL Shorteners: The Unsung Hero Of Social Media Marketing

How to Gain Executive Buy-In on the Importance of Social Media

These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners

The South Is Essentially A Solid, Grim Block Of Poverty

Fidelity Says No To Overseas Americans, But There’s A Silver Lining

Iraq After Maliki

Belly-Up Brazil?

The Middle East Crack-Up

Europe’s Fitful Financial Integration

Unleashing the value of advanced analytics in insurance

The Lovers, the Haters and How They Helped Drive Innovation at Kraft

Facebook Cracks Down on Click-Bait

Little League CEO: We’ll consider compensating players in future

Dollar stores in battle to double down on the poor

Rap mogul Suge Knight shot at Los Angeles pre-VMAs party

Why MTV didn’t give Beyoncé Video of the Year or Best Female Video

Burger King in talks to acquire Tim Hortons

Grocers Lead Kids To Produce Aisle With Junk Food-Style Marketing

Sleepy heads: Pediatricians say your kids need to sleep in on school days

Random fees: Hotels turn to airline playbook for additional revenue

5 apps for spying on your spouse

TechHive’s guide to every Apple TV channel, A to Z

The 10 apps every college student needs to have TechHive

The idea is not the (only) hard part

You could wreck this (if you want to)

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: #NoHacked: a global campaign to spread hacking awareness

Huawei Is Shaking Up the Smartphone Market

Singapore Marks 50th Birthday With Open Data Contest

Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Isn’t a Waste of Time (or Water)

Have Wearables Worn Out Their Welcome?

CBS Sunday Morning - Show Notes - CBS News - CBS News

Tennis, Anywhere?

Deepening rivalries test German luxury car dominance

Europe fears deflation as Ukraine stays center-stage

Even Police Body Cameras Can Lose Sight Of The Truth

Digital Guru May Need More Power To Remake Government IT

Fantasy sports explosion has some giving up day jobs

In era of acceptance, gay bathhouses nationwide face uncertain future

John F. Akers, 79, Dies; Led IBM as PCs Ascended

Chuck Jaffe: Why it’s so difficult to raise kids — and save for retirement

Why drafting works

These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America - Quartz

This Week in Social: Responding to User Demand, Vine and Slideshare Release Features

Smartphone: boom holders, but few downloading app

Secret App Will Block Users From Using Real Names

Scientists Searching For Alien Air Pollution

Islamic State ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen,’ Hagel Says

Can Quinoa Take Root On The ‘Roof Of The World’?

In New York And Ferguson, Two Deaths, Two Different Responses

Obama’s Reaction To Ferguson Raises Questions About President’s Role

In Changing America, Gay Masculinity Has ‘Many Different Shades’

‘Walden’ in 2014: Farming is the hot career for some New England millennials

U.N.: Syrian civil war death toll tops 191,000

Who’s funding ISIL? U.S. scrutinizes militants’ supporters

Obama to business: tell your lawmakers to renew Ex-Im Bank

Organizing the networked enterprise for change

Using a plan-build-run organizational model to drive IT infrastructure objectives

Biopharma in the coming era of ‘connected health’

IT as revenue generator: McKinsey Global Survey results

Seizing China’s new digital opportunity

Sorry, Bill Gates, But You’re Wrong on This Issue

The shortlist

The Five Secrets To ‘Happy Money’

The Middle East’s Three Timelines

Measuring Inclusive Growth

Digitizing oil and gas production

Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Went Viral

Health Care Outcomes: When the More Effective Choice Costs More

Improving Government Performance, Anticipating Citizens’ Needs

CSIS Fell Victim to a Rogue Tweet. Here’s How to Avoid the Same Mistake

Dollar rally stalls as Yellen takes centre stage at Jackson Hole

Global Warming ‘Pause’ Due to Atlantic Ocean

Western drought causes Earth’s surface to rise as groundwater drops

Bank of America’s $16 Billion Mortgage Settlement Less Painful Than It Looks

The Microsoft Store: A wretched hive of scams and fake apps ZDNet

Tip Sheet Number 17 -- August 22, 2014

Vision Problems Increase The Risk Of Death In Older People

The Sleepy Road Near Our National Conversation On Race

Notebooks And Pencils And Pens, Cha-Ching!

U.S. labor market less flexible than in 1990, economists warn

Execution of U.S. journalist reveals the changing business of war coverage

Jell-O loses it’s jiggle: Sales are sliding for the once popular dessert

Wealth gap widens: Bottom 20% are poorer than they were in 2000

School challenge: Gates Foundation pledges to match $1M for teachers

In Negotiations, Everyone’s an Amateur

Brett Arends’s ROI: Hey, America — Do you believe in (market) magic?

If you choose to be in the dog food business…

How to prepare your iPhone or iPad for iOS 8 - CNET

How To Get Facebook Likes Without Like-Gating

What’s a Duck Worth: The Value of Earned Social Through Brand Mascots

With its Latest Update, Vine Comes of Age (While Users Still Haven’t)

“How Consumer Spending is Faring State by State” Live on the C-SPAN’s “America by the Numbers” Segment of “Washington Journal”

China’s Fire Next Time

Italy’s Downward Spiral

‘Closer than Singapore, More Competitive than Miami’: Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Economy

Business growth slows in China and Europe, Russia sanctions still to bite

Spiders ‘do better’ in cities

Fed more divided on health of labor market - MarketWatch

[Webinar on Demand] Scaling Social: Unifying Social Strategy & Gaining Executive Buy-In

Sears Loss Widens as Seven-Year Revenue Decline Continues

Russia’s first McDonald’s shut down

There’s Life Beneath the Antarctic

Typewriters, Underwater Hotels And Picture Phones: The Future, As Seen From 1964

From A Father And Son, What It Means To Be A Military Man

What Kids’ Drawings Say About Their Future Thinking Skills

Urban Farms Build Resilience Within Singapore’s Fragile Food System

Study Shows Sharp Racial Divide In Reaction To Ferguson

Recent U.S. Mission Aimed To Rescue Foley, Other Hostages In Syria

No. 1 Most Expensive Coffee Comes From Elephant’s No. 2

Always Bet On Berkshire Hathaway (And Here’s Why) (BRK-A,BRK-B,KO,WFC)

Hewlett-Packard posts surprise revenue gain after PC sales jump

Silicon Valley startup accelerators on the hunt for health-tech talent

Automobile Manufacturing Shipments and Employment Up, According to Census Bureau’s Economic Census

Gap Between Higher- and Lower-Wealth Households Widens, Census Bureau Reports

Parents, stop paying off your kids’ student loans

YouCam Makeup

New browser extension warns you when articles are paid for by advertisers

Intuit’s Quicken 2015 for Mac revamps interface, expands investment features

OmniFocus 2 review: Stay on top of your task list with this top task manager

Scrivener Template for Outlining and Structuring Your Novel - Helping Writers Become Authors

Sprint Announces $60 Unlimited Plan for Individuals in Latest Price Cut

Tone deaf

A Social Media Manager’s Guide To Social Media Reporting

Why The Human Touch Still Rules on Social Media

NYC Becomes a Digital City: A City of New York Case Study

How to Organize your Social Business: A Guide to Social Media Integration for Enterprises

Gap Between Higher- and Lower-Wealth Households Widens, Census Bureau Reports

Yes, the Risk Is “In There”: High Yield Municipal Bond Funds

In Search of Convergence

Good Crop, Bad Crop

The Ratings Revolution

Fixing Europe’s Orbán Problem

Developing talent for large IT projects

Where Are All the Women? The Changing Face of Technology

How Where You Live Impacts the Way You Use the Internet

Dollar hits multi-month highs on U.S.-economy optimism - MarketWatch

Verizon snags fastest wireless service title in U.S.

iPhone 6 lightning cable ‘will end USB frustration’

Gay Rights Movement Tackles Cultural Battle In The Deep South

Cardiologist Speaks From The Heart About America’s Medical System

Elephant Slaughter, African Slavery And America’s Pianos

In overshare era, some parents keep baby photos offline-only

The way we live now: Charities seek their own ice bucket challenge

World 3.0: Harvard scientist envisions lifespan without limits

Bank of America to Pay $17 Billion in Justice Department Settlement - Wall Street Journal

Sneaking Away to Email? Why CEOs Loathe Vacation

Market Extra: You need to start watching the U.S. dollar

Hands-on: Google Photo Sphere Camera for iOS

Google’s Growth Since Its IPO

Totally and completely out of my control

Google Lat Long: Explore the geysers and waterfalls of Iceland on Google Maps

Time Slice Your Work. Vitamin-R breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short “time slices” of between 10 and

How to Make Your To-Do List Doable

Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part I

How to Use The LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Who You’ll Meet At #HootHire

Strengthening Our Commitment to Education, Hootsuite Welcomes Allison Michels and Dr. William Ward to the Nest

Anthony Bourdain - Transcripts

Photo Sphere – About – Google Maps

Planning for the Cost of Caregiving

The High Cost of Cheap Meat

The Trouble with Universal Education

The Great War’s Forgotten Soldiers

Why You May Not Be as Ready for Retirement as You Think

Travel Industry Taps Technology to Win Over Customers

Companies Have to Decide What They Need from Big Data

Economic Characteristics of Households in the United States: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarters 2012

Americans only take half of their paid vacation

You can legally unlock your smartphone — so now what?

How the smartphone defeated the point-and-shoot digital camera

Steve Ballmer Steps Down From Microsoft Board


Harlem Home With ‘Feel and Character’ Intact - WSJ

Google Launches Photo Sphere Camera App On iOS TechCrunch

Tools to Organize Browser Tabs for Mac Users - Veritrope

Save Safari Tabs to DEVONthink Pro - Veritrope

2013 Poverty Guidelines

McDonald’s confronts its junk food image

Heart disease, stroke hospitalizations and deaths fall in last decade

Connecticut Open Tennis Has New Sense of Identity - CBS Connecticut

World’s Aid Agencies Stretched To Their Limits By Simultaneous Crises

Teens And Mall Culture: The Fading Love Affair?

More Men Put Ambitions On Back Burner For Their Partners’ Careers

How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever

Oklahoma Wind Power Companies Run Into Headwinds

Paris Heist: Gunmen Take $335,000 From Saudi Motorcade

The Power Of The Peer Group In Preventing Campus Rape

WikiLeaks’ Assange Says He’ll Leave Embassy In London

Medicare Patients Often See Nurses Instead Of Doctors For Skin Problems

With Its Eccentric Owner Gone, What To Do With Graceland Too?

In Ferguson, Local Faith Leaders Call For ‘Different Dialogue’

Why This Ebola Outbreak Is Different Than Earlier Versions

The Social Media Manager’s Daily Checklist

Census Bureau Names Peter Glynn to Scientific Advisory Committee

Stay Ahead of the Curve and Brand your Analytics Reports

The Long Way Home: Solo Woman Cyclist Bikes 20,000 Miles

Don’t Let Your Education End at Graduation

Americans eat most of their meals alone

Gear We Love: Anker Quad-Port Wall Charger handles four devices and fits in your pocket

Notebook 4 update (commented by Bob Allison)

On Apple and Deadlines

Health in a Time of Ebola

Saving the House

How Money is Made

India’s East Asian Dream

How to prepare for Asia’s digital-banking boom

Can India’s Modi Government Navigate the Tough Terrain of Labor Law Reform?

Who named the colors?

Manufacturers Adding Robots to the Factory Floor in Record Numbers

Has Social Media Killed This One Critical Sales Tool?

What if Classic Movies Were Given Click-Baity Titles?

How the Social Media Mindset Can be an Asset to Your Classroom

The Truth About ’10,000 Steps’ a Day

How many steps/day are enough? Preliminary pedome… [Sports Med. 2004] - PubMed - NCBI

Why 10,000 Steps a Day Won’t Make You Thin - US News

10,000 steps - The Walking Site

When companies flee U.S. tax system, investors often don’t reap big returns Reuters

Use Crowdsourced Data To Find What’s Draining Your iPhone

More Military Families Are Relying On Food Banks And Pantries

Why The Atlanta Testing Scandal Matters

Peek into brain shows how kids learn math skills

Facebook flagging satire to keep users from falling victim to The Onion’s jokes

Despite regulations, patient groups say some insurers still block access to care

Newspapers, once in a media relationship, are now single and readjusting

Where will the medicine come from when we run out of antibiotics?

Poll: What do Americans say is the problem with the economy? Politics

Here we go again? Wall Street buying risky mortgages

Wage growth unlikely despite recession recovery

Newly launched satellite has eagle eye on Earth

Will Apple’s iPhone 6 Save Sprint? (AAPL, S)

When Patients Read What Their Doctors Write

Escalators, elevators and the ferry

Skinny, sad and pale

This Week in Social: The Ice Bucket Challenge and Facebook Messenger Migration

Father and Daughter Reunion

7 Things Employees Wish They Could Tell Their Boss About Salaries

Has Health Law Helped Young People Get Mental Health Treatment? Maybe

Wide Range Of Hospital Charges For Blood Tests Called ‘Irrational’

What The U.S. Health Care System Can Learn From Ebola Outbreak

“Frank Underwood” and Hillary Clinton star in video for Bill Clinton’s birthday - CBS News

If Retirement Is So Terrible, Where Are the Riots?

Robot swarm shuffles into formation

Comet dust more complex in composition, structure

Should We Kill The $100 Bill?

How A Dissolvable ‘Tampon’ Could One Day Help Women Stop HIV

There’s No Longer A Doubt About This Cutthroat Trout

Ukraine crisis sends NATO ‘back to basics’

When Will the Economy Finally Bounce Back?

Why the New Labor Law Reforms Make India Fertile for Jobs

The Trouble With Living Large

Your arms race

Bridges to Somewhere

The Fragmentation of Bretton Woods

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Edge Past 300 Million Units in the Second Quarter; Android and iOS Devices Account for 96% of the Global Market, According to IDC

The Cable Guys Have Become the Internet Guys

A 4-Step Guide To Efficient Content Curation

[VIDEO] Brian Solis – Social Insights

How We Come Up With Big Content Marketing Ideas

5 Ways Brands #Fail at Being Cool

The Right Iraqi Intervention

Sanctions Blowback

The Coming CLASS War

The Perils of Economic Consensus

The Subsidy Trap

Eurozone Recovery Stalls With Weakness in Germany and France


To cut salt or to add salt? Experts shake out truth on new study

Shifting Climate Has North Dakota Farmers Swapping Wheat For Corn

Many Big Employers Plan To Offer Skimpy Health Options Despite Law

Biologists Choose Sides In Safety Debate Over Lab-Made Pathogens

Math’s Highest Honor Is Given To A Woman For The First Time

Schoolchildren Who Add Hand Sanitizer To Washing Still Get Sick

What Policing Looks Like To A Former Officer

Twitter / Reuters: How Putin’s gamble with Ukraine …

Credit vs. Debit: Let’s End the Debate USAA

5 healthy fast-food failures

Privacy vs. push notifications: My week with the new Foursquare

Diversity of Various Tech Companies by the Numbers

How to Be Polite

Doing the best I can

An Innovative Way to Improve Care for Chronically Ill Patients

Semiconductors in China: Brave new world or same old story?

How Digital Natives Can Become Better Digital Professionals: A Q&A Session With Dr. Karen Freberg

Enterprise Technology Ecosystem: Strategic Integration in Social Selling

Why Agencies Should Care About Their Client’s Social Media Security

Exchange Traded Funds a Boon for Small IRA Accounts

Trouble Amid Plenty in Emerging Africa

Banking on the BRICS

When Fewer Is Better

Asia’s Reform Trinity?

Bringing discipline to your sustainability initiatives

Riding the resource wave: How extractive companies can succeed in the new resource era

Why Consumers Aren’t Buying the Idea of Mobile Wallets – Yet

Can the U.S. Afford Another War in Iraq?

Why it’s Important to Become a Social Organization

Revel casino to close: What’s next for Atlantic City?

Steve Ballmer Takes Over Ownership of Los Angeles Clippers - NBC News

How Campus Sexual Assaults Came To Command New Attention

Many Women Leave Engineering, Blame The Work Culture

Can Divorced Dad Be Forced To Cover Insurance For Adult Kids?

A Fascinating Look Inside Those 1.1 Million Open-Internet Comments

Brokerages face exodus as advisers get better deal in indie firms

Panama Canal 100th Anniversary

BossTalk: TaskRabbit Chief Aims to Recast Freelance Work

America’s top prep schools can cost $1 million per family

You’re paying off debt wrong

Where the CEOs Live

Nashville Rent Increases Have Residents Singing the Blues

U.K. Turns Hospitals to Homes

Medical-Office Sector Leans on the ‘Master’ Lease

Companies Deal With Employees Who Refuse to Take Time Off by Requiring Vacations, Paying Them to Go

Just leave me to do my work!

We asked a palm reader and a financial adviser how to handle our money

Can ‘Warcraft’ Skills Help Land a Job?

[Webinar] Nurture Online Relationships Into Revenue Through Social Selling

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation

Hoothire is Back! Join Us to Learn About Career Opportunities at Hootsuite

A Fresh Take On Fundraising, Through Social Media Education

An Aging Nation, Live on C-SPAN’s “America by the Numbers” Segment of “Washington Journal”

Census PoP Quiz Mobile App Challenges Knowledge of State Statistics

The Key to Longevity

The Underachieving Education Business

Africa’s Necessary Data Revolution

The New Loose Nukes

Marketing Embarrassing Products in the Age of Social Media

Culture or Nurture? Getting to the Bottom of Tech’s Gender Imbalance

Postal Service reportedly suffered $2 billion as loss iStreet Research

Why surveillance companies hate the iPhone

School system CIOs are sold on Chromebooks

After Factory Layoffs, Struggling To Stay On The Economic Ladder

For largest U.S. companies, jobs growth has lagged profits, revenues

Maliki Meets Commanders as Tensions Rise in Baghdad - Bloomberg

Comedy great Robin Williams hanged himself at home - Reuters

Boomers face a greater risk of depression and suicide

Tax Guy: Your real tax rate is higher than you think

Salaries to rise 3% this year, while executive pay soars

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Hillary Clinton counters Obama on Gaza and radical Islam

28 jobs endangered by technology

Will free reports from sites like hurt my credit score?

How Advisors Can Go From ‘Good to Great’: Jim Collins

Know When to Walk Away: Top 6 Job ‘Deal Breakers’

What’s it for?

Apple’s tech jobs held mostly by white, Asian men - Boston Herald

Agencies as Industry Experts: A Social Media AOK Success Story

How to Win the Facebook Engagement Game

Is Value Averaging Your Answer To Stock Market Timing?

A Great Breakdown? Risk of War

Responding to Ebola

Putin’s Dilemma

Erdoğan and the Paradox of Populism

Why companies should care about e-care

Will Argentina’s Default Unleash Further Contagion?

Deep Dive: 10 stocks suffering the biggest cuts in earnings estimates

Inside Apple’s internal training program, Apple University

How to optimize broadband while on vacation

Macworld Video App Invasion: Push for Pizza is the laziest food delivery app of all time

Understanding substitutes

Want to know how to Build Anticipation on Social Media? Look to Musicians

How to be a Killer Marketer in the Digital Era

How To Find Clients On Social Media For Consultants

In Europe, Job Protections for Older Generation Are Barriers for Younger Workers

Malaysia to Bail Out Airline

Billionaire Kinder consolidates his energy empire

Crunch time for lost Microsoft Surface

Jay Leno checks out 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 707HP. Wow!

A Coping Plan Can Help Fend Off Depression From Vision Loss

California debates nation’s first ‘yes means yes’ sexual assault law

U.S. to monitor South China Sea, talks with Australia on regional defense

Tribes and their perceived threats

This Week in Social: The Medium is The Messaging App

Smaller than your basement, pricier than your house: Behold the micro-flat

Need a vacation? For presidents, time off presents an ‘optics’ problem

Not pinching pennies: This is how the richest American vacations

Multicultural America: White students will no longer be majority in school

U.S. bots flagged Ebola nine days before outbreak announced

As Obama opens door to long-term strikes in Iraq, old emotions rise in U.S.

Social Security and Medicare: Getting Worse, But Out of Sight

Can Spinoffs Save the Publishing Industry?

The Long Road to Eradicating Child Labor in Latin America

Debating Japanese Defense

The Last Pagans of Iraq

NCAA Loses Court Ruling In Athletes’ Antitrust Case

Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

Education Reform Is Becoming A Celebrity Cause

Obama shakes up net neutrality, possibly the future of the Internet

The Knick’ review: A vision of 1900 New York as hell

‘Torture report’ release: Intelligence officials warn against blowback

Obama’s Iraq goal: Contain, not destroy, extremists

‘My body resembles a corpse’: Rare diary details life under Khmer Rouge

Iowa State University Cancels Annual Celebration After Violence

The iPhone in India

How India Is Different Than China

Our favorite iOS Apps, August edition

3 questions every stock investor needs to answer

10 biggest market-moving events this week

A kick in the asterisk

What It’s Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

How Do You React When Your Favorite Social Network Goes Down? Question of the Week

‘Astonishing’: Tiny chip mimics brain, delivers supercomputer speed

NSA poaches talent in Silicon Valley as Google elevates encryption

U.S. hits Islamic State military targets in Iraq after Obama authorizes airstrikes

Teens Get Diplomas on Factory Floor

In 2015, it won’t matter if hackers steal your password

What Happens When A Beijing Man Invites Women Into His Lamborghini?

“I don’t get it”

Million-Dollar Mobile Homes

The digital battle that banks must win

PayPal’s vision for a global marketplace

Why implementation matters

Why Distruptive Innovation Can Help Market Leaders

Argentina’s Griesafault

The Global Economy’s Groundhog Day

Sanctions and Solidarity

More Crop for the Drop

The Tricks of China’s Trade

India’s Homemade Food Crisis

The Framing of MH-17

Neutralizing Ukraine

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Done Right, These Hated Social Media Tactics Can Benefit Your Business

How to Hire an All-Star Social Media Manager

Why Educators Should Take the Digital Skills Gap Seriously

Iraq: Islamists claim key water supply; Obama considers military strikes

Obama signs veterans health care overhaul

Transformer minis: Scientists make cheap, fast self-assembling robots

China pursues new ‘Chinese Christian theology’

Remains found of two airmen missing since WWII

Meet the Modern-Day Masters of Sex

Analysis: What Israel and Hamas each won — and lost

Katie Holmes doesn’t look back on life with ex-Tom Cruise

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia with Vitamin D

Rich Kid, Poor Kid: For 30 Years, Baltimore Study Tracked Who Gets Ahead

California Experiments With Fast-Tracking Medical School

Do You Want To Be Happy? Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High

Mass. To Make Big Food Wasters Lose The Landfill

Construction Industry Missing Key Tool: Skilled Workers

Brief Counseling May Not Help With Most Drug Problems

Donald Trump Sues To Remove His Name From Atlantic City Casinos

Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain

Play Doesn’t End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too

Is Your Watch Or Thermostat A Spy? Cybersecurity Firms Are On It

Hearts, Minds, Tweets: Battling Terrorism Online

Missouri Constitutional Amendment Pits Farmer Against Farmer

Matt Bai: The scourge of small-money politics

How to Recruit and Hire the Team You Need at Each Phase of Startup Growth

In a first, insurers warn car thieves can hack your keyless entry

Unexpected Consequences of Early Retirement

What Hiring Managers Really Want To Know When They Ask, ‘What Are Your Hobbies?’

Lie on a Resumé and You May Lose More Than a Job

It’s the economy, stupid: Why income equality matters

Why B-Schools Are Expanding in Africa

Simple, guaranteed, easy and free

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal

Google Lat Long: Take a college road trip with Street View

The Social Media Metrics That Should Matter To Small Businesses

Scaling Social Across a Global Organisation: A Bupa Case Study

Conversion Data Exporting: Maximize Social Media ROI

Five Ways to Focus on Creating Awesome Content With Your Client

Rent Vs. Own: Location, Location, Location

Japan’s Self-Defense Defense

Latin America’s Populist Cycles

Unjust Africa

Weighing the Risks in the Ebola Battle

Daily aspirin ‘can ward off cancer’

Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads Across Southeast Asia

Spurs Hire NBA’s First Female Full-Time Assistant Coach

No More Reservations: Exclusive Restaurants Require Tickets Instead

When Kids Start Playing To Win

Where Did All the Entry-Level Jobs Go?

Improve your presentation skills: the emergency road-show toolkit

Paul Deneve brings YSL’s Europe President and Retail chief into the Apple fold

Sprint taps Brightstar chief as new CEO - CNET

Analytics without action

Ending Inequality with Social Media: A Success Story from the Singapore Committee for UN Women

The Beyoncé Effect & MetLife: How the Star Caused a Social Surge for the Financial Services Industry

Content Management Tips for Social Media Managers

Can Innovation Transform Our Healthcare System?

Samsung Loses Top Spot in China, India as Locals Ascend

GM Financial Says DOJ Examining Subprime Loan Records

Racial differences in life expectancy vary between states

In Tech Marketing Jobs, Women’s Successes Are Rarely Recognized

Africa: The Richest Region For Young Workers And Consumers

Hospitals And Health Plans See The Future Very Differently

Africa’s Leaders Aim To Change Perception Of The Continent

Lafley’s P&G Brand Cull and the 80/20 Rule

3 Ways to Actually Boost Engagement - Management Tip of the Day - August 05, 2014

How Secret Societies Stay Hidden On the Internet

You Are Not Late

IBM’s Watson Groomed as C-Suite Advisor

The Inbound Marketing Methodology Explained

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Teens Are Waging a Privacy War on the Internet — Why Marketers Should Listen

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Engage Your Audience with the Offerpop-Hootsuite Integration

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The Value of Branded Hashtags: A Tourism Jasper Case Study

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MacBook Pro (Mid 2014) review: Update offers slightly better CPU performance

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Hubble Shows Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe

A glance at new changes at

Congratulations on your promotion. Now give up your old job.

Economic Growth Hits Headlines, But Not Wallets

Is authenticity authentic?

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker: ‘China Has Huge Potential’

The Internet’s Next Act

Find Owly, Win Owly—The #WheresOwly Contest Returns!

Lessons From a Summer of Risky Viral Marketing

Lions go global: Deepening Africa’s ties to the United States

3 Ways to Use Social Media to ‘Listen’ to the Competition

Drugs That May Cause Memory Loss Side Effect - AAR

Study links certain birth control pills to breast cancer

Critics Raise Concerns About Sovaldi

Postcards From The Common Core Classroom

We’re Heading into a Jobless Future, No Matter What the Government Does

Don’t Quit Until You Get Paid

End to End: Do We Need to Finish Reading Business Books?

Paid Leave Encourages Female Employees to Stay

The One Thing You Can Do To Not Suck

When we were small: Whole Foods

No more storage space on your phone? Here’s what you should trash first.

Is Amazon biting off more than it can chew?

7 Reasons Why I’m NOT Leaving Facebook

Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken Threat Level WIRED

Why GM problem really happened -

Tackling Stereotypes Before Your Job Interview

The Power of the Doodle: Improve Your Focus and Memory

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Inversion’ payoff for shareholders is muted at tax time

Short term, long term

This Week in Social: the Twitter Iceberg, Facebook’s Internet and LinkedIn’s New Tools

The Internet of Things Is the Hackers’ New Playground

43Tbps over a single fiber: World’s fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds ExtremeTech

How to nail your next job (before you even apply)

Have and Have Not: The Widening Gap

Pleasing a person who is not in the room

This Is An Ideal Resume For A Mid-Level Employee

What Advice Would You Give a New Twitter User? Question of the Week

Is Inflation Coming Back?

Dollar pauses near 10-month high ahead of U.S. jobs data

Will Apple Save Sapphire Seduction For iPhone 6S?

Most Of California Reported To Be In ‘Extreme Drought’

Congress Approves $16.3 Billion VA Health Care Bill

Big Data Firm Says It Can Link Snowden Data to Changed Terrorist Behavior

To Understand Putin’s Policy, Dissect The Kremlin’s Inner Circles

Hospitals Fight Proposed Changes In The Training Of Doctors

Marketing at Comic-Con: Virtual Reality Gets Real

A bigger logo?

Private Equity Finds a Foothold in Israel, the Land of Venture Capital

How to Use Hootsuite Points for Social Media Analytics Reports

Stuff Social Media Pros Like

The future of US retail-banking distribution

Rufus Hound’s Lessons in Social Media Crisis Communication

The Best Of Peter Drucker

Three Questions for J. Craig Venter

What Title Would Others Place on Your Card?

New Infrared iPhone 5 Case Lets You See Behind Walls

Some Loyal Foursquare Users Are Checking Out After Swarm Spinoff

As Pharma Jobs Leave N.J., Office Space Ghost Towns Remain

10 things consumers complain about the most

Deep Dive: Twitter needs to treat shareholders like Facebook does

I complained online and got $1,200 back

Microsoft’s Long, Slow Decline

Trading favors

Why Location is King for E-commerce, Too

What Really Stands in the Way of Cutting Health Care Costs

Social Media Statistics You Need to Know to Target Your Audience Better

5 Awesome Social Media Contests (Plus How to Create Your Own)

Do Brands Still Need Agencies for Social Media?

Media Advisory -- Census Bureau Announces Schedule for Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Statistics and American Community Survey Results

How digital is transforming retail: The view from eBay

Investing Requires Simplicity, Not Special Knowledge

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Budget - US News

World 3.0: Edward Norton’s on a mission to help you donate to good causes

Why one New Jersey school district killed its student laptop program

New York state of mind: how American sitcoms depict US cities

Irony, Illustrated - Digg

Khaled Mashaal: Hamas Leader Hunted by Netanyahu Haunts Israel

Freelance Life Gets (A Little) Less Risky

Audio: What’s really driving GDP?

iPhone gets first free app for encrypting voice calls

Apple’s Double Digit U.S. Mac Growth Contradicts IDC and Gartner Reports of a Mac Sales Slump

Heads rolling at Beats as Apple eliminating redundant positions, keeping developers and creatives in LA

Exclusive Interview: Best Buy CEO Says Tablet Sales Are “Crashing,” Sees Hope for PCs

How to not sound like a robot in your email notifications

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Marissa?

Facts for Features: Unmarried and Single Americans Week Sept. 21-27, 2014

Smoke Signals: What the Reynolds-Lorillard Merger Means for the Tobacco Industry

This is ours

The Toronto Police: Building a More Social Service

State and Local Government Finances Historical Tables

To Respond or Not to Respond on Twitter: A Step by Step Guide

7 Celebrity Comebacks Fueled by Social Media

Tony Fernandes on driving ASEAN entrepreneurship

Want to Fix the Healthcare System? Start with Food

The Surprising Role the Military Plays in Environmental Protection

Medicare, Social Security Disability Fund Headed in Different Directions

OKCupid Publishes Findings of User Experiments

Third of consumers carrying old debt, new study finds

This Chart Shows The Massive Pricing Problem Facing Apple’s iPhone 6

Comcast Confessions: when every call is a sales call

The easy ride

Social Media Tips for Teams In Higher Education

Hootsuite Shows Off HQ2 in Anticipation of the Latest #HootHire

Breaking Away From High Cost Investment Firms

Death knell for the desktop?

Five Questions With: Five questions with Carlyle’s chief economist

How to prepare for a Mac disaster

Doing the hard things

Can You Get a Job With A Philosophy Degree? New LinkedIn Feature Offers An Answer

When to Come Out: The Challenges Facing Gay CEOs

The Zillow-Trulia Merger: A Sign of Bigger Changes on the Way

How to Use the New Twitter Analytics for Business

Your Social Listening Checklist: What You Should Be Monitoring Besides Your Brand Name

3 Van Halen-Inspired Management Hacks

Sustainability’s strategic worth: McKinsey Global Survey results

‘When Harry Met Sally’ got it wrong 25 years ago

I’m Ira Glass, Host of This American Life, and This Is How I Work

Brace for impact

This Week in Social: Make Emoticons Out of Selfies and Write Novels on Twitter

Burger King Is Run by Children

Dude, Where’s My Frontal Cortex?

Rick Wartzman featured in New York Times

Washington, D.C. — ‘marble graveyard’ no more

Huge and ostentatious watches falling from favor

Sallie Krawcheck Has a Way to Fix Wall Street

OpenCurriculum Looks To Foster Open-Source Education By Releasing Free Online Library TechCrunch

Being A Great Leader: How Do You Balance Career Success and Happiness?

Impress In Less Than 2 Minutes

The Next Big Thing in Computer Memory

The Genes Behind Schizophrenia

Japanese Researchers Demonstrate “Force Illusions”

Experts Say Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely to Master Urban Driving Anytime Soon

Can Mobile Technologies and Big Data Improve Health?

If you can’t sell it, you can’t build it

The Changing Structure of the VC Industry

What is Your Go-To Social Media Device? Question of the Week

Sizing Up Your 401(k)

A supersize iPhone is a big risk for Apple

Drucker’s Career Timeline And Bibliography

Census Bureau Reports Majority of STEM College Graduates Do Not Work in STEM Occupations

CBS Sunday Morning - Videos, Interviews, Arts, & Commentary - CBS News

Russian businesses worry Malaysian plane crash will lead to long-term isolation, sanctions

Bezos Alarms Amazon Investors With Spending Pace as Loss Widens

A New Approach to Fighting Child Malnutrition in India

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Metrics

Tip Sheet Number 15 -- July 25, 2014

8 Hilarious Writers Who Landed Their Hollywood Dream Jobs on Twitter

10 Benefits of Social Media for Business Every Skeptic Should Know

A Friday Afternoon Social Media Checklist

Census Bureau Releases Industry Series Report on Semiconductors and Related Device Manufacturing

MasterCard’s Ajay Banga: Why ‘Yes, If’ Is More Powerful Than Saying No

Are Some Emerging Markets Setting Themselves Up for a Fall?

It’s only high school if you let it

Google Lat Long: Spend more time exploring with Google Maps

What Not to Do, Part 2: Social Media Content Marketing Mistakes

Hootsuite Releases Easy Share: A Social Sharing Tool

Facts for Features: Back to School: 2014-2015

India’s Chinese Dream

PISA’s Promise

The Onshoring Myth?

Antarctica’s Point of No Return

China’s digital transformation

How to Schedule Tweets and Save Time

Saving Is Crucial, But So Is Return

Nigeria’s renewal: Delivering inclusive growth

Nadella’s Challenge Is to ‘Reinvent Productivity’ — and Microsoft

How Two Court Rulings Will Test Obamacare

Will Consumers Be Sold on an eBay-Sotheby’s Collaboration?

@HiddenCash Teaches Us that Paying it Forward is a Great Social Media Strategy

How to Talk to a Social Media Skeptic

Europe’s Surplus of Stagnation

Fighting the Fed

China’s Climate Commitment

More Money, Better Health And A Sharper Look In Just Two Minutes A Day

Myanmar: Has the ‘Frontier’ Economy’s Time Finally Arrived?

How to Judge a Job Candidate’s Personality (and Why You Should)

The New Yorker Opened Its Archive — Here’s Where To Start

NIIT Technologies’ Lalit Dhingra on Innovations in Air Travel

A shorter workweek may make you a better worker

You’ll Never Believe the Strange Science of Click Bait

DOs and DON’Ts of Social Media Pictures

Putin’s Tipping Point?

The Fertility Conundrum

The Gallic Heart of Europe

Peru’s Self-Sabotage

Europe’s Options

The Fed in Denial

Scaling a start-up community: An interview with Berlin’s mayor

Creating growth clusters: What role for local government?

How much of your job can you really do on an iPad?

Six Signs You’re About to Be Fired

Personal Finance Daily: The right way to pick a mutual fund

Harsh Light for Restructuring Business

Elegy for the iPod, the device that transformed Apple

Why smartphone screens are getting bigger: Specs reveal a surprising story

Finding your peer group

It’s Not Just the Experts: Crowds Can Pick a Winner, Too

New Facebook Save Feature Helps You Remember Great Posts

Social Media Management with Boards: A New uberVU via Hootsuite Guide

The Waste of War

What if Classic Books Were Given Click-Baity Titles?

Want to Win With Content Marketing? Stick to These 3 Basics

Census Bureau Updates Interactive HIV/AIDS Database

Defense offsets: From ‘contractual burden’ to competitive weapon

The Transatlantic Growth Gap

The New Thirty Years’ War

Why Israel Launched a Ground War in Gaza

Kara Swisher: Tech’s Most Powerful Snoop

How to Teach Google What a Story Is

The Big Winner from Y Combinator’s Success? Sequoia Capital

Amazon’s Cloud Is One of the Fastest-Growing Software Businesses in History

Go first

James Garner, Witty, Handsome Leading Man, Dies at 86

This Week in Social: How You Can Use Fake Names, Serenade Your Friends and Talk to Celebrities

Twitter Adding DM History Access to Mobile Apps

Internal memo: Microsoft to cut off all ‘external staff’ after 18 months, imposing mandatory 6-month break - GeekWire

Yahoo Search Share Falls Below 10 Percent For “All-Time Low”

Samsung handset division managers return part of bonuses: source

Retirement Weekly: Reinvesting required minimum distributions

Retirement Weekly: Why retiring investors are confused

Buying guide: Find the best iPad keyboard





Practical thinking

How Do Your Social Media Feeds Change During the Summer? Question of the Week

“I don’t have any good ideas”

Weight thrown and the slippery slope

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Social Media Tips From The Tourism Pros

It’s Worth What!? Pressure-testing Companies with Sky-high Valuations

Boost Business by Choosing the Best Social Relationship Platform For You

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10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram

Uncovering cash and insights from working capital

The Trade Delusion

The Great Income Divide

India’s Union Budget Builds Slowly Toward Reform

Resumes Are Messing Up Hiring

The Big Mystery Behind the Great Train Robbery May Finally Have Been Solved

295 killed after Malaysian airliner shot down in Ukraine - USA TODAY

Facebook has a new app, but it’s for VIPs only

The special problem

America’s businesses are using the web to grow

Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs this year as it chops Nokia

17 Reasons You Need to Rethink Your Facebook Strategy

Embracing the Social Era: An Interview with UK Newspaper Publisher, Local World

Lessons from Barbie’s LinkedIn Profile

Sovereign Debt at Square One

Reverse Mortgages Are Becoming a Financial Planning Tool

Nine things everyone should know how to do with a presentation app

10 tips for better slide decks TED Blog

Murdoch Is Open to Offer $75 Billion for Time Warner

With iPhoto’s demise, writing may be on the wall for iLife

When One Pay Raise a Year Isn’t Enough

When in doubt, re-read rule one

Kicking the Tires on Uber’s $17 Billion Valuation: Is It Worth That Much?

Can Companies Adapt to Changes in the IPO Environment?

The Social Nonprofit: How the David Suzuki Foundation Meets Their Mission with Social Media

Disruption Ahead: What MOOCs Will Mean for MBA Programs

Social Media For Tourism: Twitter Tips from Flight Centre Canada

Winds of Vanity

Getting Globalization Right

Remaking Iran

World Cup America

Creating partnerships for sustainability

The Story of the 2014 World Cup on Social Media in 42 Stats

Teens Travelling On A Shoestring—Thanks To Social Media

Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket, Putting Standby Mode under Scrutiny

Forget The Wisdom of Crowds; Neurobiologists Reveal The Wisdom Of The Confident

Your friends may be your fourth cousins: U.S. study

Who Is Smuggling Immigrant Children Across The Border?

This Is Your Stressed-Out Brain On Scarcity

The 3 Scariest Words A Boy Can Hear

For Most Kids, Nice Finishes Last

Report: Microsoft Planning Massive Layoffs, Xbox Marketing Teams Affected

Germany busts sausage cartel

Intensive Interview Process Ensures You Hire Top Tech Talent

Apple begins encrypting iCloud email sent between providers

Apple - Press Info - Apple and IBM Forge Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility

Project management for work that matters

Baptist Health hospitals top Kentucky rankings by U.S. News & World Report

Simon Johnson on Government Bailouts: Who Gets Them, Who Doesn’t and Why

Bill George: Authentic Leadership and Letting Your Strengths ‘Bloom’

Tips from the Higher Education Pros: How to Engage Throughout the Student Lifecycle

Capturing value in global gas: Prepare now for an uncertain future

Social Media For Tourism: Vancouver Is Awesome’s Take on Instagram

Census Bureau’s 2012 Economic Census Shows U.S. Household Appliance Manufacturing is Down from 2007

Social Media and the Democratisation of Media Monitoring

2012 Economic Census Industry Series: Investigation and Security Services

Economic Census Shows the U.S. Virgin Islands Generated $6.8 Billion in Sales in 2012

The New Neutrality

Booming Until It Hurts?

The Inverted World of Mobile Capital

Creative Destruction at Work

Apple Spent Over $3B With 7,000 U.S. Small Business Suppliers In 2013 (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)

Trump Plaza casino expected to close, Atlantic City twilight dims

Why liberals are abandoning the Obamacare employer mandate

Self-Assembling Polymers Could Pattern Future Computer Chips

It’s Time to Rebuild America The White House

What the Robot Apocalypse Will Mean for IT, Jobs and Work

Bicycle vacations: boomers’ latest travel trend

How to restore deleted Safari bookmarks

US Census Bureau: Economic Indicators

Trust but Verify: How Security Loopholes Can Undermine Online Compliance Training

What You Missed on Social Media While You Were Watching the World Cup

The rise of the digital bank

Travel Buddies and Toilets: How Social Media Jumpstarted the Share-Everything Economy

Social Media For Tourism: A Look Inside Contiki Holidays’ Facebook Strategy

Containing the Resource Crisis

The Blatterball Diaries

From Beethoven to Beijing

Are you making bad choices with your money?

Account Activated

This Week In Social: The Social Media Habits of Millennials, Your Boss and the Military

Q&A: Explaining the Decline of American Seafood

Indian girl, 10, raped in brutal ‘revenge attack’ ordered by village chief

Amazon takes step toward drone delivery launch

John Seigenthaler, writer, RFK aide and early Wikipedia hoax victim, dies

The self-driving reset of just about everything in our cities

Tell Us a Social Media Joke. Question of the Week

The Amazing Arithmetic of Home Ownership

Outlook good? New Microsoft CEO sent a 3,187-word memo

Sugar Daddy Arrangements Dating SeekingArrangement

Buying Guide

America’s Vanishing Bowling Alleys - Businessweek

Innovation and the Three “P’s”: A 360-degree View of Indian Health Care

How Charities Show they Care on Social: An Interview with Marie Curie Cancer Care

Social Media Management is a Team Effort

3 Proven Tactics to Build Your Instagram Community

Tip Sheet Number 14 -- July 11, 2014

Preparing to make big-ticket investment decisions

Truth and Consequences

Modi’s Hypocrisy

I’m dreaming of a pocket Macintosh

Bang for Your Buck - The Morning News

Researchers Test Personal Data Market to Find Out How Much Your Information Is Worth

What Would Peter Drucker Advise Second-Acters?

Cyber Attacks

Thirty years of projects

Pinboard Turns Five (Pinboard Blog)

Life after Aperture and iPhoto: What to do with your image library

Why Soccer Defies the Odds — Even for Oddsmakers

How B2B Marketers Can Harness Social Media: Rockwell Automation Case Study

7 Social Media Résumé Concepts That Will Make You Rethink Yours

A Class of Its Own

The Renminbi’s Grand Tour

The Old World’s New Roles

A New Caliphate?

The Three-Track Middle East

Low Expenses at Brokerage Firms ARE Possible

With eyes on Amazon, Wal-Mart looks to grow by embracing smaller stores

We’re flying blind investing for retirement

Smartphone dependency fuels other addictions, say rehab clinics

Apple Hires Sales Executive From Tag Heuer

Burning bridges

Mind the Gap: How One Employer Tackled Pay Equity

Local teens in world’s top five for financial literacy

Larry Page’s vision of future looks like John Maynard Keynes’

Excitement over blood test to predict Alzheimer’s

Manage Campaigns in Real-Time with Boards: A New uberVU via Hootsuite Guide

Heads or Tails? What the Future Holds for Bitcoin and ‘Altcoins’

Has ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Run Its Course? Not Yet…

[LIVE ONLINE PANEL] Social Media For Tourism

How to Assess Your Organization’s Needs for Social Media Education

American Delusions Down Under

Is There A Right To Secede?

Juncker’s Make-or-Break Presidency

Argentina’s Sovereign Bondage

The Silver Fox of Dictatorship and Democracy

Achieving success in large, complex software projects

Facts for Features: National Grandparents Day 2014: Sept. 7

NASCAR in a Digital World: Making Devices Part of the Race

Scientists Demand Overhaul of Europe’s $1.4 Billion Brain Project

5 Worst Cities to Start a Career In

Smartphones weigh on Samsung Electronics as guidance disappoints

Is the Work-Life Balance a Myth?

Beware the zeitgeister

LinkedIn dan Hootsuite ~ Sebuah Panduan dari Pelatih Jaringan Sosial Hootsuite

Don’t Leave the Office This Summer Without These 7 Mobile Work Apps

Social Media Success Stories from 12 Small Businesses

What Your Boss Still Doesn’t Understand About Social Media

Young First-Time Mothers Less Likely to be Married, Census Bureau Reports

Facts for Features: Labor Day 2014: Sept. 1

What Enabled Bretton Woods?

The Birth Pains of Arab States

West Africa’s Misguided War on Drugs

Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality

Why Facebook is beating the FBI at facial recognition

Obama’s not-so-public schedule

Champion Shelter Dogs Rescuing Others

New Life For Your Broken Smartphone

You’re Delusional If You Think The Price Of The iPhone 6 Won’t Be Crucial To Its Success

Price Transparency: How Much Does Medical Care Cost Anyway?

The god that sucked: How the Tea Party right just makes the 1 percent richer

Tim Cook ‘actively’ seeking to add new directors to Board

More New York Companies Experiment With Innovative Office Space

The artist who dances on the edge

The Faulty ‘Mental Models’ That Lead to Poor Disaster Preparation

Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain — life - 02 July 2014 - New Scientist

The problem isn’t America’s colleges. It’s America’s students.

Inside President Obama’s secret schedule

Warren Buffett’s 4 Rules for Stock Market Success

Would you rather sit and think or get shocked? You’d be surprised

Apple Well On Its Way to Absolutely Devastating Microsoft

NIIT Technologies’ Lalit Dhingra: “Outsourcing Is Going to Become More Collaborative”

Yo, and the Rise of the Gimmick Social Network

How to Drive Leads for One Third of the Cost

How Social Media Can Reinvent Your Staid, Old Sales Tactics

The Unity of Water

Bringing Iran in from the Cold

Europe’s Debt Wish

Healthcare’s digital future

Does Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean in’ message for career women hold in the Indian context? - The Economic Times

Whales are engineers of ocean ecosystems: Experts - The Times of India

Ottavia Busia Bourdain’s Story

20 years later, a look at ‘Forrest Gump’’s stumble into the ‘90s culture wars

Why the U.S. economic recovery is outpacing the rest of the world


This Week in Social: Google Acquires Songza and Reading Rainbow Makes a $5 Million Comeback

Why Pick on BNP Paribas?

How to Avoid the “Just Following Up” Email

Is It Possible to Teach Editing?

Changing Career Focus at Mid-Life

6 Things Great Remote Managers Do Differently

The War to End All Wars? Hardly. But It Did Change Them Forever.

Hospitals Are Mining Patients’ Credit Card Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick


Are We Witnessing the Death of Text on Social Media? Question of the Week

‘A nation of immigrants’: Obama pushes reform amid anti-migrant protests

New frozen Earth-like planet could help find alien life, astronomers claim

Will Congress Keep Your Investments Safe? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Why Security and Education are Game-Changers for Social Media Today

How Binational Innovation Can Lead to ‘Continuous Payback’

Is better possible?

Why Urban Poverty and Rural Life Are Interconnected in the Global South

How to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud

Cure for a corrupt Calendar application

Hacking the Soul

Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won’t Even Notice Co.Design business + design

What Keeps the CEO of the Nation’s Largest Pediatric Hospital up at Night?

Measurement Myopia

The seven traits of effective digital enterprises

India’s Iraq Problem

Abe’s Long March

Argentina’s Debt Battle: Why the ‘Vulture Funds’ Are Circling

32 states trail US as a whole in job recovery

U.S. private job gains in June largest in 1-1/2 years

Rebalancing your sourcing strategy

Quantum state may be a real thing

Who should you trust with your money?

The smartest way to make a portfolio of index funds

Asia’s Military Revolution

Renzi’s Promise

How big data can improve manufacturing

If You Game Social Security, You Can Lose

Could the Hobby Lobby Ruling Unleash a ‘Parade of Horribles’?

Will Unplugging Aereo Kill TV Innovation?

Silicon Valley’s Spy Problem

Piketty with Chinese Characteristics

Pakistan’s War at Home

A dying breed: The American shopping mall

Out with the old? Not really, as voters rarely replace lawmakers despite grousing

Heating up: Wade, Bosh follow ‘Big 3’ mate LeBron into free agency

Muslim rift explained: The Sunni-Shia fracture and the U.S. return to Iraq

How will you choose your next project?

Private Equity in Emerging Markets Is Being Rebalanced

No More Working for Peanuts: The State of the Intern

Population Bracketology

U.S. Breweries are Booming According to Census Bureau

D.C.-Area Residents Participate in 2014 Census Test

The Middle East and the Return of History

Europe’s Digital Reactionaries

Growing Green Cities

Gouging the Gauchos


A dying breed: The American shopping mall

Out with the old? Not really, as voters rarely replace lawmakers despite grousing

Heating up: Wade, Bosh follow ‘Big 3’ mate LeBron into free agency

Muslim rift explained: The Sunni-Shia fracture and the U.S. return to Iraq

How will you choose your next project?

No More Working for Peanuts: The State of the Intern

Population Bracketology

U.S. Breweries are Booming According to Census Bureau

D.C.-Area Residents Participate in 2014 Census Test

Construction Spending

The Middle East and the Return of History

Europe’s Digital Reactionaries

Growing Green Cities

Gouging the Gauchos

Why the U.S. Corporate World Became ‘A Bull Market for Corruption’

Building Service Intelligence to Achieve Customer Centricity

Number of People Living in ‘Poverty Areas’ Up, Census Bureau Reports

A French Cure

Abe’s Bullseye

The Lawless Sea

Escaping the Bear Hug

Organizing Middle East Peace

The World’s Central Banker

The Poverty of Hillary Clinton

The digital tipping point: McKinsey Global Survey results

From Living Arrangements to Labor Force Participation, New Analysis Looks at State of the Nation’s 65-and-Older Population

Secrets of the Creative Brain

How to Write 225 Words Per Minute With a Pen

References available upon request

ECB Stimulus: A Bold Move or Baby Step?

5 Tips to Get Yourself Noticed as a Job Seeker

10 Things Successful People Never Say

Three marketing lessons from Broadway

Comscore: Apps Now Account For Half Of All Digital Media Time

The connected post-privacy world: Big data, big profits and no spectators

Ukraine signs historic pact with Europe despite Russian wishes and tactics

U.S. moves to phase out anti-personnel mines

On centenary of WWI assassination, the past still haunts Sarajevo

Why Is Toyota Motor Unfazed About the Waning Yen Effect and Falling Sales in Japan?

“How was your bike ride?”

US stocks tumble on interest rate hike jitters

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2014: McKinsey Global Survey results

More bank for your IT buck

New Hope for India

The Open Drains of Latin America

Living Well Is the Best Revenge… But It Takes a Lot of Money

Sign in to Comcast

How Labor Issues Are Complicating the Latest Wave of Free Trade Pacts

Tip Sheet Number 13 -- June 27, 2014

Self assurance checklist for the anxious traveler

With GDP revision, U.S. economy has ‘little room for error’: Dan Gross

How Top Tech Companies are Using Outsource Talent

How the Sweetener Industry Sugar-Coats Science

Britain’s Nuke-Proof Underground City

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2014: McKinsey Global Survey results

Looking Beyond Juncker

A User’s Guide to Conferences

Taking Systemic Risk Seriously

The Haier Model: Using Rural China as a Classroom for Overseas Growth

Harmonize Physical, Virtual Stores to Lift Sales

Facts for Features: *Special Edition* 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act: July 2

Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for 2014: 1st Quarter

News Graphic Shows Top Exports and Imports Between the United States and Germany

As the Nation Ages, Seven States Become Younger, Census Bureau Reports

Rethinking the Sino-American Relationship

Kenya’s Deadly Night Riders

Monetizing mobile apps: Striking the right balance

Managing Advertising Spending Across the Globe

What’s Driving Tesla’s Open Source Gambit?

Facts for Features: The Fourth of July 2014

The Return of the Sleepwalkers

Income Inequality and Youth Unemployment

Hard Truths About Europe’s Soft Power

China’s Resurgent Warlords

Getting Started Guide: Tumblr for Small Businesses - Hootsuite Social Media Management

The existential crisis (and the other kind)

Rookie CEOs Face a Steep Learning Curve

Surprising Findings on Two-Year vs. Four-Year Degrees

How to Curb Office Oversharing

The connected post-privacy world: Big data, big profits and no spectators

More bank for your IT buck

Hard Truths About Europe’s Soft Power

China’s Resurgent Warlords

Income Inequality and Youth Unemployment

The Return of the Sleepwalkers

ECB Stimulus: A Bold Move or Baby Step?

Private Equity Finally Sees Stronger IPO Market

The Biggest Threat to Warren Buffett’s Empire

What you don’t know about Social Security—but should

16 Things You’re Doing All Wrong on LinkedIn

Why Energizer Is Better Off As 2 Companies

Long-held predictions of economic chaos as baby boomers grow old are just plain wrong

How the Underbanked Can Prosper from Going Cashless

Private Equity Finally Sees Stronger IPO Market – Part I

World Cup Blues

Splendid Isolation?

Free-Trade Pitfalls

A Responsibility to Protect Iraqis?

Emerging-Market Target Practice

Don’t blow it (the secret of b2b)

Ratings win: Portugal-U.S. World Cup match sets viewership record

World 3.0: Matternet shows a softer, humanitarian side of drones

America’s worst companies to work for - Yahoo Finance

Ni hao, y’all: In reversal, U.S. hinterlands woo Chinese firms

New Residential Sales

A Responsibility to Protect Iraqis?

World Cup Blues

Emerging-Market Target Practice

Splendid Isolation?

Free-Trade Pitfalls

Designing for social impact: The D-Rev story

Census Bureau Emergency Management Mapping Tool Adds Improvements

Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue: 1st Quarter 2014

How the Underbanked Can Prosper from Going Cashless

Smartphone Rumble: Amazon Fire vs. Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

519: Dead Men Tell No Tales

How to engage and maintain a loyal Twitter following

All in one: Owning the experience is key to Apple’s customer satisfaction

The Limits of Climate Negotiations

Military Transparency and Asian Security

How to End an Insurgency

Africa’s Farms of the Future

Big Law Firms Resume Hiring

Why senior leaders are the front line against cyberattacks

Louisiana guv: Americans are ready for a ‘hostile takeover’ of U.S. capitol

The jobs where you could be making more money, in one chart

Census Bureau Adds Kenneth Simonson and Jack Levis to Census Scientific Advisory Committee

How to End an Insurgency

The Limits of Climate Negotiations

Military Transparency and Asian Security

Africa’s Farms of the Future

Why senior leaders are the front line against cyberattacks

In Texas, mass immigrant grave underscores border crossing dangers

How Millennials Are Changing Travel

Yahoo Wants You to Linger (on the Ads, Too)

To Make Yourself More Productive, Simplify

Student Debt Takes a Toll on Some Home Buyers

The handyman, the genius and the mad scientist

The New Map of the Middle East

U.S. veterans anguished as militants continue advance in Iraq

Confessions of an insider trader on the eve of his prison sentence

Why Consumers Don’t Gain Much from Medicare Advantage

Will demographics cut stock returns?

Get life advice from these women

Starbucks offers online college program to workers

Can we talk about process first?

Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military and Veteran Populations: Final Assessment

Treasury 30-Year Bonds Drop as Investors Fight Fed

Why Consumers Don’t Gain Much from Medicare Advantage

Riding the rich, grey Chinese wave

Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Listen to His Customers

There are now more than 50 million displaced people, highest since World War II

Cracking the Brain’s Codes

American teens don’t want to work

To Keep Your Job, Quit Trying to Be Perfect

Will a Change in Leadership Turn Around Infosys?

Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Shell’s Ann Pickard

China’s Real-Estate Wrongs

Stop Taxing the Sick

The World Cup’s Sickening Message

Berlin’s Lavish Villas

Why Amazon Needs Its Own Phone

The World Cup’s Sickening Message

China’s Real-Estate Wrongs

Stop Taxing the Sick

Will a Change in Leadership Turn Around Infosys?

Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth

Using big data to make better pricing decisions

Rebooting China

Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Shell’s Ann Pickard

Rebooting China

Becoming Single Is No Piece of Cake

Amazon vs. Hachette: The Battle for the Future of Publishing

Are Resumes Passé? Enter the EQ Test

Are Resumes Passé? Enter the EQ Test

Amazon vs. Hachette: The Battle for the Future of Publishing

Understanding the services revolution

Disruption is a dumb buzzword. It’s also an important concept

Online School Has 100,000 Students, One Subject

Uber and others

Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?

The True Cost of Hidden Money

How to Write a Job Description That Attracts Top IT Talent

Iraq’s central government suffers mortal blow

5 Money Management Mistakes

Shining New Light on Solar Adoption: Advice for Policy Makers

Post-Crash Economics

Privacy Since Snowden

Mexico’s Breakout Moment?

Iraq’s Sectarian Nightmare

China’s Arab March

5 Easy Ways Colleges Can Reach Students Through Social Media - Hootsuite Social Media Management

In search of meaningful

A Company Without Email? Not So Fast

How to Take Criticism Well

For President Obama, Eric Cantor loss comes with a price

Sex in the Ancient World (Pompeii) | History Channel Documentary - YouTube

Fed Will Raise Rates Faster Than Investors Bet, Survey Shows - Businessweek

Privacy Since Snowden

China’s Arab March

Mexico’s Breakout Moment?

Using big data to make better pricing decisions

Shining New Light on Solar Adoption: Advice for Policy Makers

The Disruption Machine

World 3.0: Secret co-founders target ‘collective subconscious’ of friends

Data Mining 200 Years of Patent Office Records To Reveal The Nature of Invention

Mininum wage isn’t enough, says Shake Shack founder

13 facts that help explain the US’ child migrant crisis

Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy

Year One and Counting: Amazon Aims to Strike It Big in India

Goodwill shunting: How to better manage write-downs

The Environment of Poverty

The Middle East Balancing Act

Who Won Europe?

Introduce Your Boss To Social Business In 4 Easy Steps - Hootsuite Social Media Management

Most likely to succeed

Review Roundup: 3 wireless microphones for speech recognition | Macworld

How to Clean Up Your IT Resume

‘Super’ banana to face first human trial

The Designer Of The F-15 Explains Just How Stupid The F-35 Is

Media Advisory -- Census Bureau Will Embargo Population Estimates for the Nation, States, Counties and Puerto Rico by Age, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin

Understanding the services revolution

New Residential Construction

2012 Economic Census Industry Series Reports - Pipeline Transportation

Year One and Counting: Amazon Aims to Strike It Big in India

The Dark Side Of Facebook, Where People Lie, Steal, And Make Millions

Nehru’s Last Stand?

Life in the Uber City

The panda and the bicycle

Starbucks to Subsidize Workers’ College Degrees

Goodwill shunting: How to better manage write-downs

Quarterly Financial Report - Retail Trade

Legendary Chicago club ailing in sign of blues music’s waning popularity

College Debt: How to Ease the Burden of Loans

Girl Power

Micro marketing and the called bluff

Pay raises going mostly to select industries

‘Huge ocean’ three times surface seas locked up beneath Earth’s crust

Worldview and stories

Peak PC. Intel Fork.

Will Turning Back ‘Time’ Help the Media Icon Survive?

Can You Buy Investment Performance?

Will Turning Back ‘Time’ Help the Media Icon Survive?

World Cup Marketing Dollars: Brands Try to Score in a Digital World

Tip Sheet Number 12 -- June 13

U.S. Census Bureau Reports Value of American Flag Imports and Exports

Here’s One Big Way Your Mobile Phone Could Be Open To Hackers

2 Reasons Smart People Don’t Get Hired

With the Americas running out of IPv4, it’s official: The Internet is full

The Daddy Juggle: Work, Life, Family and Chaos

Private School Tests in Flux in New York City, Causing Fuss

How Innovation and the ‘Reimagined’ Classroom Will Change Learning

World Cup Marketing Dollars: Brands Try to Score in a Digital World

Part II: The Trucking Industry: Transition from Diesel to Natural Gas Is on Deck

China’s Trilemma

Safer Climate Disasters

Safer Climate Disasters

The Government as Venture Capitalist

The Unsustainability of Organic Farming

Even better than an app?

Wharton’s Adam Grant on the key to professional success

What To Tell Your Manager In Your Employee Performance Review

Wharton’s Adam Grant on the key to professional success

Part II: The Trucking Industry: Transition from Diesel to Natural Gas Is on Deck

How Innovation and the ‘Reimagined’ Classroom Will Change Learning

The Disappearing Middle Is a Real Market Threat — Here’s What Firms Can Do

FIFA World Cup, Combined Populations of 2014 Participants and Past Champions

The Disappearing Middle Is a Real Market Threat — Here’s What Firms Can Do About It

Picking winning supply-chain technologies

Five myths about India’s poverty

America is no longer the world’s most connected economy

The Ivy Clique

The IMF’s False Confession

A Requiem for Technocracy

Are you solving a problem or creating a problem?

2012 ZIP Code Business Patterns

Mastering digital marketing

Is sports sponsorship worth it?

Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales

Is sports sponsorship worth it?

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services

Net Worth $2 Million: Pretty High On the Hog

The Interest-Rate Enigma

Obama the Pragmatist

The middle class is even worse off than the numbers show

How to Fix Google+: Accentuate the Positive

Warren Buffett: LeBron James Can Teach Us a Valuable Money Lesson

How Do American Pension Plans Stack Up Against the Rest of the World?

E3: Sony One Ups Microsoft with ‘Destiny’

Senators to Justice Dept.: investigate VA criminal wrongdoing

Can Envy Be a Virtue? Taming the Green-eyed Monster at Work

For Apple, Marketing Is a Whole New Game

U.S. Struggles to Draw Young, Savvy Staff

How to Fix Google+: Accentuate the Positive

For President Obama, Eric Cantor loss comes with a price

Nicole Kidman backs fundraiser for Nashville Public Library

Leaners of Last Resort

Democracy in Europe

Rethinking Democracy

What if you could love what you get paid for?

Teacher Tenure Dealt Legal Setback

Quarterly Services Survey

Picking winning supply-chain technologies

Syria’s Humanitarian Lifelines

Qaddafi’s Long Shadow

It’s not about you

Close to Half of New Immigrants Report High English-Language Speaking Ability, Census Bureau Reports

Story Maps Illustrate Metro Area and County Population Change

Can Envy Be a Virtue? Taming the Green-eyed Monster at Work

Five myths about India’s poverty

America is no longer the world’s most connected economy

A (Partial) List of People Who Had A Chance To Change GM’s Culture

Social Security: The Key to Using “File and Suspend” to Boost Your Benefits

3 reasons you should hold onto your SEEK Limited shares

Apple’s new Swift programming language could spark interest among younger and less-experienced developers in creating apps for Apple devices.

#AdventureTravel: Skip the Crowds and Camp at These Awesome Parks Instead

Mastering digital marketing

‘When Worlds Collide’: Navigating the Minefield of Social Media

Impact Investing: Judith Rodin Takes On the Naysayers

‘When Worlds Collide’: Navigating the Minefield of Social Media

Impact Investing: Judith Rodin Takes On the Naysayers

Europe’s Delivery Gap

The Brain Regain

Europe in a Multipolar World

Two kinds of busy

Meet the new Apple

Court battle: After 3 hour match, Sharapova takes 2nd French Open title

With immigration system overwhelmed, feds dump hundreds at bus stops

How US healthcare companies can thrive amid disruption

Recruiters Are Not Mind Readers!

Pentagon, suppliers must change to survive: report

UPS Gets a New CEO

Take better photos with these 15 tips

Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance

The “Apple doesn’t get the cloud” era is officially over

Curtain Up in China: Broadway Gives Its Regards to Beijing

Clarity vs. impact

The number #1 reason to focus

The number #1 reason to focus

“You can buy this from anyone, and we’re anyone”

What’s Your Ideal IT Career Match? - Yahoo Small Business Advisor

Foreign Born - CPS Data on the Foreign-Born Population - People and Households - U.S. Census Bureau

Should You Own a Home?

Curtain Up in China: Broadway Gives Its Regards to Beijing

Back to school: President Obama to field college debt questions on Tumblr

Taliban says prisoner swap worked so well, they’ll try kidnapping more Americans

Bottoms up! Scientists turn manure into water—good enough for cows, anyway

Apple Is Undoing One Of Steve Jobs’ Most Treasured Relationships

Tall order: Obama’s new health secretary faces urgent to-do list

‘No one took responsibility’: GM executive chastises company for not acting

Here’s where all those middle-class jobs went

15 Ways To Slowly Destroy Your Career

Of guns and ballot boxes

What Happens When Low Wage Workers Suddenly Get a Living Wage?

How US healthcare companies can thrive amid disruption

The Nigerian Schoolgirls Near You

The Great Credit Mistake

America’s Late Imperial Dilemma

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Making site moves easier

Google Lat Long: Take a swim with Street View on World Oceans Day

Jobs growth still needs work: Wells Fargo’s Vitner

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

The Never-Ending Hype Cycle

The limits to Infiniti

Space: the next startup frontier

D-Day: 70th Anniversary

Infographic Profiles State Government Tax Collection Trends

Is Pushing Interest Rates To Less Than Zero A Crazy Idea?

13 Google Search Tricks That Make Life A Whole Lot Easier

Hit the Ground Running – The First 90 Days of a New Job

GM’s Big Flop: How GM’s Failure to Recall is Predicted to Affect Their Future Stock

Candidates for UK jobs dry up at fastest pace since 1997 - survey

Busting The Myths About Work In Retirement

Will Real Estate Developers Find Solid Ground in Crowdfunding?

How Elite B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools

Will Real Estate Developers Find Solid Ground in Crowdfunding?

Pocket for Writers

Global M&A: Fewer deals, better quality

The 4% Non-Solution

Europe Is Still Standing

A Chinese Monroe Doctrine?

6 Travel Tips For Your Back Pocket

The Disenchantment of Europe

Easier Commutes and Cheaper Housing are Increasing as Main Reasons for Moving, Census Bureau Reports

The Real Reason the U.S. Didn’t Rescue Bowe Bergdahl

As world leaders prepare to gather for D-Day, Ukraine crisis casts shadow

Analysis: American dream, redefined over decades, not dead as it sounds

Senate stumped on possible steps against Obama after Bergdahl swap

Arithmetic, Common Sense Required for Sensible Investing

Apple’s Beats Buy: Desperation or Opportunity?

Bad Latitude

From Germany to Mexico: How America’s source of immigrants has changed over a century

You Live in Alabama. Here’s How You’re Going to Die.

Is TTIP Worth the Trouble?

Apple’s Beats Buy: Desperation or Opportunity?

The Ethical Cost of High-Price Art

An Economist’s Guide to War and Peace

Shame is a brand killer

New insights on how to use Twitter for your business | Twitter Blogs

Learning a second language ‘slows down brain aging,’ study finds

Laser beam turns moon into Wi-Fi hot spot

5 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Democrats Have a Problem With Science, Too

Fiscal shock, combat awe

The Wrong Way to Treat Child Geniuses

Intruders for the Plugged-In Home, Coming In Through the Internet

Half of Americans can’t afford their house

China’s cult of Warren Buffett draws pilgrims to Omaha

What investors must know about new accounting rules

Michael Lewis on a Rigged Stock Market and the Heroes of Wall Street

Digitizing the consumer decision journey

Is TTIP Worth the Trouble?

Do MOOCs Upend Traditional Business Education?

The Spanish Revival

Creating a Learning Society

A New Peace Paradigm

A Manifesto for European Change

More people saying less (and a few more people saying more)

Do MOOCs Upend Traditional Business Education?

EPA to Take Biggest Step Ever to Fight Climate Change

D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now – interactive | Art and design |

Modern-Day Slavery in America’s Prison Workforce

3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Professional Network

17 additions in OS X Yosemite that will supercharge your workflow | PCWorld

WWDC information, news, and howto advice

Here’s Everything Apple Announced At WWDC

Eurozone inflation drops, keeping pressure on ECB

China PMIs fuel hope economy is stabilizing, property still a wild card

WNYC by New York Public Radio

However You Slice It, CEO Pay Is Ripping You Off

Blowback: Rand Paul comments lead reaction to coal-climate initiative

Resource revolution: Gathering force

McKinsey Quarterly 2014 Number 2: Overview and full issue

Michael Lewis on a Rigged Stock Market and the Heroes of Wall Street

NSA collects ‘millions of images’ daily for facial recognition

Warren Buffett Reveals How You Can Manage Your Money Better Than He Has

Do You Have Copy Intuition?

Someone Posted A Bunch Of Private Equity ‘Trade Secrets’ That The Industry Wants To Keep Under Wraps

John Legere: How The T-Mobile CEO Is Poised To Make Millions After Bringing The Company Back From The Dead

Securing the Rule of Law at Sea

Korean Unification and Global Peace

The Exit Curve: Exitround’s Report On Tech M&A

Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation Industry on the Rise, Says Census Bureau - Economic Census - Newsroom - U.S. Census Bureau

2013 Characteristics of New Housing

Corsair’s Flash Voyager GTX is basically a full SSD disguised as a pocketable flash drive | PCWorld

Google’s Abigail Posner Shares What The Company Looks For When Hiring

Nine Companies That Are Selling Your Secrets

Samsung Unveils First Smartphone Using Alternative to Android

Study finds medical pot farms draining streams dry

Fiscal shock, combat awe

Resume Downloads | Free resume examples & cover letter examples for your job search

New Unemployment Survey Reveals How Experience in Resume Examples and Cover Letters Strengthens Candidate

Shinseki resigns, but will that improve things at VA hospitals?

How Donald Rumsfeld Complicated Eric Shinseki’s Last Administration Exit

The people who started Staples didn’t do it…

What I’ve learned in my first year as a college dropout

The Great Backlash

Private Equity in China: Heating up but ‘Veiled in Uncertainty’

Radio Archive by Date | This American Life

Home | This American Life

To Our Readers — The Drucker Exchange ends

The Beautiful Mirage

“But I might get rejected”

Going Down the Intermediary Drain

Private Equity in China: Heating up, but ‘Veiled in Uncertainty’

Accelerating the digitization of business processes

Christopher Schroeder: Witnessing the Middle East’s ‘Entrepreneurial Revolution’

Christopher Schroeder: How the Arab Uprisings Spurred Entrepreneurship

Pay TV Consolidation: Who Are the Potential Winners and Losers?

Figuring Out If the Shoe Fits

How To Negotiate Severance

Putin’s Brave New World

Re-Winning Europe

Strengthening Europe’s Limited Power

China Sets America’s Mental Trap

Harnessing China’s Competitive Streak

Li’s Balancing Act

What got you here…

The tyranny of lowest price

3 Steps to Transform Your To-Do List

Does the CFO Need to Become a Technologist?

Sony creates senior entertainment unit role amid restructuring

Accelerating the digitization of business processes

Pay TV Consolidation: Who Are the Potential Winners and Losers?

Real World Complexities

That’s where the money is

Online Shopping and Mail Order Businesses Jump 27 Percent, Census Bureau Reports

Brazil’s path to inclusive growth

‘Optimal Disclosure’: Why Firms Need to Balance ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Information

‘Trying to Recapture the Magic’: The Strategy Behind the Pharma M&A Rush

Top Companies for Compensation and Benefits | Glassdoor

Reinventing IT to support digitization

How Statisticians Found Air France Flight 447 Two Years After It Crashed Into Atlantic

Why Facebook is Becoming Like Google+

Job Search Meets Fundraising

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

‘Optimal Disclosure’: Why Firms Need to Balance ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Information

‘Trying to Recapture the Magic’: The Strategy Behind the Pharma M&A Rush

Making a Big (or Small) Decision? How Meditation Can Help

Top senator says cost-cutting culture fueled veterans scandal

Why Congress keeps screwing up tech policy

CEO pay leapt to a new record in 2013, study shows

Top senator says cost-cutting culture fueled veterans scandal

The Bidding For The 2022 Olympics Is A Disaster Because Everyone Figured Out That Hosting Is A Total Waste

Third Man Records’ simple goal: ‘Just trying to do cool things’

Markets’ Federal Reserve Love Story

The Capitalist Threat to Capitalism

Labor’s Digital Displacement

Why Bill Gates Gets It Wrong

Russia Looks East

Tipping Points to Asia’s Future

What’s Wrong with Evidence-Based Medicine?

The Nigerian Kidnappers’ Ideology

Surviving Tiananmen

Families of the Future

Europe’s Geography of Values

The Private Sector’s Privacy Puzzle

Piketty’s Missing Knowhow

Living Big Data

Five Reasons Why the Sky Is Not Falling

China’s Long March to Freedom

Europe and Anti-Europe

America’s Move to Faster Growth

The Feminine Leadership Mystique

The Age of Violence

Our Last Chance for a Safe Planet

How to Become an Oligarch

Howard Stoeckel: Managing ‘The Wawa Way’

Thanks, Jack

The problem with hit radio

What’s on your agenda (a summer seminar)

Pairing Up With a Younger Mentor

South, West Have Fastest-Growing Cities, Census Bureau Reports; Three of Top 10 are in Texas Capital Area

Making a Big (or Small) Decision? How Meditation Can Help

Howard Stoeckel: Managing ‘The Wawa Way’

Some Thoughts On Heroism

Post-traumatic growth: The positive post-war psychology of soldiers

Zappos Zaps Its Job Postings

For-Profit Colleges Face Test From State, Federal Officials

7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often

Europe’s Landscape Is Still Scarred by World War I

The U.S. has the world’s most competitive economy. So what?

The Top 3 Instagram Trends for Marketers

Three kinds of advertising

Want to Retire Early? Ditch the Middle-Class Mindset

10 Most Powerful Internet of Things Companies

How to Attract and Retain Talent With the Right Benefits

GE’s $1 Billion Software Bet

Next era: As Afghan war winds down, Obama focuses on foreign policy

#YesAllWomen, born from tragedy, shines light on violence against women

Top 10 U.S. cities for new grads

America’s 10 deadliest wars

It’s Geithner Vs. Warren In Battle Of The Bailout

Asking or announcing…

Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

Obama: US Must Do More to Care for Veterans

Amy Chua on Success and ‘The Triple Package’

Social Security: The Obvious Reason You Shouldn’t Wait Until 70 Before Applying for Benefits

Test Your Knowledge: What’s Your Retirement IQ?

Alice + Olivia: A Global Brand Spawned by a Need for the Perfect Pants

Bossy Boots

Conventions and expectations

How CIOs can lead their company’s information business

4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer

For New Graduates, Path to a Career Is Bumpy

It’s Now Or Never for Sony, Says CEO

Is Investing Really Like Brain Surgery?

Alice + Olivia: A Global Brand Spawned by a Need for the Perfect Pants

Amy Chua on Success and ‘The Triple Package’

Dear graduates: Don’t follow your dreams (A commencement speech for the mediocre)

The Warning Signs Of A Demotivated Workforce

The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

Pitching tourism: Obama touts plan to attract international visitors

Commentary: Don’t blame college kids for intolerance—blame us

HP Plans 16,000 More Layoffs

Hop on board—and go almost anywhere—with public transit on Google Maps

How to Do Big Data in Healthcare

The Emergency Unemployment Program Has Ended. The Unemployment Emergency Hasn’t.

The Value of Social TV: Reaching the Niche

For the First Time, Public Education Revenue Decreases in 2012, Census Bureau Reports

Middle class will struggle to buy a home this year

Modern Family

Getting Past the Great Ideological Divide in Business Today

Domain Name Land Rush: More Room for Companies, Competition and Scam Artists

Trends Media’s Liu Jiang: Diversifying Beyond the ‘Print Mindset’

Grading Hospital Quality with a Level Playing Field

The Value of Social TV: Reaching the Niche

The Graying of Japan: Tough Choices on the Population Dilemma

Getting Past the Great Ideological Divide in Business Today

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

Labor’s Digital Displacement

Why Jeffrey Sachs Matters

Markets’ Federal Reserve Love Story

Do Europeans Really Fear Migrants?

Biomedicine in Reverse

Your choice

Led by Apple Inc. iPhone, smartphones now account for 87 percent of U.S. handsets

Social Customer Service Pt.2: What customers expect from brands

How to adjust your iPhone camera’s settings | Macworld

Who is Janet Yellen? NYU grads have no idea

Coding Schools Tone Down Rosy Job Script

The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises

South, West Have Fastest-Growing Cities, Census Bureau Reports; Three of Top 10 are in Texas Capital Area

Boxed in: 93% of Americans say cubicles are the worst part of office life


Domain Name Land Rush: More Room for Companies, Competition and Scam Artists

The Graying of Japan: Tough Choices on the Population Dilemma

Being Able To Sell Is As Important As Being Able To Buy

Trends Media’s Liu Jiang: Diversifying Beyond the ‘Print Mindset’

Grading Hospital Quality with a Level Playing Field

Part I: The Trucking Industry: Solid Growth, but Large Cost Challenges Ahead

Business Adapts to a New Style of Computer

I Don’t Want To Be Right

Digital strategy

Strategic principles for competing in the digital age

Setting the Right Global Goals

The Road to Full Investment

We Can Assume the People’s Liberation Army Is Already Aware of This Post

Mandate for Modi: A Business Agenda

WHO investigator: To combat obesity, tax unhealthy foods

Scientists to demonstrate relativity theory by turning light to matter

Part I: The Trucking Industry: Solid Growth, but Large Cost Challenges Ahead

China’s Education Revolution

Who says go?

Small differences, looming large

The Best Cities for Tech Startups

Big Brother and Your Bank Account

Mandate for Modi: A Business Agenda

The Reshoring Wave: It’s Taking America by Storm

Veterans - U.S. Census Bureau

Design Is About Intent

Unprecedented glacier melt seeps into U.S. climate change concerns

How to Resuscitate Tech Innovation at Your Company

How to Negotiate Your Starting Salary

On Beats buy, Apple’s icy relationship with music industry may thaw

Sky-ence: SpaceX Dragon splashes down with nearly 2 tons of research

The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits

The Origins Of “Privilege”

How to shoot anything on your iPhone

You’re doing your shopping all wrong

Will your bank branch disappear?

An Economist for the Ages

The Reshoring Wave: It’s Taking America by Storm

Instapaper Fragmentions

AT&T, DirecTV to Meet Sunday to Approve Deal to Merge

Obama, Congress move to respond to VA treatment delay firestorm

Berkshire Hathaway Buys Wal-Mart, Verizon, Liberty Global PLC, Sells Phillips 66, General …

Apple’s Latest ‘Powerful’ iPhone Ad Focuses On Its Flagship iPhone 5s

The benefit of the doubt

The Salary Gap Between Female and Male Journalists

Why Dolly Parton Goes to Bed in Full Makeup

I went undercover on Ashley Madison to find out why women cheat

Listen up, college graduates: 7 keys to a happy life

Why Salaries Shouldn’t Be Secret

Apple, Google settle smartphone patent litigation

Switzerland could be No. 1 with vote on $25 minimum wage

12,000-year-old skeleton offers clues to first American inhabitants

Key Qualities for the New Business Model

11 Financial Books Every Young Person Should Read

Why Do Armpits Smell So Bad?

You Can Text 911 In an Emergency Starting Today

The Gray Lady Gives the Boot

Sony at a Crossroads: Why ‘Muddling Through’ Is No Longer Enough

Colorado River close to reaching gulf

How to Find Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle

An Economic Roadmap for India

Bonded Bankers

Social Media Trends That Are Sticking Around In 2014

The proven way to add value

“You look ridiculous in that outfit”

The Changing U.S. Economy - U.S. Census Bureau

Worth Reading

Your Food Is Poisoning You

Partially Banning Cars for a Day in Paris Actually Worked

What Are the Best Phone Apps for My Summer Camping Trip?

Why Innovation Eats Reinvention’s Lunch, Every Time

A WWII Battle Frozen in Time

It’s Not Them, It’s You: 10 Major Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Hunt

It’s Twilight for Managed Mutual Funds

Sony at a Crossroads: Why ‘Muddling Through’ Is No Longer Enough

Triumph Motorcycles: The Rise, Fall and Revival of an Icon

For The Win(e): U.S. Passes France As World’s Top Wine Consumer

10 Articles Every Programmer Must Read

10 New Artists You Need to Know: May 2014 Pictures | Rolling Stone

Segregation gains ground 60 years after Brown

The World Is Full of Holocaust Deniers

McKinsey on Strategic Planning and Strategy

Can strategic planning pay off?

Global Flows and Global Growth

Alibaba’s IPO: What’s behind the ‘Thousand-pound Gorilla’?

But Who Is Going to Pick Up the Trash at the Collaborative Commons?

Triumph Motorcycles: The Rise, Fall and Revival of an Icon

The Trouble with Europe

The Reconstruction of European Politics

Sequencing a Vampire

Wal-Mart hit by winter and customers’ low wages

Don’t Go Broke Paying Off Your Mortgage

Alibaba’s IPO: What’s behind the ‘Thousand-pound Gorilla’?

Leading the Company When Disaster Strikes

Reinvent Yourself

Unconventional Wisdom: Love on the Internet

The Oh-So-Fragile Class of 2014 Needs to STFU And Listen to Some New Ideas

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

“It is the Veteran”

Hop on board—and go almost anywhere—with public transit on Google Maps

Common Bonds: How Immigrants Can Influence a Firm’s Foreign Expansion

The Dollar is Still King

A Theory of Boardroom Justice

Cold War or Cool Calculation?

Design Is a Job: Mike Monteiro: 9781937557041: Books

Emotional handwashing

Census Bureau Celebrates 20 Years on the Web, Launches New Redesigned and Interactive Website

Skilled Worker Supplier Fuels U.S. Manufacturing Revival

5 rules for using the Internet after ‘Heartbleed’

Census Bureau Celebrates 20 Years on the Web

Common Bonds: How Immigrants Can Influence a Firm’s Foreign Expansion

West Antarctic ice sheet collapse, rising seas ‘unstoppable,’ NASA says

What Apple and Samsung can learn from the Wright brothers’ patent battles

Killer booze: Alcohol kills more people than AIDS, TB and violence, WHO says

How to Build a Software Developer Talent Pipeline

Scaling the Sharing Economy: From New York to Topeka and Beyond

Sustainable Consumption Through Better Chemistry

Piketty and the Zeitgeist

Keeping Up With the (Edward) Joneses

No is essential

How to Get a Job When You Don’t Have Much Experience

The Ideal Retirement Age -- And Why You Won’t Retire Then

A future of thirst: Water crisis lies on the horizon

Hone the Top 5 Soft Skills Every College Student Needs

Technology news is full of incremental developments, but few of them are true milestones. Here we’re citing 10 that are. These advances from the past year all solve thorny problems or create powerful new ways of using technology. They are breakthroughs tha

Scaling the Sharing Economy: From New York to Topeka and Beyond

How Gamification Drives Business Objectives

The Essential Tips for Buying Used Stuff (Without Getting Screwed)

Europe’s Crisis Treadmill

Can MOOCs and Universities Co-Exist?

Should Companies Monitor Their Employees’ Social Media?

“Don’t do what I said, do what I meant.”

Mapping The International Availability of Entertainment Services

Tumblr declares war on the internet’s identity crisis

The End Of Food

How To Master The Fine Art Of Small Talk

Facebook Really Is Building The Metaverse

IBM demonstrates next-gen phase-change memory that’s up to 275 times faster than your SSD

Why The R Programming Language Is Good For Business ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community

Executive Learning Strategies: Group Collaboration Makes Lessons Stick

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Good at the beginning

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Hamburg Süd Group | A very warm welcome to Hamburg Süd !

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Twitter Is Not Dying

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Origin stories

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Buffett: willing to partner with 3G again on ‘very large’ deals

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Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID

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Living in Near Poverty in the United States, 1966-2012

WHO: Antibiotic resistance is giving killer ‘superbugs’ free rein worldwide

Brain Mapping

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Technology news is full of incremental developments, but few of them are true milestones. Here we’re citing 10 that are. These advances from the past year all solve thorny problems or create powerful new ways of using technology. They are breakthroughs tha

Taxation of Benefits Changes How People Feel About Delay

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Next-generation IT infrastructure

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How to Leverage Social Media to Get Hired in a Skills Based Economy

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The High-Tech, High-Touch Economy

Facebook’s friend problem

Scientists find Earth-sized world in orbit friendly to life

Premium car brands eye China’s secondhand market

GM to invest $12 billion in China and plans more plants

Digital Public Library of America to add millions of records to its archive

AMR loses bid to terminate retiree benefits

Exclusive: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware

Private equity: Changing perceptions and new realities

In a cloning first, scientists create stem cells from adults

How Companies Can Leverage Global Trends to Drive Growth

The Pursuit of Purpose

All the same

They’re your words, choose them

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Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal

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Global Warming’s Upside-Down Narrative

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The Growth Strategies of Israel’s Burgeoning Medical Device Sector

Sovaldi: Who’s to Blame for the $1,000 a Day Cure?

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The hidden value of organizational health—and how to capture it

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‘Open data’ can raise company performance

Big data, big new businessses

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Harvard Business Review: Reinventing Corporate IT

The bottomless pit of pleasing strangers

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The Sources of Russian Conduct

What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

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Housing industry asks $5 trillion question: what does Watt want?

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Tensions over money flows bode poorly for global economy

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Scientists grow viable vaginas from girls’ own cells

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All you need to know about business in China

Steal, don’t invent

Paul Allen’s tech adviser out after less than six months: source

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Venturing into ‘Private’ Social Media

China’s Currency Conundrum

Losing Interest

The Growing Divide Within Developing Economies

Exclusive: Apple vs. Samsung docs reveal Galaxy Tab was a flop and Samsung knew it

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