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Life-TIME Investment System Concepts

Time investing is the only way to escape
the decaying worldS of yesterdayS — its not a one time event.

sweep of history

situation exploration gone with the wind End of economic man Concept of the corporation The Age of Discontinuity Post capitalist society Management Challenges for the 21st Century Managing in the Next Society situation exploration Look NSEW Downton Abbey World War I planes World War II planes


The conditions, situations … of the
1850s, 1920s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s … are gone
and they aren't coming back.

What do you have to do to prepare for tomorrowS?

What self-development will it require for you to get the life you really want?
The kind of life you really want later ::: The kind of life after a major crisis …






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Some political / social ecology — a key area of insight

Changing social and economic picture

Snap shot of the economy ::: content, structure, money flows | effort | consumer lives

Work life brainscape © a bread crumb trail for knowledge workers — career evolution

Organization evolution and real innovation (beyond the hype)


Using conceptual resources as brainroads
to create brainscapes and brain addresses
to revisit and create new work agendas
for a different world and different future

Life design — as we don't know it

Thinking … the most fundamental,
the most important aspect of life,
the basis for everything is totally neglected …

Book store: no thinking category

Universities: no thinking faculty and zero possibility thinking

School: no thinking subjectEdward de Bono

Thinking is the knowledge worker’s specific work;
it is his/her “doing.” — Peter Drucker


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