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Strategic development assistance

In developing this site my brain has been down a lot of different roads from a lot of different angles.

I have:

An extensive (maybe unparalleled) database of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation, career, creativity and thinking conceptual resources. They are formatted hierarchically and can be used for identifying future action areas and creating standard setting work plans. Here’s a sample of the topics and a topic example. Each topic area can be drilled deeper. This is systematic forced aiming high.

Another database of over 20,000 high-quality full text articles on a wide variety of topics that can be used either directly or for creating Internet search seeds.

A methodology and suite of Mac applications for getting to key concepts and then to daily action.

All of the above is aimed at organization and career evolution in a world moving in time

changing social and economic picture

changing social and economic picture

How can I help you in what you’re trying to do?

It’s not possible to work on things that aren’t on your radar.

If you pay attention to the news it should be equally obvious that things don’t work out the way people expect—their “radar” and work approach isn’t adequate to the challenges ahead. This group include organizations that apparently have it all—top talent, lots of money, cutting edge technology and activities …

Getting to the future absolutely requires working on things that aren’t on your radar. It couldn’t be otherwise.

Quick Look

I have a very substantial set of resources that aren’t available on the site.

How much of Peter Drucker’s work have you (or anyone you know) outlined and calendarized? Having something like this is a most valuable way of forcing your brain to go places it can’t go naturally.

Also many of the site pages have content that I haven’t had time to add or can’t without creating “issues.”

My intent would be to help enhance your radar—including necessary software tools. I can help you figure out what you want on your radar and your agenda.

The evidence that this is not easy can be found in the recurrent organization crisis stories that constantly run through the news.


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